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  1. Jennifer Heckles Says:

    it’s like a low grade bollywood 4hr yada yada yada movie?

    the bipolarism is there for all to see.

    as for the journo from the aptly named Grubstreet media, how does he think he knows more about the political situation in Fiji than the journos who were deported for reporting the truth?

    is it for freebies in Fiji? such as free trips, free accomodation in resorts without having to pay for a single thing. Well no wonder he’s so biased.

    someone here mentioned Graham Davies had blood on his hands with an obviously biased report, I totally agree.

  2. LMAO Says:

    Take a look at this gang, the very one who gave arso khaiyums bro riyarse the big kahuna job over more deserving qualified locals who stayed put in Fiji, stinks to high heaven.

    Not so reputable after all Daniel Whippy liumuri.

    Businessmen deny $1.03m fraud charges
    May 01, 2009 03:58:46
    Two prominent Fiji businessmen have been brought to the Suva magistrate court by the anti-corruption unit and later bailed.

    Former Fiji Broadcasting Corporation Limited chairman Daniel Whippy and Brijlal Company Limited director Champak Lal pleaded not guilty to obtaining more than a million dollars by false pretence from the Westpac Banking Corporation.

    The court heard that on March 19, 2004, Whippy and Kapadi intended to defraud and procured $1.03 million from Westpac Bank for FBCL on the basis of a fictitious resolution.

    It is alleged that the two businessmen forged documents to obtain the money.

    Whippy and Kapadia elected to have a magistrate court trial before Chief Magistrate Ajmal Gulab Khan.

    Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption lawyer Paul Madigan told the court that the prosecution did not have any objection to bail nor did it object to the duo travelling abroad.

    “We believe that the two gentlemen are reputable businessmen and often travel abroad. We have no objection as long as they inform the courts of their intent to travel beforehand,” he said.

    Whippy and Kapadia have been released on a bail of $7000 and are due again in court on June 1 for mention.

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