The Prime Minister of Solomon Islands says Fiji remains a member of the Melanesian Spearhead Group despite its suspension from the Pacific Islands Forum.
Dr Derek Sikua says Fiji’s suspension from the Forum is consistent with the resolutions made at its meeting in Port Moresby, but the recent developments in Fiji were not part of those deliberations.
Dr Sikua says his government wrote to the Chair of the Forum, Toke Talagi, seeking a postponement of any action against Fiji, pending further reflection by Forum leaders.
But he says the Forum Chair has acted consistently with the Port Moresby resolutions and the region must now live within these realities.
Dr Sikua says there is currently no discussion on whether Fiji’s status within the Melanesian Spearhead Group should be changed, and any decision would be made by the group’s leaders.
Sikua should just take a look at why RAMSI is operating in his country before he opposes the suspension of Fiji from the PIF.

We just want a peaceful, well governed and prosperous Fiji without the threat of the military baboons and babus.

*Ensure the safety and security of Fiji Islands
*Repair and reform the machinery of government, improve government accountability and improve the delivery of services in urban and provincial areas
*Improve economic governance and strengthen the government’s financial systems
*Help rebuild the economy and encourage sustainable broad-based growth
*Build strong and peaceful communities

We in Fiji can do this without a RAMSI like operation because we have the manpower, brainpower, energy and experienced citizens to rebuild a better Fiji than ever. Without the military threats we can move forward with peace and prosperity.


5 Responses to “WANTOK GONE AWRY”

  1. kingrat Says:

    fuck you Sikua. just manage your country

  2. Budhau Says:

    That RAMSI like operation – don’t worry, it is coming – if A/NZ keep up the good work, we will not only have a RAMSI like operation, we will also expect A/NZ to take in all those refugees.

    That remark about, “without the threat of the military baboons” – so when did you figure this out – the military – no good. Was it around the evening of Dec 5, 2006. How about that “military baboon” that we made the head of GCC…but that was “our baboon” so that is fine.

  3. Dau Says:

    K/rat, you may not be aware; the Solomons have very strong blood ties in Fiji. The same goes for Tonga. These two countries will always be sincerely concerned with our welfare. The Kangeroo and the Kiwi have their own agendas, they have as well a robust pest control & extermination programme; they have as yet to rid their country of all rats.

  4. kingrat Says:

    i am not talking about all solomon islanders mate… me comment is focussed on Sikua but i note your point

  5. Flo Jo Says:

    Moderator, If you can ban Bin Ladin for making a fair comment, then Kingrat should be red carded 2 for swearing!.

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