A New Zealand billionaire has expressed an interest to help mediate between New Zealand and
Fiji and called on New Zealand to change its ‘holier than thou’ attitude, reported the New Zealand Herald.

Owen Glen, who owns a villa on the island of Malolo Lailai – told the Herald it would be up to the Government if he took any part, and would depend on the mandate he had.

“It’s pointless wasting the commodore’s time. My opinion, if I have one, is to talk to him, find out what he’s trying to achieve and why, and put aside the fact that it is not a democratically elected Government.

“Neither is China, but you don’t see New Zealand breaking off its relationships with China. Holier than thou on Fiji, but it’s quite happy to trade when it makes sense,” Glenn said.

The Herald reported that Prime Minister John Key said he had not heard Glenn’s name mentioned regarding Fiji and the Government had not considered using him.

Glenn said some in Fiji had mentioned his name as a broker, which had surprised him. He has gained some profile for his philanthropy in Fiji, including being awarded the chiefly title of Ratu by the village of Solevu.

He said he had never met Commodore Frank Bainimarama and had no direct involvement in politics.

But he said it was probably time to try a different approach.

Reports by the Herald says Fiji will not be invited to attend this weekend’s informal talks in Auckland by members of the Pacific Islands Forum as its membership was suspended last weekend.



  1. Tuma Says:

    Dude you can, cause you have the money. Don’t be selfish and think of the rest of the people of Fiji who continue to suffer under this dictator. How about what the people of Fiji want rather then what Bainimarama wants to achieve as a individual cause the only mandate he’s got is his own. And the Nazi salute during his birthday what an insult to the Jewish people who suffered much during AH’s reign. That is why innocent people all over continue to suffer. Instead of using their success to do good for ordinary people they’d rather sleep with the enemy. So Mr Glen, unless you’d like to give up your lifestyle and wealth and come live like/with the people of Fiji (Not the high flying ones in power) just please STFU and MYOB.

  2. bodyguard Says:

    SV…many soldiers are bad mouthing the very military institution that paid them to protect the very govt they removed and very ppl they threatened, tortured and murdered.

    some of these soldiers are without a job and those still employed are feeling the wreath of the fijian ppl.

    RFMF – LIUMURI the fijian ppl.
    RFMF – LIED to the fijian ppl.
    RFMF – ABUSED the fijian ppl.
    RFMF – KILLED the fijian ppl.
    RFMF – THREATENED the fijian ppl.
    RFMF – FAVOR the indian ppl over the fijian ppl.
    RFMF – ABUSED the Church.
    RFMF – ABUSED the Vanua.
    RFMF – ABUSED the Matanitu.

    Fijians should curse RFMF including every soldier and their family for the rest of their miserable life. non-violent means hurts more than physical injury.

    toso mai viti … nikua ga me oti kina na rarawa.

  3. Dau Says:

    Bodyguard. do you know the number of soldiers who were cussing BUSH because they were sent to war in Iraq. Are you aware of the abuses on the people of the U.S.A. by the Bush Administration, blatant abuse of human rights on prisoners, murder and horrific toture many resulting in deaths….murder of innocent women and children?.. I supose thats ok aye? After all we’re dealing here with the greatest Democracy on earth. Dramatization and exaggeration of the negatives is the folly of many a good man. Were on a path to build a Fiji for all its Peoples. Kai Dia, Kai Jaina, Kai Valagi, Kai Rotuma, Kai Loma etc. You name it, koya mai Loli, koya mai Lola. O keda nai taukei meda lomani ira na vei mata tamata kece vaka tautauvata. Na noda qele sa vaka tu dei taki tu na kena taqomaki. Wake up, get real instead of being bogged in your little world of rarawa. Na rarawa lailai cava e tu oqo vei keda e viti…….Na rarawa e tu mai ena so tale na vei yasai vuravura, sa uasivi ka vaka ciriloloma sara mai vei keda.
    Toso mai Viti, Yadra mai meda toso ki liu. Na qai na Ga.

  4. Budhau Says:

    Hey guys, we don’t want Fiji talking to A/NZ – they want to play hardball.

    I think Fiji should be talking to China – and with the down turn in the Sugar Industry – I think the new Naval base (Chinese) should be established in the West.

    Welcome to the arms race! Check out the story below.

    Rudd accused of fuelling new arms race

    THE Rudd Government’s new defence blueprint has raised fears it will lead to an arms race across the region.

    The white paper, released on Saturday, was attacked in China as a “crazy” and “dangerous” document likely to incite a regional arms build-up. Australian and Indian analysts also warned that other countries were likely to take their cue from the rearmament drive.

    A Chinese military strategist, Rear-Admiral Yang Yi, told the Herald yesterday that Australia had spawned a new variation of “the China-threat thesis” that could be emulated by other nations and encourage them to accelerate their rearmament programs.

    “I really can’t understand this stupid, this crazy idea from Australia,” he said. “I am very concerned and worried about it.”

    The Government has justified the 20-year build-up – including a doubling of the submarine fleet and the purchase of 100 fighter jets – by pointing to potential regional instability caused by the emergence of China and India.

    The Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, said the white paper was designed mainly to secure Australia, an aim for which he would “make absolutely no apology”.

    “We are seeing a period of significant military and naval expansions in the wider Asia-Pacific region and it’s important therefore that Australia makes proper provision for that.”

    “This is quite dangerous,” said Admiral Yang, who recently stepped down as director of the National Defence University’s Institute for Strategic Studies in Beijing, which was closely involved in drafting China’s defence white paper released this year.

    “This assessment by Australia carries the risk of stimulating an arms race in the region,” he said.

    An international security analyst at the Lowy Institute, Rory Medcalf, said Australia’s white paper could add to the anti-China paranoia in the region and fuel arguments for further arms build-ups in countries such as South Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

    He said hawkish leaders in some countries – particularly those near China – could seize on the paper to argue for further military modernisation. Continued…

  5. senijiale Says:

    testing… help i can’t get thru!

  6. senijiale Says:

    Ok, all set now. thanks

  7. Anti-Budhau Says:

    Of course, a military base just in front of the Yasawas and Mamanucas. Tourists will appreciate.

  8. bodyguard Says:

    Dau – the RFMF is closed down today if I had my way …btw the soldiers did not even consider the impact their decision (to remove the govt) will have on the very nation/ppl they swore to protect and die for. look where this mess has gotten everyone into.

    the difference between the issue with USA and Fiji is that Bush was elected by the ppl so ppl have to live with that history … who elected these arseholes in the military govt? who gave them the right to rule over me? why should I listen to these fools? they did not even want to listen to any body.

    sega ni dua vinaka e laurai tiko … na vakaloloma ga. sa mavoa tu o viti … me saumi lesu tale na rarawa

  9. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Isa ko Ratu Owen

    That’s a good one

  10. Keep The Faith Says:

    Well, well, well doesnt this Owen guy just revive the colonial attitudes…throw a few muskets, trinkets, $$ around and the natives give you land, tourism access hell even a RATU TITLE.

    And Budhau for the record Aust is not fueling the arms race. Iran and North Korea are…everyone is just playing catch up — USA included.

    Russia and China are helping Iran and North Korea hush-hush style and they think the world doesn’t know. And wouldn’t you know it both countries have recently befriended Fiji once he ousted Qarase to take the throne.

    Frank has no idea of the big things he’s getting involved in.

  11. bodyguard Says:

    so na sotia cicilevu, sonalevu, liumuri ra tiko na RFMF.

    sa ivei na vosa bubului?
    sa ivei na vosa yaco tiko?
    sa ivei na dokadoka?
    sa ivei na viavia levu?
    sa ivei na vakadinadina ni corruption?
    sa ivei na veiliutaki savsava tukuni tiko?
    sa ivei na i lavo?

    ni vei cai na RFMF kei nomudou koma-da…kei nomudou koma-da in chief.

  12. Dau Says:

    Isa na weka b/guard, na nomuni vosa e rui dukadukali ka lolovira. Am shocked at your un-necessary vulgarity. Seek the truth in a more constructive manner and the truth shall make you free.

  13. Tuma Says:

    Dau you wouldn’t know the truth if it stared at you in the face. What more truth do want then what you’ve seen happen and continues to happen. Vulgarity is necessary when trying to knock some sense into knuckleheads.

  14. Dau Says:

    b/guard, Its ok to send young people to their deaths, and the murder of innocents,including women and children. The majority of Americans were against the invasion of Iraq, but thats ok bacause the people voted Bush in, regardless of the majority opposition. Thats where the irony comes in. Lots of people claim that the majority are against FB, so in like Bush, he plods on regardles of the majority. The difference is: Bush’s support dropped to a very low level, whereas FB’s support is gaining momentum by the day especially from itaukei grassroots and land owners. In the meantime our Govt could create a special portfolio for you: Minister of Vulgarity.(Na dau ni vosavosa ca) Vina’a va’a levu b/g

  15. Dau Says:

    Tuma thats your opinion,its ok with me. Time to go and enjoy some Bele va karakara, kumala kei dua na kava sunbell. Ni vakacegu toka, Ko Jisu nai tini ni ka kece ga.

  16. iraqis Says:

    wananavu bodyguard,,sotia ni viti kece ni va caiti nomuni boso o Voreqe Bainimutherfucker

  17. Tuma Says:

    Are you an Indian first generation or second?

  18. tosotiko Says:

    Dau should keep to speaking on belevakarakara and tavioka or kumala and not contribute to things way over his head (has he go one?).

  19. bodyguard Says:

    Dau …. oira na sotia mera lesuva tale nodra vosa bubului. me bale tale veicei na rarawa sa sotakaya tu nikua o Viti?? vakabibi na lewe ni vanua.

    ke a dina nodra i le [corruption] dodonu me vakaraitaki mai na vakaidinadina.

    ke a dina nodra i le [tu taka na savasava kei na dina] dodonu me laurai ena nodra cakacaka.

    na mata ni meke da sarava tiko mai na 2006 yaco mai nikua. na veika ga sa yaco:
    – na butako vakasigalevu nodra lavo na lewe i Viti (tax payers)
    – nodra vakarawarawa taki na lewe ni vanua (vakabibi ga o ira nai taukei)
    – tamu suki na cakacaka
    – vakamatei o ira na gone taukei
    – bokoci na vakavulewa
    – sa yali na nodra dodonu na leweni vanua
    – na vakaloloma ni bula
    – sega na vaka tubu i lavo.
    – vei ka tale eso ….

    sega ni dua na vinaka

    ia mera tu vakatagane na RFMF me taura na i valavala ga ra cauraka vei ira na taukei. ona tarogi kina.

  20. bodyguard Says:

    SV…na tosotoso qo..me yacova saraga ni sa kawa boko na RFMF kei ira na boci ra lewena tu. sa so na tamata lamusona.

    the soldiers must pay for the misery they subjected the poeple to.

    we must never forget;
    the torture
    the abuse
    the threats
    the murder
    the daylight robbery

    mate yani … ni yavu tamata boci.

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