Maori Party determined to visit

To come or not to come to Fiji.

The Maori Party appears determined to push ahead with a visit to Fiji and send a delegation including its most outspoken MP, Hone Harawira.

Harawira told Radio NZ that he remains defiant in his desire to come to Fiji, saying the deadlock between NZ and Fiji has to be broken.

Harawira said he would like to find a way to reduce the tension between the governments of NZ and Fiji.

The NZ Green MP, Keith Lock said he himself may look at travelling to Fiji with the same aim, and would whole-heartedly support the Maori Party delegation’s visit.

Maori Party Co-Leader and Minister of Maori Affairs Peter Sharples said the trip to Fiji is likely to ahead.

The Maori Party will make the final decision on whether to come to Fiji within the next few days.

Meanwhile, Acting Prime Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum is yet to comment on the matter.

It’s commendable that our Maori brothers and sisters are eager to diffuse the deadlock between NZ and Fiji, but are they doing this to actually help the hapless citizens of Fiji out of a disastrous situation created by Voreqe Bhainimarama and his coup apologists that noone in this Nation asked for, because supporting the coupsters only worsens our situation whichever way one looks at it.

We in Fiji want to be heard NOT SILENCED, our human rights have been violated.

The constant threats imposed on us by the military and coupsters has resulted in so many blogsites created to spread the truth that the illegal regime would prefer kept quiet.

If they knew what the situation really is here in Fiji our Maori brothers and sisters would go running for a huge feed of puha and porkbones for sustenance, haul out their seven canoes filled with tattooed warriors and paddle over to overthrow the military.

Now that would be the ultimate PACIFIC SOLUTION.

BRING IT ON – Tena Koe


18 Responses to “Maori Party determined to visit”

  1. Nostradamus Says:

    I would assume they want to support the Indigenous people of Fiji against the immigrant and Judas Fijain rapists of democracy. I don’t see that it has anything to do with NZ aside from the fact that they represent at least some of the indigenous People there. I would say that it is likely for Indigenous Solidarity, and if they don’t know already, they will soon find out which side Pigsty is on (a sold out Judas tool of the Indian diaspora) and card carrying asshole.

  2. Budhau Says:

    Nostra – so this is about the “immigrant and Judas Fijain rapists of democracy.”

    Idiots like you don’t get it – those Maoris – they see two White boys – the A/NZ Prime Ministers beating up on the poor indigenous Frank. So they want to come to Fiji to save Frank’s ass – that is what the solidarity is about. They will go back and report that NZ should back off – talk to these Fiji guys and resolve all this in the “pacific way”.

    So why don’t you idiots cut out the racist crap and deal with the issues.

  3. bodyguard Says:

    sensible ppl have tried talking to this incompetent ppl..I do not know what good or any impact at all will the Maori party have to the mess Fiji is in.

    the answer to this mess is with fiji ppl…esp. the fijian ppl. why r we entertaining this govt? who elected them? why r they doing what they doing? whose funding them? what r we doing? THINK PPL. THINK PPL.

    if u don’t like this kind of life … what r u doing?

    o na tarogi kina.

  4. luvfiji Says:

    The problem is some idiots who cannot even speak in the Native Fijian tonguef rom the Fiji community in NZ is wrongly advising the Maori Party.

  5. epeli Says:

    The issue budass is to get you fuckin indo out of the pacific and you can take your friken hero bainisona along with you?

  6. Nostradamus Says:

    As I understand it, Bainiceke is not indigenous, he is half caste. He does not know who his grandfather is and he failed form 4 twice.
    There are some strong indigenous right advocates amonst the Maori’s. I seriously doubt they would support Bainimugabe because he has shown every sign of wanting to tear up the Fijian race and flush it down the toilet, and he and Mahen are using naive Fijians to do it. Bainimugabe is about escaping a prison sentence and selling Fijians down the river to Turtle island and Indian/Muslim business people to do it. Bainimugabe did not support the government of the day, which way his primary function, he did not support the constitution he was sworn to, but he did support is own cowardly ass to keep out of prison and having a big party with taxpayer money doing it.

  7. Willy Says:

    The Maoris should acknowledge that Fiji has the government her people deserve. What is there concern with the leaders of Oz and NZ not willing to deal with Banimarama? Who wants to go that far down? The current situation may be a nightmare for Fijian people, but they can only wake up themselves. At least we are clear now where we stand. Every soldier, every policemen has the licence to kill anyone who they do not like. Even the SS under Hitler did not have this right. Good luck.

  8. LUVfiji Says:

    Hmmm.. a copi cat has emerged!


  9. Dau Says:

    Nostra, you call Frank a half caste. Damn these half-casts , they must be a highly intelligent lot. The President of the most powerful country in the world (USA ) is a half caste of exceptional ability. Guess you didn’t know that……Bet you didn’t know that Nostradamus was half cast as well. Prejudices are what the fools use for reason to justify themselves. Ni vakacegu. May the good lord calm the bosom of the Bigot.

  10. Asgrocky Says:

    The language you are using towards those who oppose your views invites blasphemy when you use the name of God. For a christian you are mean and nasty. I know people who are not christian who are much nicer, gentle and kind. You are an offense to christianity. You do not reflect the Lord’s characteristics. For the reader, you are portraying an evil god.

  11. Dau Says:

    A/grocky, Good morning to you brother, all the good books of this planet say the human race are all brothers and sisters. My potrayal of an evil God, demonstrates your lack of proper analysis of a given situation. I could be potraying an evil individual(your opinon) not an evil God. I’ve said many times no one is perfect. Someone famous from the east quoted ” I like your Christ, but I dont like your christians, your christians are so unlike Christ.” You see thats quite applicable in many situations…. The Spanish inquisition, The Crusaders war, etc….They were definitely not trying to potray an Evil God or were they? I respect anybody and everyone’s opinion. Your personal opinion of me I accept respectfully. By the same token allow me to have my say in the way I see fit. The Moslems Jihad & other atrocities they commit, is it a potrayal of an evil God?…I think not. You are totally confused about expressions of personal opinions and God. Have an enjoyable day. May God bless all the children of this planet.

  12. Asgrocky Says:

    I can see that deception has infiltrated your being you no longer know the law of love. Love your neighbour as yourself. Instead you are full of yourself.
    You are a hypocrite and a liar on top of mean and nasty. For a christian, you are a very poor example. I don’t believe you.

  13. Dau Says:

    A/grocky, Now , you’ve quickly forgotten that in takes one kind to recognise another of the same kind.(something like, takes one thief to catch……). I’ll leave it to the Highest Judge of the universe to pass judgement on my follies and inadequacies as a Christian…I’ll accept with unquestionable humility. May he bless us & our leaders who, in the face of all trivialities & obstacles carry on with their noble cause. Catch you in the evening, cheers.

  14. Asgrocky Says:

    They are the usurpers of the leadership of Fiji. God cannot bless something he has not ordained.

  15. Budhau Says:

    The half-caste, that Tongan VP, the evil Kaindia and that senile old fart – they got the country by the balls. ( oh, I forgot the Muslim Jihadis)

    BTW – don’t trust them Maoris – they are all half castes, just look at them – do they LOOK Polynesians….and and that reminds me about the Melanesian thingie – we couldn’t trust them any way, even if they were full blooded Polynesians. (and those guys from Ba – you gotta watch out for them also – can’t be trusted)

    I like this thread – all that racist stuff – we should let it all out.

  16. Dau Says:

    A/grock, God doesn’t discriminate in his blessings, you read the parable on the Prodigal son? .. As well God bless those with noble intent in their hearts and the misled detractors, who know not what they do.

  17. Asgrocky Says:

    You don’t know truth from bs they are both the same to you. You twist the scriptures to suit your circumstances. You don’t know what is in a man’s heart. The heart is deceitful. Seeing that Ba’al Hadad on the cover page of the charter, it is you who don’t know what you do. You have no idea of the evil element you and your clowns are inviting into your country. The devil does not come only to steal but to kill, steal and destroy. You have no idea what you are messing with. The guy in the prodigal son lost his way in his ignorance, repented and returned to his father. You and the rest of you clowns have deliberately broken the law against God and the people. You have not repented but carrying on in your greed, believing in your deceitful hearts what you do is god’s calling. Yeah right!!

  18. RelaxMan Says:

    Please stop relating anything said in this to God because you are being unchristain yourself when you condemn others but your own actions, and in this world actions speak louder then words or kakase put together so either you put some good old hard work into this country or shut up and retire to some outer island!!!

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