Reports on Fiji justice administration concerning: Smith

Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith says he is concerned about reports from Fiji that eight soldiers and a police officer recently jailed for manslaughter have been released from prison.
The release follows a new Fijian policy that no police or soldiers will be criminally liable for any deaths they cause in the line of duty.
Mr Smith says Australia is concerned about the administration of justice in Fiji.
“I’m not in a position to confirm the details of those reports that I have seen, but we are very generally concerned about the administration of legal institutions and justice in Fiji,” he said.
“The starting point of the abrogation of the constitution was Commodore Bainimarama refusing to accept the decision of the appeal court.”
Mr Smith has been meeting with his Belgian counterpart, who has confirmed the European Union will continue the suspension of its sugar subsidies to Fiji.


Mr Smith has every right to be concerned, just as we are here in Fiji when men who are obviously guilty as all hell torture and kill their fellow men in peace time and are allowed to get off scott free.

We feel the utmost disgust that the guilty men are allowed to walk free while the families of the young man killed and the other men tortured are left to suffer in silence and despair.

Our heart breaks at the suffering of the Rabaka Family and the men that were tortured.
We hope the healing process is swift and we wish them peace and goodwill forever.

It is so hard to believe that the stories we read of killings and tortures that happen overseas are actually happening in Fiji and has only occurred since the hijacking and rape of this Nation Fiji on 5.12.06. One wonders what type of upbringing these guilty but illegally freed so called soldiers and police personnel had and just how the Fiji military has gone from a respected institution to the most appalling example of the vilest disgusting atrocities that another man can heap upon another.

Read all about it here……………………………….

Graphic accounts of how Fijian soldiers – including two Fiji sevens players – beat a man to death and sexually tortured others are coming out at a murder trial in the western city of Lautoka.
Nineteen-year-old Sakiusa Rabaka was beaten to death by the army just a month after military commander Voreqe Bainimarama staged his December 2006 coup.
His mother, Alanieta Rabaka, mounted an emotional and drawn out regional media campaign to get justice. New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark and Australian Prime Minister John Howard took up the case.
Last year eight soldiers and a police officer were arrested. The military had attempted to move the soldiers overseas on United Nations peacekeeping duties but they were taken off a plane just before departure.
In the High Court in Lautoka, Justice Daniel Goundar and a panel of assessors have heard that Mr Rabaka, and other men, were seized by soldiers on January 24, 2007, and taken to the military camp at Black Rock.
He was returned home seriously injured next day and later admitted to hospital. He died on February 22.
The Fiji Times reported today that one witness, Josua Saunaqali, told of being subjected to military torture.
He was ordered to strip to his underwear and perform oral sex.
The military accused them of buying marijuana.
Mr Saunaqali said they were told to strip to their underwear and made to run to three points at which three of the accused were waiting to whip them.
When they failed to keep up with the pace, they were beaten.
They were made to duck-walk carrying a piece of timber. They were also made to crawl on their stomachs without using their arms.
They were beaten and kicked though out.
He said Mr Rabaka was not able to stand the torture and was groaning in pain.
Mr Saunaqali said they pleaded for the torturing of Mr Rabaka to stop because he was just a young boy but it continued.
Mr Saunaqali said he failed to complete a drill and a soldier kicked his chin.
He said a soldier ordered him and another friend to perform oral sex on an unnamed man.
He said he recognised Fiji rugby player Napolioni Naulia as part of the squad.
Those on trial are police officer Patrick Nayacalagilagi and Talone Lua, Ulaiasi Radike, Etonia Nadura, Ratuinaisa Toutou, Joeli Lesavua, Jona Nareki, Ilaisa Kurimavua and Naulia.
Nareki played for the Fiji Sevens in the 2000 Dubai Sevens and Naulia for the team at the South Pacific Games two years ago.



  1. poasa Says:

    this is crazy. after all weve done.

    i have heard over the night that some youth activists are doing something soon. can my email be sent to them SV so i can be part of that team. we as youth have to do something – in memory of Rabaka.

  2. Cama Says:

    The evil spirits is well and truly alive in the barracks and I think the New Methodist Christian Fellowship Church should be having their crusade in the barracks instead of the Police Station.

    I urge Teleni and his merry men to go and preach the word of God to the Soldiers and also to the Commander & IPM FB.

  3. LUVfiji Says:

    Here is one piece that will not appear in any of the mainstream media for obvious reasons. The RFN reports:

    “Aiyaz tells Frank it’s time to send Iloilo to his village and revive 1997 constitution
    May 6, 2009
    Tyrant Frank Bainimarama’s non-military adviser, Adolf Khaiyum, is believed to have advised Frank that the time has come to send senile Iloilo back to his village.

    According to Khaiyum, Iloilo’s used by date has finally arrived.

    Sources say there are plans in place to retire Iloilo soon, to be replaced by illegitimate Epeli Nailatikau.

    It is understood that Aiyaz is trying to kill two birds with one stone.

    First to make Nailatikau’s wish come true as Fiji’s head of state and secondly, Nailatikau to officially resurrect the 1997 constitution with the claim that the April 10th Easter Friday event was merely the suspension, and not abrogation of Fiji’s supreme law.

    The revival of the 1997 constitution that will be amended willy nilly by them is very important in their whole scheme of things.

    Aiyaz knows he must come up with a credible judiciary which he is finding extremely hard and almost impossible to bring to life with the purported abrogation of Fiji’s constitution.

    He has realized that the April 10th announcement was a very bad idea that is creating all sorts of nightmare for him.

    And the only way he can resolve that is to blame Iloilo for it, remove him as a result and swear in Nailatikau with the 1997 constitution.

    Aiyaz is also fully aware that Fiji’s economy is on the verge of collapsing if they continue to operate outside of the constitution.

    The rest of the world are tightening their strangelhold on their Fiji militant noose and Frank & Co. are obviously feeling suffocated.

    He knows Fiji can not survive by itself and that the longer he delays the installation of a judiciary the more finicky things will become.

    Aiyaz knows their weak regime foundation is showing huge cracks due to major shifting that is beyond their control.

    It will cave in sooner rather than later if he doesn’t admit that the 1997 constitution is still there, alive and kicking.”

  4. bodyguard Says:

    SV … the RFMF is finished.

    no matter which way the RFMF take Fiji … they will live the rest of their miserable lives with the curse of those that suffered physically, mentally and emotionally as result of the mess we are in.

    it was in late 2003 (ref. tuatoko statement) that the pig disclosed his plans. RFMF should have nipped the issue in the bud right there & then. instead they let the issue mushroom into a big mess.

    its now clear from information coming up … the RFMF was all a BIG LIE.

    who will pay for the financial loss to the country? what about the trade opportunities we lost? what about those who were removed from employment just because RFMF disliked them? what about those unemployed .. still unable to find a job?

    many of soldiers themselves own shit. Cowardo Bainimarama himself had no asset to his name until after the coup.

    one thing is clear to the ppl … the RFMF is finished and must be abolished. for those professional soldiers who still in the RFMF … what the fuck are u waiting for?? do ur job…thats what you are paid to do … u pussy.

    RFMF – full of LAMUSONA soldiers … rawarawa ga me tarai na lewe ni vanua … baleta ni sega nodra dakai.

    imagine if we had guns.

  5. RelaxMan Says:

    Bodyguard obviously you belong to the group that got kicked out of Govt!! take it easy mate dont let your frustrations mshow out like this, that is un Godly!! we are sick and tired of hearing someone or somebody trying to unsettle the cart, common either you do something or be quiet and relax like me!!!

  6. senijiale Says:

    @ bodyguard – imagine of there were NO GUNS!!

  7. Wilson T Says:

    The news of the release of these convicted murderers should not shock anyone.The ordinary ranked soldiers would question why they are being jailed for murder when Bainimarama was not.After all he is liable for the more serious charge of treason after the courts have ruled that his coup actions were illegal?

    Dictatorship is a double edged sword for those in command of their men for just that, the troops will also expect to get away with murder.If Bainimarama plays double standards then he might find himself in Lovonilase.It is a corrupt and unholy alliance bound by honour in crime.

    Winston Churchill once said,”Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers which they dare not dismount”.

  8. Peter Says:

    I am amused by the cursing and stupid comments against the military and the interim government. Comments against the Attorney General are all based on speculation and lies as usual. If you people who frequent these blog sites had any guts or true loyalty to Fiji you would come forward with your true names instead of hiding and swearing at the military and interim government from the sidelines. What has happened cannot be changed but we can put all of our differences aside and attempt to work alongside the military and the interim government in taking our beloved Fiji forward. No amount of swearing and spreading of lies and half truths is going to help take the country forward. Like the military and the interim government I believe that we all share one common goal and that is our love of our Fiji, so come on guys how about it let’s forget the past and let’s assist the current regime in taking Fiji forward!!! God bless Fiji!!!

  9. The release of Rabaka’s Fiji military police killers kills the sincerity of the junta « Raw Fiji News Says:

    […] the blog at Soli Vakasama Worldwide site We feel the utmost disgust that the guilty men are allowed to walk […]

  10. Asgrocky Says:

    You mean handing fiji and its people to the devil through its charter and their new brand of religion. Teleni is evangelising.

  11. bill Says:

    hi everyone, i believe it would be very helpful to all of us if we contribute effectively through constructive criticism in this forum rather then negative ones. For us younger generation it would be a boost in morale and also broaden our knowledge to get a cue from contributors to this website on guides of how to contribute effectively to society in this times of hardship.

    GOD BLess Fiji

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