In an historic meeting in Yaqoona, Sydney the formation of the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement was established. The steering committee elected were President Peter Waqatairewa, Treasurer Biu Tabuatama, Secretary Litia Radrekusa and other volunteers. This is an interim committee to get the ball rolling until the AGM. The meeting saw a capacity crowd with standing room only, attended by the Australian media. Speakers included former army Chief of Staff and Land Force Commander Colonel Jone Baleidrokadroka. The topic was “The real reasons behind the 2006 Military Coup”. Another speaker was Litia Radrekusa former Crime Prevention and Community Safety Adviser for the Australia/Fiji Community Justice Program, who spoke on “The Negative Effects of Military Coups from the Fijian Youth Perspective”. A third speaker was Joseph Raga who was a private advisor and political analyst who introduced the draft Sydney declaration document – for the restoration of democracy in Fiji. The final speaker was Peter Waqatairewa who was the former deputy director of the Fiji Human Rights Commission and spoke on “the illegality of what has been done and a call to action”.

Sydney Declaration For The Restoration Of Democracy in Fiji

The Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement
established at Yaqoona, NSW on 18th April 2009
PREAMBLE We the people of Fiji that now reside in Australia who have a special interest and links with the Fiji Islands at the first meeting to discuss ‘our role’ in the campaign for the restoration of democracy in Fiji, convened at the Yaqoona Senior Citizen’s Centre, Sydney on the 18th of April 2009 hereby:
Strongly Condemn The Military overthrow of the democratically elected government of the Fiji islands that took place on December 5th and the 10th April 2009 abrogation of the 1997 Constitution of the Fiji Islands:
Reaffirm Our support for a Free and Democratic Fiji whereby the respect for the basic Human Rights as declared under the UN Declaration of Human Rights is paramount and further reaffirm that the Interim Government ruling over Fiji today is unconstitutional and therefore illegal:
Our belief that our fellow Fiji people living in Fiji must also enjoy the liberty of the individual under the law, in equal rights for all citizens regardless of gender, race, colour, creed or political belief and in the individual’s inalienable right to participate by means of free and democratic political process in framing the society in which they live in – as we do here in Australia and other thriving democracies around the world.
Our recognition that the 1997 Constitution of the Republic of Fiji Islands is the supreme law of Fiji and that any ammenment should only be made under the rules outlined in Sections 190, 191 and 192 of the Constitution and:
That the current rule of Fiji from 5th of December 2006 and from April 10th 2009 is and always was an illegal Military Dictatorship:
Urge The Interim Government of Fiji to uphold democratic processes which reflect national and local circumstances, including the peaceful conduct of general elections under the 1997 Constitution of the Republic of Fiji Islands, the peaceful transfer of power, the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary, and a just and honest government and:
The Interim Government of Fiji to honour the Fiji Court of Appeals judgement on the case of Qarase and others versus Bainimarama and others handed down on Thursday 9th April 2009, whereby the court ruled that the President of the Republic of Fiji islands appoint a neutral caretaker Prime Minister who will then advise the President to formerly dissolve Parliament and issue a Writ of Election.
Acknowledge The critical importance of returning Fiji to the leadership of a democratically elected government based on the 1997 Constitution of the Republic of the Fiji islands as it will immediately restore much needed foreign aid and investor confidence that will prevent the downward spiral of the economy and its negative impact on the People of Fiji.
And support the critical steps taken by the SDL Party challenging the legality of the people’s Charter in the Courts and seeking a judicial review of the Fiji Police Commissioner’s refusal to investigate treason allegations made against key players of the Military Coup that took place on the 5th of December 2006.
Call to Action
We the people of Fiji now living in Australia call upon our fellow Fiji people that today live in democracies over the world and all other people that support a democratic and free Fiji to join our call for action

To be proactive and energetic advocating for the restoration of democratic leadership in Fiji under the terms laid down in the 1997 Constitution of the Republic of Fiji Islands. We will ensure that the restoration of democracy in Fiji is put at the forefront of discussion, debates and other engagements we undertake at all levels from the grassroots, in the countries that we live in, and in the highest political level:
To acknowledge the critical role that the government of the democratic nations that we live in, have in our right for a free and democratic Fiji.
To acknowledge the central role of the media in the campaign to pressure the Interim Government of Fiji to call for democratic elections under the 1997 Constitution of the republic of Fiji Islands:
To encourage partnership with faith based organisations, established institutional trade unions (who carry out effective industrial action on finance, shipping and travel infrastructure etc), community leaders and civil society groups including NGO’s specifically working for the restoration or instalment of democratic governments around the world:
To support the leading role and measures pursued by the Pacific islands Forum under the Biketwa Declaration made by the leaders of its member nations on the 28th October 2000.

We, the people of Fiji now residing in Australia and all our friends who hold the view that Fiji should be governed by a democratically elected government of the people, for the people, by the people under the terms of the 1997 Constitution of the Republic of the Fiji islands, hereby unanimously adopt the Sydney Declaration of the campaign to restore democracy in Fiji this 18th day of April, 2009.


17 Responses to “C’MON AUSSIE C’MON C’MON”

  1. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    We should never forget two simple facts that are central to the ever-worsening nightmare that we, the people of Fiji, have endured since December 2006.

    Fact One: The coup and all that has followed is about Frank Bainimarama saving his own skin.

    Put simply, Frank Bainimarama is a desperate man. And desperate men do desperate deeds, as Frank keeps demonstrating,

    Fact Two: To make matters worse, this particular desperate man is semi-literate and consistently demonstrates symptoms of a serious personality disorder.

    And now he has assumed unbridled power to rule by decrees signed by his puppet Iloilo, which is frightening.

    As one of the FDN team keeps saying, “it’s like giving a machine gun to a monkey.”

    So, the obvious challenge is how we relieve this monkey of his machine gun.

    We cannot rule out the possibility that there are sufficient men of good sense within the RFMF who will come to their senses and overthrow the dictator.

    Failing that, the only other course open to supporters of democracy is doing all we can to ensure there is no let-up in international pressure on Bainimarama.

    To that end, the meeting in Sydney was a good first step. If the same enthusiasm can be harnessed among the large Fiji expatriate populations in the UK, US and Canada, we will be able to act in concert and with much greater overall effect.

    But we need to get it right.

  2. Koya na Man Says:

    Samu na veinani boys,toso, me da toso, ga ki liu.

    Carubi,cabolo,carubi,cabolo,kua ni dua e soro.

  3. Marama Says:

    I say we rise up people before this gets too far unacceptable.
    All the British Army boys, we need u now to snipper this madman off

  4. Navosavakadua Says:

    Sorry to be off topic but someone asked this question and he could be on to soemthing.

    Can Nailatikau be trusted? He likes to be liked. He’s really feeling the international cold shoulder. Will he desert the regime if they appoint him President?

    With ali the power that the Abrogation has invested in the office of Illegal President, he will be able to do what he likes when he becomes President, which is only a matter of time, and may be not long judging by the old Puppet’s TV appearance.

    As a President who rescues Fiji from going down the drain by restoring the 1997 constitution, Nailatikau would be a hero and the BLV may then confirm him as the legal President.

    From Zero to Hero, he’d love that, so can Frank trust him?

  5. Marama Says:

    There is enough of everybody outside the army walls to do the job- ex army, british army, SAS, navy and marine seals, bomb and explosive experts, brains etc …we can take him down –

    if Bhaini want to ruin the country, lets ruin it properly – lets tear the city down, lets spill blood, lets re build later but at least we get rid of the pigs and the unwanted ones.

  6. Lisa Says:

    Many have discussed that Mrs Nailatikau has always coveted the role of First Lady of the White House, complete with the guard house and the unparalleled view across Suva Bay.

    Her wish may well be granted.

    Ratu Iloilo, Kavu and Rups will be unceremoniously kicked out and the Princess will be where she deems is her rightful place.

    And they all lived happily ever after, while the Nation is left in despair and disrepair.

  7. Budhau Says:

    Fiji Democracy Now:
    Why don’t you cut out the crap about those silly-ass personal attacks like Bainimarama is a “semi-literate and consistently demonstrates symptoms of a serious personality disorder.”
    If the guy is ‘semi-literate”, who appointed him the head of the military. Did they not do a background check on his education and the state of his mental health. If they did not bother to do these background checks, than who should we blame.

    A better argument would be is that this is an intelligent well educated guy and when he was appointed the Military chief, it was expected that he would be a professional soldier who did not have political ambitions. You then argue that power has gone to his head.

    Cut out this silly ass psychological analysis.

    You wrote about Bainimarama saving his own skin – I think that related to the mutiny in 2000. Well, the Qarase administration had six years to investigate and prosecute those mutiny related crimes. The mutiny was related to the 2000 coup and it was Qarase who was trying to protect people from going to jail.

    If you are suggesting that Bainimarama is doing all this to save his skin, than don’t you think we all may be better off by just giving him an immunity and retire the dude.
    I like you quote about someone from your FDN team, “it’s like giving a machine gun to a monkey.” That is one of the best quotes I have seen this year. BTW – have you figured out who gave this “monkey” the “machine gun”. And how many such monkeys have been running around in positions of power in Fiji for the last 35 years.
    Don’t blame the monkey – we will get the “machine gun” off of him after some coaxing. But the underlying problem is that who has been going around giving these guns to the monkeys – that where the problem lies – remember 1987 and 2000.
    ..and that meeting in Sydney – where have these guys been. Don’t you think they should have got off their ass on Dec. 6, 2006. Didn’t you guys learn from those folks in 1987 and 2000 on how to organize and respond to a coup.
    And what did these guys demand – cancel the Air Pacific flights, or sports boycotts etc. Haven’t you buggers learned that sports boycotts have been a very sensitive issue in that part of the world – it all goes back to the All Blacks wanting to play the Sprinbok and the Olympic Boycott. In 1976, 28 nations boycotted the Olympic games because the IOC did not ban New Zealand from the Olympics.
    So if any of you buggers would bother to check you history, you will find out that NZ and the region is very sensitive about sports boycott.
    Sanctions don’t work. These foreign countries have to engage Bainimarama, be it at arms length – not isolate the guy. That is the only way to move things forward.

    So what if Nailatikau is made the President and he decided to do something that the military does not like – What do you think the military would do to that President?
    You only get one guess at this one.

    Marama wrote, “Bhaini want to ruin the country, lets ruin it properly”

    Yes Marama, let us all go down in flames – boy, that sounds so romantic.

  8. Tuma Says:

    No one can help the people of Fiji but the people of Fiji themselves. Fiji is currently under Ilioilo’s law (won’t be long before it becomes Nailatikau’s law) and it will remain that way until the People of Fiji help themselves.

  9. Ko Na Gone Says:

    well said Bhudau!!!

  10. Sucumaivavalagi Says:

    “Marama Says:
    April 20, 2009 at 7:43 pm

    There is enough of everybody outside the army walls to do the job- ex army, british army, SAS, navy and marine seals, bomb and explosive experts, brains etc …we can take him down –

    if Bhaini want to ruin the country, lets ruin it properly – lets tear the city down, lets spill blood, lets re build later but at least we get rid of the pigs and the unwanted ones.”

    What a totally idiotic thing to write, you obviously have no love for Fiji if that is your advice.

  11. Sucumaivavalagi Says:

    And remember Marama the blood that spills might be your own.

  12. renegade Says:

    Frank is a dumb-cnt limited education and limited military expertise…Just listen to his words and his way he does not know what the hell he is on about.He is pretty dumb and thats why he is made to look so stupid when he fronts the media…..he has a split personality and he is a damn joke.

    He thinks he is all that… well so be it let him self destruct and cripple Fiji….who really cares…. do not ask for aid or help when the innocent ones suffer just remember who took you there…a dumb ass dictator on a personal vendetta. Get off your ass and do something.

    George the only regret that you did not execute was putting the bullet in his head.

  13. Budhau Says:

    Renegade, and others in forum – here are some reasons why you should move away from making the case that Bainimarama is some uneducated dumbass who does not know what he is doing.

    Frank was appointed in 1999 and when Speight and his supporters from Kubuna pulled the 2000 coup, Bainimarama stood his ground and did not throw the military’s support behind the coup as many had expected. Back than we would have argued that this would have been the “ultimate treason”. Some of the strongest advocates of democracy now were either behind the 2000 coup or supported the coup.
    Because of that failed coup, they tried to take care of the unfinished business with the mutiny. Frank survived. There were many senior military officers who supported the 2000 coup and the mutiny.
    You guys seem to have very short memories – remember the plan back than – a Matanitu Vanua under Bauan chiefly rule with Seniloli as President and Litia Cakobau as PM, and instead of the “Charter” they had come up with this “Deed of Sovereignty” crap, put together by the NLTB.
    So back than, while you buggers supported all these illegal crap, many saw Frank as the one being committed to the oath of allegiance to the nation.

    What people saw in Frank was a “professional” soldier, as opposed to those other senior military officers supporting the coup as “political” soldiers – like Rabuka was trying to use the military to use political ends.

    That comment about Frank having no “military expertise” – that was to Frank’s advantage – some senior officers were overlooked for the top job because they seemed to have a political agenda. Here was Frank, a young dude, only a seaman, Commander of the Navy which was a very small unit as compared to the land army – this was a positive. So you see the argument, that Frank’s appointment was to ensure that no coup would take place again.

    So what happened?
    Frank’ resistance to the 2000 coup and the mutiny that followed made him unpopular with some senior military officers and the regime – which had by now formed an alliance with the coup supporters. Qarase later released those convicted of coup related crimes, and attempted to spring Speight out of jail. Senior officers were pissed of at Frank – so he got rid of them – because they were a threat to democracy.

    This opposition by Frank was perceived as an insult to the Bauan Chiefs – and certain elements within the Fijian chiefly/power elite had decided that Frank must go and thus started the campaign to get rid of Frank.

    This is when Frank decided to put up a fight. This is what turned Frank from a professional soldier into a political soldier. When you frustrate people, as Qarase frustrated Frank, this is what happens. BTW – this same kind of frustration is what pushed Chaudary into joining the interim regime.

    So that is what happened – Frank is no dumbass, he made some very calculated move.

    Now, you guys are spreading this rumors about some uprising – Franks does not know where it is going to come from but he probably knows that there is a possibility and I am sure he has accordingly prepared for it. He is better prepared than what happened during the mutiny – and a failed attempt (or even a successful one) would see a lot of bloodshed.

    What we are seeing here is Fijian machismo – the threat of “vakadave dra”. (Bloodbath)

    This Macho thingie – if is cultural, Fijian folks sometimes see themselves as one of the most macho people in the world – you see that kinda talk in here all the time whether in this forum where they threaten to kick-ass, or rugby, or some street fight outside some night club, or the military and our war heros, the best soldiers in the world. – this macho thing is alive and well.

    So what these websites are doing is to get that machismo and nationalism, mixed up with the Indian threat, and we got ourselves a civil war – don’t worry about media censorship, we will be on CNN.

    So when the firing starts, the folks in here think that will just show up to see the action – remember how they showed up for the mutiny action ( I recently read about how some dude was hit by a stray bullet, watching the action during the mutiny, and he was suing for damages.) Well guess what, you may not be there this time as part of the audience, you just may become part of the action.

    Marama, don’t be thinking that you can be on the sidelines, maybe get away with some looting action.

    As Marama in here said the other day – lets just take down Frank and everything else with him – that is what it is going to be – self destructive for the Fijians. This is uncharted territory – and things may not go as some idiots in here think we will become another Solomon Islands.

    I am sure Australia will send in the peace keepers, like they did in Solomons, and New Zealand will be willing to take a large number of refugees.
    BTW – after the 2006 coup, there used to be a lot of voices in here reasoning that violence is not the answer – they all seem to have gone quite.

    Starting a fire is easy – putting it out may take generations.


  14. care for fiji Says:

    Hi…… Thakur Singh of NZ have been misinforming NZ indians of the wonderful opportunities Frank and his cronies will give them. New Zealanders are playning suckers to Indo Fiji community there..they ban sports and seasonal farming which is benefitial to fijians who are their for better oppotunities but their trade doors are open because thakur singh has businesss importing fiji dalo and other local crops…and sending high priced lamb neck to fiji..thakur singh the kulina is now back in New Zealand harping about what wonderful leader Frank ..in the Indian Weekender where he is chief Editor…and also saying the NZ and AUs better watch out of a ranging RHINO(Frank)..a sota ga o ira qo..baut age piche!!!!!!

  15. Makare59 Says:

    Anti Frank people should check out the slow but sure shift of grassroots support to the Frank Camp. The latest being the Namosi Province. An influential chief of good standing has joined in the support for Frank. You see Fijians always and only back winners. They can see F is starting to come on top. A good ex. is the sevens team…When they’re winners they get that overwhelming support. When they’re losers the support fizzles out very quickly. Qarase is looking very much the looser at this point. Those that think FB’s dumb, could be making a grave mistake. This guys’ a strategist both in military and the political arena,and time will tell sooner or later of the guy’s political savvy. I know whom I’m gonna bet for.

  16. Relax Man Says:

    People did you read the medical report about Baledrokadroka, Army Medical Scheme will be releasing it to the public to know especially ANU to see the meantally deranged man they have employed!!

  17. senijiale Says:

    I doubt that at this late stage, the PEOPLE would have the slightest interest in comparing the PIG’s bipolar reports and this latest typical RottenFMF HOGWASH in regard to JB’s mental state. FACTS as we all readily perceive in the public arena, speaks for itself. Go figure you idiots..

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