Colonel Jone Baledrokadrokas (he’s gorgeous girls – au ga ikeri)  interview with Jim Middleton on Asia Pacific Focus was straightforward and logical.

Colonel Baledrokadroka is a Visiting Fellow at Australian National University, did not mince words at all during the interview aired on ABC1 this morning articulating that:

– Piggy Bhainimarama is trying to bend Fiji to his will

– in November 2006 Tele ni was in full denial about any coup about to happen and footage of him  in a white uniform, in what psychologists would say the classic stance of someone telling huge porkies was shown

– Tele nis methods of policing is doubtful

– Telen ni with the ig abetting him driving a wedge between the mainstream Methodist Church and urging everyone to attend the New Methodist Church run by his hysterical brother – footage shown of Tele ni screeching his brand of lotu (church) at the stadium with his followers picking up the beat

– Driti had his sights trained fully on Andrew Hughes and footage shown of him threatening Hughes

– Driti is the henchman

– that he is doubtful Driti really supports Piggy

– Leweni was in the army band when Colonel Baledrokadroka was still in the military (snigger)

– Leweni is the lapdog court jester

– Tele ni, Driti and Leweni are all lapdogs.

***JimMiddleton also interviewed Apolosi Bose from AmnestyInternational on the same program who really conveyed his message succinctly, pointing out that:

* Fijians seem unconcerned but it is far from the truth because it is despair and fear, especially for the safety of their families that prevent them from speaking out


* Smart sanctions have worked as people have thought twice about accepting positions with the illegal regime

* Capable people can’t work to ensure departments are working effectively as they have been replaced by those totally incapable of doing the job.


Great work Gentlemen. Vinaka Vakalevu for your brave stance.



29 Responses to “BALLS OF STEEL”

  1. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Vinaka JB.

    With the call to the dysfunctional UN to stop using the Fiji military, Lewensky is saying how can the UN do that when they’re also using Zimbabweans and the Pakistanis.

    Well, I don’t know but has the people of Zimbabwe or Pakistan called upon the UN to withdraw their troops…well I for one don’t really care about the Z’s or the P’s but I DO CARE THAT THE UN STOP USING FIJIAN THUGS AS PEACEKEEPERS…can’t kind of message is that…but really guys, I am pessimistic about the UN cos to me they’re dysfunctional. It will hopefully take a collective voice from us Fiji democracy fighters, the PIF, US, UK, etc etc to get the message to them OR UNLESS THERE’S A REAL HUMANITARIAN THREAT THAT IS SEEN IN PUBLIC, only then the UN may do something…I will hope and pray it is SOONER rather than LATER!

  2. Budhau Says:

    Enuf – I think what Leweni is saying is that the UN cannot have double standards – that is all.
    That fact that you call on the UN to do something and poor Abdul on Karachi does not – that does not change the fact the that both countries had governments that was undemocratic.

    The same applies to the US, NZ and others where they are happy to go along and deal with China, but they have a problem with Fiji – double standards.

    As for Jone Baledrokadroka having gorgeous balls, or Frank looking ugly in some picture – how is that relevant to the discussion. Telling the women in here that Baledrokadroka is gorgeous – that is an insult to the “girls” in here.

  3. Makare59 Says:

    You guys & that bitch that loves JB’s ball of steel must realize that your raving and ranting is useless as far as I can see. Frank is forging ahead and the number of support is growing by the day(grassroot fijians) and march along with him in the dawning of the New Fiji. JB naturally has an axe to grind. His sister is married to that chief that instigated the mutiny that wanted FB snuffed out,and JB to take over the RMF….. You see JB is not the steel balled Angel you think he is,he has his agenda. Who knows he could be the future commander of the RMF and his brother in law, president. Politics is fickle ain’t it?, but for now it may a coupla light- years away. In the meantime enjoy those steelballs, but keep in mind new dentures can be very expensive.

  4. senijiale Says:

    Balls of steel? This is being silly. I don’t know JB personally but I think he wudn’t like the idea of being paraded in blog sphere like some prized cattle. Try balls of integrity and I might consider joining the fan club – give Kutu back his blog. Now that guy holds my sympathy.

    Btw makare, I think it’s plain stupidity comparing JB and the PIG (they’re not of the same league, as in apples and apples…), the former has never been treasonous whereas the PIG carried out all 3 coups of 2000, Dec2006 and April2009. Now that calls for the death penalty 3x over, don’t ya think?

  5. Makare59 Says:

    Senijiale…..who was FB’s right hand man all along? JB was always there beside FB, waiting for his opportunity to take over FMF! Unfortunately, that didn’t eventuate through a miscalculation by JB & his bro-in-law chief & their cronies. He had no choice but to stick it out with FB; his exit from the force was due to his realization that things didn’t go his way. JB has now joined the group of agitators whose actions are in vain. Na qai na qai ga…….na toso na toso ga! You wouldn’t be, by any chance, JB’s naweka. Don’t u think JB’s intentions were, in itself, treasonous? He should be charged as well for abetting the 3 coups. Makes sense?

  6. senijiale Says:

    Haha… just becoz i defend the man I might be his kin? What I know of the man JB is what I read/hear/see in the public arena, though I’d love the opportunity to talk to him in person and figure things out myself.

    What I do know is that JB makes sense to me, unlike your hero, the Pig. You question JB’s ‘intentions’ which are at best speculative… but there WAS an easier and straight forward way to getting to the heart of the truth, except that your disgraceful hero, the Vore had found it fit to destroy the very institution that could have separated fact from fiction, truth from good ‘ol gossip, men from boyz, soldiers from mercenaries… and class from ass.

  7. OjO Says:

    Well it won’t be difficult to extrapolate what has occurred within the confines of what can only be described as God’s gift to the world our very own Fijian Islands.

    It is unconscionable but moreso immoral for the country with its dishonourable politicians, military posers and chiefs to pursue down a road that is unjust and pernicious to their citizenry.

    For some of us we may take pleasure even masturbating at the thought of castigating our fellowmen with total disregard and forethought for their immediate and distant relatives, for many their heads are buried in the sands of tomorrow with little or no knowledge of their wretched existence.

    The question posed “Have all the military men with balls left the military? This question can be answered as thus “has all the military men with inborn cowardice departed for most if not all lack the rudiments of courage or for want of a better word have introverted gonads let alone gonads of steel.

    These cowards have slithered their way from the very bowels of their mothers to raise their heads above a foreign country’s cesspit to betray their country of birth they are the most despicable form of humanity who can trust such individuals.

    Fiji can survive its cockheads and event the wannabees but it cannot survive verbal tirade from cowards with no probity.

  8. senijiale Says:

    Oilei, talk about twisted! Instead of salivating in delusions of grandeur, try simply letting the court of public opinion be that JUDGE of our current and pathetic state of our affairs by giving them back their right to govern their own country!

  9. Makare59 Says:

    Seniajale (Gardenia happens to be one of my favourite flowers). I fully agree with you in that you cant compare FB and JB. I see FB as a man of guts who took on the chiefs head on. Who would have dreamt that such a thing could happen…On the other hand…. JB was always lurking in the background. We couldn’t tell his underlying intentions, he was like a coiled snake ready to inflict his poisonous bite at the opportune time. I could be wrong, but I’ll relate an incident that happened 2months after JB’s exit from FMF. We were having some casual discussion with 2 x-pat businessmen at this bar one sunday evening when JB and coupla other guys walked in. He joined in the lively discussion and his mood quickly turned ugly. He turned and grabbed this x-pat’s crotch for a minute or more. While this guy’s writhing in pain, JB was verbally abusing him and threatening to deport him. This x-pat bus/man has recently expanded his operations with 20 more employees. This guy,the barman and a few of us can testify to this embarassing incident not to mention a number of horrified tourists . Of course he must be very chummy and charming right now on his overseas mission. On the hindsight he may have had one too many, after all no one is perfect.

  10. senijiale Says:

    Vinaka Makare. I agree no one’s perfect but why the coup? Why continue to cause so much misery to our people?

  11. senijiale Says:

    Btw thanks for the compliment but I’m of the rose variety, with long picky thorns. Grrrrrrr……………………………………

  12. Dau Says:

    Senijale, I think I’ll tag along with the NA QAI NA QAI GA. For the unfortunate like myself and my clan, it doesnt really matter whose at the helm. So far your so called vore has done good for us landowners. Our lease has increased, some land issues are being looked at . We are optimistic about the future. The gloom&doom picture accentuated by the detractors has negligable effect on the inertia that exists in Na qai na qai ga. God bless Fiji.

  13. Makare59 Says:

    Strange flower indeed; the new variety of gardenia(senijale)with prickly thorns, is it a Hybrid?

  14. tosotiko Says:

    April 27 10.27 a.m.
    All the signs of a bullshit story to me

  15. draunimoli Says:

    At last people are starting to make sense og this lunatic Jone Baledrokadroka. He was the man always pushing for Frank Bainimarama to do a coup on the SDL and was the man witing for his opprtunity all the time. Ask Bill Seruvakula about how JB was on his way to to support George Speight in 2000. He only came back when stopped by BS. This JB is the man answerable for the CRW deaths as he was in charge of the reserves that took on the mutiniers. Also ask JB as to who was in charge of the reserves that was beating up the people of Naitasiri (his own people) in 2000. YES LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, IT IS YOUR VERY OWN JONE BALEDROKADROKA.

  16. Na Dina Says:

    Draunimoli, JB was with us in MFO Sinai on 19 May 2000 and only got back to the country in June of that year. So all your crap about BS and bullshit about JB’s intentions shows you up you coward why dont you come out and write opinions like JB with your full name to it.Sona levu!

  17. C Huni Says:

    Please stop fighting amongst yourselves. The kai valagis keep saying kai vitis cant stop fighting amongst themselves, so kerekere, stop now.

    There r some bad indians and Fijians, but generally the two races have lived together in harmony despite the cultural, racial and religious differences.

    We cannot go backwards can we? so Fiji forward forever, backwards never.

    It does not matter who is in power, the majority are fijians and they like Indians have never forcefully took anyone’s soveriegn land, but the kai valagis did and they are the ones that want us to fight whilst they steal the resources from the vanua, which is under NLTB control. the Late Bavadra wanted to nationalise WMC mines as the kai valagis were not treating the Fijians and provided very little OH&S precautions which made them sick. but the kai valagi company paid fijians in Tavua and Vatukoula thru Bokini to vandalise the place and in walked Rambo. The rest is history.

    If the Qoilqoli bill had gone thru, a foreign company would come into Fiji, form a company, get one chief on their side, and they would get the lease for the land. They would degrgade the land and sea from which Fijians derive their food. When the pollution (like in PNG from the mines) goes intot the creeks and rivers, people get sick and die. The food supply will be gone, then what the people gonna eat?

    So support Frank, Jone is gone. UN will always take fiji solders for peace keeping duties. Why? Because they have never killed Indians in fiji, so why will they do that whilst peace keeping? No. Fiji is unique, so let us not have any tribal warfare, think hard bloggers.

    I thank the fijian people for not killing Indians, even though Indians were intimidated and plenty left after 87. Indians have survived for thousands of years and so will the Fijian race.

    No more fussing and fighting esp amongst ourselves. We need unity and togetherness, not capitalism, socialism.

    We have made a special bath soap for G. Speight (general Boi ca) because he has been in jail for so long, he needs a bath.

  18. Budhau Says:

    Huni – that special bath soap that you made for Speight – I hope you did not make it very slippery – Because if it slips and falls on the bathroom floor, and Speight tries to bend over and pick it up…..boy he would be in trouble.

  19. Koya na Man Says:

    Sa da tari kila ga me da qai raviti cei.

    Vakacaca tu qo o FB,Sere,sere, tu mai tai ya o JB.

    Sa na qai va beka evei na va evei.

    Kemudou o Senijale, Draunimoli,Makare kei na dina e vaka e dou sotia se fan kaukauwa nodra na sotia,ke ka, dou ketena vata mada,me laurai sara mada na dina.

    ”Na dina” kua ni vosavosa ca tiko mada,Sega ni dua e via kila nomu tu mai Sainiai, sa kilai ga ni o sotia,kora.

  20. senijiale Says:

    Ni yadra KnM – au kerea mo ni kakua ni kacivi au ‘sotia se na sotia-fan’ (as i’m neither!)

    Au a kaya ga me da na ravita ga na dina (sega ni o ‘Na Dina’ na blogger) e veitalia na roka ni tamata… e sega beka ni volai tiko e na nomuni vola tabu?

  21. sesau Says:

    I feel good!
    May be bainimarama is pro – fijian?No matter what the outcome,Fijians are benefitting from this coup?Seu cala?

  22. draunimoli Says:

    You are right Na Dina, he was in Sinai and came back in June when Speight was still in Parliament holding the country to ransom for 55 days. He came and commanded the reserves didnt he??? Everybody knows that and they were based at his farm in Naitasiri, werent they??? It doesnt mean he is writing in the papers that he didnt do what he did. He is the murderer of the CRW you are looking for. Thanks for that clarification in timing na dina.

  23. Concerned Citizen Says:

    Once a upon time they were best of mates, this world is cruel,anyways,the good thing is that…All things come to an end someday!!!

  24. Dau Says:

    Ko drau na weka, e reva tale ni qai cala voki na ka drau tukunia tiko. Ko ira na karui na katuvu tu ga nodra parapara.

  25. senijiale Says:

    SV – where are my posts from yesterday evening, response to KnM?

    @ KnM – au sega ni vaitavi e na mataivalu lusi qo se me’u totaki ira tiko. Eda na totaka ga na dina me vaka e volai ena vola tabu, se va ivei?

  26. Koya na Man Says:

    io, ke va jiko qori s.j. sa na daumaka sara o ya.

    Me dina ga na dina me qai laurai sara mada a dai, se va evei?

  27. Tevita Says:

    UN ban for Fijian peacekeepers
    2 hours ago (Tuesday 28th April 2009)

    The UN has barred Fijian soldiers from future peacekeeping missions in the latest sanction against the South Pacific nation’s military rulers.

    The UN decision was announced as Fiji authorities detained a nationalist political party leader and five others for distributing pamphlets.

    Australia successfully lobbied the United Nations to ban future deployments of the well-trained and well-regarded troops as a means of denying Fiji’s flagging economy precious income from lucrative UN paycheques, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said.

    The UN Information Centre in Australia could not immediately confirm the policy change.

    “The revenue remittances to Fiji from Fijian forces working with UN operations around the world are important sources of revenue back into the military families, in particular within Fiji,” Rudd told reporters.

    “Through our own interventions with the United Nations and supported by New Zealand and other countries, the United Nations now is not going to engage future or new Fijian troops for new operations,” he added.

    Rudd condemned Fiji for suspending the national constitution and press freedom as well as for undermining the independence of the judiciary. The island nation has been ruled by military leader Frank Bainimarama since a 2006 coup.

    The UN decision apparently would not affect current Fijian peacekeeping missions.

    Fiji has up to 2,000 troops on UN peacekeeping duties in hotspots that include the Sinai, Iraq and the Sudan, with battalion-sized groups in both Iraq and the Sinai desert.

    In Iraq, hundreds of Fiji soldiers provide security for UN operations in the capital, Baghdad, as well as in Basra in the south and Irbil.

    source: Associated Press

    This is not good for the IG, an army functions well only when they are well fed. Once that stops, expect trouble.

  28. Kaiviti Says:

    @ Draunimoli….I would like to know where was Bainimarama when the CRW were being taken to task? Didnt Bainimarama give the orders to killThem? I hear Jb tried to save their skins but the men under him just did them in! I dont think JB is the culprit. Lay the blame where it fully belongs. Bainimarama gave the orders for the killings, therefore he is the murderer!

  29. Budhau Says:

    Tevita – same UN story, six months ago.

    Posted at 23:15 on 14 December, 2008 UTC
    The United Nations has put a ban on deploying Fiji troops in any new peacekeeping duties overseas particularly those that are being managed by the world body.
    The Fiji Times reports the Republic of the Fiji Military Forces will continue to serve in existing deployments but all new assignments are stopped.
    The newspaper reports the directive, according to a source, came from Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon who dispatched a UN delegation to Fiji last month as his response to a UN Security Council call for the restoration of democracy in the country.
    The source also confirmed that the ban notice was not made public when it was relayed to the interim Government.

    You see, the Australian PM is just bulshitting and the Australian media is all over it.
    Here is a quote, “Australia successfully lobbied the United Nations to ban future deployments of the well-trained and well-regarded troops as a means of denying Fiji’s flagging economy precious income from lucrative UN paycheques, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said.”

    BTW the UN Information Centre in Australia could not immediately confirm the policy change.

    You know why, because the policy has been in place for while, but iot was just not made public – until the Australian PM tried to capitalize on this.

    The funny thing is how the Australian media got sucked into this – just like those bullshit Blog stories that the SMH is printing.

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