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bhainimarama revives accusation of defence chief Angus Houston threat to Fiji
Christian Kerr | May 01, 2009
Article from: The Australian
FIJI’S military strongman Frank Bainimarama has revived his accusation that Australia threatened military action against Fiji at the time of the 2006 coup.

Commodore Bainimarama’s accusation came in a wide-ranging interview, published in The Australian, in which he called for a three-way meeting with Kevin Rudd and New Zealand Prime Minister John Key to discuss his long-term plans to restore democracy in Fiji.

Mr Rudd firmly rebuffed the overture today, saying: “The people of Fiji deserve better.”

In the interview, Commodore Bainimarama said Australian defence force chief Angus Houston phoned him while he was visiting Egypt.

“He woke me up early in the morning to tell me don’t ever do anything that will pit my troops against yours,” Commodore Bainimarama told Sky News.

“It was a threat, he made a threat.”

Commodore Bainimarama admits he was “still doped” after a kava session the night before.

But he said: “I’m not the one that’s doped, it must be this guy that’s doped to come up with a suggestion such as those.”

The Australian reported at the time Air Chief Marshal Houston had called Commodore Bainimarama, urging him to respect Fiji’s democratic processes and refrain from carrying out his threat to force the Government to resign.

Air Chief Marshal Houston contacted Commodore Bainimarama again when he claimed a number of Australian mercenaries had arrived in Fiji.

“Australia has sent a team of Defence Supplementation Staff to assist the High Commission with administration and coordination,” Defence said in a statement at the time. “This is standard contingency planning and the Fiji Government was advised of the additional staff.”

Commodore Bainimarama called for a summit meeting with Australia and New Zealand to try to resolve the impasse over his refusal to hold elections until 2014.

But today, Mr Rudd said: “This military government has taken a fundamental assault on the institutions of democracy including the freedom of the press.

“I don’t regard that as a basis for business as usual.”

Fiji will be suspended from the Pacific Islands Forum if it does not announce an election date for this year today.

Mr Rudd said Fiji’s rulers were “setting themselves up to be automatically suspended from the councils of the Pacific Island Forum, something which has never happened before with any of our Pacific Island neighbours.”

The Prime Minister said the forum nations had laid out the steps Fiji needs to take to for the normalisation of relations.

He scoffed at Commodore Bainimarama’s claims he had long term plans to restore democracy.

“If you’ve been out there kicking out journalists, shutting down freedom of the press, suspending your constitution and launching a fundamental assault on the independence of the judiciary, I don’t think you need too much imagination to conclude that what all that equals in terms of a real commitment to return to democracy.”


4 Responses to “….and there in a mood ole p iggy wig stood”

  1. Budhau Says:

    Rudd is trying to play hardball to convince that Americans that he is taking care of business in this regions – protecting the American interest against the Chinese.

    As for the Australian defense chief making threats – it is probable – they tried everything else to intimidate the Fijian military – with those ships out there, those other folks who had arrived to work at the embassy with the excess baggage, those Embassies approaching the number two guy at the military to pull a coup against Frank – why would they not get their military dude to call up Frank and threatened.

    We see a pattern of behavior as to what the Australian are up to – and now, Rudd is talking tough, why doesn’t he get it – talking tough hasn’t worked. Frank is only going to dig in deeper.

    BTW – has anyone figure out what Rudd was talking about when he went around making announcement that the UN had some new policy regarding the use of Fijian peacekeepers – the current policy has been in effect for about six months.

  2. Nostradamus Says:

    Rudd is talking straight. If you call that tough, it probably means you expected to put one over on him. He is not as stupid as Voreqe.
    Besides anyone can see that Voreqe is flopping around like a caught fish in the bottom of the boat. He knows the military cannot run the government and he needs his bag carriers like Chaudhry, samy, and aiyarse to do what he trusts no Fijian to do. Now he is caught in the middle. The biggest mistake the military will make is to think that can run the show without popular support, recalling that Rabuka, Speight, Chaudhry and PM Qarase all has popular support. Even now anyone who joins Voreqe’s government is looking at the death penalty or life in prison, not to mention no travel to see their children and grandchildren in NZ and Australia. If the Military takes any more control this situation will only get worse. What many in the military are probably delusional about is that even if they follow an order from these treasonous goons, they are also eligible for the death penalty or life in prison. One would think that they would be more concerned for their families.

  3. Budhau Says:

    Talking straight – so what was the straight talk on that UN announcement – that he had lobbied hard and has got a change in UN policy that UN will not use Fijian peacekeepers.

    The UN policy has been the same since late last year – what exactly was Rudd doing with his “tough talk.” – was he trying to get some political mileage out of this or was he trying o convince the American that we was doing something.

    Nostra – there is no death penalty in Fiji, as per the last constitution. Even if you were to reintroduce death penalty in Fiji, you can not do it retrospectively – so can we stop this death penalty crap.

    You see Nostra, there will be pardons, immunities, the bans will be lifted and all that before this is all over – and you don’t scare anyone with the death penalty crap.
    Sure, there are some folks who are not signing up for some posts – not because of the death penalty, they do so because the travel bans are inconvenient and they do a balancing act between the inconvenience and the benefits of signing up.

  4. Tuma Says:

    Again this POS is delusional. Signs that maybe Swine flu is affecting him. Taste of his medicine perhaps………

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