Forum Contact Group wants meeting with Fiji

The Pacific Islands Forum through the Ministerial Contact Group wants to have a meeting with the Fiji government.

Forum Chair and Niue Premier Toke Talagi said plans are underway to try to speak to Commodore Frank Bainimarama but that will depend on the Ministerial Contact Group.

Meanwhile, two members of the Pacific Islands Leaders Forum have indicated that they want the regional body to reconsider its suspension of Fiji.

The ABC reports that Solomon Islands Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua has disclosed he asked the Forum to put the ultimatum on hold to allow leaders to consider what has happened since their decision was made in January.

He said new developments in Fiji did not form the body of information that was available to the Forum leaders at their Port Moresby deliberations.

Government sources in Tuvalu have told the ABC its support of the deadline has proved unpopular there and the government is keen to see the Forum soften its stance on Fiji.

Commodore Bainimarama is still in Indonesia and could not be reached for a comment.


Are these Island Nations really trying to help the people of Fiji regain their rights to be able to speak, live and work freely again, to regain the great quality of life we’ve lost without the threat of guns and constant mischief imposed by the military?

The ones who are opposed to sanctions and suspensions against Fiji, which is good, don’t seem to be trying to find solutions to the reason they have been put in place.

We in Fiji actually welcome the sanctions and suspensions as we hope it will make the coupsters rethink their illegal stance, quit the rhetoric and let us go to the polls asap and have the government WE elect restore the Nations credibility so we can get on with our lives and rebuild together in peace and harmony.


4 Responses to “Forum Contact Group wants meeting with Fiji”

  1. epeli Says:

    Bainipuaka has finally been shot in the azz in Indonesia and he has demanded to be sent to India for AZZ treatments. Radio Indonesia announced that the mishap was the result of mishandling of firearm by one of Bainipuaka’s bodyguard? The bodyguard was not reprimanded but was given a pay raise by the puaka and will now accompanied him to India for AZZ treatments.

  2. Budhau Says:

    You see, how the A/NZ bullied these guys into kicking Fiji out – basically it was a procedural issue – they had voted to suspend Fiji in their last meeting if no election date was announced by May – and that led to an automatic suspension.
    Now they want to talk about it because of the slick move on the part of A/NZ.

    Epeli – and other idiots, who always talk about taking out Frank. I am sure that the military has already figured out a response if that happnes. The next guy would just step into Franks shoes.

    If there was to be a mutiny, the military already must have contingency plans as to how they will come back and take over the QEB – right after they shut down the Rewa bridge, and I am sure they are keeping an eye out there over the horizon.

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