This lil piggy cried wee wee wee all the way to the bure

Bainimarama is under more pressure at home and abroad than at any time since he took control of Fiji in December 2006.

At home he has been deserted by Mahendra Chaudhry, a former Labour prime minister who welcomed his coup and served until August 2008 as his Finance Minister. Chaudhry, who has a strong following among Fiji Indians, has denounced him as autocratic and called for early elections. Support for Bainimarama among the majority population of indigenous Fijians, weak in the first place, is now weaker than ever as prices rise in the wake of the recent devaluation of the Fiji dollar, the economy slumps and jobs are lost.

Abroad he has lost UN support for the participation of Fijians in new UN peacekeeping missions. Those missions were responsible for expanding the troop strength of the Fiji Military Forces in the first place, and offered the overseas experience that makes it such a formidable holder of political power in Fiji today. Above all, UN peacekeeping has given Fiji’s soldiers good money in a country where it is hard to find.

Now Fiji has become the first Pacific country to be expelled from the Pacific Islands Forum. The Forum, which Fiji helped to found in 1971, brings together the 16 independent and self-governing states of the Pacific Islands and is the leading regional organization. Forum leaders threatened Fiji with expulsion if Bainimarama did not set a date for elections by May 1, 2009, and hold them by the end of the year. Earlier coup regimes in Fiji have easily survived expulsions from organisations such as the Commonwealth, but this action is an unprecedented regional rebuff, which, added to Fiji’s other troubles, is likely to further undermine domestic support for the country’s self-appointed prime minister.

This is from an article by Stewart Firth of  ANU


2 Responses to “This lil piggy cried wee wee wee all the way to the bure”

  1. Beranaliva Says:

    We are privileged to exercise our rights to express our views and facts on this bog. Thank you Solivakasama for addressing the real issues. I stopped surfing the Fiji Times anymore because the proganda news is so predictable and boring. I dont even bother clicking the FT but go straight to Solivakasama. The IG is still that stupid for not realising their “newspaper” news is one-sided and the world is reading it. The IG tactic is amateur and think we are stupid.
    Everyone knows what is going on and piggy and his pigglets think they can play politics behaviour and attitide to try and earn respect and loyalty.
    The IG have put Fiji in a vulnerable situation. Fijians are easily-led, and thats what make our culture unique. Easily-led because of our traditional loyalty to our chiefs. The people are led by the chiefs. And thats nothing wrong with that. That is OUR IDENTITY. We are known for our unique culture and tradition. This changes the IG is campaigning for will eradicate our culture and tradition which forms our IDENTITY. Identity is currently a political issue worldwide. What we dont need is a civil war from different factions like in Ethiopio for example.
    Fiji has done well in the past mixing politics with traditinal values. The IG is to my understanding calling that corruption. That is, the chiefs earning the perks. As long the chiefs share the perks with their people and those perks are reflected with the developments and processes in the vanua hierrachy. That was always been our culture. The whole issue here is about protecting our unique fijian culture which attracts tourism. Fiji is a self sufficient commodity with resources that can survive and we have done in the past.
    I cant understand what the IG is trying to achieve apart from risking our unique tradition/culture. I am proud of our culture which makes me a fijian. Their so-called cleanup campaign has cost us alot internationally let alone Pacifically.
    I am ashamed our constitution no longer protects us. God help Fiji.
    By the way thanks Solivakasama for highlighting the negative facts of the IG. Keep it up and let the people know.
    Power to the People!!!

  2. Grace Says:

    Fiji loses valuable European subsidies

    By Chris Richards for Radio Australia

    Posted 30 minutes ago

    The European Union has cancelled Fiji’s sugar industry assistance payments for 2009, worth more than $40 million.

    The move is in response to the military-backed interim government’s refusal to allow a return to democracy.

    It is the second year in a row Fiji has been refused access to EU subsidised payments for the sugar it provides to European markets.

    In 2007, the EU announced that because of a military coup, Fiji was in breach of the conditions relating to democracy and human rights under which the subsidies are provided to third world countries.

    There has been no response from Fiji’s interim government.

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