Political allegiances were put aside when chiefs of Fiji’s largest province expressed support for President Ratu Josefa Iloilo.

A delegation of about 70 from 21 districts of Ba, paid the traditional visit to Iloilo last Friday.

They were led by Ba Provincial Council chairman Ratu Meli Saukuru, a member of ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase’s government.

“We decided at the recent meeting of Ba chiefs to visit one of our own, the Tui Vuda,” explains Ratu Meli.

“Members of the province and districts hold different political views and differ on the President’s decision to abrogate the Constitution. But that was not on our mind, we saw him as one of us.

“Right now he is all alone and he needs our support.”

Ratu Meli adds that during the council meeting, he urged the members to lend their support to the current administration.

“That’s all we can do now because there is no other boat going, only this boat….we might as well get on board.

“We can’t wait around for five years or argue because there is no Constitution to rely on.”

According to members of the delegation, Ratu Iloilo was touched by the visit and hosted the group to a scrumptious meal at his official residence in Suva.


  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    I hope this Meli bloke is stooooooopid enough to think he has a chance come the next elections…NOT.

    Prepare to be equally ALONE sucker.

  2. kingrat Says:

    when men like these have no principles and dignity they are all fucked up

  3. tosotiko Says:

    Ka gona ga sa leqa kina na kai Viti ena gauna nikua ‘qo. Veidokai at the expense of everything else. Ni toso mai na tagane!!. Is there anyone left in the Fijian community?

  4. Raukuve Says:

    Good and meaningful move by the Ba chiefs. As much as they differed on political standings, they put that aside and made their move.

  5. Tuma Says:

    And history repeats itself over and over again. When will the Fijian people (itaukei) ever learn.

  6. kaiveicoco Says:

    Ratu Meli was wrong about ” no other boat going “.There is another boat going called ” Cagi Mai Ba” !! Only one province in Fiji has formed and set up one political party after another,first it was the ANC then came the Bai Kei Viti ( BKV ) then came another one which I forgotten the name, which was led by Meli Bogileka and Akanisi Koroitamana.But they all went nowhere.Now they are just showing to the rest of Fiji the province true colours.

  7. NadroKid Says:

    Ratu Tau Kaiveicoco!

    Vakia na nodaru waqa ya na Bulou ni Ceva? KAILA!
    Io dina o iko Ratu tau. There is very little integrity and steadfastness in Fiji. Especially standing up for what is right and just regardless of how many are standing with you. I am afraid you and I (with all other like minded people on this blog) will have to stand against this lawlessness even if it means the whole of Fiji capitulates to this illegal regime.
    Me la ju ga me la ju ga!
    Sa vakia tale jiko ga o Tui Nakasa?

  8. Ko na Gone Says:

    Kip the Faith..u shud change ur name to keep the SHIT..coz u are just full of it!! I applaud what the chiefs in my province have done..that shows that we RISE above everything thats happening in FIji and pledge our support to our HIGH CHIEF!! dont waste pages in this blog talking rubbish (as it seems ur full of it!!) o via vosa, tukuna mai eso na ka e yaga..kua ni vakaraitaka vei keimami na LALA/ULUKAU ni ULUMU!!..

    Kingrat..say no more!!!..o sa tukuni iko ga mai..BLOODY KALAVO!!!

    kaiveicoco..dont even go there!! na nomu tamata sega ni vuli, kua ni vosataka mai na nodra sasaga o ira era yaga sara mai nodra bula vei iko!!i think u are just one of these losers in life that survive by criticising the good works of others..nomu MAWA

  9. Ko na Gone Says:

    Kip the Faith..u shud change ur name to keep the SHIT..coz u are just full of it!! I applaud what the chiefs in my province have done..that shows that we RISE above everything thats happening in FIji and pledge our support to our HIGH CHIEF!! dont waste pages in this blog talking rubbish (as it seems ur full of it!!) o via vosa, tukuna mai eso na ka e yaga..kua ni vakaraitaka vei keimami na LALA/ULUKAU ni ULUMU!!..

    Kingrat..say no more!!!..o sa tukuni iko ga mai..BLOODY KALAVO!!!

    kaiveicoco..dont even go there!! na nomu tamata sega ni vuli, kua ni vosataka mai na nodra sasaga o ira era yaga sara mai nodra bula vei iko!!i think u are just one of these losers in life that survive by criticising the good works of others..nomu MAWACA me tiko ga vei iko!!!

  10. Ko na Gone Says:

    Kip the Faith..u shud change ur name to keep the SHIT..coz u are just full of it!! I applaud what the chiefs in my province have done..that shows that we RISE above everything thats happening in FIji and pledge our support to our HIGH CHIEF!! dont waste pages in this blog talking rubbish (as it seems ur full of it!!) o via vosa, tukuna mai eso na ka e yaga..kua ni vakaraitaka vei keimami na LALA/ULUKAU ni ULUMU!!..

    Kingrat..say no more!!!..o sa tukuni iko ga mai..BLOODY KALAVO!!!

    kaiveicoco..dont even go there!! na nomu tamata sega ni vuli, kua ni vosataka mai na nodra sasaga o ira era yaga sara mai nodra bula vei iko!!i think u are just one of these losers in life that survive by criticising the good works of others..nomu MACAWA me tiko ga vei iko!!!

  11. Ko na Gone Says:

    NADRO KID & KAIVEICOCO..u guys can go drown ur pitiful selves with the bulou ni ceva..for all i care..KAILA MADA!!!!

  12. at least Says:

    Ko na Gone ni veicai ga kei ira na nomudou turaga..Me vakacucu sara tu ga mai liu o nomu TUi sona oya o Iloilosona mo iko qai toka yani e dri yani vei iko mo qai boica toka ai boi ni mate sa kauta voli tu ,….

  13. archiebald newton Says:

    The chiefs of Ba should ask the President to clear up the many questions and misunderstandings on many peoples’ minds preferably on radio or TV on the real reasons why he had to abrogate the 1997 Constitution.

  14. Krikru Says:

    at least…

    Va cava e mosi??

    keimami sega ni via kila na loma ca ni lomamu…o iko mada na kai vei??? keimami veivosaki na tamata..galu o iko..MANUMANU!!!!

    i set koto???

    QI yaloviko!!!

  15. Krikru Says:

    at least

    like it was told to ur class-mate kaiveicoco…NOMU MACAWA ME TIKO GA VEI IKO!!!!!!!

  16. soldierboy Says:

    at least!!!



  17. LMAO Says:

    male’a a dredre

  18. EnufDictatorship Says:

    OMG!!!!! what are these chiefs frm Ba doing????

    In one breath they say we’re going to visit the President bcos he is one of them and the next breath they’re talking…The Only boat left…No Constitution to rely on..etc etc…so in my view this is a POLITICAL visit rather than a VEIWEKANI VISIT..thus, why weren’t they taken to jail for not towing the line of the stupid and cowardice PER!!!!

    So, if those of us from another section of society want to go and see the President and put him on the spot with our own questions, will we be allowed too?

    Don’ think so! Cos these barbaric bullies and their president have no BALLS to deal with us!

  19. EnufDictatorship Says:

    I mean NO BALLS to FACE us!

  20. senijiale Says:

    I actually sympathize with the ‘ol Pressie for he is well into his 80s. He may still be able to read without glasses but I’ll bet manipulating him for one’s selfish ends is a piece of cake! Look to the ones surrounding him if you are to hold someone accountable for his actions, starting with his much younger wife & his private secretary…

  21. Raukuve Says:

    Krikru, sa kuca? vina na vayatuyatu.

  22. Raukuve Says:

    It is amazing how some of you jump to bite in an instant. You all are just like vultures waiting for a prey to cross your paths….. then swoosh down and gobble it up !!! Your perspective is already solidified in the fact that whoever talks to the President is an enemy…. !!!! Who really gives a shit about what you say anyways. you are just showing your ignorant idiotic selves. The President is going to sit at that position until the time is right for him to step aside. And with the Ba chiefs standing with him, ain’t nothing stopping that train. So all y’all need to do, is shut the fuck up and mind your own damn bizness !!

  23. senikaudamu Says:

    Sa vakamadua mai o Tui Vuda ena ka sa cakava tu qo vei keda na lewe i Viti.

    Au sega mada ni kila se cava sa tu ena nodra vakasama na lewe ni koro mai Viseisei ena vuku ni nodra turaga.

    Na nona na nona yalowai sa mai vakavuna tu na leqa kei Viti ni kua.

    Era sa qai veitokoni tale tu yani vakayalowa na lewe ni Bose ni Yasana o Ba, sa qai ra qai mai wili vata kecega ga yani.

    Au vakabauta ni kevaka e se bula tiko o Tui Tavua ke sega na veisiko va qo.

    Au rairai siqema ni oqo e bai dua nai lawaki nei Momoedonu me rawa ni tawa kina na nona taga.

    E na dau tukuni voli enai tukutuku kei Viti o Tui Vuda ena vakarau vakaloloma e vakayacora kei koya na dau siwa mai Kiuva vei ira na lewe i Viti ena dredre ni guilecavi na tikina oqo.

    Na vuni leqa talega eda sotava tiko e dai sa bale talega vei ira na lewe ni Bose Levu Vakaturaga.

    Na veidokadokai sona gona qo sa mai leqa tu kina.

    Ni sa ra raica tu na sa sautatanini tu o Tui Vuda se ra digitaki koya tiko ga me qai rawa loto kina nai nai naki nei koya na dau siwa salala mai Kiuva.

  24. Budhau Says:

    Yes – those chiefs from Ba – who do they think they are? That is exactly the kind of attitude that has got us into this ship.

    Ba is the largest province with may 25% for the country’s population. The have all the resources and biggest foreign exchange earner – Sugar, Tourism, Gold – and all that Native Land rent – a large chunk of that come from Ba. And where do we have the big Chiefs from – those Confederacy dudes?
    Those guys from Ba – they elected two Prime Ministers – Bavadra and Chaudary – and what did they do to these two guys. Ba has got probably the best record on race relations.

    And when someone mentions about the Ba folks getting whats due – the big Ratu’s start bitching about provincialism.

    If Ba province was a country by itself – it would be doing better than many of the Island nation economies, and would probably be a better run country and much better race relations.
    I think the Ba folks should at least get the forth confederacy status after the dust settles on this coup.

  25. Asgrocky Says:

    Since there are so many coups in Suva, Why doesn’t the Western Side have their own State and Government? Is it viable with all their resources. What’s the likelihood that could minimise coups if Fiji breaks up into states with their own state governments Vit Levu, Vanua Levu, Kadavu Lau, Lomaiviti, The Yasawas, Beqa and Vatulele could fit in somewhere. Then Rotuma. These people have had to put up with a lot from Fiji. I think they should be looking towards New Zealand and Australia to break away from this coup coup land. That’s my thoughts anyway.

  26. Keep The Faith Says:

    @ Koya na Gone — You can change my name to whatever the F turns you on…don’t care — sticks and stones brother, sticks and stones.

    If I offended you and your chiefs then WELCOME TO DEMOCRACY. Can’t take the heat, get the F outta the kitchen.

  27. Ben St0ne Says:

    Dua mada ga e fire taki Peresitedi……..

  28. LMAO Says:

    It’s not the chiefs that’s the issue, it’s the office of presidency.

    Fiji should not have a president per se. It is another complete waste of taxpayers money.

    For such a small nation there are far too many inviable public offices.

    As has happened since 5.12.06 it is obvious the current president has not upheld the oath of office he had sworn he’d adhere to during his tenure.

    He is in fact guilty of misfeance in a public office.

  29. Keep The Faith Says:

    @ LMAO — chiefs constitutionally appoint the president.

  30. Raukuve Says:

    iko sa vosa taka dina na Turaga na Peresitedi vaka o koya e vua viri taka na matanitu. Vacava o wili news tiko se sega? Veitalia o cei e Peresitedi, na ka kece ga e na lewa tu o Bainimarama. E se vinaka caka mo toka na Tui Vuda e na i tutu ya qai ca me qai Peresitedi o Bainimarama. Na nomu tautau ni vosa e sa vaka saraga ni vu ni leqa kece o koya, cala mudrau. Na ca kece qo a tekivu ga mai vei Bainimarama.

  31. at least Says:

    krikru kei soldierboy..dou yavu boci ga kei na nomudou turaga sona lelevu qori …DOu nanuma ni nomudou o Viti..??DOu yavu sona sara ..Sa rauta me lakovi kemuni na waluvu ena levu ni nomuni viavia kei na valavala ca..Via2 dua na ka e Viti..Lako drau laki yadua na vua ni soresore nei Iloilosona drau kubuta toka de na qai baui kida tu kina na mate qori …sa dri yani,,,LMAO

  32. Budhau Says:

    Keep the Faith wrote, “chiefs constitutionally appoint the president.”

    Yeap – therein lies the problem – why can’t I have a say in who my President is going to be.

    You guys who are fighting for democracy – when you win, don’t forget my democratic right to have a say in who my president should be.
    We shall talk about the Senate next.

  33. Keep The Faith Says:

    @ Budhau — correct.

    However that discussion and decision has to be made with the next newly appointed Govt with the full consensus of the majority — ie indigenous Fijians.

  34. kaiveicoco Says:

    Kona gone,
    I can challenge you to any debate on any issue any time. anywhere so long .You calling me tamata sega ni vuli.stick to the issue.Nadrokid will help me.Nadrokid ju le sota i lemu were me attack taki o lemu maseki !
    guilecavi Tui Nakasa se o Nawalowalo se o cei tale.

  35. Dau Says:

    Agrocky, you never sieze to amaze me. You really live in a delusory world of fantasy. You make the wrong assumptions of myself and others as the same person. We are the same person in opinion but totally different individuals. We are real people, you and JdArk might like to note. I for one dont hide behind a nom de plume like you JdA and the rest of your schizophrenic pessimists. I use my real name because I’m for real. A realist who accepts and adapts to the realities of today. Another wild fantasy!!! that we split into different states, what a dumb nitwit you are! How will these states sustain themselves economically, How about the basic infrastruture that has to exist to make an autonomous existence viable? You have been bogged down for too long in your world of negative fantasy. An epitome of a pessimist. Criticism and pessimism destroys families, undermines institutions of all kinds, defeat positivity and spread a cloud of gloom over nations. Unfortunately, you and your lot will be left behind while the others sail on with winds of inevitable change. The optimists far outnumber you. When you find yourself isolated in time to come and boredom creeps in you can always REWIND to your old favourite cartoons to humour you.(your favourite samoan clown) …..Ooops forgot to take my tapeworm tabs. God bless you & the people of Fiji.

  36. Asgrocky Says:

    I’m just an outsider looking in. You are so dry. Didn’t you say laughter is good medicine. I agree with that. The Samoan PM said Fiji is known as the friendly island with its friendly people (or words to that effect). But here you have FB parading around dressed in full army regalia in the friendly isles. That’s the picture the Samoan saw. So one can take it from there and make any kind of imagination. FB chasing and waring with his own ghost for example. FB sees enemies everywhere is another. In reality he could be his own enemy I see the sillyness and humour in that. When I go into the internet to check out some infor I need for some research, I would stop by here for a read and a few comments here and there. Sometimes I’d have a good cheer and other times I’m appalled like those 70 chiefs and the reason for their supportof the iloiloman, “there’s no other boat …..” That is a shocker of a reason. There were mixed feelings in me. One or two or a few I can understand but 70 or so, what does it say about the mentality behind this? I’m very sure, without a niggling doubt we are in the year 2009 now. What has happened with those people is something like out of an ancient page when the 70 turned rebellion to worship detestable and every abominable creepy crawly living creatures. The number 70 is creepy.

  37. senijiale Says:

    The gospel according to .. is that we’re in the minority. And…? So why bother us?

    The TRUTH HURTS doesn’t it? And so…. I ccaaannnnnn’t!

  38. Budhau Says:

    On my comment about my democratic right to have a say in who my President should be – rather than the Chiefs deciding for me, KEEP THE FAITH wrote:
    “However that discussion and decision has to be made with the next newly appointed Govt with the full consensus of the majority — ie indigenous Fijians.”

    You see, Keep the Faith, I don’t think that just because the Indigenous Fijians make up the majority of the population – that does not translate into them voting as a bloc. Thus it is not the indigenous people who will decide what the constitution would be – It would be consensus of all Fiji citizens. You have to get away from this racial mindset.

    Of course, I understand that majority rule concept – that the majority decide policies etc. for everyone.
    However, the laws that we find in the constitution – some of those are there to protect the basic rights of minorities regardless of race, religious affiliation and all that.

    I think there is a consensus on that one-man-one-vote idea – but if that is to work, we have to make sure that votes of some people do not get diluted. Thus, the size of the population in one constituency must jive with the number of seats.

    Secondly, we cannot have a small group of Chiefs who decide who the President will be – and they have been playing musical chair with that position so far. Those chiefs also hold a balance of power in the Senate. In any democracy, who gets to be part of the legislature and the executive branch is decided by the people.

    So you see how when you demand a restoration of democracy in Fiji, you have to also support some of the basic principles of democracy.

    BTW – I always knew that this ain’t about democracy – democracy is just a good cover to fight the regime in Fiji, specially when you need the support of the international community.

  39. Keep The Faith Says:

    No Budhau it is you who have to move away from the realities on the ground.

    You already concede that the indigenous population is the majority.

    Unfortunately if like Aiyaz folks think they can bulldoze the process by prepping a roadmap like the Charter and forcing mindless stooges to say “Aye”. It’s just not going to happen.

    I think we all know about our Chiefs — but let the people decide that. Not you or me. That is democracy.

  40. Budhau Says:

    Keep the Faith – there is nothing to concede – the census states that 57% of Fiji population is indigenous.
    What you are assuming, incorrectly, is that this 57% will vote en bloc.

    We just saw those chiefs from Ba, showing their support of the President. There are three Fijian in the regime who come from chiefly families.
    So, do you see that a coalition of some Fijians and others can easily form a majority in the next government.

    The point here is that even before an election, we have to make some decision about the constitution – I think this is the time for Fijians to make up their mind that if they are for democracy, than the electing of the President and the Senators must be done by some democratic means. BTW, since you said something about we all know our chiefs, maybe you can elect them also.

    The chiefs have a place in the Fijian society and culture – that don;t have a constitutional role to play. They got this House of Lords mentality from the British – this would be a good time to put a stop to this.

    With 57% of the population, there will be more Fijians in the House and the Senate, that is not the issue. The problem that the chiefs and the elites have is that they will lose their hold on power – not the Fijian people as a whole – with that kind of numbers, they will always make sure that their interest is taken care of. Their interest may not be the same as those of the Chiefs and the Fijian elite.

  41. NadroKid Says:

    To Koya na gone, Kikru, Soldier boy and Raukuve!

    Mutu cola vina! Qu kerekere me mutu tu takinia na jina na dodonu qei nia na savasava mutu dau kwaya koto. Since 1987 when maseki Dr Bavadra was couped by Rabuka, some of us protested with roadblocks and banners on the Coral coast highway with some of us actually rounded up at gunpoint and thrown into the cells of Sigatoka. Again in 2000 the protest banners came out.
    If you think that we will go quietly away or will join Bainimarama or the Momo levu na Tui Vuda in their lawlessness, think again. Instead we appeal to you to do the right thing and have some pride in that uniform that you wear, have some backbone and stop this lawlessness in Fiji. You dont have to follow illegal orders. Get out if you have to. Otherwise, expect the consequences here in this life and in the life to come. Me qu varua takinia ga na lequ kerekere: mutu tu takinia re na jina na dodonu qei nia na savasava.

  42. Keep The Faith Says:

    No Budhau what you are conceding is that the 57% majority is clueless.

    True some provinces have cosied up to the treasonous regime but you watch when we get back to normalcy. That is Fijian politics.

    And no we can not make any decisions about the constitution now. Good try but it’s illegal.

    Whatever the role that the people decide for the chiefs — all that must be prescribed within a legal framework and by a legally ELECTED Govt.

    No short-cuts.

  43. Raukuve Says:

    To Nadrokid:

    Vina maseki na biu comment koto me. Rogo vina na lem va macala. Qi wilikia na lem volavola, qi kilatia ni o iko i tam lia vata qaya na Momo Na Tui Vuda. Io qi tam wilikia muni mo vosavosa ca se mo suitia na Momo. I am saying this to you as Nadrokid. Maybe you have other aliases you go by. I am also against most of the things that are happening in Fiji. You can be against him. Tha’s ok. That’s your right. But when people disregard the plain truth and just curse him out, mati sa na qei cedre me i ke ko mam na koi yasana o Ba so. Some people are so ignorant that they fail to see that the President is just a convenience to Bainimarama. Did he order the coup? In other words he was just used. Io na i tautau ni tata, ei sa kodaki ni koya na vu kece ni leqa. I fully understand where you are coming from. I have said this many times before, regardless of who the President is, Bainimarama will do as he wishes. Justice should prevail at all times and in all places. Sa du maseki, ei cala na kwa sa yaco tu. But I know the man. I will stand with him through this rough time. At the end of the day he is my still my chief.

  44. SViade~ Says:

    @ Nadro Kid

    Maseki i kilatia o cei me ju takinia na dodonu qei nia na savasava na koi lem
    the other Nadro kid o Rupeni Nacewa o koya ei kilatia vinadu tuna kwa e i sa mei yaco koto vua na MOMO LEVU na TUI VUDA, mutu qulumia vasewa na vitalanoa.

    As for lawnessness qi kerevi ko kua ni associate takinia vata na MOMO baletia i ve mam na Koi Vuda he is Innocent, tam rewa ni lai tavui ina kwa sa mei yaco ,E I
    LALA KOLOKOLO DU QA LALA, sa nia Moce ro.

  45. kaiveicoco Says:

    go Nadro kid go !!

  46. kaiveicoco Says:

    Nadro kid,Raukuve,Kona gone,soldier boy
    Muju tola via re !!

  47. kaiveicoco Says:

    Kona gone,still maitain my challenge to debate with you any issue,anytime,anywhere.we can start from the Suva Bowling Club.Nadro boy vakarau jiko.

  48. Ko na Gone Says:

    to Raukuve & SViade~

    am right there with youse!!…that too has been my point all along…everyone has a right to voice their own views and opinions about what is happening in our country but to write degrading and condesending comments about the President is TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR!!He is a high chief and if u are a Fijian, or any moral person for that matter, u would not stoop that low..people that write such comments only show us and the world what they are made the saying goes:”The mouth speaks what the heart is full of”!!!!
    So, for those of you who write rubbish and non-sense on this blog, we may not know ur identity(COUNT UR SELVES A THOUSAND TIMES LUCKY!)..but you have shown us what UR HEART IS FULL OF!!!
    Kila ga o iko kei na Kalou!!

    sa nia.

  49. Ko na Gone Says:

    @ kaiveicoco


  50. SViade~ Says:

    @ kaiveicoco

    kodaki i aimless o iko ….

  51. Tuks Says:

    Isa ragone.. sa dua sara na gauna ca ka butobuto eda sa mai tu kina qo..Au sa loloma sara ena i vakarau ni veitalanoa sa toka e cake,,..Io sa tukuna dina ga na ca ni gauna sa tu kina na noda Vanua lomani o Viti ni kua…God bless us all..

  52. This is Navoha Says:

    Kerekere vu mutou na maseki…dou kila ni sa cala tu nomudou turaga(tui vuda) dou qai back taki koya tiko.Na tamata i Viti sara sega ni taleitaki nona veiliutaki baleta ni rerevaki Bainimarama & his in decision…because the truth is that he holds the key.
    Mo dou kila talega na history of fiji that there was no Tui Ba….and most of Ba including Nawaka,Saunaka,Sabeto,vuda,naloto,magodro right upto rakiraki including the whole of yasawa was conquered by the Ka levu of Nadroga, Ratu Tevita Makutu and his son Ratu Kini Nanovo(read Old Wars of Western Fiji by Isikeli Nadalo,15th august 1955)…or Jounal of fiji musuem Domodomo Vol.13,No1 2001……
    also you can clarify this with the elders from Narewa, Nadi.
    The Ka levu of Nadroga gave back the land to you people to leave on but he just wanted to show his status in the west. So you should be grateful that he gave back the land….so we just reminding you people of Ba to tread carefully because history might repeat itself and as blood relative and kwai yata we support him.
    o keimami mai Navosa e dua vata kei ira na wekai keimami mai Lau, Tailevu,Naitasiri,Vanualevu,Lomaiviti,Rewa and etc… me sa rauta na viavialevu….kerekere vu motou na maseki…Raukuve,ko na gone mutchu no lo….bale tia mutu tasi kila tia kia na kwa.

  53. kaiveicoco Says:

    SViade and Ko na gone,
    whether I am aimless or aimful,stick to the issue.
    Kona gone you can find me t the Suva Bowling club, playing the guitar and singing.You will recognize me wearing all pink and a senibua flower as my tekiteki.I will be singing melodies and some old fijian favourites like ” Ni dau laki dromu sobu na siga ena dakui Malolo ” !! then we can start our debate there.

  54. Masonic Says:

    To This is Navoha:

    Am just a little curious. I love history and it’s lessons. You mentioned that the Ka Levu conquered the majority of the west (if not all). Now I have never heard of this before. You maybe right. But how come when people from other parts of Fiji refer to the chiefly hierachy of the West, why do they always refer to the Tui Vuda? Why is the Tui Vuda, from long before, always a central figure among chiefs in the west? If the Ka Levu truly conquered the west, don’t you think he should be the one that stands “higher” then all else? I have even heard from a close friend of mine (he’s from the west/Ba), that should the 4th confederacy stand, the Tui Vuda will be the head. I reckon if I kicked everyones butt back in the day, I should be the top dog……. !! don’t you think?
    Please help me understand !!

  55. Raukuve Says:

    This is Navoha………..

    qi yalo viko boy !! (se girl beka)

  56. Raukuve Says:

    Rokova o Rewa na i lakolako vei ira na Peresitedi: 13 May 2009

    Fijilive news – click on Fijian news.

    E rokova na yasana o Rewa na nodra a cabeti Vale levu na turaga bale mai na yasana o Ba, ka ra lai vakaraitaka na nodra veitokoni vua na Turaga Peresitedi ni noda vanua, Ratu Josefa Iloilo.

    Tukuni ni a liutaka na i lakolako oqo ko Ratu Meli Saukuru e na Vakaraubuka sa oti ka ra laki vakaraitaka walega na nodra tokona na veiliutaki ni noda vanua, ka vaka kina na nodra vakatulewa kece na Peresitedi.

    Tukuna na vukevuke ni jemeni ni yasana o Rewa Pita Tagicakiverata ni daumaka na i lakolako oya me vaka ni noda i tovo na i taukei me da dau veiraici.

    “Keitou sega ni totaka e dua, keitou rokova ga vakalevu na nodratou vakatulewa na turaga bale ni yasana o Ba,” e kaya ko Tagicakiverata.

    Tukuna mai na vukevuke ni jemeni ni yasana o Tailevu Adi Samanunu Talakuli, ni na vinaka cake me waraka na bose ni yasana e na i ka 26 ni Me, ni bera ni vakaraitaka mai e dua na ka.

    E na oti tiko e na i ka 27 ni Me na bose ni yasana o Tailevu.

  57. freespeech1162 Says:

    I have to say I am so terribly ashamed of the President and the chiefs who visited him to show their support.
    If the President really had the interest of the people at heart he would not have continued in the presidency immediately after the coup. He would have resigned!
    For those of you who say that what is happening is Fiji today – the abrogation of the constitution and its effects – is Bainimarama’s doing and not the President’s, I say that’s a whole load of bull. Well, yes, Bainimarama is the main player. But Iloilo (and I have no more respect for him, the chiefs of Ba and elsewhere), I’d like to know from him personally if I can, what exactly has he done for Fiji since December 2006. What has he done to restore democracy in Fiji? Nothing, just having a free ride at Government House. My word, does he have not conscious? No shame?
    What exactly is his role as the President? We have every right to question him about this because we are paying for his livelihood for doing nothing. And what exactly is his wife doing? Does she not feel sorry for the old man, or is it more important for her to lap up the good life up on the hill? I dont believe anyone has any respect for women like that. Why cant she persuade Iloilo that they retire to the village where they will be cared for by the people of Vuda.
    As for Iloilo’s people, dont you care for him enough to urge him to return home to live the rest of his life in peace and dignity instead of eating up taxpayers’ money.
    Does Iloilo realise the extent of damage created since 2006? I dont think so. If he does, he doesnt care so long as he gets paid for doing nothing.
    What say you?

  58. Raukuve Says:

    Ki vei “This is Navoha” :

    Sa yawa o iko. Qu mata kwaya boto, qi loma ni ko aule. I sa qei vatakea saraga o iko na lem seseraurau qania na lem riva. O iko ro na cava mo mei kwaya tu tavu na vitukutuku. O au qi kilatia tu ei so na i tukutuku me baletia na i tutu va Ka Levu. Io qi dua ni kwaya baleta qi rokovia muni na Ka Levu. O iko isa mata ula me ko i na buto ni rara, ula talia me o iko, kua ni mea me na Na Momo na Ka Levu se na yasana o Rewa, Naitasiri, Vanua Levu se o cei ga. Me kuca ke i meru me? E kuca me matu mataku?
    O au qi na taqomaki nia na lequ Momo. Io qi dure talia. Mako e ri to qai yau me ei so leqa, donu ! Io o iko i sa vatakea saraga na vanua i la mei ke. I sa seserauarau tu boto.

    Sogotia mu gusu kodaki i sogotia vali mu cebo !! se i ba tadola tu ?

  59. Raukuve Says:

    hello !!

  60. Ko na Gone Says:


  61. Raukuve Says:

    To Free speech 1162:

    You have worded your comment well. I do agree with you. As it has been mentioned before in this and other blogs, the people of Vuda had on 3 different occasions approached the Tui Vuda. That is stale news already. But on many occasions the military have really blocked or even attempted to divert any attempts to retire the President. Because they know that the President is their trump card…… of sorts !! Well the First Lady is entirely another story. Close sources have mentioned that she loves the limelight. Other sources have said that she is even on the side of the military. Sad …ain’t it? Conspiracy ? Maybe…. !! The GCC and the govt back in 2004 knew that he was not mentally capable to be in that position. They asked him to continue. Why? I have no idea. There are so many rumors flying around. But all these rumors have led me to ask one simple and honest question. If Bainimarama could be the President or if he can choose whoever he wants to be the president, why does he keep the Tui Vuda as Prsident?
    Bainimarama knows full well that the Tui Vuda is not mentally capable to sustain that position, from even 2004-5. And he knows without any doubt that in a court of law, that medical condition nullifies anything that the president has ever done. That is to Bainimaramas disadvantage. But yet he keeps him there? Why?
    I feel that the President has to retire a.s.a.p. No doubt !! I know about the anger the people of Fiji feel towards him. That is understandable. Besides he is getting paid with Tax payers money.
    …..But when people curse him out and belittle him, I feel the need to stand by him. He is still my chief who just happens to be caught in rut that Bainimarama created. What can he do really? Tell Bainimarama to step down? Even if he did, Bai is not going to budge.

  62. SViade~ Says:

    @ Freespeech 1162

    From 2005 we have been trying to retire the President and bring him home but we were rebuffed by Frank and a certain chiefly faction.Frank realized that we were serious abt retiring him so he sent a delegation down to Viseisei which was led by Rabuka and the Fijian Affairs to traditionally ask the TUI VUDA to please hold the Presidency until he passes on.

    These are the reasons why we wanted to bring the Chief home:




    So can you really blame him?. You see FREESPEECH1162 WE KNOW THAT HIS MEMORY was so far gone by 2005 you know why , because by 2005 when he
    got off work and was driven to GH when they got to GH he would often ask
    “who’s house is this”.? Who lives here.?
    BTW that was 4years ago, do you seriously think he is doing all of this on his own based on his own judgement .

    Wht abt the western chiefs who visited him?. Do you seriously think they would make negative remarks abt this administration ?. NOPE !!
    You know y cos they know say anything negative and there visit would appear like a protest. BTW it’s those western chiefs and their ppls who voted 2 western guys into gov’t, Dr. Bavadra and Chaudry , and let me remind you the economy of Fiji is in the WEST.


  63. this is navoha Says:

    Raukuve tatavina caganamu…..matou vinatia na dodonu kei na savasava.o matou na bati ni Kwa levu.we dont need rewa,naitasiri o anybody to support us….as we have done in the past we can repeat it again.. we just sick & tide of your crap….kwaya koto that u will stand for president common, why then scared of the one manupilating him….o mutou na vaburania na veiwekani…tata vina koto

  64. Raukuve Says:

    this is Navoha :

    lol !!! e kuca ei mosi !!!……… ra luve ni seseraurau…..!!
    bati se sona …….

  65. Freespeech1162 Says:

    Thanks for the enlightenment folks. The situation is so frustrating it can generate some unwanted emotion.

  66. Dau Says:

    Thnx to all our KINDERGARTEN chilren who are acustomed to using vulgar native Fijian Lingo………..Do you eat a lot of Chillies(Rokete gaga)??? Gosh! Na vosa ca Kei na viavia sa uasivi saraga vei kemudou na mai Vaqakoro tu e na neimami vanua…. You may need to SILIROKETE from FB…. Its FOC(free of charge) Cheers!!!

  67. Dau Says:

    Freespeech,,,,You”d be a very viable client for the free SILIROKETE program….

  68. Raukuve Says:

    Dau, that’s what happens when people want to play rough.

  69. Dau Says:

    Rau …..the sad thing about playing ROUGH, is there are no Rules to the Rough game…..But if you have The Rev ML as the referee than we might have a bit of control (political wise) I have no worries about the rough edges thats easily ironed out with 1 or 2 kilos of the WAKA ni Vanua.

  70. this is navoha Says:

    Dau lako mada lai kubuta na soresore nei Raukove…..drau tamata boci sonalelevu…..kawaca …..kawa ni tamata lamulamu

  71. Ratu Sai Says:


    Qua soti na vosa vosa ca tiko ulunana.

  72. Jone Says:

    Am just rolling in laughter. RsAI demands of a poster to quit using swear words then he closes with a big swear word of his own. Gonei, ni kemuni sa vinakata me kua na vosa ca Tekivu taka sara ga mai o iko. Kua ga ni kerea me cegu oti o qai tomana tale Lol.

  73. this is navoha Says:

    Kivei Masonic,

    Thanks for your concern….the truth is Nadroga people or may i call it Nadroga culture is that an outsider is always held with high respect.They normally give authority to an outsider then within ……because of confidence they have within themselves, an outsider brings a different perspective and because of their culture(vakarokoroko & vakamenemenei) they give their all & are more focused.

    This can be witnessed in the villages,rugby & funeral(kovana). for example if you see past Nadroga rugby team you will noticed most of the Coach & captain are always outsiders…the likes of Rev Rinakama,Ifereimi Tawake, Isaia Rasila, Taoba, Tawayaga,Tiko Matawalu,Paula Bui(current Manager NRU) & etc

    So let me enlighten you about the history….THE DEED OF CESSION that was signed in levuka were mostly signed by the chiefs of the east & north but the only representative from the west was Ka Levu – Ratu kini Nanovo whom i mentioned in my earlier comments conquered all the west upto rakiraki. Actually the current Ka levu had been approached a few times by bainimarama to lead just after 2006 but declined because of his stand against illegal takeover & his culture.
    Also for your information if you check with the elders from Lomanikoro, Rewa they will also inform you of the strong ties between the Roko tui Dreketi and Ka levu….during Rewa and Bau wars( Cakobau vs Qaraniqio) the mighty army of the Ka levu came in double canoes to help Rewa.That why they have intermarriage between the chiefs because of that allegience to be always be maintained.In Bau only two kind of people can wear masi vulavula on their head or hat through the village. The vuaka loa of nakorotubu, Ra & Davutukia people of Nadroga.

    i hope i have clarify you some issues regarding the real ruler of the west & etc.Like i have said before, we know it but we keep it low because its our culture.

  74. Jone Says:


    Very interesting thanks for sharing.

  75. SViade~ Says:

    @ Navoha

    During the late 80’s and well into the 90’s when the western chiefs were congregating abt the establishment of the 4TH CONFEDERACY, the discussion was @ the point where who was going to drink 1st, all the other western chief’s except Ra and Nadroga/ Navosa chose the Tui Vuda to drinkl first.

    After Ra stated why they should drink first, the TUI WAYA said “no”, and told the Ra Chiefs, “sa waqa tiko na neitou buka mai WAYA dou qai yaco mai,gunu i liu na TUI VUDA”.

    Then the KA LEVU and the other Nadro chiefs complained saying,”WHY IS IT ALWAYS THE TUI VUDA?.” The late and former Taukei Nakelo (Ratu Epeli Vuki Tavai) turned to the Ka Levu and the other Nadroga chiefs and asked,”DO YOU PPL KNOW WHERE YOU COME FROM?.” “DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING?”. None of your chiefs said a WORD, AND WHAT DID THE TAUKEI NAKELO TELL YOUR CHIEFS,” MUTU NOLO”!!!!!. Why didn’t they raise that issue abt Ratu Tevita Makutu and his son’s RAVURAVU in the west, it would have been a very good stance, I RECKON.

    You see MASEKI, WESTERN CHIEFS never emulated the style of CHIEF SUPREMACY like Bau did back in the days, power through successes in TRIBAL WARFARE, we embrace and sustain our hierachy through blood line, and descendants of the VU KEI VITI MAKAWA . All that Ravuravu doesn’t really matter in the WEST it has just become a FOOTNOTE TO US.

    That is why the TUI VUDA is always referred to as THE PARAMOUNT CHIEF OF VUDA because of the “BLUE BLOOD LINE” traced right back to LUTUNASOBASOBA who was the 1st TUI VUDA,that line has never been broken. We are probably the only Taukei’s that has our traditions and customs intact to this very day, our style of governance in our village and the succession of our chief’s can not be compared with any other village in Fiji,
    “look around you”.


    BTW, The Vuda chiefs probably foresaw that, that type of gaining power through tribal warfare was short lived, or it doesn’t last. “look around U”.

  76. SViade~ Says:

    Am I not allowed to comment?.

  77. s.raqiqi Says:

    …….. @navoha, why wud Bainimarama approach a sickly Sakiusa Makutu who has now lost both legs due to diabetes??????? just wondering??????

  78. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    @ SViade

    Sa qai so na turaga sona levu ra tiko mai na west. Ni ra a sa vakadrukai e nai valu ra qai kaya tikoga ni ra turaga qaqa. Me cava kina na nona kawa nei Lutunasobasoba o Iloilo? E cava tiko mada?? Ni da sa sona levu ga e nai valu, da galu. Na tamata qaqa ga e kilai baleta ni tamata ga e druka e sega nona tamata me tutaki koya. Dou via lai kauta tiko mai vei na nomudou i tovo dou tukuna tiko qori ni se tu vinaka tu. Iko se bau kila nio ira na kawa nei Lutunasobasoba e sega tu nodra i tovo? Nai tovo taucoko da mai vakamuria tu qo e nodra i tovo na kai Polynesia, ka da a mai taura vei ira na Lapita people koya ra tawa vanua duadua i liu e na vanua o Viti. E na vuravura taucoko, ni dua na matanitu e druka e nai valu, e sa na wili me nei koya e ravuravu. E ra sa na bobula nei koya ka ravuravu o koya ka druka. Tekivu mai na gauna vakaivolatabu. E dodonu me rau taro na turaga mai Ra kei Nadroga ni rau turaga qaqa duadua ga mai na yasayasa vaka Ra ka keimami bau rogoca tu na i talanoa ni nodrau qaqa. A i valu cava mada e sa bau qaqa kina o Tui Vuda? Nai valu vakoro? Sa rauta me lailai sara na vanua e wili i Vuda baleta ni valuta voli ga na koro. Na ka gona ga e sa qai matata ga eke ni o kemudou na kawa nei Lutunasobasoba e sega dina ga nomudou i tovo. Vei keitou, qori e yacana na dre cala, na jida kei na via ubia na dina. E cava tiko mada na Blue Blood, dou yavu black blood, dou kawa ni dau vakatevoro. E CAVA TIKO MADA????

  79. s.raqiqi Says:

    @ s viade, o avu e i tata koto e ri ba lame i na kawa ni maqe!!!!! has no idea what he is talking about!!!! truth hurts huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. this is navoha Says:

    Wananavu Jone……vakaloloma na claim mai Ba….not even based from facts.Isa kemudou mai Ba ….e soli veikemudou na veiluitaki because most of the west did not support the 2000 coup including Nadroga & Navosa …..o Bainimarama a solia baleta, during that time sa ratou bose na veiyasana mai na west to have their separate government because they were always overshadowed in Fiji politics & mainly their two sons Bavadra(1987) & Mahend (2000) was illegally removed. That was the true feeling in the west .
    The move by FB was to keep the west because it might create a social disorder & mainly of its economic power base. During that meeting the chiefs of Ra and Ka Levu did not want a separate government because of its blood ties to the rest of Fiji… tovo dina vaka taukei….vei vakarokorokotaki, veivakaluici, tikovata & DUAVATA.

    As usual like their culture they gave it to an outsider to represent them & that was Tui vuda.Because at that time they agreed that the only nobleman that could be close as Ratu Mara qualities was Tui Vuda(ex school teacher,very respectable & level of education) …but da mai raici qo …. e warai e dua tani na roka sa mai boroya qo…For your info…Ka levu name was proposed by some chiefs of Ba & tauvu from Ra to take up the Presidents post but he declined because of his age,experience, level of command of english, education and his culture(outsider to lead) and mainly he did not want to be a laughing stock as he knew that the president post was just a rubber stamp for FB.

    O keimami e sega ni tamata kocokoco baleta me ra liu na vulagi…io me caka e na dela ni savasava kei na dodonu.

  81. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    @ s. raqiqi

    E leqa gona ni o kemudou saraga na kawa nei Lutunasobasoba dou kawa ni maqe. Dou kaya ni dou lako mai Taqaniiyika, na vanua saraga a yaco kina na evolution me vuki na maqe me tamata. Sa qai taba ga e na macawa sa oti e na google ni sa laurai nai vakadinadina ni o ira na kai Aferika e ra kawa ni maqe. E na yasa ni drano levu saraga mai Taqaniika. Sa rauta me dau via rogorogo tiko vaka na veivosaki na maqe na nomudou i vosavosa mai Ba. E kilai tale tuga e na i tukutuku kei Viti ni o ratou na muri mai oqo e ratou dau vakatevoro kaukauwa ka se dau nodra vanua tabu tu ga kina qo na dau vakatevoro kecega e Viti na veidelana mai Nakauvadra. Sai ratou talega na vakatekivuna mai na vosa qo na “kalougata” baleta ni ra vakabauta tu ni vu ni veika vinaka kecega na kalou gata ka tiko e uluna na daimani ka tukuni tu ni na kauta mai na vinaka vei Viti. Ia, tukuna mada vei au se o cei e dau vakalou vua na gata? Se gata e vakatakarakara bula kei cei? O cei e nona i tavi me taqomaka tiko na gata ka tukuni tiko e cake? Ni o kila na sau ni taro kece e cake o na qai kila na vanua dou lako mai kina na kawa nei Lutunasobasoba. Sa kua so na mai vosa vakadinadina tiko eke ni da lecai ka tiko. Dou kila madaga e liu na vanua dou lako mai kina na kai Vuda kei na vanua dou lako tiko kina dou na qai sereki e na vesu levu dou vesuki tu kina. Sa ka walega e mata ni Kalou na koula kei na daimani.

    Now that is truth and it damn hurts.

  82. s.raqiqi Says:

    HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IN YOUR FACE!!! THE TRUTH DOES HURT HUH!!!!!!!!hA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hEEEEEEEEEEEE hEEEEEEEEEE hA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. s.raqiqi Says:


  84. Masonic Says:

    Thanks @ Navoha for the explanation. What is interesting though is, under this particular topic, it seems people have thrown the full blame on the President’s lap.

  85. Raukuve Says:

    To “This is Navoha” :

    Are you really from Navoha/Nadroga? I ask because you don’t really sound like one. I have many relatives and friends from Navoha/Nadroga, some of the nicest folks I have ever come across. O iko tam kodaki o koru na lequ maseki. Miti viyawaki saraga. If the Ka Levu was where the President is today, would I be cursing at him….? Never !!!. You know why? na gauna o vosaca taka kina na Tui ni dua na Vanua, o sa vosaca taka talega na nona lewe ni vanua kei na Vanua !!! If the Ka Levu was to meet the Tui Vuda today, they will embrace like family, like brothers. They both know their ties to each other. You have mentioned Ra, Rewa etc. Before all that, Vuda and Nakuruvarua had ties. I ask you this, what does Nakuruvarua mean? How did that name come about?
    But it is “insignificant fools” like you, that speak without even thinking about what you are saying. Your seseraurau’ness is evident in your deliberate attempt to use the Ka Levu’s name is this blog. Vacava ke sa toso tikoga na vei ba qo, qai tekivu me vosavosa ca taki talega na Momo Na Ka Levu? Will you like that? Is it fair on the Momo Na Ka Levu, to the Vanua i Nakuruvarua? huh? the answer is no. Na nomu vosaca taka na Tui Vuda se o ira na Momo ni Yasana o Ba, do you really think if the Ka Levu was reading this blog, would he be supporting you? Hell no !!!. He most likely will kick your ass and your mouth. I know he disagrees with the Political situation…no doubt. But traditionally we all stand in the same distinct place.
    Na tosotoso ni vei ba qo, o na qai kidacala e dua e na qai vosa taka lesu yani na Ka Levu o vala taka tiko mai qori. But my promise to you, even though you are an asshole, I will never do that . So think first.

    I have used a combination of english and vosa vaka Bau in this piece. Because I am not so sure anymore if you are a kai Navoha or bloody kai vanua tale eso. You don’t sound like a Maseki.

  86. Raukuve Says:

    To Jone Biutiviti:

    Au sa vakasama taka tiko qo na vosaca cava beka o ganiti kemuni saka. Au na qai talaca yani. Ni wawa toka mada.

  87. Raukuve Says:

    blerry bitch tagane !!

  88. s.raqiqi Says:

    @raukuve “qi yalo viko” me kia na tata vina sara me winiwini e bebe yalevu!!!!!!!!!

  89. SViade~ Says:

    @ jone B.iuviti

    vaka e tauvi iko mai na “B A S T A R D FLU” keimami vitalanoa na kai melanesia ni galu tu mada na lako mai polio- nesia.

    yalowai!! vaka e tarai iko vabibi na noqu post …..e i kuca ei mosi!!! na dina.

    vinaka na comment mai!!!.

  90. SViade~ Says:

    @ Navoha

    kua ni mei kwaya vali ni lala na lematu i tovo…

    Always remember when you point a finger, four fingers are pointing back @ u,

    kua so ni saki takinia vali ni ote bati.buku.
    Kevaka sa rui dredre vakalevu na nomu leqa se bibi na nomu i colacola solia vana dua na OSE me cola tu mada.!!!

  91. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    @ SViade

    E cava? E mosi na dina ni dou kawa ni maqe………..Dou raici kemudou ga e na iloilo……..Dou vakatakarakara bula ni kawa mai na maqe… se? Na vosa ca kecega o na tukuna mai e na sega ni na yaga…Dou yavu No war, no guts… cicivaka e dua na matanitu e gadreva na tamata dina kei na tamata yalo vakatagane ka mona vakatamata…..Na kena sega vei kemudou na veika oqo e vu tu ni nomudou sega ni vakabauti mo dou liutaka rawa e dua na matanitu…Sa kenai vakadinadina vinaka ga o Iloilo…..Sa da mona malumalumu ga da vakacegu yani….Sa cava so na kocokoco……Na cava qo, na via rogo? Sa vinaka sara ni o tukuna ni o kemudou na Melanesia…..Baleta ni o ratou talega ratou lako mai Taqaniika…Kena i balebale ya ni o ni kawa ni maqe vata kecega……Na leqa gona e tiko ni dou a mai usu vanua ni ratou a tawana taumada na vanua o Viti o ratou mai Polynesia……Tukuna tu vei cei na yalowai?….O keitou gona na kawa nei Atama kei Ivi….O kemudou na kawa ni maqe!!!!!

  92. s.raqiqi Says:

    ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I will always maintain that the truth hurts. People like Jone Liumuritaki Viti and Navoha or vavoravora! can rave on till kindom come BUT THIS WILL NOT CHANGE ANYTHING!!! so to SViade & Raukuve, we shall relax and let this people say whatever!!!!!! I am proud to be a melenesian designed by God!!!!!!LONG LIVE THE PRESIDENT OF FIJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  93. this is navoha Says:

    Raude qi rogo so lem vamacala….set boto …io tata vina koto….ra sonalevu.
    S.raqiqi and Sviade muru lai vei tono buku i tadrawai.
    Kerekere sa rauta ike….God bless u all.

  94. s.raqiqi Says:

    ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee God bless u too shm!!!!

  95. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    @ s.raqiqi

    Dredrevaka tu nomu lecaika, ulukau vakataki nomu turaga drau veivutu.

  96. s raqiqi Says:

    @Jone Liumuritaki viti !!! ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LONG LIVE BAINIMARAMA & HIS EXECELLENCY!!!!!!! God bless u my brother,btw did u brush ur teeth this morning???? I don’t think so??????????????????????heeeeeeeeee he!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. SViade~ Says:

    @ Jone buiviti

    E sega ni dua na kawa nei ivi se o atama e vosa tu vata ki iko, kenai karua na veivanua kecega o blog kina sa we we tu ga ni gusumu na S O N A L E V U sa tukuni kemuni tiko ga mai , TU TAKA O NAVOHA NA NONA BATI….TU TAKA O IKO NOMU SONALEVU…..SA DRI YANI …..LMAO……….!!!!!!!!!

  98. s raqiqi Says:

    @sviade U R THE MAN!! U HIT THE NAL ON THE HEAD!!! WANANAVU!!!!!mmmuahhhhh!!! u made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!heeeeeee haaaa!!!!!!

  99. s raqiqi Says:

    @Jone liumuritaki viti _SONALEVU!!!!!ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hhaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

  100. SViade~ Says:

    @ jone buiviti..

    gauna qo mo sa vodo lesu vana nemu CANOE O F’O laivi yani i POLIO-NISIA
    polionisia mai vei o kemuni?

    YALOKS !!!!!!!!

  101. senijiale Says:

    Bad cop, good cop – pray tell, why was half of downtown Suva cordoned off by Tele-tubby this afternoon?

  102. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    @ s raqiqi & sviade

    E ka lailai tikoga na noqu sona mai na nomudrau dui sona yadudua….o kemudrau drau yavu sonalevu cake sara….qai va ya ni sonalevu mai vei kemudou sa ka ga ni kawa ni sa leqa ga vakavanua….ni ra a sonalevu tu ga mai liu na nomudou qase….dou mai kena sona lalai yani o kemudou….ia na levu ga ni soli sona tiko vei kemudou koya sa mai ka lelevu tu kina na nomudou sona….ni a nomudou i tekitekivu ga mai na sona, e n nomudou i tinitini talega na sona…..dou yavu sona!!!!!!!!

  103. s.raqiqi Says:

    @Jone MUAIMURITAKI VITI SONALEVU i VITI RARABA ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE hAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! e mosi dina eh?????????????????????????????

  104. SViade~ Says:

    @ Jone buiviti…..

    Sa tukuni iko tiko ga mai o iko, e sini dua tale e cavuta wasoma tiko na sonalevu
    o iko ga , io qo sa qai o vakaraitaka mai ni oiratou nomu qase eratou sonalevu talega ….isa sa mate beka ga ni nomudou kawa>>>>sa o varaitaka ga mai na ka e tu i lomamu…se kuca! YO BLERRY S O N A L E VU !!!

    YALOKS !!!!!

  105. SViade~ Says:


    vina na vamatata takinia……..LOL !!!!

  106. Raukuve Says:

    to s~viade:

    tata niru vina na mada na tam viasili !!

  107. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    @ SViade

    Sega tiko ga ni kauta laivi na dina na levu ni nomu vosa ca se cava tale o via nanuma mai. Ni keimami valu wavoki voli e Viti, dou valu vakoro tiko la o kemudou. Ni dou tamata rerere. Dou lamulamu, ciuciu, sorosoro, SONALEVU.

  108. s raqiqi Says:

    @ sviade & raukuve! Isa ! e i valoloma e so na vakasama ni tamata!!! like they talking from their sona not from their MONALALA!!!!!!

  109. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    @ raqiqi

    O iko se o sviade se o raukuve……..dou tautauvata kece la……Its hard to accept the truth eh???……Well face it, Iloilovatu is just the history of Ba revisited……To give in not to the might of the military but to the power of a woman (a direct descendant of that mighty warrior Cakobau). Let’s face the fact…..dou se ciuciu mai liu, dou na ciuciu voli ga. Moce jo!!!! E what chiko mada????????????

  110. SViade~ Says:

    hahahahahahaha @ jone buiviti e yaco i vei?>>>> yalowai!!!

  111. SViade~ Says:

    @ jone buiviti

    Vinaka na tukuna mai na dina..” to give in not to the might of the military but to the power of the woman (a descendant of CAKOBAU) “. WHO IS THE KOCOKOCO NOW.? WHEN WE TRIED TO RETIRE OUR CHIEF WE WERE REBUFFED BY YOUR CHIEFLY FACTION?. YOUR CHIEFLY FACTION IS THE REASON HE IS HOLDING THAT POST !!!!


  112. damnu Says:

    Lets put the record straight here @ Navoha. The Ka Levu’s army did not conquer the West…….if he did he lost it all in a return bout. His only success which is now under his domain is the vanua of Malolo or the Mamanuca group which comes under the Nadroga Province.. Even they had to win it in a return bout in fact they had to Ambush the Chiefly Village in the midle of a wedding celebration……yasawa sa qai yawa sara rauti iratou ga na wasawasa ena Mamanuca ni maravu no…….va ya era kila na valu i wai???? Get your facts right @ Navoha and pliz do not mislead the readers because it is a very sensitive issue. Kena levu saka!

  113. Ko na Gone Says:

    ..i still can’t get this jone in “leave fiji”..if u cant take the heat..fuk of from fiji (as ur name suggests) ur all venting ur frustrations at the President, which is sad really cos when i first hook up to this blog, i thought it would be filled with educated, well-read and learned people, instead i find disgusting and amateurish comments made by some dim-witted,dense and brainless KNUCKLE-HEADS..yes, im talking to you Jone(Fuk off from fiji and Navoha)..ur both fond of swearing..vacava ur out of things to say??..kemudrau na murimuri ni tamata (im not sure ur even humans at all at the way u rattle away with ur swears), u are the kind that when life gets tough, u automatically put the blame on someone else..u have weak characters and ur lives are just full of SHIT, as shown in how you argue…
    vakacava mada ga mo drau leqataka nomudrau dui vuvale..keimami qo, we all more concerned about our families than belittling those people becos as u may have realised..u can swear and swear at my chief, the President, but at the end of the day..ur swears are just that-MERE WORDS..which does not move a single thing nor improve a single situation in Fiji..
    so to u so-called-maseki…la boto ro i lem koro i vikaikai qo lai kania ga va levu na marijuana(ur province’s main source of income..LOL!!)..lem tata kodaki sara ga ei lia esa bura tu e ulu na kana marijuana…ur showing signs of hallucinations from too much drug-taking, my dear!!
    and to you jone AKA MR. ur name spells and which i strongly suggest you do=GET THE HELL OUTTA THIS COUNTRY! WE CAN DO WITHOUT DIMWITS LIKE YOU!!!!
    SViade/Raukuve/SRaqiqi – aule! mutu la ro me, di lai som ti…

  114. s.raqiqi Says:

    @ koya na gone!!!! any ti draunimoli ?????? LOL some people might like to “gunu wai ni bele”!!!!!!LOL

  115. Ko na Gone Says:

    @ S Viade

    is that so????? ra qai viavia vosa tiko..mada na NO MONEY/MACAWA to the highest degree!!!! matamu jone MR. SONALEVU…CHEW THAT!!!!!!
    o WHAT jiko mada???????????????????????????????????

  116. Ko na Gone Says:

    @ raqiqi

    sinai sara tu ga qo i noqu cafee na kofina…vacava, dua yani na bilo??? so talega na home-made buns/scones all fresh from the oven…ohh u just have to taste them….they so yuuummmyyyyyyy…lol…lol….KAILA!!!
    reserving seats for Raukuve n SViade..hurry up guys…fresh coffee just for youse!!!

  117. s.raqiqi Says:

    ………national knowledge, they were no money ga from the begining, qacaru!!!!!!

  118. s.raqiqi Says:

    JONE SAQAMUA MAI VITI might want some!!!!LOL

  119. senijiale Says:

    When Kutu was in charge of his own blog, one click and he wud hve sent all you insignificant foul-mouthed b!#ch tagane-sotias on this thread into oblivion! Why don’t u pooftas go open yr sotia-sapotas blog and go wag yr dogs there!

    There’s one of your brothers out there, in distress and you pooftas can’t put yr tax-paid sotia training to some use n go rescue him from those pirates! Matai ga na lai qito hide n seek in the bush or come here to salivate and drool over each other, tsk, tsk…. Blerry U S E L E S S!

  120. Raukuve Says:

    @ Ko Na Gone

    o au qi mata som ti tovoi !!

  121. SViade~ Says:

    @ ko na gone

    Eri ma va baniua baleti datou,!!!! ya nomu news>> qi sa la ya i som ti….

  122. Raukuve Says:

    To This is Navoha:
    Update: 6:48PM Within three months of cracking down on Fiji’s prevalent drug problem, police have uprooted an estimated $400m worth of marijuana plants.

    This was revealed today after successful raids of 26 farms in Navosa. Several villagers linked to these farms are in police custody.

    The special operation was led by the Head of the Drug Unit, Inspector Sakeo Ganivatu.

    “They uprooted marijuana plants with an estimated street value of $200million,” said assistant police spokesman Sergeant Atunaisa Sokomuri.

    “The raids were conducted as part of the police operation,Yadra ni Viti Rua.”

    Sgt Sokomuri said officers from the Police Drug Unit and the Ready Action Unit carried out the two-week long operation in Yau Yau district in Navosa.

    The earlier operation, Operation Yadra Viti, was also carried out in Navosa, in March.

    Police netted more than 10,000 marijuana plants with a street value estimated at $200million.

    It is Fiji’s biggest ever marijuana raid according to police records.

    Police have yet to determine the exact worth of the latest operation.

  123. Raukuve Says:

    To This is Navoha:

    vacava kemuni. qai muri na coup !! dou sa basu lawa tu madaga mai liu. your drugs has affected thousands of teenagers. caused crimes of sorts. au nanuma sara na nomu tukuna ni dou via tu taka na dodonu. vacava na karasi dou tea tiko qori? ya beka na dodonu o tukuna tiko? ra veitokoni tiko na lewe ni nomudou veikorokoro. vacava that?
    ei kuca ……. i set koto? e kuca o mutou na bati? miti rewa ni va vina takinia na leqa ni marijuana? O sa siosio sara na laki saga na Momo na Tui Vuda kei ira na Momo ni yasana o Ba. Vaka vei au o iko “high” tiko beka va na karasi.
    The posting was from todays Fijilive news.

  124. Ko na Gone Says:

    aule aule!!! eri qei manamana tata vali…O KORU NA NO MONEY..qaniru na KAWA NI KARASI!!!!!!

    heheheheeee…la sara ga me S Viade…buta sara tu ga ko na tovoi kamica ni tobewai…KAILA!!!!

    @ Raukuve..aule! miri mata som ti vaca???

  125. s.raqiqi Says:

    ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he!!!!heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee can I have some”grass” tea LOL(import from Navoha) LOL

  126. SViade~ Says:

    @ Ko na Gone

    Sa yawa na tovoi ni tobewai…lolz…

    @ s .raqiqi

    kua ni maci request takinia na NAVOHA SPECIAL…..TEA SI TAM VAMAMACA lala me mosi m ulu lolz.!!! ei rautia ga na ose so…hahahaha!!

  127. Truth Says:

    Iloilo is the 1st person to burn in hell out all these evil doers.

  128. Budhau Says:

    Truth, it seems that you have the monopoly on truth, and now you are also going to decide who is going to hell.

    I like that burning in hell concept – that the dude would burn in hell for ever and ever – but I am sure God still loves Iloilo.

  129. Truth Says:

    And so shall you BURN in hell

    All the evil doers burn OR are you going to tell us now that you aren’t a member of the Vo Gangsters

  130. s.raqiqi Says:

    @ Truth , Ohhhhhhh so you decide who goes to hell and who does not????????????????????I will now change your name to SATAN not TRUTH, soooorrryyy too good a name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. s.raqiqi Says:

    @sviade, sa rauti me tata va riva koto o Navoha!!! a ba nip me!!!!!LOL and maybe SATAN/truth had a big mug too LOL ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!heheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

  132. this is navoha Says:

    RAUKUVE,SVIADE,SAQIQI & WHOEVER FROM BA DOUVICAI ….DOU KAWA NI TAMATA LAMULAMU SONALEVU…………………SONALELELEVULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL…….I DONT WANNA WAsTE MY TIME BECAUSE U BUNCH OF MACAWA LAMULAMU SONALELEVU………dou tamata kocokoco, tamata druka, do kila tiko ni qele dou tiko vei kemodou e sega ni wili vei kemudou…..check NLTB….rautia ho lequ vamacala vumotou baletia mutu na tasi vuli rewa…..valusia na lequ time….mutu qi vinece koto.moce heeheheheheheheheheheheheheheehehee…..hihihihihihihihihihihihihahahahahahahahahahahahah

  133. Raukuve Says:

    na ti tavu sa buta tu, me dala boto na kulu lete.

  134. Raukuve Says:

    @ this is Navoha:

    toso me aule. vosaca me na kea levu….. no problem !!!. ei kuca i sa maduwa se i mataku? dua ga vei rua. toso koto me. kua ni rere se ko taqaya. ke o sa yali, sa vakataudeitaki ni o sa druka. na bati tam dau druka…… se i kuca? toso me boy. sa mata vala….. io mo tara sara me yacovia na kea i otioti. toso koto me boy. kua vali ni mataku. mako i mataku, omcia vica boto tavu na lemutu karasi, qo qei ula leqwa me. toso mai boy !!!

  135. Raukuve Says:

    lol @ navoha

  136. s.raqiqi Says:

    @ Navoha!!!!! a i ra luve ni MARIHUANA!!!!!!!!!! eeeeewwwwwwwwwwww no wonder Navoha people are veilecayaki!!!!!! sivia na tomocia na kwa honi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @ raukuve, kulu lete it will be, me qei madra koto vasewasewa!!!!!!!LOL

  137. Ko na Gone Says:

    @ Raukuve..thanks for that news!!! them 2 idiots must be having couple of joints as part of their daily…no wonder!…coz all they ever do is talk rubbish on this blog…

    @ SRaqiqi…sorry , those ‘grass’ tea (Navoha Special) is reserved for the horses in my barn…they need it dailly, so they can FUNCTION….


  138. Ko na Gone Says:

    @ Navoha!!!

    Mo taba ena dua na billboard levu, me qai kabi tu ena tolo ni nomudou gaunisala..along with all your blogs…and your swears and filthy talk..mera qai kila kina o Viti raraba NA CA NI KANA MARIJUANA!!!!

  139. Ko na Gone Says:


  140. Ko na Gone Says:

    @ navoha


  141. s.raqiqi Says:

    thanks koya na gone!!!I am sure it would be tasty like the “subu fish”LOL !!!!

  142. this is navoha Says:

    ok dou veicai tiko……………hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  143. this is navoha Says:

    s.saqiqi,koya na toce & S.simede……dou tamata boci…..dou kana mariwana mada modou vuki vaka tagane………………………heheheheheheheheheheheheheheehh ……….hi ha

  144. s.raqiqi Says:

    oh wwooooooowwwww watch out people navoha is really high on marihuana, he is getting aggresssive!!!! iiiiaaaaa kitchum ppppuuuupppyyy!!!!!!ha!!!!!!!!!ha!!!!!!!hheeeeeeee heeeeeeeee

  145. Ko na Gone Says:

    @ navoha


  146. Ko na Gone Says:

    @ navoha


  147. Ko na Gone Says:

    @ navoha

    gang, la boto ro qo lai dradrali..ei garu bura haraga mu gusu…sa varaitakinia tu boto i ve mem na lem ‘high’ tu ina karasi mi lautia vali….U BLOODY DRUG-ADDICT O IKO!!!

  148. Ko na Gone Says:

    @ sraqiqi

    ‘Subu fish’???? heard they are so tasty..will go down well with the kulu lete, sei kuca Raukuve?….
    am gonna go fishing now..heard they congregate around that small island which is visible from mainland…LOL!!!

  149. Ko na Gone Says:

    @ navoha

    sorry mate, but my province doesn’t condone the smoking of that stuff..sega ni vakai kemudou…u RELY ON DRUGS FOR YOUR SURVIVAL!!!
    sa vakaraitaka ga mai, ena lecaika ni nomudou vosavosa….yeaaah…ALL HAIL TO THE DRUG-LORDS OF FIJI!!!!

  150. Ko na Gone Says:

    aule…eri te QO ni vei ko kora erei tata tu!! tam kilatiya koto o koru na tuwawa esi moce koto..mutu vayavalatia mutu qei gonocia na keya cakaca..

    @ navoha
    JUST GO CLEAN UP UR OWN BACKYARD FIRST PLS!!! viavia vosa tu…KAWA NI MARIJUANA O IKO!!!na vosa ca kece o tukuna mai e vakalesui tale yani vei iko….RIGHT BAK AT YA!!!!!!

  151. this is navoha Says:

    this is navoha…………..come to da highland & get high…………………………hahahaheheheeheeeee….

  152. this is navoha Says:

    draki qo mariwana ga………se kuca maheki….kia boto re …du kwaya na qauri ni Lautoka……….aule valedu cavutia ro meu ci…sobo maheki

  153. s.raqiqi Says:

    yyeeeeeuuuuccckkkk so emabarrasing!!! r u promoting marihuana ???@navoha????? u must be on a different planet!!! well cannot blame u really!!!! ni o luve ga ni HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

  154. SViade~ Says:

    LOL……it’s promo time s.raqiqi $$$ is short in the hilands!!!

  155. senijiale Says:

    Moderator – bet you can’t delete this thread or shut out the obvious goon sapotas. Why should we give them an audience here when they can very well go start their sotia fan blog elsewhere with all those stolen PC’s they’ve been spoon-fed with.

  156. s.raqiqi Says:

    @senijale vavotona!!! who’s tickiling ur fancy?????!!!

  157. senijiale Says:



  158. senijiale Says:

    FIJI”S JUNTA JUDGES – By Chris Merritt, The Australian, 29May09

    “FEAR and loathing are reaching impressive new heights in Fiji after the most recent manoeuvres by that country’s dictatorship.

    By stripping the Fiji Law Society of the right to issue practising certificates, the military government has all the tools it needs to embark on a purge of that country’s lawyers.

    From the perspective of military strongman Frank Bainimarama, such a move would have a nice touch of symmetry.

    The stunning reappointment of Anthony Gates as the dictatorship’s chief justice indicates that it is quite prepared to engage in a purge of the judiciary.

    After sacking the entire judiciary, Bainimarama is now reappointing only those who are in the regime’s good books.

    So why wouldn’t the regime engage in a similar move against lawyers?

    Fiji is, after all, crawling with lawyers who are none too pleased about what the military is doing to their country.

    But before jumping to conclusions, it is worth focusing on the man who must take responsibility for these moves: attorney-general Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

    Those who know him say he is unlikely to be attracted to such a blunt method of achieving his goals. He sees himself as a far more subtle operator.

    So instead of engaging in a purge, Sayed-Khaiyum might be hoping to achieve the same goal by other means.

    A credible threat of a purge might be all he needs in order to encourage Fiji’s lawyers to toe the line. In many ways, this would be even more insidious than a purge.

    If the regime’s goal is to intimidate the Law Society and its members, the heavy-handed weekend raid on the Law Society’s offices begins to make sense.

    With burglar alarms screaming, the regime’s foot soldiers entered the Law Society’s offices on Saturday and removed every complaint file they could find about Law Society members. The burglar alarms were entirely appropriate.

    While the attorney-general’s tactics are worth watching, the most startling move was by Gates. By signing on with the dictators last Friday, Gates has removed all doubt about where he stands and has played into the hands of his critics.

    You can almost hear the staff of the International Bar Association in London shaking their heads as they mumble “we told you so”.

    Gates featured prominently in an IBA report that had criticised the rule of law after the 2006 coup. That report, in turn, has itself been criticised.

    Before the events of April 10, when the constitution was abrogated, Gates and the other judges who took office after the 2006 coup could at least argue that they held office under the constitution.

    Their sacking in April prompted widespread sympathy and expressions of concern from the Australian Bar Association — an organisation that had previously warned of the risks of accepting judicial appointments in Fiji.

    Because of the unconstitutional actions of the regime between the 2006 coup that brought Bainimarama to power and April 10, that argument had a few difficulties. But after April 10, it’s impossible.

    What happened on Good Friday was not quite a coup, but it marked a major departure from the previous order.

    It presented Fiji’s judges with a choice and it’s revealing to see how they have responded.

    Thomas Hickie, who was also criticised in the IBA report, was one of the three Court of Appeal judges who precipitated the Good Friday upheaval by ruling that the Bainimarama regime held office illegally.

    Hickie is back in Australia and will not accept office under the current arrangements.

    Before April 10 there were two types of judge in Fiji: those whose commissions pre-dated the 2006 coup and those who were disparagingly referred to by their critics as “junta judges”.

    After April 10, the debate about whether it was proper to take office after the 2006 coup has been overtaken by a much more clear-cut and important argument.

    Fiji’s judges still fall into two categories.

    But the dividing line is now April 10 and the divisions within the judiciary are much sharper. Those who swear to uphold the decrees of a dictator might be maintaining a form of order but that falls a long way short of the rule of law”.

  159. Ko na Gone Says:

    thank you navoha for finally coming out with ur true colors….ko sa qai vakaraitaka i viti raraba NI KO KAWA DINA GA NI MARIJUANA!!! set maseki..way to go!!! kua ni vunitaka se “guise”taka tiko…we all know about ur province’s main source of income…uve finally accepted that!!!we on the other hand are proud to have some of fiji’s main industries in our land…Nadi International Airport….Gold Mine…Sugar Industry…hotels/resorts in the Yasawas and in Denarau…navosa has NOTHING, LET ME REPEAT THAT….NOTHING!!!! to contribute to the financial welfare of this nation….
    so ur main worry now is where you are going to grow the next set of marijuana plants to feed your drug-addict family!!!

  160. Raukuve Says:

    good posting Senijiale !!!

  161. Truth Says:

    The Junta judges are Vo’s Mob.

  162. this is navoha Says:

    Dou vicai ga na kai ba… veivutu kei Tui Vuda……………….hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  163. this is navoha Says:

    hey u guys do know…..baleta ni lala nomuni qavokavoka…..we got the minerals that will make us one of the richest province…..we knw it but we keep it low……keimami sega ni tamata dau boost….keimami tamata qaqa….keimami kania na karasi me relax kina na mind & body because of the injustice in the system… & mainly to relax our mood if not we would be itchy to do something bad which you people might not like…….you know the land you seating on is actually owned by us….even Namoli village in lautoka,sorokoba & etc belongs to us when we conquered you people but we gave it back as token of respect that you will not incite trouble again……maseki keimami lomani kemuni…..keimami vinakata ga na veiluitaki vakadodonu….(even right now people have been coming to us to reclaim the rightful owner of the land in some parts of Ba.-that is about 45%…& person doing that ownership review is Batibasagasa even the people in delai na nabua would confirm this story but is been suppressed cos might create social disorder ….you what we say up in the highland…..buitia na ledu maseki ho qo… rauti keda tu ga qo… kua na kocokoco……maseki sa kune vei kemami na marbles, granite,gold even the only place in fiji thats got oil right on land but u know what we keep it low……because this information has been suppressed for public consumption……ke ni ve kila …check with john sanday…or S.O.P.A.C…or friends up in delai nabua…sa rauta mada nomudou vaqakoro tiko baleta keimami kila tu na keimami cakava tiko.
    Isa kerekere dou vosota noqu vosavosa ca….& vosatia na lequ tatania bura na lemutu momo na Tui Vuda.

  164. Ko na Gone Says:

    @ navoha

    HAHAHAHAAA…kaikaila!!!!..isa, ei kuca maseki..EI MOSI???? ei tam mosi du ke ei lia qu vuluvulu ni yago tavu na susui i tara koto me….MADA NA KAWA NI MACAWA!!! SEGA NA KEMUDOU YAGA I VITI RARABA!!! UR PROVINCE BRINGS NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS TO THIS COUNTRY…VINAKA CAKE MO DOU KAWA BOKO TAKI – BLOODY GOOD FOR NOTHING!!!!

  165. s.raqiqi Says:

    @ koya na gone, as I have always said! THE TRUTH HURTS!!! Navoha is so mixed up that he does not know what to say anymore, BALETIA NI LA GA ME I NA NOTHING!!! you have hit the nail on the head!!! they really good for nothing!!! nothing but parasites!!!! they need to rely on provices like Ba to keep them alive!!!!!!!!HAAAAQAAAAA HHEEEEEEEEEE E MOSI DINA sei kuca?????????????????????????

  166. this is navoha Says:

    Isa mutuo na maseki….e kuca e mosi….vosotia… cmon qulu qata na moli…ok let me explain now…..maseki isa dua na ka neimami lomani kemutou na kwai Ba….. so this letter is directed towards Koya Na Gone when he was boasting that all the gold mine,sugar & etc is from Ba…cmon dont be childish vakaraitaka ga nomu ululala…………..the truth is most of land in Ba really belongs to us….Namoli,veiseisei village,Sorokoba & etc is actually under our authority but was given back after the war.. …….neimami loloma a soli lesu tale na qele……..u guys know what?…..people in high authority have been asking us to claim back the land from u people…u know what our elders say?……buitia, o kuru na ledu maseki ho qo….set tu na ledu cola, kua na kocokoco, tei ga vakaikai na caraqetu….guess what? ….a review of rightful owners of land in the west was carried out by the interim gov in 2007 until 2008 ..Batibasaga & few top brass in Nltb was assisgned to carry this out & they have concluded their report….actually they came up & explained to us about what we should do but like what we have said before …e set tu o matou, we can survive….u know why we smoke?because of the injustice in the system & baleta ni keimami kila ni keimami tamata qaqa & we smoke to relax us from getting agitated & shifty from doing something silly which you people would not like …..also for your info Mr Koya Na Gone……Gold, marble,bauxite,granite & even oil is found in Navoha…..we know it but we keep a low profile & even this information has been supressed from public consumption for a very long time……you can check with John Sanday or SOPAC(mineral resource) or even boys in Delai Nabua….they can confirm all this facts including land issue report in the west ………..Isa dou qai mai viavialevu tiko qo….vosota na noqu vosavacaca taka na vanua & na momo baleta na ka qo keimami kila tu but

  167. Ko na Gone Says:

    @ navoha

    seki, qisi qei varogo valia tavu…but that does not give u the right to swear at us and our high chief…kevaka o vosa se vakamacala ga vakadodonu..e set tu!! kua ga ni vosavosa ca baleta ni da tama kece ga, e tiko na noda dui o sa vosa ca taka na neitou turaga, namaka na veivosaki vakaoqo…
    however, its interesting how ur justifying the growing of ‘grass’ in your province..boooy…i hope all is well upstairs!!! as for marble, bauxite etc etc found in ur province..well…we gotta see it to believe it!!
    i have some good friends who are from navoSa..i just hope and pray they are not related to you…how u potray urself in this blog paints a very very bad picture of the people from navosa…i sincerely hope i do not come across a person like you in real life coz from where I stand, U GIVE UR PROVINCE A BAD NAME!!!

  168. s.raqiqi Says:

    @navoha! if Ba Province really belongs to navoha, what is stopping u poeple in claiming it bac?????????????????????anywaz WE ARE WHO WE ARE AND NO ONE WILL TAKE THAT AWAY FROM US!!!!!!!so chill off with your smoking pipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. SViade~ Says:

    @ NAVOHA

    minerals in ur ears ….sa nia lai kubukubu clean out the malice and the lies!!!
    moce>>>>ciom !!!!

  170. SViade~ Says:

    NLTB SE RTB …….. o kuru ruarua honi eri varaitakinia ga ma na lem seseraurau!


  171. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    I went down to the west on a sporting trip, and I was impressed with the hospitality that was afforded to me on my two days and two nights stay at one of those top of the range hotels in Nadi. I went to assist in the development of a certain sport which finds the west lacking in development but very abundant with talents. One of my favourite place to go to for workshops, clinics and tournaments is the west because of the abundance of talents there and I have made alot of good friends there through this sport that I am a part time development officer in.

    I got back at lunch time today and was met with the news of the suspension of the annual Methodist conference. I decided to look through the blogs for their views on this new development. I got a shock when I came to this particular blog to find the small minds that inhabit this small insignificant space in cyberspace are still at it. My God, SERIOUSLY, don’t you people have a life outside cyberspace? I’m sure you do. Stop trying to put a stamp of approval on the current going ons. The more you try to justify yourself, the more you become unjustified. It is the order of the day for the current government and all its supporters. We momentarily come in to contribute and to cause blood levels to rise and then we leave. One will be forgiven for thinking that some of the bloggers in here are on somebody’s payroll just to sit in front of their computers and blog away to kingdom come. Think outside the box, get outside of the box, spread your wings and soar high into the sky to get away from the small birds of a feather that naturally flock together. In other words, GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!

  172. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    I am moving on…..The more you remain in here is an indication that truth hurts and it hurts baaaaaaaad….Watch your BP……It just might decide to rise and that is bad for the health……And then I might owe your BP one for terminating you off the face of Gods’ earth….See you in another topic but not here. i.e If you are still around.

  173. senijiale Says:

    Hey JB – if it’s any consolation, the mere presence of these junta losers trying to spin their fake wars in here is a good indication that we’re moving on and up, stealthily & sure! Cheers.

  174. Flyer Says:

    @ navoha,
    Cola vina,
    Matai mada ni ka, na yasayasa kece vaka ra a wili kece tu i nadroga vua na turaga na kalevu, then the people wanted to have their own chiefs so it was divided.. Ba is the biggest province in Fiji and probably the wealthiest.. if they (the chiefs of ba) decided to form their own government, Fiji will suffer, as Ba is providing the Backbone of Fiji’s Economy.. so enough crap and insults to my province.. navosa madaga e sega ni rawa ni dua madaga na nona yasana, always relying on Nadroga.. u guys dont even have a town so galu tu rewa… sa koya boto gi na kea levu

  175. namaka Says:

    ni sa bula,
    au via taroga seko taura mai evei nai tukutuku baleta na vuaka loa mai Ra kei Davutukia mai Nadroga me baleta na yanuyanu turaga ko Bau.
    Vinaka vakalevu

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