Fiji’s Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has asked the international community to understand that the recent reforms implemented are for a better Fiji.

Bainimarama told a local radio station they want to come up with reforms and changes to make Fiji a better place to live in.

“That’s what people should understand especially the government of New Zealand and Australia,” he said.

He added that his government would face opposition to the reforms especially locally.

“We will have opposition to the reforms but especially coming from within the country from those who have been in government for a while and have not made changes,” he said.

******Piggy Bhainimarama continues to cry wolf, oi lei his greatest enemy is his own lying tongue, engage mada na mona qai caka na vosa.

Better still he should use his mona not his sona.

28 months later and Fiji is well & truly in the sewer with the biggest turd in charge, yet he continues to blame the predicament on previous governments. So Piggy if you’re the top turd take responsibility and fix the mess you’ve landed the Nation in, you keep saying it’s the reason you hijacked the Nation, what’s stopping you from taking Fiji forward to bigger and better things as you’ve been claiming you’d do since 5.12.06?

You can’t improve anything in Fiji and you never will because you and your coupsters just cannot do it can you?******



  1. OjO Says:

    Tis folly to persist in our ignorance or be subterraneous in our sagacity for we cannot and must not allow existing within our society a submissive confederacy as opposed to one that by natural inclination is free and permitted to rule with impunity.

    We must therefore give explicit approval and remove the shackles that have inextricably kept the great common people of our country subservient to their masters, a system that is not only archaic but one undoubtedly instituted by our colonial masters.

    The world community has been explicitly vociferous in their condemnation of what some leaders consider as a major setback to democratic principles and therefore by their democratic ideals demand an immediate return to democracy.

    Well their self righteousness is applaudable nonetheless these leaders some of which have heard or know very little of Fijian politics and the corruptive nature in which such democratic principles is administered so therefore it may be prudent for such leaders not to exacerbate but to assist in restoring an ideal and workable democracy.

    On us is the duty to ensure our society is one that is pluralistic not because we owe it to anyone but because we must in accordance with our moral principles be concerned of our fellowmen.

  2. Hosannah Says:

    Satan talks to us like he does to Voreqe and grow self righteous like Voreqe and no longer hear God’s voice asking Voreqe ‘Hello, did I call you? Not!!’

    or is God telling us ‘I will continue to make Voreqe’s heart like the Pharoah in Egypt to defy the God of Abraham’ before the Moses led-Exodus? And where and who is our Moses?? or failing one or 2 or 3 Moses’ maybe a judge Deborah if there aint gonna be a Moses. Calling all Moses’ out there… are you praying for Gods calling? or is every one praying to the Driti, JB, or Voreqe who will likely come along and beat us up or beat up the other race, people, faith, creed etc?

    Who can protect Fiji and ALL her people? We are so looking away from coupmongers, coup drivers, dividers, violence thirsty, gun wielding LOSERS!!! HOSANNAH!!!!!

  3. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    Boy, the green goons can surely write a pile of rubbish now that they have got hold of a dictionary.

    Now oj needs some to tell him, in words of one syllable or less, what those words mean.

  4. OjO Says:

    Ex-Fiji Tourist.

    Unlike you morons that thrive on litigating the past I tend to adept and move forward, let it be known while you and ilk’s participate in what can only be described as for want of a better word sniffing out each other’s arse’s Fiji has moved on.

    Now to a pertinent issue whilst you may suffer some form of mental deficiency I on the other hand are neither of what you call a green goon nor do I need a dictionary to use words that is beyond you level of education.

    For you see the words I use are part of my past educational repertoire something that an abject failure like you would find rather difficult to comprehend.

    Your best bet is to return to your commie site and regurgitate issues of yester years

  5. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    oj, the diatribe you have penned is unworthy of an essay submitted by a 14 year old.

    At least a 14 year old might have some idea of English grammar.

    But I suppose uttering big words in isolation without comprehending the meaning or usage is something that you have picked-up from bananasinpyjamas; in fact, the nonsense you type is so devoid of meaning and structure that you could possibly be the ignoramus taking Fiji backwards at a great rate of knots.

  6. Tuma Says:

    lolz at OjO…….

  7. Return of Sack of Kaka Says:

    Western democracy alien to Fiji, says premier Qarase

    Posted at 20:30 on 29 August, 2005 UTC

    Fiji’s prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, says the Western concept of democracy is still alien to indigenous Fijians.

    The Daily Post reports that Mr Qarase made the comment at a workshop for Commonwealth parliamentarians in Nadi.

    Mr Qarase has called on the international community to understand how indigenous Fijians view western democracy.

    He says the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, vesting every individual with equal rights, is directly opposed to the hierarchical social structure of indigenous Fijians.

    He says chiefs are at the very apex by virtue of their birth and rank – the rest have a communal function in this hierarchy.

    He says he has been surprised at how many people – mostly from overseas – have had difficulty in understanding this.

    Mr Qarase says this is why some very experienced governments were unable to comprehend the nature of Fiji’s problems during the coups and urged solutions which reflected dangerously simplistic Western perspectives.

    News Content © Radio New Zealand International
    PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

  8. OjO Says:

    Ex-Fiji Tourist:

    Aren’t you the toilet lady from Australia purporting to be a solicitor or are you just someone soliciting and a menace to society, that hasn’t written anything of persuasion but thrive on copy and paste articles in a vile attempt to get your point across.

    Most of the information’s you and your ilk’s disseminate is predicated on the misrepresentation of facts therein lies the close correlation between your lot and the master of deception himself.

    A person unashamedly enounced to the world these infamous words “Democracy Was A Foreign Flower” now you low life mongrels are screaming for Democracy.

    You bunch of sick inbred’s.

  9. Budhau Says:

    ex Fiji Tourist – white man – very bad – hey tourist dude, you can’t figure out what the guy is writing – go back to school.

    Democracy as a foreign flower – yeap, that was line back then. Now, we want to get back to democracy asap – what a difference a few years make.

    This “Same Shit …” piece, who wrote this – what a load of crap.

  10. budhau lauvutu Says:

    Ojo kubu mada vei budhau,drau qai veitalanoa tu vena nomudrau posh lingo

  11. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    Hey bud, why don’t you help oj with his grammar; maybe you could start by telling him not to split infinitives.

    Then you could do something useful like visiting hairyarse on his death bed in hospital. You’ll have to get past his 12 ‘guards’ first and then he might vomit blood over you.

    But go and see him. You might even end up as a judge; he is that desperate for them that he might even go as low as you.

  12. Budhau Says:

    ex Fiji tourist – do you think I give a fuck about grammar, you brought it up because you think you are so fucken smart (did I use the “F” word as an objective or a noun) – I think a noun would be if I said “exFiji tourist is a stupid fuck.”

    So why don’t you take my advise (or is it advice), and get the fuck out of here (you see how I used the word to make a request). OJO may just knock your fucken head off – you see he is much better with words than I am.

    ex Fiji tourist – some people find some words offensive, like you taking a good Muslim name and making it into “Hairyarse” – but than again, I think you might be right, those Middle Eastern types they do have a lot of hair down there. So you think “Hairyarse” is fucked now. (I was using the word to mean “Hairyarse” is in trouble now, not the sexual meaning – I think some of you may connect the two words and take this literally)

    As for people using wrong grammar or not using spell check and all that – who gives a fuck.

  13. Bin Ladin Says:


  14. Tuma Says:

    lolz T Budhau and OjO…..we all know where shit end up…….

  15. Ben St0ne Says:

    Dou qiri i kinoya kevaka e yali na ki ni motoka nei Foreqe.


  16. OjO Says:

    Ex Fiji Tourist:

    It appears your authority on extending your legs at right angles to your rotund trunk (one in front and the other in back) or is it just a split or splits or splitting; you may consider a blunt object place directly above you in your next performance.

    With the latter in mind you may discover on penetration a slight fucken modulation in your retarded vocal pitch.


    With my somewhat limited knowledge of the vernacular language I would like to you reflect deeply on this “ noqu i da e na tini i gusu leveni dou cai kalavo”

  17. Cama Says:

    I use to follow budhau’s comments when the court case between SDL and the IG were in progress when SDL floors in the first round.

    Budhau picked up some legal points that SDL flawed in and also mentioned that they will not win the appeal but the result turns out the opposite way on April 9. I think that budhau’s comments is a waste of time and has no credibility because it erred in law.

    I believe we should follow the law to be a good citizens rather than trying to be technical and fail miserably.

  18. Budhau Says:

    Cama – when you have a constitutional law case, both sides usually have a strong opinion that they have a strong case and the decision can go either way.
    In this case we had QCs on both sides and I am sure that some of them also thought like I did that Frank had a better case.

    As far as the discussion on this site is concerned – The important part is the analysis, that is where you really find out if folks know what they are talking about.

    You should also take into account that these Australian judges may have had a lot of pressure on them to decided this case a certain way. Both A/NZ bar assoc had been denouncing this coup from day one.

    Finally, when you look at important constitutional law cases, and some of the US cases are interesting – the US Supreme court has 9 judges – and a lot of those cases are decided 5-4. Does that mean that the four judges who voted on one side “erred in law” and thus are not very credible- I think not.

    I totally agree with you that all you good citizens should be law abiding and not be all technical and try and get around the laws – however, the court on the other hand, have to be very technical in interpreting that law.

    You see Cama, the discussion in here, especially on something like the Qarase case, is sort of like a law school problem – you are given a fact pattern and you try and figure out how the judges should rule – you may go either way, what counts is an analysis – because this same case in another court, with different lawyers and different judges could have come out differently.

    How credible I am is immaterial – what matters is that you take what I have said, together with what others have said and than you make up you mind.

    Just in case you misunderstood my position on this case – here I will state it again.

    Frank’s coups is presumed to be unconstitutional, his only defense, I think, would the “doctrine of necessity”. I don’t think that this defense would hold up in court because the “necessity” that we are talking about is the one that was created by Frank himself.

    What we had on Dec 5, 2006 was that coup had happened and Frank was in total control of the country – what did you expect the President to do, he could have asked Frank to march back to that barracks, Frank wasn’t gonna do that, he had already “stepped in the President’s shoes”
    The president could have packed up and went back to his village and we would have a military council with the constitution abrogated.

    In those circumstances, the President had make some decisions and we cannot second guess how he decided to do what he did. Prerogative powers are those powers that are not specifically stated in the constitution.

    If Qarase & company had made the case, that Frank’s action in pulling the coup was unconstitutional, rather than making the argument that the President’s actions after the coup were unconstitutional – that would have been a better strategy. However, his local lawyers had messed that up and when Qarase’s high powered lawyer arrived in Fiji for the case, it was too late to make those changes.

    The lower court thought that the president did have those prerogative powers, and so did I. the Court of Appeal disagreed with the lower court and I am sure there would be people who will come down on both sides of this case in the coming years when we read their PhD thesis in constitutional law.

    The fact still remains that Qarase was trying to solve a political problem with a law suit and he failed miserably and made the situation much worse that it would otherwise have been.

    You don’t have to be pro-coup or anti-regime to see the legal argument in this case.

  19. Relax Man Says:

    Return of Sack of Kaka, well done bro!!! sa qai tu na dei Qarase!!! two faced LQ trying to convince us about Democracy!!! what a good riddance, cant have a leader like that, what a AH!!! thought he could fool us, caught out sara ga!!!

  20. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    Poor old bud; chained to his computer at the green goon pig pen and made to type up rubbish each day.

    When the stupidity of his comments are pointed out, he resorts to his true green goon style of bullying and profanity.

    No wonder the green goons have taken Fiji to rock bottom; and are now digging even deeper.

    BTW, did the blood vomiting hairyarse make you a judge? The unintelligent dribble you write certainly places you in the same mould as the rest of the criminals in the jaundiced junta.

  21. Budhau Says:

    You see ex Fiji tourist, if I was trying to bully you by using profanity – I would have called you something like “You motherfucking son of a bitch! Fuck, you asshole” – which I did not, you see, I wasn’t being a bully. BTW, we see that kind of language in here all the time.

    On the other hand, your old wife could say something like “”I love you, you dumb fuck.” – and that would not be profane at all.

    You have to look at the profanity in the context that these word are used in – here, we have a thread with the headline that included the word “shit” – did anyone find that disgusting – I don’t think so.

    You have changed the name of the interim Attorney General, from Aiyaaz to “Hairyarse”. What is the difference between you referring to someone as a “hairy arse” and someone else calling you a “cunt” or a “prick” – all refereeing to a certain part of someone’s anatomy. (notice that I have left the word “hairy” out my examples.) I think your use of the profane word is much more objectionable than what I had said.

    I think you are the dirty old man in here who has been using the name “Hairyarse” for Aiyaaz. Your use of that name also has racial overtones – I don’t think you would be referring to some white dude as “Hairy arse”, Aiyaaz happens to be a Muslim – and recently with the anti-Muslim, anti-Middle Eastern feelings, people have commented on them being hairy. Your comment is no different than calling someone a sand nigger or a paki.

    So how would you like me to use you own term “hairyarse” in responding to your complaint about profanity.
    Profanity – my big fat hairy arse, or you can kiss my hairy arse.

    So you see ex Fiji tourist – it is you who should cut out the racism and the use of profanity. Name calling is childish – Hairyarse, Bainipyjamas etc.

  22. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    bud, from the nonsense above; “Name calling is childish”

    You childish idiot !

  23. Budhau Says:

    You see ex Fiji tourist, when you call some named Aiyaaz as “Hairy arse” that is not profane – however, if I called you a Hairy pussy, now that somehow would be profane – you see the idiot that you are. (and what part of the above to consider nonsense?)

    as for name calling, wasn’t it you who came up with names like “Hairarse” and “Bainipyjamas” and the like.

    Listen you dumbass – when I used the “fuck”, I intended it to be offensive. BTW, the US Supreme Court agrees with me that the word “fuck” may be offensive but in such circumstances it is not obscene or profane – this was decided in a case where a guy had worn a jacket to court with the words “Fuck the Draft” on it. So your claim of profanity does not fly in here.

    Now, you tell me how your use of the word “Hairyarse” is not profane…and you may also want to explain why we should not see any racial overtones in your name calling.

    I think, you have very little to contribute here, and with all that name calling and all – you may want to consider moving over to the next sandbox.

    Bainipyjamas, Hairyarse….what kind a name have you given to that lady judge – some other hairy part of her anatomy – you idiot.

  24. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    bud, you have thrown rational behaviour out the window; just like the rest of the green goons.

    You and bananasinpyjamas are a disgrace to mankind; foul mouthed cretins.

    “”” – you idiot.”””

  25. Budhau Says:

    exFiji tourist – you dumbass – just because you say so doesn’t mean shit – that someone has thrown rational behavior out the window.

    Here, rationalize this – you go around calling someone a “Hairy Arse” and you don’t consider profane – so would someone referring to you as a “hairy pussy” be profane.

    How can one be a foul mouthed.

    You see the idiot that you are – and BTW, I don’t just call you an idiot, I make you feel like one.

    So cut out the crap about “Hairyarse”, Bainipyjamas, and bananasinpyjamas.

    So which one do you like the “Hairy arse” or the “Banana in Pyjamas” – look who is the foul mouthed SOB.

    You stupid old fart – did you work all your life to pay for that trip to Fiji – to qualify as a ex Fiji tourist – how come you dropped out of high school.

  26. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    bud, I wonder if you ever look back through your rantings to see what a fool you keep making of yourself?

    bananasinpyjamas doesn’t need your help; he makes a fool of himself every time he opens his mouth.

  27. Budhau Says:

    ex Fiji tourist – we KNOW who the fool is in here…if that was an attempt to make me feel bad, it did not work…I know who I am.

    Now look at your crap – Your go around calling someone a “Hairyarse” and another guy “Banana in Pyjamas” – and then you complain about the use of the word “fuck” as being profane.

    See the idiot that you are. I think we have settled that one – as to who is the idiot over here.

    Now…..talking about going back and looking at the past posts – what exactly have you said in here – besides name calling – that “hairyarse” and Bananainpyjamas” – and calling Bainimarama as fool. Besides that, have you said anything else of substance in here.

    You see ex Fiji tourist – you are just some uneducated idiot, sort of a groupie who seems to have found a place to hang around – nothing to contribute, but tries to get approval by “jumping” on the bad guys by his name calling. BTW – not getting an education in a country that provides for free education – you must be a real loser.

    You think that making these names up, you have the approval of the majority in this forum because these guys also hate “Hairyarse” and “Bainiwhatever”

    Listen, you fool – You think I should give you credit for coming up with the name Banana-in-pyjamas. BTW – have you noticed that no one in here has picked up on your “creative” names – and besides, have you noticed that trend in here – that people have gone back to calling the folks on the other side by their regular names – Frank or Aiyaaz – how about you make a creative name for Qarase by putting in the word “arse” in there also.

    Boy, you are thick.

  28. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    Thanks bud for proving my point that you are green goon puppet who is paid to churn out tripe .

    Fortunately, your illogical rantings reinforce the hatred of Fijians against bananasinpyjamas and his illegal, immoral junta.

  29. Budhau Says:

    ex Fiji tourist – how does me jumping on some idiots ass in here proves that I am a “are green goon puppet who is paid to churn out tripe”

    You see, if you had not dropped out of high school, they would have taught you things like critical thinking and logic.

    Here is a very simple reasoning exercise.
    When you go around calling some as “Hairyarse”, and some one else in this forum uses a word like “fuck” – you cannot go around claiming that the use of such word is profane or vulgar or offensive etc.

    You see, that has nothing to do with the “green goons” or the coup, or the “hatred of Fijians’ and the like.

    All that has to do with is that you are such a dumbass.

    You have these certain words – “green goon puppet”, “bananasinpyjamas”, “hairyarse” and seem to keep repeating the mantra.

    Boy you are such an idiot – why do hang around in here if you have nothing to say – is this some groupie psychology thing.

  30. Makare59 Says:

    Budhau & x-FT, Good lively exchange… but its starting to get motonous. Anyway to both of you, Cheers.

  31. Makare59 Says:

    I meant monotonous,Cheers once again.

  32. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    Good point Makare59

    bud is so thick that he can’t see that he is regurgitating monotonous rubbish.

  33. Budhau Says:

    ex Fiji tourist – Makare59 was making a point about something been monotonous – and we have see that in here for months “green goons”, “Hairyarse”, “Bainipyjamas” – the same Mantra, over and over.

    ..and the groupie that you are, agreeing with Makare59, you think you will be accepted by him/her as part of that group.

    You seem to have this need. BTW – have you noticed that noone in here has picked up on your “creative” names “Hairyarse” and “Bananaispyjamas”.

    That monotonous stuff – yes, Makare59 is right – we are all tied of your crap. But than again, what else are you going to do, you have so much invested in this group – right. Unless you also visit some child porn sites .

  34. Corruption Fighter Says:

    Welcome back Sack of Kaka. When did Budhau let you out of the closet? What can this mean?

    If we ever read a headline: “Sydney man found strangled by sock puppets”, we know Budhau won’t be posting that day (nor will Sack of Kaka).

  35. Relax Man Says:

    ex fiji tourist or ex fijian prostitute??? corruption fighter or sacked legal eagle????

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