It is a traditonal ploy for bullies to portray anybody who retaliates as the instigator of the trouble.

What is more, they usually get away with because most of us are simple souls who just want peace and quiet.

The classic case of the last century was the appeasement of Hitler, which fed his ambitions and led to worldwide disaster.

But today we are surrounded with appeasers, I’m sure if their lives were put at risk and their freedom eroded they would welcome a quick return to a democratically elected government.

As an Aunt said, if they had access to computers and blogsites back in 1987 as we do now, Rabukas inglorious reign would not have lasted and the coup cultures opprobrious monument to human greed non existent in our society, because they would have bombarded cyberspace with all that was going on at the time, naming and shaming the perpetrators.

Coconut Wireless in print is more effective in making people take responsibility for their actions.

Bhainimarama and his ig coupsters with vacant curriculum vitaes would be sprawled out under mango trees drinking home brew, complaining and lying about all and sundry, and being a nuisance only to the mango tree as they piss on it in inebriation.


20 Responses to “ARE WE THERE YET?”

  1. Hosannah Says:

    luv it SV!

  2. Budhau Says:

    Blog sites are only effective if they are credible. Look at most of the anti-regime blogs such as RFN, in their propaganda campaign they have tried to spread all sorts of rumours – most of what they are putting out, any rational person can figure it out.

    Initially they were somewhat successful – some of the regular media folks were beginning to pick up stories from such sites. That court document shredding story was picked up by the regular media before they realized that it was not true.

    The people of Fiji, and now those foreign media people, have realized that there is a lot of crap that is being shoveled in these blogs.
    Once they realize that these blogs are unreliable they become skeptical and the site is no longer effective. Next time when one of these bloggers comes up with a real story “exposing” the regime, no one would accept it because they “cried wolf” one too many time.

    If the regime in Fiji, there is enough legitimate stories that could be used as ammunition against the regime.

    As to your remarks about the Rabuka coup – In 1987 coup was perpetrated mostly against the Indians. For whatever reason, those Indians did not or could not put a fight. Go look at that Internal Security Decree that Rabuka had put in place – he could put you away in jail for up to two years with no questions asked. None of that Habeas Corpus crap. Compared to 1987, this regime has been going much easier even though the threat of some sort of uprising against Frank is far greater.

    There was a container load of arms smuggled into Fiji – who was behind that, we don’t know but that sure gave Rabuka and excuse to put in place that draconian Internal Security decree.

    Rabuka had stricter media censorship than we have now, and as you said, back then they did not have an alternative with internet sites and blogs as we have now. That to a certain extent works in favour of the regime – as pressure release valve. Folks who are really pissed off, rather than taking to the streets they go to blog site.

    Talking about the home brew crowd, were they not fully supporting Rabuka back then? They even made him a honorary chief, made him the head of GCC and a national hero. You really think having internet back than would have made any difference. I don’t think internet would have made any difference and if Rabuka felt threatened, he would have tried to pull the plug on the internet.

    The thing is that if we had internet back then, some of these same people who are opposed to this regime would have been there on the web, supporting the Rabuka regime.

  3. Tuma Says:

    lolz at Budhau…………………

  4. Corruption Fighter Says:

    Our Ratings are down but they haven’t stopped falling and our dollar is going to follow the ratings, all the way to the bottom.

    Our families can’t read it in the Fiji Times but the news is worse than bad
    – it’s catastrophic. And the causes of this disaster have been spelt out by Moody’s. It’s political instability – that is, the 2006 coup which has been made much worse by the Easter 2007 trashing of the constitution.

    Moody’s are in no doubt that there will be NO foreign investment to help with the worsening trade deficit. Why would investor’s send their money to Fiji? There’s likely to be further devaluation which means any money they send to Fiji is doomed to be devalued.

    Thanks to the caution of the Qarase government, external debt is low, but there will be no more borrowing from overseas. Read this carefully, Moody’s meaning is plain: “it will be very difficult for the government of Fiji to obtain financing from multilateral financial institutions or most foreign
    governments.” That’s right no help from ADB and the export banks of China or India won’t be rushing to pour their money down the drain in Fiji. The risk is simply unacceptable.

    This is a death warrant for this illegal government. It may take some time to be executed – there may have to be a lot of suffering before the scales fall from the eyes of some, but it is clear that the coup and the incompetence of the Bainimarama dictatorship have wrecked our economy.

    It’s beyond belief that fools like Swani Maharaj, who supposedly represents businesses, can’t see the untold economic damage that’s been inflicted by the dictatorship. But it’s a 100 percent certainty that they will be punished by the community for selling out to the dictatorship. In two years time, even the bad times of 2008 will seems like a golden age and there will be a hunt for the guilty.


    Moody’s Downgrades Fiji’s Ratings; Outlook Negative Wednesday, April 22, 2009 4:10 PM

    (Source: Info-Prod Research (Middle East))

    Moody’s Investors Service has downgraded the government bond ratings of the Fiji Islands to Bl from Ba2 as the country’s foreign exchange situation becomes increasingly constrained. The rating agency also downgraded the
    country’s foreign currency bank deposit ceiling to B2 from Ba3 and the foreign currency bond ceiling to Ba3 from Bal. The ratings had been on review for possible downgrade since February 18. The outlook for the ratings is negative. Fiji’s foreign exchange reserves fell by 30% during 2008 to USD431 million as a result of a large current account deficit
    estimated at close to 20% of GDP and a low level of foreign financing. During the first two months of 2009, reserves fell a further 16% million to USD360 million.

    “While the level of the government’s external debt is low, with annual interest payments on its outstanding global bond (due in 2011) a manageable $10 million annually, the availability of external financing this year is severely constrained,” said Steven Mess, Moody’s vice president and senior credit officer.

    “The abrogation of the constitution and reappointment of the military- led government by the president, which occurred earlier in April, mean that it will be very difficult for the government of Fiji to obtain financing from multilateral financial institutions or most foreign governments.”

    Another large current account deficit is expected this year, and without external financing reserves are likely to continue their downward trend, although the Reserve Bank’s recent tightening of capital controls and 20% devaluation of the Fiji dollar could slow the pace of decline, according to

    Nonetheless, the country’s overall foreign exchange position will be increasingly problematic. In addition, political uncertainties resulting from the military government’s delay of a return to democratic elections until as late as 2014 mean that the level of investment in Fiji is likely to remain very low, reducing the country’s economic growth prospects.

    “Political instability is weakening Fiji’s long-term economic strength,” said Moody’s Hess. According to Hess, the government’s financial position is also weakening because of an economic downturn in 2009 that is being exacerbated by a decline in tourism, and prospects remain poor over the
    medium term because of low economic growth potential.

    While some of the burden of the debt is mitigated because a major portion of it is held by the Fiji National Provident Fund, he said, larger fiscal deficits this year and next will mean a reversal of improving debt ratios of the last couple of years.

    Moody’s ratings could move downward further if international reserves continue their downward trend and there is no move by the interim government to lessen political uncertainties. Further moves by the government that weaken the country’s institutional strength would also
    be negative for the ratings. In addition to the rating actions described above, Moody’s also lowered the local currency bond and deposit ceilings to Baal from Al. Moody’s last rating action on the Fiji Islands was on February 18, 2009, when the ratings were placed on review for possible

    Originally published by Info-Prod Strategic Business Information.

    (c) 2009 Info-Prod Research (Middle East). Provided by ProQuest LLC. All rights Reserved

  5. Cama Says:

    I dont think your comment budhau has got some credit. You said in one of your blog about the court case between SDL and the IG and this after the SDL loses the first round; you mentioned that they wont win the appeal based on some legal ground that you picked up.

    What happen in the appeal case was the opposite so I think your advise is a flawed. I have been following your comments all the time and use to admire your thinking but now I do not believe you anymore.

  6. Willy Says:

    There were about 30 assasination attempts against Hitler. Unfortunately none was successful and a number of brave man lost their lives trying. Eventually, Hitler used his pistol, a Walther PPK to end his own life after his partner Eva Braun took a deadly dose of cyanite. On the other hand remember Nikolai Chauchesku, the former dictator of Romania who was shot at the moment of his capture…that sent a great message to those others that might have otherwise followed in his shoes. How will it unfold in Fiji? It seems that with the latest events the chance for a peaceful end of this has vanished. Even the most praceful, docile and obidient lot wakes up when there is no more food on the table and human rights are trampelled on. But it could be long way off. Look at North Korea. The military has a firm grip, no free media and despite the famine in the population no sign of resistance. Then there is Thailand where the army refused to surpress public protest that removed a government very recently.

    One problem in Fiji is that historically, all the morons who committed treason got away with it. Even Speight who certainly deserves what the law has in store for treason first got a holiday island and now Naboro. Give FB immunity and he will do it again when he does not like the outcome. Our only hope is that the UN takes all Fijian soldiers as professional peace keepers on the condition that the force is disbanded in Fiji. There is a strong demand for good soldiers and Fijian have a good reputation in the UN system. Imagine the boost to the economy if 4000 soldiers send remittances. But do not allow them to carry a gun at home.

  7. Budhau Says:

    Cama, have you figured out why your argument is flawed. Everytime that is a case, one side wins and the loses. Most of the time the lawyers on both sides feel that they are pursuing a good case. Does that mean that the QC that represented Frank’s side – that there is a lack of credibility because he lost.

    CF – do Chinese look at the Moody’s ratings before they give loans. Those falling reserves after Chaudary left – maybe it is time to bring the man back.

    Willy, if you don’t give Frank immunity, do you have any plans as to how we should take him down. Do you expect him to give up power voluntarily without a immunity. CF was talking about the deteriorating economic situation. Frank will take us back to the stone ages before he would voluntarily give up without a immunity agreement.

    So you don’t think there is chance to resolve this peacefully – well, good luck, will be seeing you guys on CNN.

  8. Relax Man Says:

    Jeez people you are all as gloomy as the weather here in Suva. One thing for sure I’ve realised now is that 3 years after the coup 99% of the the so called predictions never happened. All the energy and effort put into thinking and bringing up the garbage we read here could be put to better use in this country. Kadavu Provincial Council have endorsed the Charter most likely to be foloowed by the other 13 provinces, detractors you still have time to try and convince your kins people but I doubt they will listen to you because they finally see the truth prevail in front of their eyes till 2014. No use talking about gloom because you’re only betraying your country, thats, if you really call this place your home.

  9. Return of Sack of Kaka Says:

    Western democracy alien to Fiji, says premier Qarase

    Posted at 20:30 on 29 August, 2005 UTC

    Fiji’s prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, says the Western concept of democracy is still alien to indigenous Fijians.

    The Daily Post reports that Mr Qarase made the comment at a workshop for Commonwealth parliamentarians in Nadi.

    Mr Qarase has called on the international community to understand how indigenous Fijians view western democracy.

    He says the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, vesting every individual with equal rights, is directly opposed to the hierarchical social structure of indigenous Fijians.

    He says chiefs are at the very apex by virtue of their birth and rank – the rest have a communal function in this hierarchy.

    He says he has been surprised at how many people – mostly from overseas – have had difficulty in understanding this.

    Mr Qarase says this is why some very experienced governments were unable to comprehend the nature of Fiji’s problems during the coups and urged solutions which reflected dangerously simplistic Western perspectives.

    News Content © Radio New Zealand International
    PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

  10. church mouse Says:

    There’s a lovely article in one of the papers today, but they spelt one word wrong. Should be Ord of Fiji Meddle!
    President awards PM Order of Fiji medal

    Prime Minister and Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama and two other senior military officers were today merited with the Order of Fiji medals by President Ratu Josefa Iloilo.

    In a ceremony at the Government House this morning, Ratu Iloilo awarded Commodore Bainimarama with the Companion of the Order of Fiji.

    Bainimarama’s award is based on his “eminent achievement and merit of highest degree and service to Fiji and to humanity at large”.

    Land Force Commander Colonel Pita Driti and military law man Colonel Mohammed Aziz were merited with the Officer of Order of Fiji Awards.

    Driti and Aziz were awarded these honours for “distinguished service of a high degree to Fiji and humanity at large”.

    Warrant Officer Class 1 Semesa Leweni was given the Member of the Order of Fiji. He was awarded the medal for “meritorious service in a particular locality or field”.

    The ceremony, which lasted half an hour, was attended by high ranking military officials and an overseas media company.

  11. Keep The Faith Says:

    @ Budhau the court shredding was and is very true.

    So true in fact that when Major Rokomokoti was sprung with the hush-hush approach to justice, it forced her hand to thereby put the notice on the wall that no “anti Frank” litigation would be permitted.

    Plus there are eyewitnesses — so I’d take their statement over a treasonous usurper any day mate.

  12. Relax Man Says:

    Keep the Faith, kua mada na lasu!! vamuria na yacamu vou, keep the lasulasu on!!!

  13. Cama Says:

    There is no time for that.

  14. Budhau Says:

    Keep the Faith – you seem to be a relatively intelligent person, thus, I am assuming that I can reason with you on this one – regarding the shredding.

    What had happened was that the President had issued a decree that the courts may not hear any cases relating to the abrogation of Fiji’s constitution on April 10 or any other government actions since the coup that ousted the democratic government.

    Since no case had yet been filed regarding the April 10th abrogation – this was a preemptive strike, that no one may file any such cases. Thus, as far as the abrogation is concerned, there was nothing to shred. All Rokomokoti, the High Court’s acting registrar, did was post a notice to that effect at the court that no such filing would be accepted by the court officials – that is her job.

    Then there were those cases that were in the pipeline regarding the Dec. 2006 coup, that had already been filed. Since the Decree halts any such proceeding that were in the pipeline, as the Court’s registrar, it was Rokomokoti’s job to withdraw those files from the active file list and archive them.
    When one of the blogs “sources” saw those files being pulled, he/she incorrectly assumed that the shredding had began – and thus the big news on the blog.

    Now…. Here is the THINKING part.

    When any paperwork is filed IN COURT by either party, besides the court, the other side gets a copy of that paperwork – the court and both parties have a copy of those court document. Don’t you think that Rokomokoti and others would know that destroying the courts copy of any such documents would still leave several sets of those documents out there in the hands of others.
    It was Intelligentsiya blogsite that put out the headline “Shredding away justice from our courts”.
    Dorsami Naidu, the president of Fiji Law Society, someone who should have known better, said “That’s what I’ve heard as well, that any action is pending against the interim Government, the military regime, files concerning those cases have been shredded. It’s very childish and I cannot understand the reasons behind it.”
    Naidu had not verified this – he was going by the rumours on the blogsites.
    One of the judges of the court of appeal in the Qarase case, FRANCIS DOUGLAS said “It couldn’t be effective in any event. I mean, the judgement at first instance is on the internet and, whilst I don’t think the judgement of a Court of Appeal has yet received a number on the Osterley web (phoenetic), it is readily available in various places.
    I think one could obtain it from the Fiji Times, at least for a period of time, and it’s also been posted on the New South Wales Bar Association’s website.”
    Keep the Faith – so do you get it, how some dumbass at the Blogsite gets some information on files being archived and starts a rumor.

    What would Rokomokoti get by shredding any of the court’s documents?

  15. Keep The Faith Says:

    We arent talking about judgments we’re talking about the actual working papers here — remember kinda like how all those key documents in other torture cases went missing enroute from Police to DPPs…that same kinda shit.

    If one was toying with the idea of taking Bainimarama to court re his 3rd coup it would be helpful to be able to draw from the CoA case details? You know, all the one’s that both sides of the law presented arguments on?

    If you read Naidu’s comment on the Aust Financial Review what he also said was “they’re wrecking it to try to get away with what they’ve done”…

    For the record we’re not awaiting validation from folks like you….we put out there what we see fit and what we have VALIDATED and you know what people still read us — can’t say the same for you tho’ bro.

    Rokomokoti has everything to gain now by shredding the docs — shes a treasonous usurper like her boss. And I’m pretty sure she is haunted nightly about life without her family so yeah that would warrant the kind of action she does and will continue to do.

  16. Keep The Faith Says:

    @ Relax Man…and perhaps you should vamuria na yacamu vou talega — relax tiko while the world passes you by…

    I ain’t the one lying to the world…check that with your lying thieving boss that you pathetically would follow to the ends of the earth pandering instead to a pat on the head…aww your’re a poor sucker aint ya? You’re that cheap!

  17. Budhau Says:

    Keep the Faith – That “bro” attack on me, what was that for.
    In any court case, the documents you are talking about, besides the judgment, are those documents that are filed by either party. Besides the party that files the document, a copy of that document also goes to the side.

    Thus, we end up with two sets of copies besides what the court has – one set to either party. Any shredding of the court document would leave another two sets of those documents out there.
    You got the part…. right?

    Here, the cases that were pending were three civil cases. In those cases, if there was any evidence submitted by the plaintiffs, they would have copies of that evidence. The burden is on the plaintiffs to make a case, and any damaging evidence that they may have submitted to the court, they would have it with them. Now, do you see how shredding those documents do not make sense?

    As for the CoA documents that both sides submitted – they still have copies of those documents – the ones you mentioned.
    Mr. Naidu had no independent knowledge of any shredding – all he did was to help spread the rumors started by the blogs, since the source of the rumors were not reliable, Naidu should have known this – that idiots should have learned this in his second year law school evidence class – reliability of hearsay.

    I did not say that folks like me have to validate stuff before you put it out there. What I am saying that anything that you put out has to survive some scrutiny – that helps your credibility.

    Your remark, “Rokomokoti has everything to gain now by shredding the docs”
    Like what? There is already a decree that would prevent anyone from taking this matter to court – without the shredding. So how does the shredding help her any? If they were to go to court in future under a new administration, the proponent of the evidence, the Qarase team will have all that evidence with them and all other paperwork that both sides filed. Thus the shredding does not help there either.

    Calling her “a treasonous usurper like her boss”, does not help your argument at all. Sure, she may be a “treasonous usurper”, but that does not make her an idiot who would start shredding knowing full well that there were other copies of the documents available.

    You wrote, “I’m pretty sure she is haunted nightly about life without her family so yeah that would warrant the kind of action she does and will continue to do.”
    That again defies logic – if she is haunted, than she may consider not associating with the regime. How is the shredding resolve her “being haunted” problem. And I am sure you validated this haunting problem also.

    Actually, in your last response, you have used the same dumbass reasoning the we see on many of the blogsites.

    The lady had no reason to shred because shredding would not get rid of that evidence – and while you may not agree with her politics – she still was trained to be a analytical thinker, unlike some of you.

    What the blogs did was to get some anti-crap in the mainstream media – in the long run, doing so only makes them lose their credibility. Since they have so much ammunition to go after the regime legitimately, why bother with this crap.

  18. Keep The Faith Says:

    What happens to judges notes then?

    Those notes, both parties are not privy to.

  19. Budhau Says:

    We started with shredding documents that incriminate the regime and now you are arguing that some judges notes could have been shredded that the parties are not privy to and that could have been incriminating – you see how silly you keep getting. Those judges knew what those notes were, and those judges have been talking to the media. If there was something incriminating, I sure we would have had it out by now. BTW – what incriminating stuff are you expecting to find – I think that it is an open and shut case that what the military did on Dec 5, 2006 and in April 2009 is unconstitutional (the problem that Qarase’s boys were faced with was that they tried to show that what the President did was unconstitutional). What else do you expect to dig up or that needs to be shredded – just like what Rabuka dn Speight did was unconstitutional.

    You see Keep the Faith – I don’t think you should be too concerned with finding incriminating evidence to nail the regime for unconstitutional acts – your problem is how will you have that investigated and prosecuted. The regime lawyers know that, that is why they don’t have the need to shred – because if you do find some incriminating evidence, all the regime’s lawyer has to say is “SO WHAT” – I think there is a legal term for that.

    What the blogsite idiots did is that they had some civil servant inside that court dept who saw the files being pulled – and idiots like you concluded that the “shredding was on”.
    ..and this is the same logic and reasoning you have been using in this discussion.

  20. Keep The Faith Says:

    I’m not going to indulge in a philosophical debate with you Budhau about the why’s and how’s…you just do your thing and I’ll sure as hell do mine.

    Your opinion is yours and mine is mine.

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