I wonder if these UN delegates will be speaking to the citizens of Fiji and not a chosen few without the goons hovering around to intimidate……………………………………..

“UN team to assess Fiji’s compliance”

Fiji’s compliance to the articles of the UN Convention Against Corruption will be assessed by the visiting team of UN officials, says interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

“We have a team that is here today, obviously we welcome them and are quite keen that they visit us and they are here for the next two days and they will be assessing us in terms of compliance to the articles,” Sayed-Khaiyum welcoming the team into the country.

Fiji volunteered to be the subject of this pilot project.

Head of the mission John Sandage said the team would analyse and make recommendations on Fiji via a report to the United Nations.

Sandage said: “Fiji is party to the UN Convention on Corruption and they volunteered very kindly to participate in this process. My friends here from France (Mr Valery Turcey) and Serbia (Ms Milica Djunic) are here to view state of Fiji’s compliance”.

Turcey said: “Fiji is participating in a pilot project aimed at defining the terms of reference of the future of UNCOC. We are trying to rejuvenate that. We will make a report, which will be used by the United Nations, in deciding on the future conventions”.

Earlier today, the team met with officials of the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) who handed to them a report on Fiji.

The high-powered delegation’s three-day assessment on Fiji’s performance and efforts in combating corruption will see them hold consultation with Sayed Khaiyum as acting Prime Minister and AG, Solicitor General Christopher Pryde, Police Commissioner Esala Teleni, Deputy Supervisor of Elections Soro Toutou, Chief Magistrate, Chief Registrar, Finance Department, Public Service Commission and the Financial Intelligence Unit.

The UN team consists of two officials from Serbia, one from France and two from the UNCAC Secretariat in Vienna (Sandage and Ms Elsa Gopala-Krishnan).



  1. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    Gee, they won’t have to look to far to see CORRUPTION when talking to that bunch of criminals.

  2. Budhau Says:

    Gee, that was some real smart observation – does that make you feel any better now?

  3. Asgrocky Says:

    Once again the messenger boy will be doing the talking while FB is in the barn eating grass. The old story. Let the smarter ones do the speak. If worse comes to the worse not to worry, thinks he. I’ll just beg for a summit like I did with the Oz PM. I did ask for a meet I did but he say no. That not my fault.Yeah the UN very funny people over there anywhere take over everywhere. The Khaiyum very funny too. They speak together the UN people say you good boy no trial for you, we help. No worry, we on schedule. No worry. Howmuch you want, what else you need. Thiz funny people. khaiyum funny too.Verry bad is verry good.

  4. Keep The Faith Says:

    This UN arm is but small fry in the big UN scheme of things. Don’t forget that Fiji “volunteered to be the subject of this pilot project” ie they are looking for any opportunity to be seen to be still part of the international community.

    The UN Security Council is where the real power lies and they have consistently made their thoughts known on Fiji:

    The recent report of the special advisor to the Council is here:

    This is a mere smoke and mirrors ploy on Aiyaz’s part.

  5. Referee Says:

    And Verry good is verry bad, works both ways like a double edged sword.

  6. Dau Says:

    Asgrocky, Would you be a Grog swiper by any chance? or better still Groggy when you comment on this forum(Grog Doped)?????

  7. Asgrocky Says:

    No, no kava, no alcohol no ciggy but still run far away from grogg swiping christians like you. just pack some of that draunimoli drink. Don’t mind that one anytime

  8. Dau Says:

    Ha Ha wrong again ! I dont grog nor smoke ciggy’s, and not all christians swipe grog nor swipe cynical remarks about their fellowmen’s imperfections.

  9. Willy Says:

    Even if the regime gets a slap on the wrist for stealing public money, it won’t impress a dictator and his cronies. Saddam was as unimpressed by isolation and cristicism as Kim in Korea and Mugabe in Zimbabwe or the guys running Miranmar. We should not forget, that no matter how bad it gets for the people, the dictator will have to use all resources to make his (few) supporters happy. The only thing that held corruption in Fiji in check was a reasonably vigilant press. Now with the press gone corruption will thrive as never before.

  10. sesau Says:

    Sa rui levu na vosa e na blog. The coup has gone too far. A CAVA O NI CAKAVA TIKO NAI TAUKEI. NANUMA O CEI ME NA QAI VUETI KEMUNI? Even the chiefs are confused. No one now knows right from wrong.No amount of legal jargon or sona will make a coup right.Sa rui levu na nako and illiterates!!!Ni vutuka na sona nei Voreqe!!!!!

  11. Budhau Says:

    So Willy – we agree that sanctions and isolation ain’t gonna work – it has never worked.

    So what I suggest is that A/NZ engage with Bainimarama – be it at arms lenght, and negotiate out of this. So last week when Frank said that he would be willing to talk – A/NZ folks, rather than ridiculing Bainimarama, they should have taken him up on the offer.

    Dau – why do you bring this personal stuff in here – I think no one gives a crap anyone’s religion in here or whether some dude is a grog swiper from Sydney.

  12. LUVfiji Says:

    I reckon the time for dialogue is over! Could A/NZ be considering a military-type intervention similar to that done in the Solomons and the subsequent set up of a RAMSI-type mission to take us to Elections?

  13. Asgrocky Says:

    how about that “cynical” swipe from ssesau. Are’nt you going to have a go at her? I was only practicing my pidgin having a bit of fun this morning. have to get in touch with the roots sometimes. You the preacher. Why don’t say something, huh? Even Bhudau is waiting.
    I think sesau sound a bit like millie vanilli.

    “Chiefs are confused, no one knows right from wrong” says she.
    Then she swears at everyone.Like Bhudau would say. right or wrong my arse.

  14. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Hmmm something is amiss

    UN involving itself with invisible corruption issues when the mother of all crimes has been committed in Fiji. Since when does High Treason take the back seat to trumped up something or rather …

  15. Dau Says:

    Bud …about grog swiping, you dont see the humour.I dont blame you, with the hard time Jean is giving you, you’re too preoccupied working out your next concotion to counter her assertions…Cheers!

  16. Dau Says:

    Bud lest you forget, theres a humourous side to life…The old saying: Laughter is the best Medicine.

  17. Keep The Faith Says:

    I’m afraid Budhau that dialogue is too late and too, too kind for a character of Bainimarama’s psychotic ilk.

    He’s had 2-3 years of “dialogue opportunities” but failed to take up the offer.

    Isolation and backing up into the corner is the only way. There are naturally fears that the military may retaliate on normal civilians but the way things are going they are more likely to implode internally because only a few of them are more equal than others and Bainimarama’s pockets are not deep enough to buy off all their loyalties.

  18. Dau Says:

    Some see the easiest way out for FB is to give up, but FB is holding it together with determination. Against all the detractors who want to see him fall apart he has been unflinching and steadfast. Thats true strength,both inner and outer.

  19. senijiale Says:

    Hey Dee (dau-wakakau), you have the optimism of a man clutching at fading loose straws, lol! Why does your mongrel hero feel so ‘misunderestimated’ and hard done by when we all know the REAL reason why he led the coup in the 1st place. Pretend jiko vei koya…kei iko!

    Your mongrel’s narcissism is so undeniable in our eyes that the only question in my mind is how much longer can he ‘hold it together’ whilst being steadily marginalized, internally and externally, lol… before our very eyes – tick…tock…tick…tock…….

    Your notion of ‘true strength’ is telling. As a blogger aptly said earlier, o kemudou na MC, tekivu mai ena Part 1 – verdict of the people : ULUKAU! Qo da sa yaco tiko ena Part 10 – verdict of the people : still ULUKAU!!!

    Just admit that you ULUKAUs never had a viable exit strategy from the getgo…some military strategising eh? It’s been crystal clear to the whole world over that whose who were capable, competent and able to lead the institution out of the mess its created for itself and this country, have left or thrown out (having diagnosed the problem very early but were marginalised for their constructive criticisms by those we can all now recognise as top brass COMMON CRIMINALS. Ya, rauti kemudou ya, acha bhaiya?

  20. Budhau Says:

    Couple of things in this thread –
    That Rudd guy was blowing a lot of hot air – but that was expected of him, a politician looking all tough. What bothers me is the otherwise independent, mainstream Australian media went along with this crap that there was some change in the UN policy on Fijian peacekeepers. If I saw the obvious on day on day one – that there was no change in policy, WTF was the Australian media doing.

    Dau – you cut out your religious crap. I am familiar with Grogswiper.

    Keep the Faith – if no dialogue, then what? You either talk to him now or you screw up the country and the economy so bad the dude has to talk or the masses would be rising against him or you go in and take the dude out.

    You back anyone in a corner, and they fight harder. The key now is how much will China help. Of course China will not announce its aid to Fiji – and the A/NZ media will try an use that as a sign that there will be no Chinese help coming.

    However, if the Chinese come through on this one – than you might as well kiss the 2014 election goodbye also. Frank might just cancel that election out of spite – sort of give the finger to A/NZ – just like he ripped of the constitution in Qarase’s face.

    You wanna play hardball – fine.

  21. Keep The Faith Says:

    @ Budhau: Dialogue is for diplomats…guys in fatigues only know one thing that is that they either Win or Lose — like in armed combat.

    So you play political games that way…the thing that fuels his arrogance is the fact that he has money — money to continue being a pretender, money to buy loyalty etc.

    Take away his source of power and he’s basically crying for his momma with his thumb in his mouth ie running for cover/retreating/exiling his sorry ass.

    If you add FEAR to the mix — he’s gonna trip himself up much faster.

    And for the record he is screwing up the economy ANYWAY because he has no frickin’ idea.

    Even Chaudhry has given up bleating the “it was all Qarase’s fault” mantra.

  22. Keep The Faith Says:

    Oh and Budhau you can bet your bottom dollar the people wanna play hardball…but it will be strategic hardball…and nonviolent.

  23. Budhau Says:

    Keep The Faith – forget about what should be achieved – what you should be looking at is if you do not negotiate, what is the viable alternative. Once you figure out what that alternative is that will result due to non-negotiation, you then negotiate and if the regime only gives you something that is worse than what your viable alternative was – you walk away from the negotiation and go back with the viable alternative that you have already figured out.

    If negotiations produce something better than what your viable alternative was – than make a deal, even though that is not exactly what you would have liked. If it produces something that is really unfavorable, then break off negotiations and you are back to your viable alternative.

    You talk about taking away Franks source of power. At the moment the International community is trying to isolate Frank – and most political commentators feel that Frank will get even closer to China. The Australian White Paper that came out today has the Chinese really pissed off and it looks like we are going into the cold war mentality in the Pacific region. That works out better for Frank, because now China is more likely to support Fiji, especially in light of planned Australian arms built up.

    Your Chaudary remark – that man is just playing politics – when the Forum folks were demanding a 2009 election, Chaudary had announced that a 2010 election was reasonable. When Frank went with 2014 – Chaudary announced a 2012 election would be more reasonable. When Frank abrogated the constitution Chaudary was “saddened” by the act – like all good politicians should have been. This is all a negotiation strategy – the 2014 date was established for the purpose of negotiations – those that demand “early election” would have asked for that date to be moved and Frank by moving that date up would look like he is giving in and Chaudary would be supporting that move – to 2012 as a reasonable date.

    The FLP/Ganilau/New Alliance and that Fijian party from the West – that coalition is still intact and that will be the case until we have the next election.

    So….have you looked at you best viable alternative if you do not negotiate?
    What I see is that if Frank gets Chinese help, and I think he will, than we don’t have an election till 2014 – and maybe not even than. That is best viable alternative that I see if you guys do not negotiate, and isolate Frank and he happens to survive.

    Now…..if we negotiate and say Frank moves the election date to 2012, we get NZ to allow its lawyers to work in Fiji, we have a reliable judiciary, we have constitutional experts advising on the new constitution, the EU reinstates its aid programme, the Forum membership is back on, the tourists are coming and we give an immunity to “the boys” just like the one we gave to Rabuka. I think this can be negotiated.

    The question than is whether we can trust Frank – I think here the reasoning is that the more dependant Frank is to the people who he has promised the elections, ie. A/NZ, Forum Countries, the EU and the rest, the more likely it is that he will keep the promise.
    Also note that both sides, the SDL and the FLP crowd believe that they will have a good shot at winning the next election – SDL because it is looking at the 57% Fijian population and FLP is looking at the new electoral system that may favor it goals. So these politician types would not be putting too many road blocks in the process that gives us the new constitution. The constitution can always be adjusted – like the 1990 constitution was revised into the 1997 constitution.

    So you see how all this can work.

    Now….if you want to be pissed of about what happened and you want to nail Bainimarama’s ass to the wall – than go for it, and in the process we will get into a much bigger mess. Hey, them Chinese won’t mind a naval base, somewhere around Tavua – especially when the Australian are doubling the size of their submarine fleet with bigger subs. And with the sugar industry down the tubes, the western economy can use some help and those Chinese working in Nadarivatu, we can move them on to the new project.

    Now that is playing hardball – just like Frank ripped off the constitution in Qarase’s face – he will give the finger to A/NZ and that Samoan SOB – they can move their secretariat to Samoa, we will give that building to the Chinese too.

  24. Asgrocky Says:

    you are so forgeting, your hero FB’s “unflinching and steadfast true strength,both inner and outer” has the guns behind him. That’s the trouble when you read the bible the koran and have grog in your head. This truth indeed should set you free.

  25. Keep The Faith Says:

    I think you give the Chinese way too much credit Budhau. You and Ratuva both.

    Yes they will pay for what they need like resources — they’re digging it up in Vanua Levu (bauxite), they’ll take cassava for ethanol & now with Naupoto heading over to fisheries he’ll probably give them free reign over the sea blah blah blah.

    But what little we have, it cannot even begin to stem the gaping big hole of needs for China’s population. So the kind of money that Frank needs to buy loyalty AND have a little nest egg in case he needs to do a runner, he will never get from China. They don’t believe in free lunches and everything is based on the premise of willing buyer, willing seller.

    Now you mention 2 words in the same breathe that Bainimarama does not know the meaning of — “trust” and “negotiate”. As I said before he’s a military man and he only knows “winner takes all”. You give him an inch, he’ll take a mile and fcuk you over despite any “gentleman’s agreement”. His record with Speight’s crew on Muanikau Accord AND PIF Leaders speak to that.

    I don’t think anyone would even want to consider a 2012 election as a negotiation ploy. The bottom line is they don’t deserve to be in power for another 3 years given their already appalling record todate.

    As for negotiating a deal I am under no illusion that that is my call. But from where I’m sitting and observing, I am betting the masses are saying NO DEAL. Elections now AND Hardball to keep you honest.

    China having a naval base (although I doubt the infrastructure and the tides would not be conducive to handling naval vessels, subs, docking and the like) here would certainly up the ante on power plays with the US Government and that would be most unfortunate for Frank.

  26. Dau Says:

    Asgrock, FB is not my hero. My hero is esoteric in essence. I look at FB with the reality of the situation. My opinion of him is based on his functionality under the present circumstances. Of course FB has guns behind him, how naive could you be!. The soldiers’ basic tool is the gun. A carpenter’s basic tool is a hammer and a saw. FB has executed a Coup D’tat. I’ve never heard of any coup in the world that was executed with the proper tools for a coup i.e. guns. I dont believe in all the gloom potrayed by the pessimistic proponents of negativity. As sure as sunrise after darkess, there is a golden era for Fiji at the end of this cloudy tunnel we’re going through. For your information I have read part of the Vedas as well and read about the effects of grog. Lastly I am free of any consequential bondage that comes as a result of bias,prejudice and a general absence of true neutrality. True freedom is from Within. Bless ya.

  27. Dau Says:

    Senijale, Mongrels are survivors,more adaptable to different enviroments, and a great immune system resistant to Parvo virus , heartworms etc. Quite unlike their thoroughbred counterparts like Doberman, German Shep, Rottweiler and others, who dont have the durability of the mongrel. The Mongrel hath hidden qualities known only to those that knoweth the Mongrel. Your comment on the Mongrel was denigrating and superfluous……….Takes one thief to recognize another, also takes one criminal to recognize another. Kemuni au kerea me sa veisau na yacamuni mai na senijale ki na: Drauni Salato. Thnx Bhai-ji or Bhou-ji. Cheers Brah!

  28. Dau Says:

    Asgroc….. no coup in the world has ever been executed without the basic tools ie guns.

  29. Asgrocky Says:

    are you slow? Whoever said coups with no guns. Mr Dau is convoluted with interfaith bs. So keep your other half super clean only ok Mr Referee.

  30. Asgrocky Says:

    don’t forget your mongrel is a “kailoma”. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But that is a mongrel since you’ve gone to the trouble to describe it you shud complete it. A mixed breed.Likewise, takes a mongrel to recognise another mongrel dog.

  31. Dau Says:

    Asgrocky, You’re the one that says the obvious, the gun is behind FB, of course it is. In case you dont know, all the Islanders from the East have Tongan warrior genes in them and they’re proud of that….. Today’s Rotumans a concotion of many races. I dare say that over 80% of the indigenous today have the genes of other races in their veins. Ha! so over 80% of us must be mongrels or kailomas…. Takes a mongrel to recognize another. I’ll go along with that. What are you ? Brahmin, Chamar, or mongrel as well?. If by chance you’re a mogrel, would you be a Kuta or Kutia or maybe Kutki???……..Enjoy the day Brah, no hard feelings….M off to check my breky of babakau&jam and coboi tea.

  32. senijiale Says:

    Eh Dee, so u are a self-confessed, thieving, mongrel and u’v been up all nite, tut, tut.. we whet yr apetite and u keep coming back for more like the mongrel that you are, tsk…tsk.. R u calling me rude? See, it’s like this : politics in this arena is played with gloves ‘off’ ok, that’s why its for big ‘boys’ only and not for tiny tots, tat’s y i told u earlier to get lost… u do know how to do that, don’t you? lol!

    Anyway, it beats me that u’re so obsessed with trying to make us out to like the thieving mongrel that you are! Why?? To make u feel better about yourself? To help you justify the ILLEGAL overthrow of a government that was democratically elected by its people? To help you guys feel better about the pillaging of a peaceful people?

    Puhleeeze, mai caka ike! Listen up boy, we’re not of the same mould, nor will we ever be. The majority, like me, have been through enough coups to know when we’re once again dealing with THIEVING MONGRELS like you!!

    If you think so highly of your hubris mongrel hero, then why hide behind some pseudonym? This is certainly not some level-playing field for us… i.e. u hve the ammo & advantage. We don’t. So quit playing Mr. Modesty of the year and c’mon out! [Scoff!] Of course u can’t… because in doing so, we’ll be able to list all your excesses before you could even blink an eye, u looting mongrel!

    Oh and btw, my hero of the year is Muntadhar al Zeidi, the Iraqi journalist who threw his shows at Bush (who bloody deserved it too). For you boy, I shall happily throw your ass into jail when this is all over.

    G’morning bloggers.

  33. senijiale Says:

    shoes, not shows! My bad.

  34. Dau Says:

    Aaahh! ouch ! touched a sore spot senijale (or draunisalato)? Sure brought out that seething bias & prejudice that was always simmering below the superficial cool surface you tried to potray on this forum. Unlike you, I use my real surname on this blog. If and when you ready to throw me in gaol I am very traceable through my surname. You are presumptous in thinking I may want to be in the same mold like you. No siree! Never ever! Dont much fancy joining a bunch of blabbermouthed losers like you. People like you bark a lot from your contorted inhibitions about the reality of today. You sound like a dinosaur that may go into extinction in the very near future while other species evolve and adapt. Thats your perrogative not to use gloves, as for me I’d rather use gloves being mindful of the abundance of contamination I’m confronted with everyday. Hasta maniana Amigo! God bless Fiji& ALL its peoples.

  35. Asgrocky Says:

    Senijiale says
    “Eh Dee, so u are a self-confessed, thieving, mongrel and u’v been up all nite, tut, tut.. we whet yr apetite and u keep coming back for more like the mongrel that you are, tsk…tsk.. R u calling me rude?”

    Had a good laugh here this morning. Beautiful bright sunny day today in sydney though its a little. Its just beautiful.
    You know, Dau is like a merry go round. All I said in response to Dau was that FB’ strengh inner and outer is the guns behind him. Now the conversation is down to mongrel dogs and he has twisted the whole conversation. He sure knows how to spin a yarn. He is like a con-artist. The true colour is coming out. He is snarling now. Mongrel dogs love to bark. That’s okay. What the hell is he turning into.

  36. Corruption Fighter Says:


    Couldn’t agree more. China is not in the aid business. They lend the money needed to buy their exports. They don’t lend hard cash.

    Even when they send workers to a borrowing country most of the pay for the workers goes to their families in China.

    What the regime needs now is hard cash. By stuffing the economy they’ve lost tax revenues big time. That’s why they had to push civil servants out the door. They couldn’t afford to pay them.

    China is not going to prop up the dictatorship, not as a matter of principle, but just because it’s not in their commercial interests. Ratuva is just trying to win favour with the dictatorship and he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  37. Asgrocky Says:

    I was talking about an actual mongrel dog. The mongrel dog is really a kailoma dog. Check it out. A mongrel dog is a mixed breed dog of unknown origin.
    I see you have associated the mongrel dog with Bainimarama.
    And you say Bainimarama is your very good friend? I wonder if he knows you think he is a Mongrel Dog?

  38. Asgrocky Says:

    “unknown parents”

  39. Dau Says:

    Asg, once again thats your assertion. fine with me ,time to drop the trivialities. Gotta cop some zzzzzzz….worked hard on my tavioka plantation today..My message; Todays gloom is but a shadow, behind that shadow is tomorrow’s joy.

  40. Asgrocky Says:

    That from the bible or koran. goodn8t
    Ratu Sai

  41. Budhau Says:

    CF – you wrote, “China is not in the aid business. They lend the money needed to buy their exports. They don’t lend hard cash.”

    First you know that unlike other countries, Chinese Government does not produce aid reports, so it is difficult to figure out how much they exactly give. According to some reports, in 2005, China pledged $US1 million in aid to Fiji, in ’06 about $US23 – after the coup in ’07 $US160…and there is lot more where these dollars came from.

    You would also agree that it is in the interest of both Fiji regime and China to keep some of these numbers hush-hush. Thus, it is possible that we might have got even more and in future, because of the sensitivity issue, we may not even know how much is coming to Fiji.

    Frank seems to be pretty confident that he can ride out these suspensions and sanctions – why do you think this is – BTW Frank ain’t no idiot.

    What Ratuva was saying is A/NZ tightening the screws on the regime, will push Bainimarama in to the open arms of China…and I think he is right.
    If you look at China’s response few days ago regarding the Australian white paper and its plans to double the size of its submarine fleet and its military expansion programme – the Chinese are really concerned because they see the Australians reacting to China’s own pland in the Pacific. That, in itself, gives Chinese more reason to help Fiji – more reasons than they had in 2007

  42. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Well – except of course that China’s arms are not all that open. Just an arms length handshake, maybe.

  43. Budhau Says:

    No no, Jean – if the A/NZ were smart they would work with Fiji and show their displeasure about the regime, they should have kept their relationship as arms length – noa..that makes sense.

    For Frank to survive, he has to get Chinese help – and in exchange, those Chinese can get whatever they want.

    BTW – when those Maoris come to Fiji, have a good look at them – how white they look. Just watch out, if you ain’t careful, a lot of Fiji may have straighter hair and a shade or two lighter in the next few generations – with all them Chinese coming in, 300 already in Nadarivatu.

    You see Jean – those smart ass remarks, they make you feel so good when you rub it in. (Don’t you think it may be better to keep away from them – to have a good discussion – BTW I am good with these, regardless of what the subject matter is)

  44. Dau Says:

    Not Bad Bud, and I thought “Self praise is no reccomendation”.

  45. Dau Says:

    A/grocky, “The reason people find it so hard to be content is always that, they see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is,and the future less resolved than it will be”. (thats neither from the bible nor the koran) Cheers!

  46. Corruption Fighter Says:

    @ Budhau

    You obviously don’t get it. China will finance its exports. It won’t lend the regime the money it needs to pay civil service salaries.

    With Narube gone from the Reserve Bank of Fiji, no constitution, no courts, and a ham-fisted military dictatorship running things, the IMF and the ADB won’t want to lend more than the barest minimum.

    The regime is bankrupt.

  47. LMAO Says:

    the regime is morally bankrupt as well

  48. Budhau Says:

    Hey CF, it easy to say that I obviously don’t know what I am talking about.
    Here is some facts that will show you that you don’t know WTF you are talking about.

    You wrote, “China will finance its exports. It won’t lend the regime the money it needs to pay civil service salaries.”

    Maybe not – to pay civil servants, that you have to ask SDL where they borrowed their money to pay civil servants.

    What was that US$70m to FEA for the Nadarivatu project.
    This year – Chinese aid to Africa – US$3 billion in loans, US$2 billion in export credits and a US$5 billion fund to encourage Chinese investment in Africa.

    You wrote something about, “ADB won’t want to lend more than the barest minimum” – as if you know what you are talking about.

    It was A/NZ exerting pressure on ADB to withdraw – ADB is actively involved in Fiji and they have their own guidelines for dealing with “de-facto governments”.

    Some activities were suspended in 2007, but that had more to do with some procedural stuff, audit from 2005. ADB policies have not changed.

    How about that $36m Londoni road project or that $300 million announced in February. You see Narube or anyone else – no one person makes a difference.

    So what did you say – that I don’t know what I am talking about. I just don’t make some silly ass statement that the next guy does not know what he is talking about – I put the information in your face.

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