Prime Minister and Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama and two other senior military officers were today merited with the Order of Fiji medals by President Ratu Josefa Iloilo.

In a ceremony at the Government House this morning, Ratu Iloilo awarded Commodore Bainimarama with the Companion of the Order of Fiji.

Bainimarama’s award is based on his “eminent achievement and merit of highest degree and service to Fiji and to humanity at large”.

Land Force Commander Colonel Pita Driti and military law man Colonel Mohammed Aziz were merited with the Officer of Order of Fiji Awards.

Driti and Aziz were awarded these honours for “distinguished service of a high degree to Fiji and humanity at large”.

Warrant Officer Class 1 Semesa Leweni was given the Member of the Order of Fiji. He was awarded the medal for “meritorious service in a particular locality or field”.

The ceremony, which lasted half an hour, was attended by high ranking military officials and an overseas media company.




  1. Tuma Says:

    Were these the same guys who led those guys that murdered those people for nothing……..the circus goes on

  2. Tukana Says:

    Is this medal only given to Freemason members?

  3. Tuma Says:

    I’ll bet raising income Taxes will be just around the corner for this junta …………….

  4. iceman Says:

    Dua mada ga na nomudou mata veitono totolo me qai matata vinaka na nomudou metali………lol

  5. Mahendra Chaudary Says:

    Me tauri ga na metali ya qai yacaraki tale i nodratou mua i muri… lol

  6. Beranaliva Says:

    This is what I feared, and on the contrary expected. IDI AMIN has been reincarnated. Self promotion is a symptom of a dictator. What the **** they thinking. It only confirmed they are a bunch of POWER FREAKS!!!
    This is no longer politics or democracy. It seems their aim is to eradicate the chiefs’ influence, the tradition especially the hierrachial pecking order. It is obvious from their policies on lease monies, disbanding of the GCC, etc. I would like to know what their views are on the Bose Vakaturaraga.
    Do we have to leave with it??? Or How can we deal with it.
    Well we can’t because no constitution means no rights. Our president is getting paid as a YES MAN by our biopolar leader.
    I am shocked by their merits.
    Nelson Mandela was punished for doing something right. In BIG contrast these lot are merited for what ????
    I’m surprised Neumi Leweni isn’t on the list. Maybe he is on the Queen’s honours.
    People! it is not the end of the world. People power rules. This people are not fit to run the country, let alone sorting their own personal problems. So, our most likely hope is internationately.
    Keep blogging. People voice is most powerful.
    Power to the People!!!!!

  7. Asgrocky Says:

    Almost like they are working for a government. Not for this country. Some kind of government known only to them that has given them full support and approval. Because they have achieved what they have carried out so far and are on their way to achieving or has already achieved whatever it is, they have been accorded those medals. Is this for real or am I imagining things?

  8. Willy Says:

    Any self respecting opera state awards its dictators with medals and fancy uniforms. I am sure that next will be the promotion of FB to Admirals rank. These guys seem to work on the assumption that they rule a buch of morons who can be impressed by self awarded praise.

    I would love to see an article in FT ‘Commander receives well deserved medal. The entire population of Fiji congratulated him and expressed their heartfeld thanks for his wise and visionary leadership. We at the Fiji Times have relentlessly expressed our support for this innovative and dynamic government that so skillfully governed Fiji in times of crisis…’

  9. Asgrocky Says:

    Bhudau, where are you? What do you think of what’s going on here with this award presentations? I think somethings going on with these people that everyone is not aware about. Otherwise we could be laughing at this whole thing coz everyone knows whatever they are doing is illegal so it could come across as cartoonic. I think there’s much much more going on here and IloIlo is not as helpless as everyone think he is, why he could even be the Boss Syndicate as this medal presentation indicates. Not the other way around with Bainimarama the boss. Just kind of mighty suspicious to me, like it’s suggesting something much more.

  10. Beranaliva Says:

    Yes. it is obvious the Fiji Times is now all positive news. Propaganga? Of couse it is. Another syptom of a dictator. The bipolar leader has done his homework. And he knows that fijians are FOLLOWERS. I mean grassroots fijians. And the grassroots fijians will follow their leader. So the leaders have a very important role in how to deal with these situations. We are in a situation where the people will have to decide where their respect is. Chief or Dictator govt.?????
    Please state your option and reason. Thank you…..
    God Bless!!

  11. Budhau Says:

    Talking about promoting themselves – remember Brig. Gen. Sitiveni Rabuka or was it Major-General Sitiveni Ligamamada Rabuka OBE, MSD, OStJ

    After he promoted himself in the military, we went further and promoted him to become the leader of a Fijian Political party, we then elected him the PM, we also promoted him to become a honorary chief and the head of the GCC. If Qarase had his way, this man would be Fiji’s Ambassador to the US.

    So you see how this promotion thing works.

    I see that the big Kahuna from Tailevu is all happy with the new appointment. Also, those boys from Kadavu were all smiles because the money will now start flowing in – complements of the SDL.

    Baranaliva is right – this is all about psychology – especially in a country where titles are so important – that is why Rabuka did his military promotion and than the chiefs promoted him to the GCC head. Frank has done something similar and I bet when we have our next coup, that dictator will also do the same – BTW, while we are at it, can we please get some title for Chaudary – maybe Maharaja or something, or after we rejoin the Commonwealth, we could get him a Knighthood – Sir Mahendra.

  12. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    Yavu i lala boi dada!

  13. OjO Says:

    Well if anyone deserves to be awarded for his steadfastness is my old friend Bainimarama, for this man has given the nation of Fiji the greatest assuagement ever with disbanding of the notorious pilfering cartel (GCC) that has ever grace the lives of ordinary indigenes.

  14. Sure why Kua Says:

    E sega tiko mada ga ni rawa ni carai koya rawa tiko o koya solia na metali…E sa wacava na kena salulu na wa ni metali ya??…E sa konchi chiko mada na bula?..

  15. renegade Says:

    Oh well It is fairly obvious the gutless people are still sitting on their big asses and cannot be bothered with what has taken place.All I can say is best of luck to all those unfortunate enough to be stuck in Fiji and well you are the author of your own destiny so……stay seated dont worry god will save Fiji!!!!!!!!!

    Pathetic and do not dare moan or complain when it only gets worse no one outisde will bother any longer…….Moajority rules and you have laid your cards on the table….. Remember do not even raise your voice what happens from nw on save it…….

  16. Keep The Faith Says:

    Guys the operative words here in their self-awarding recognition is HUMANITY.

    They’re trying do what little they can to goose-step any allegations of crimes AGAINST humanity in the near future.

    Games up boys. You can’t protect your own asses and not expect a revolt back at base now can you.

  17. Koya na Man Says:

    Metali ni dau caka coup,kei na veivakararawataki,vakamate tamata talega,e coba tiko qori(COBA).

    Sa boi dada mai na i vukivuki macawa qo.

    Na Devaluation,Inflation,unemployment,kei na vakaloloma e ratou vakametali taki beka kina na i lala oqo.Bloody good for nothing…

    Me veivula me na dau coba(COBARA) tiko o PRESI.. vei ratou kei ira kece na nodratou turaganivalu e a dua, ke ka tini yani na nodra metali, e na vuku ni vakaloloma e ra na kauta mai e na noda vanua.Ni gumatua…

  18. Makare59 Says:

    Its amusing to see how blind, people can be…..Those medals were for the great achievment in attracting investment……Multimillion dollar investment in Natewa Bay. $420m development in Naisoso with 1000jobs…… Chinese Nuculear Power Station & Naval Base in the pipeline, now don’t ef with Frank. The Aussies know that. Franco’s playing chess with the big guns, you know this guy’s not totally stupid. the end result would be interesting. Come 2014 he wil be the most decorated soldier.

  19. samuyalo Says:

    This another scam done by FB to “tabetabe” to his snior officers as he knows his days are numbered for him to be still suppported by the Army.

    he is running out of ideas as the same with his gandu AG Kaiyumkubu..

  20. Relax Man Says:

    Well people you can only curse because you need to serve the country with distinction which obviously you havent, thats in addition to commanding an institution that saved the country in 2000, held together against all odds including you sorry detractors in this site, that deserves bravery medals people, holding off against NZ and Aust that are trying to re-colonise us again, those are facts people not hear-say and crap brought up in this site!!! thats why they got those medal, factual happenings people, not some illusions you people are so fond off!! they got the medals, you got the backsides, pote!!!

  21. senijiale Says:

    More trinkets for the mad trio to play with in their little cells. Keep up with your cheap collection boyz.

    Meanwhile, PIG’s poofta agent vinods trying out their little conspiracy theories here, lol… NEXT!

  22. Relax Man Says:

    senijile mai na vuna baka e Sukuna Park??? volitaki dri qori!! oops tobo sara!!!

  23. senijiale Says:

    Yawwnnnnnnnnnn….. hey little freak, go roll in yr muddy pigpen with your Vore. SV – bet u can’t delete this boring little twerp relaxman.

  24. senijiale Says:

    Yawwnnnnnnnnn….. hey little freak, go roll in yr muddy pigpen with your Vore. SV – bet u can’t delete this boring little twerp relaxman.

  25. relaxOman Says:

    dui kila ga na vanua rau vei sotavi na tamana kei tinana, se vaivei Relax. na qase sa tavuki sa lesuvi ira na Lewas, malafani man, boko na dinau, free rent tiko vei keda.

  26. ratubill Says:

    Medal for bravery? Didn’t VB desert his soldiers in Nov 2000 with the now infamous cassava patch sprint? Any military commanding officer worth his salt would have stood his ground, rallied his men and counter-attacked. He did what a sailor does best – sail away into the sunset and let the real soldiers take care of the situation. He should be charged with cowardice in the face of the enemy, not rewarded with a tin medal he can stick he-knows-where. Maybe Driti can do the honours!

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