The Prime Minister of Samoa is rejecting accusations that Australia and New Zealand pushed smaller Pacific countries into backing the suspension of Fiji from the Pacific Islands Forum.
Fiji’s interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says the two countries used their economic and political power to influence the position of other Pacific leaders.
But Samoa’s Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sailele, says the Forum had no choice but to proceed with the suspension once the regime failed to meet its deadline for announcing an election date.
He says the government in Fiji already understood this well and it is ridiculous for the interim Attorney General to suggest otherwise.
“That is very stupid view by the Attorney General. The decision by the Forum follows the very long and many efforts by the Forum countries to try and reach a consensus with Bainimarama.”
Tuilaepa Sailele says he does not believe Commodore Bainimarama will take any advice from the Forum.
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Here’s a leader who can see a fraudster and is not afraid to report it.

Vinaka Vakalevu Prime Minister Sailele for pointing out the bleeding obvious that the coup apologists cannot comprehend and are in complete denial about.



  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    And Tuilaepa has pushed it further this time (even swearing) — so you KNOW he’s gotta be pissed!


  2. Dau Says:

    Tuilaepa is pissed allright, with Checkbook Diplomacy. Suga where knows where the next handout is coming from.

  3. Dau Says:

    ……Suga knows where the next handout (financial aid?) is coming from.

  4. Budhau Says:

    So this Tuilaepa dude is trying to impress A/NZ and make it look like that there is some Islander types who are also coming down hard on Fiji.
    Otherwise it might have looked like them white boys beating up the Fijian.

    All the Samoan dude is doing is pushing the A/NZ agenda and there must be something in it for him – does anyone believe that he is doing all this for the people of Fiji.

  5. senijiale Says:

    Bud, you may believe your own rationale but pls spare us…

    God Bless you indeed Mr. Hon. Prime Minister of Samoa!

    Dee – pls get off this forum, u’re full of s&!*

  6. senijiale Says:

    Bud, you may believe your own rationale but pls spare us…

    God Bless you indeed Mr. Hon. Prime Minister of Samoa!

    Dee – pls get off this forum, u’re so full of s&!*

  7. sesau Says:


  8. Budhau Says:

    Senijiale, I don’t understand your remark “please spare us”. (but then again, I don’t understand a lot of stuff).

    You think that the Samoan PM is great – I think that he is just pushing the A/NZ agenda – and A/NZ would have loved to see a hardline Islander, since the two White boys beating up on the Fijian does not look that good.

    BTW – they are not doing this because they have Fiji’s interest at heart – it is Australia’s national interest that they are pushing – the regional sphere of influence – whether it is going to be China or US/Australia.

  9. senijiale Says:

    LOL @ Bud, what I was trying to say there (and politely) was that you
    couldn’t even recognise your own regurgitated BS if read them again and
    again… but pls spare us the ordeal, lol.

  10. senijiale Says:

    LOL @ Bud, what I was trying to say there (and politely too) was that you
    couldn’t even recognise your own regurgitated BS if read them again and
    again…….. but pls spare us the ordeal…lol.

  11. senijiale Says:

    Ok, I can hear you do your Bush-boy act :
    ‘How are you misunderestimate me!’ bwahahaha……………..

  12. senijiale Says:

    ooops I meant “how dare you misunderestimate me”, hehehe

  13. kingrat Says:

    budhau fuck you

  14. Ratu Sai Says:

    The other day I turned to online radio and heard the IGAG been interviewed by none other than the maestro of radio talkback Auckland, in the fifteen minutes of interview he conducted himself in the most perspicacious manner leaving not only me but the host convinced that such actions was indeed warranted.

    Unlike this rotund of a beast he not only lacks perspicacity but imbecilic by his very nature, he is in fact a servant to Aust/NZ for it is understandable the reasoning behind his infantile out bursts for this Sus scrofa isn’t allowed take a crap without the authority of Aust/NZ.

  15. Asgrocky Says:

    An indigenous (Samoan PM) understands anther indigenous’ (fijians) concerns. What of other indigenous? They have become like WOGS, like Dau.

  16. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Tuilaepa Sailele is my hero. Keep saying it like it is and the Fijian people love you. Tonga’s leaders are soft. Solomon’s leader does not know what is talking about. PNG’s Somare is wishy washy. Kiribati’s leader spoke up but on the wrong side of the fence .. see when you are a leader, it is irresponsible for you to be seen supporting the tearing up of a country’s constitution.

  17. Budhau Says:

    Katalina – that was my point – that most of the island nations seem to have a “pacific” approach to this – sort of, keep talking.

    A/NZ want to play hardball – and it was not looking good that the two White men, beating up on the Fijian leader. So they had to bring an Islander leader to do the job and they found the Samoan PM. The Samoan guy is not doing this for Fiji, he is doing it because there is something in it for him.

    The Samoan PM is also there to make a convincing case for A/NZ – that those two countries did not bully the smaller Island nations into suspending Fiji.

    When the Samoan was told what he was up to, this is how re responded, “”We are sick of the arrogant bullshit they are giving out”. Few months ago, this same dude was calling FB a liar and a thief. Compare this this guy with some other Island nation leaders.

  18. Tuma Says:

    Samoan PM is right. he knows if anything of this sort happened in Samoa, the people there wouldn’t stand for it. Difference between Samoans and Fijians. They defend their right of culture and way of life. Fijians tend to only solivakasama and wait for others to start things then wait for whomever has the upper hand and then jump on board. Fiji’s history tells alot and unless they stick together and show some balls they will always be marginalised by a few.

  19. Asgrocky Says:

    Is in the nature, the volatile Samoans and the passive Fijians.

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