Tuks Says:
April 28, 2009 at 9:36 pm

Your name should be changed to Buwawa…Never once in your contribution have you given credit where its due. Your deliberate choice to ignore Qarase”s Government’s achievement is testimony to your own bias. I likened you to that bulshit lawyer flying high in the sky in a hot air balloon but not knowing where he was going…That do also seem to be exactly the way your hero Voreqe is now leading the country.
Oh by the way, you mark these words….and watch it – If it is true that Voreqe is dumping Chaudhry and his cronies, then let me tell you that the writings are truly on the walls for the [now much despised] Fiji military and their leader Voreqe. I have always maintained that Chaudhry will always be and remain anti Fijian and these will go all the way. I have also pointed out already and would like to repeat it here that the last institution that Chaudhry himself will dump is the Fijian dominated Military itself – [like it or not]. After they have passed their usefulness for Chaudhry’s political agendas, the Fiji military will be history. That has been Chaudhry’s long term goal and his recent comments against Voreqe must be seen as a warning by the military intellegence [if there is any left] . It is obvious that manipulative Chaudhry is again playing his deceptive game here. Only time will tell when the truth will be revealed. We now witness again another situation where FB’s military might [and strategy] is again at loggerhead with Chaudhry’s political motivations. Given the strengthening of International condemnation to FB’s most recent treasonous action, Chaudhry is already utilising the opportunity to make amends of his situation and to be on the winning side. He already has weighed up his position and found that it is now time to sleep with the better devil. That of course we all know, are the UN, the EU [Sugar], the international communities etc who provides a much better and greener pastures in contrast to FB who must now be isolated [by Chaudhry] to face his own doom.
Keimami sa lomani kemuni ga vakalevu na noda Sotia cauravou kei na goneyalewa ena murimuri lewa mataboko o ni sa vakayacora tu mai ena loma ni 3 na yabaki oqo..Keimami sa na sega vakadua tale ni rawa ni vakabauti kemuni mo ni taqomaka na veika baleti keda na i Taukei kei na noda kawa, Isa sa oti vakadua na neimami veivakabauti koya..Keimami sa masulaka me na dolavca na katuba vei keimami na noda Kalou me na solia mai eso karawa ni keimami na taqomaka kina na veika bibi baleti keimami kei ira na neimami kawa mai muri,,,….

From the Post – Good On You Chaudhry…………….

Many Thanks to you Tuks and J d’Ark for your most articulate comments.


13 Responses to “VINAKA VAKALEVU TUKS”

  1. EnufDictatorship Says:

    This will hopefully bring these moonlighters and thieves back to planet PRINCIPLED!

    UN will reject Fijian peacekeepers
    UN General Assembly in New York: Fiji’s peacekeepers are not wanted. [Reuters]

    UN General Assembly in New York: Fiji’s peacekeepers are not wanted. [Reuters]

    Linda Mottram

    Last Updated: 15 hours 4 minutes ago

    The United Nations is to stop recruiting Fijian soldiers for peace-keeping operations, says Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

    It follows Fiji’s recent suspension of its constitution.

    Mr Rudd says important remittances to Fijian military families for their roles in UN operations will now also be cut off.

    “Through our own interventions with the United Nations and supported by New Zealand and other countries, the United Nations is now not going to engage future or new Fijian troops for new operations,” he said.

    PNG and Australian Prime Ministers discuss Fiji

    Fiji was also a key issue in talks in Canberra between Mr Rudd and Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare.

    Sir Michael has been the key mediator with Fiji trying to bring the country’s military government back to democracy.

    He says regional leaders have done their best.

    “We have bent over backward, I have, I’ve tried my best,” he said.

    The Pacific Islands Forum is set to expel Fiji on Friday and the Commonwealth is considering action.

    Sir Michael Somare is in Australia for political and business meetings.

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  2. Budhau Says:

    What a load of crap. You first start of with the attack on Makare, you whole piece is address to Makare – and then you go off on Chaudary.

    Makare has stated in here on numerous occasions that he/she is no fan of Chaudary and has been critical of Chaudary.

    As to some of the points that you raised:
    Now that Chaudary is out to destroy the “Fijian dominated Military itself” – Is this another of your lame excuses to show that Chaudary is “anti-Fijian”, I thought you buggers were all for getting rid of the military – so you should be happy. Or does this prove my point that you don’t have a problem with the military – what you have is a problem with the present military leader.

    Or was this one of sorry ass attempt to create some friction between the military and Chaudary – The idiots on the blogs have been pulling that kinda crap for sometime.

    Now… are some facts.
    Chaudary has said from day one that coups are wrong.
    He has always supported an early election, however, he would only support an election after the necessary electoral changes are made. When the 2009 date was mentioned, Chaudary had said that the 2009 date was not possible – to make the changes and to have an election.
    Back than, as a minister in the regime, he had said that a more appropriate date would be 2010.

    When the constitution was abrogated, Chaudary was critical of that also – and you can read the news reports.
    He also said that the 2014 date for the next election is not acceptable and he would like to see a earlier date set.

    Having said – that has not changed Chaudary’s relationship with the military. If you guys think that spreading these rumor may help create some friction between the military and Chaudary – you are wrong.

    BTW – I think Chaudary would be willing to work with Qarase also – if Qarase can swallow his pride and get his ass around to talking to Chaudary. That does not mean that Chaudary is now getting in bed with the enemy – for the country to go forward, they all have to work together, even work with people that you have an intense dislike for.

    Chaudary has shown that in the past – his ability to work with people on the opposite end of the spectrum – as long as there is some common ground.

    As for the International community and their response – abrogating the constitution was the rock bottom – no, things can only get better. If Frank moves the election date from 2014 to 2012 (which Chaudary will support) – those foreign buggers would be inviting Frank over for official visits.

    EnufDictatorship – who wrote that sorry ass headline, “UN will reject Fijian peacekeepers”
    This ain’t about what the UN will or will not do, this is about what the Australian PM wants. Thus the headline should have said something about the Australian PM.

    BTW – it is possible that the A/NZ crowd may succeed, with Ms Clarke there at the UN now also – But look at it this way, Franck has been kicking ass on that front for a very long time.

  3. Budhau Says:

    BTW – that Australian UN story – the recent development is that yes, the AU Pm has succeeded however,

    “The UN decision apparently would not affect current Fijian peacekeeping missions.

    Fiji has up to 2,000 troops on UN peacekeeping duties in hotspots that include the Sinai, Iraq and the Sudan, with battalion-sized groups in both Iraq and the Sinai desert.

    In Iraq, hundreds of Fiji soldiers provide security for UN operations in the capital, Baghdad, as well as in Basra in the south and Irbil.”

  4. Makare59 Says:

    WOW, You guys totally missed my point. I’m sure you understand the inevitable evolutionary process that manifests itself in all the aspects of our lives phsycally and spritually both in microcosm and macrocosm. I’m saying Frank ,Grass, Chaud and all politicians of today and yesteryears are merely vehicles or platforms for this change….. Now this change is not only happening in Fiji’s politics(microcosm) Its universal(macrocosm)even beyond our solar system. This force is ruthless in that it uses dicards and tramples on whatever is in its path. This is the very essence of the physical nature of BEING. The circumstances caused to effect change is sad for some, not so sad for others. If one analyses without prejudice and looks at the changes occurring universally you might see where I’m at. Dont look at the consequential circumstances effected by these changes but look at core of cause and effect. There are some very disturbing facts of todays universal turmoil prophecized in Revelations; you know where that is I’m sure…….I admit I never was a fan of Chaud and fallen out of love with Grass. These guys had the chance to form a more credible coalition govt, but for their differences. The nation didnt matter to them but their own agendas. Any blind person could have seen through the superficialities of the Grass & Chaud’s coalition. I see Grass as a wimp because he lacked the political savvy and foresigt to clip the wings of FB at that point in time.. Simply putting it these two portly gentlmen should be retired. No Hard Feelings Tu…. Keep a hard on guys…. Bu-wawa may be on heat!!!

  5. Tuma Says:

    It is sad that if there happens to be a revolt in Fiji now it would not likely be the people against the Military and their regime, racism will rear its ugly head with a lot of innocent people suffering. Lets hope and pray it does not come to that (Rwanda / Former Yugoslavia comes to mind).

  6. Cama Says:

    You know Why Grass could not clip FB’s wings? FB has clipped all the Soldiers wings by giving them allowance increases so they never let go of their comnmander easily. You know it to because you are the reciepient.

  7. Navosavakadua Says:

    @ Budhau
    Read the small print in the announcement and it’s clear that the current operations are not covered. So Iraq and Sinai stay. But this is probably because the UN would have trouble replacing Fiji in the short term. It’s not an endorsement of the dictatorship.

    I find it interesting that the announcement was made during a press conference with the PNG PM. PNG is interested in getting in to the peacekeeping business so I expect that some sort of campaign is going on in the hallways of the UN. Berenado will no doubt be lobbying regime allies like North Korea, Zimbabwe and Burma, while PNG lobbies Frank’s opponents, which means every other country.

  8. Budhau Says:

    Navo – nothing has changed – I read this same story six months ago.
    It is that Australian PM – talking crap like a good politician.

    The Australian PM was asked whether he jumped the gun and made the announcement before the UN did – and the Australian PM said that what he was saying is nothing new.

    I think about six month to a year ago that had made this policy that the status quo will remain, no new recruits.

    Here is that story from last year:

    Posted at 23:15 on 14 December, 2008 UTC
    The United Nations has put a ban on deploying Fiji troops in any new peacekeeping duties overseas particularly those that are being managed by the world body.
    The Fiji Times reports the Republic of the Fiji Military Forces will continue to serve in existing deployments but all new assignments are stopped.
    The newspaper reports the directive, according to a source, came from Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon who dispatched a UN delegation to Fiji last month as his response to a UN Security Council call for the restoration of democracy in the country.
    The source also confirmed that the ban notice was not made public when it was relayed to the interim Government.

  9. Makare59 Says:

    Tuma let me tell you the military intelligence must not be underestimted. You’ll be surprised at its efficiency. Those that intend to instigate an uprising, Please think about the terrible consequences..No one in their right mind wants blood on his or her hands. All things whether good or bad for you will come to an end.

  10. Makare59 Says:

    Cama, you’re very wrong. Tutu mai Mavana had a number of opportunities, which he didn’t take, maybe he didn’t trust some people around him…….. Anyhow thats the past. Lets pray for the better and adapt ourselves to the ominous dark clouds of economic woes thats hovering over our planet.

  11. Willy Says:

    Chodo will make sure he sleeps with the winners, always has, always will. Probably the most opportunistic, self serving politician of this century, he is already sliming himself up the EU’s arse. Before long we will hear more from the old snake how things went wrong when FB renegged on a deal with Chodo to hold election 2009. Remember the little fights his son picked with the regime. All stage managed in preparation for the come back of this great familiy as the democratic champions of Fiji. This time it will not so easy to deceive the audience, but believe me good old Chod is at it.

  12. Koya na Man Says:

    Makare,o iko ie, au vakabauta e na daumaka cake mo vavi.Vavi jiko vei iko…

    Sa rui sivia nomu kauti keimai wavoki mo justify taka na ka sa cakava tu qo o Bhai…

  13. Makare59 Says:

    Noda vavi tamata sa bulu laivi yani vata noda qaravi Kalou Vu. Jutification of VB’s action will materialize in due course. Rome was not built in one day. Dig deeper not in the pile of garbage spewed on this blogsite but into the depths of your soul.

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