Behind the idyllic island shores and warm, welcoming people, there’s a dark and stormy side to Fiji.

Last week brought into sharp releif the hopes and the fears of our regional neighbourhood.

Let’s start with the bad news – FIJI. It’s a beautiful place and a comptetitively priced holiday destination for Australians. Some of the resorts are magnificent. There are scores of golf courses and beaches diving is plentiful and there are plenty of enticing restaurants.

Behind that facade is an ugly side to Fiji. Divided by ethnicity between indigenous Fijians anxious to retain their colourful culture and Indo-fijian equally anxiaous t5o retain their political and econonmic rights, a handfl of political scoundrels, opportunists and carpetbaggers are destroying the country.

Two of Fiji’s politiciaans – if you could call them that – are particularly nasty.

One if the fromere prime minister and leader of the Fiji Labor Party, Mahendra Chaudry. He led his Labor Party to a fair and square election victory in 1999. Being an Indo-Fijian, he had to show wise and cauatious leadership serving all the people of Fiji, not just narrow ethnic interests. After all, many Fijians felt nervous about being led by someone who wansn’t indigenous.

Chaudry arguably failed that test and was disgracefully overthrown in a coup about a year after his election victory. He cried on the shoulders of Australian polictical leaders, begging John Howard and me to do all we could to restore him to power. He toured the world preaching the injustice of the coup against him – which was fair enough or so I naively thought at the time.

We laboured long and hard to restore democracy to Fiji and when in 2001 elections were held again he lost to the indigenous Fijian party fair and square.

Incredibly, this once great champion of human rights and democracy, not liking the result, decided to support another coup. The coup came in 2006. Tere we were desperatelytring to stop the coup and who was out there undermining our efforts? None other than Mahendra Chaudry. Chaudry subsequently became the so-called finance minister in the new dictatorshiip.

The other nasty piece of work is commodore Frank Bainimarama, the head of the Fiji Defence Force who lead the 2006 couop. This man is, to be a little rude, a clown. I know him moderately well. He’s irrational, a crank who thinks only he can lead the country and without any knowledge of policy issues. Far from saving the country, he’s wrecking it.

Bainimarama came to the 2007 Pacific Island Forum professing he would uphold the Fijian constitution and hold elections by March 2009. Under questioning from the then New Zealand prime minister Helen Clark, and me he revealed that he’d never even read the constitution.

Last week, the Fiji Court of Appeal said his coup was illegal and demanded that a new interim government be establishe pending further electiions. So what did the power-crazed dictator do? Sacked all the judges and abolished constitution he’d never read! Now Fiji has no judges, no constitution and a leader wih no common sense or common decency.

It’s a hard problem to solve. Ironically, the only people who can solve the problem are the people who caused it. The army itself should overthrow their fool of a leader, resotre the constitution and the judiciay and order new elections. Then Fiji could emerge from the gloom which envelops those beautiful islands.

For it’s part, Australia is reduced to issuing press releases saying that recent events are bad. Better to sit down with New Zealand and work out a cunning plan to get the Fijian army to restore the status quo ante.

***This excerpt was from an article written by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs – Australia, The Hon. Alexander Downer***



  1. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    Thanks Alexander!

    That is a brilliant summary of chaudhry the cheat and bonkers bananasinpyjamas.

    SV, where do we find the whole article?

  2. TRS Says:

    How can we be sure this article was written by Alex? Any credible references?

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not a coup supporter.

    In the interest of keeping the information flowing we can publish anything from anyone, but it doesn’t help our course if we publish dubious articles without proper references.

    In the absence of traditional media like Fiji Times and Fiji TV providing us stories vetted and subjected to proper journalistic standard, I encourage you to fill that void with credibility.

    It would help our cause greatly to rid ourselves of the scourge of these dictators.

  3. solivakasama Says:

    The rest of the article was about our neighbours in the Asia-Pacific region and didn’t think anyone would’ve been really interested. We felt that the part about Fiji was very relevant to what is happening at the moment, and an absolute need-to-know for the coup apologists.

  4. TRS Says:

    Any reference is good reference. No reference brings the credibility of this article under question.

  5. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    Thanks SV

    It is so good, I have left a summary of it on other blogs.

    I especially like Alexander’s descriptions of bananasinpyjamas; clown,irrational, a crank,power crazed dictator.

    So so so true.

  6. Asgrocky Says:

    Now I know why the banana didn’t want to go to Port Moresby and sent the squeeler kaiyum instead. Admitted under questioning he had never read the constitution, and he calls himself the pm of Fiji representing the country at the forum. Oooo lala!!!!! What was he thinking? No wonder they called him a clown.

  7. therottenstate Says:

    That sounds more like it soli. I’ll see if I can find that article mentioned in the globalism link above.

  8. Jezzer Says:

    Man he didn’t read the constitution, bet he didn’t read the stupid charter his mate samy was trying to promote, the buggers illiterate, his constantly shifting eyes confirm it, and it’s not the teleprompter either.

    The guys a f’n old dumbass.

    BTW has he unclenched his buttocks yet?

  9. solivakasama Says:

    check here

    This article was emailed to us from Australia, we cannot reveal who emailed it but it was from a newspaper article published in an Australian newspaper today.

    Unfortunately we cannot find the article on that newspaper site either but has also read it as they’ve commented on their site.

  10. tualevu Says:

    The article is genuine. It was published in the Adelaide Advertiser today the 13th and was written by Alexander DOWNER (ex foreign affairs minister) who is a resident of Adelaide, South Australia. Have tried to get a web address where it can be found. Try which is the Advertisers web address. It was published in the ‘Issues’ section.

  11. Relax Man Says:

    That article is a fake!! please if you going to get people on your side, try and be truthful not BS like the current IG!! You getting to be worse than them coming up with fake stuff like this!!

  12. Te Says:

    What a load of kak….I laughed so hard, utter nonsense

  13. Te Says:

    No offense to whoever the “Soli Vakasama” bloggers are, but you lot have to be the most ignorant politcal bloggers I’ve ever seen. It’s obvious this article has been altered by someone else.

    It’s really desperate and pathetic trying to pass off a 3rd rate article as this as something genuine.

  14. Talei Dredre Says:

    I hate to do this but Relax Man seems correct. The only article in is the one below. There is nothing there about Alexander Downer. Hey letz not fake people. We’ll be then just as bad as this fake Government. Talei Dredre…………………

    Fijians denied rule of law

    PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd’s description of Fiji as a military dictatorship is, unfortunately, right on the money.

    Once again the Fijian people are being denied the rule of law, freedom of the press and are having the future of their society and economy put at risk.

    It is the latest development in a lamentable failure of democracy in the South Pacific nation, which has endured four coups in 20 years.

    President Ratu Josefa Iloilo’s move to suspend the constitution and swear in armed forces chief Commodore Frank Bainimarama as Prime Minister denies the Fijian people a voice in the political process. It is also destined to ruin the country economically, as tourism and investment dollars flee the nation.

    The only people to benefit from these decisions, as usual, are the military leaders running roughshod over the rights of the ordinary Fijian.

    Responsibility for all editorial comment is taken by The Editor, Melvin Mansell, 31 Waymouth St, Adelaide, SA 5000

  15. Budhau Says:

    ***This excerpt was from an article written by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs – Australia, The Hon. Alexander Downer***

    MY ARSE – you want use to believe that this crap was written by Downer.

    Come on SV, what the phuck were you thinking when you allowed this in here as a “feature article” and when questioned about it’s authenticity, you defended it.

    And that numb-nuts, ex-Fiji Tourist – maybe it was him that emailed this “article” in the first place.

    Take this crap off of SV — NOW!

  16. tagata Whenua Says:

    Is it possible for the solivakasama administrator to get some breaking news on the web as the coup news blackout unfold in Fiji please?.Why dont you use contact in th FT (e-mails) or the Fiji media council to use this web site as the source of telling the world about those democracy murderers(IG).If this web site support the removal of those bastards (IG) than this is the time for the SVM web to stand up and be counted.I have been browsing the RFN web site which I believe that they are doing well in updating the coup events as they unfold back in Fiji.And I will also like to appeal for the people back home (FIJI) to post any updates in this web so we can tell the world whats happening back home.Thanks

  17. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Hey Bud – relax!

    This is merely the jury starting to deliver their verdict in the Court of Public Opinion.

    You have battled valiantly to try and uphold your (somewhat rickety) idolization of Chaudhry here – but sooner or later the people were going to have to try and make some credible sense of what was going on.

    Those who know some of the intimate details of what actually went on a merely bringing that knowledge into the public domain to help the process of sense-making.

    Interestingly, Downer’s last paragraph mirrors what Jim Sanday reportedly told certain Fiji citizens earlier in the year. Certainly, there WILL be plans already drawn up for every option – it is really just down to the final presentation and advice to the powers that be, as to which one they will choose. They will have Bhaini pegged as a sociopathic megalomaniac who has little public loyalty, and vanishing troop loyalty – all the easier for surgical solutions, in that case.

  18. Budhau Says:

    No Jean, it is this type of Shenanigans that affects the credibility of a site like this.

    Regardless of what you think about Chaudary – Do you honestly believe that this was a Downer written piece.

    “… there’s a dark and stormy side to Fiji.” I like his writing style.

  19. Save the Sheep Says:

    Actually the article is flawed in that it failed to identify two exteremely nasty pieces of work in Fiji.

    Driti and Mara. These are very dangerous and unstable individuals who could easily take Fiji into the sub third world category..

  20. Budhau Says:

    Sheep lady, that may be true – I think the discussion in here had more to do with the authenticity of this Downer piece.

    I am sure there are many SV columnists who can write a much better piece including what you have just mentioned. The was no need to post a phony article.

  21. Tuma Says:

  22. Jean d'Ark Says:


    Does seem a bit suss – but it certainly sounds like the kind of thing Downer would be privy to. And there is that reference in the Globalism Blog.

    Also the Advertiser is a Murdoch Paper if I’m not mistaken, so I wouldn’t put it beyond them to publish something as indelicate as this (you know, the Fiji Times sisterhood and all that).

  23. Save the Sheep Says:

    Sorry Bud Light and there’s me thinking we were commenting on the article.. We have heard you now move on…

  24. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Drippy and Mara aren’t politicians in the strictest sense of the word, though.

    Although I suppose you could say they were politicians in the same sense that Augusto Pinochet was a “politician”.

  25. Relax Man Says:

    tagata Whenua, aint nothing happenin here bro!! dont know what rubbish you getting off the net but I’m still enjoying my beer at traps, late nite chow at Sunia Cama’s, church at centenary on Sunday, walked about town today, Suva still the same man, wheel barrow boys choke wavoki tiko ga, was there something you know suppose to be happening????? you must be in a different world brother, you sure you not on on ganja????

  26. Daunimisini Says:

    They are panicking! Save Narube sent home.
    Goons in civvies on guard in banks.
    Foreign reserve fallen dramatically
    Goons tried unsuccesfully to shut down FINTEL.
    …we stand & watch how far they will go!
    ….as they say down south, “every dog has it’s day!”
    – watch your backside Budhau – they are coming for you!

  27. Tuma Says:

    Relax Man you’re too relaxed. Either you the one on ganja or you’ve bent over for them. Suva still the same yeah right but Fiji isn’t.

  28. Budhau Says:

    They are making a big deal out of some offices being closed. The reason is that there are c=some appointments that are made under the constitution, the is a commission that does that – for the DPP, the Auditor-General, the Governor of the reserve Bank and the like.

    So what is supposed to happen is that some of these guys may have turned up to work today and that would mean that they are working under the old constitution – sort like a protest.

    So what FB did was that he decided to shut down these offices until fresh appointments are made.

    That’s why Narube was sent home – his appointment expired with the abrogation of the constitution. That does not mean that he would not be reappointed – but seeing what was going on recently, my bet is that the dude is going to lose his job.

  29. Budhau Says:

    BTW Guys yesterday I wrote:

    “That Dorsami Naidu who is advising the Judges to stand up for this constitution – well guess what, his ass is going to jail tomorrow under some emergency decree.”

    Well guess what, today’s news:

    “Meanwhile, our correspondent, Matelita Ragogo, says she spoke with the President of the Law Society, Dorsami Naidu, after he was taken in by police this morning.
    “The last time I spoke to him was about an hour ago and he was still being held at the Lautoka Police Station. He said they hadn’t told him why he’d been brought in. They hadn’t started questioning him at that point.”

    OK…so you think Mr Naidu would be joining that planned protest that you guys were talking about.

    I think Mr Naidu is saying “I do” at the police station.

    Sort like “Do you understand”…..”I do, I do”

  30. Fiji Democracy Now Says:


    Fiji is about to be given the cold shoulder by the whole world. We at Fiji Democracy Now say it’s time for everyone with family members in the RFMF to impose their own sanctions and give them the cold shoulder.

    There’s no need to explain it. Just stop talking to them. They’ll understand. They know what their leaders are doing to the country.

    And if they’re smart they’ll realise that their pay packets will wind up empty one day or full of Fiji dollars that won’t buy anything if this madness doesn’t stop

  31. Dalo Planter Says:

    Let’s all just relax mada and smoke what the ovisa confiscated last week.

  32. Jean d'Ark Says:


    You talk about the spurning of “Constitutional” appointments under the new order as if it is a bad thing.

    Far from it – it is a great thing. Shows these people have integrity, and the ability to see through the Regime’s lies. No shame in t hat, and good on them for taking a stand.

    Now the Regime will have, in the words of Michael Field, to scratch around for some Captain or other who once read a magazine on economics, or law, or accounting, or whatever.

    Thus we now are seeing the Regime’s version of the Peter Principle, wherein the level of incompetence in the Cabinet begins do descend down into the ranks of the Civil Service, and Statutory Institutions. That is, imposing your own level of incompetence down the chain of command until they’re all stupid enough to follow professionally impossible or morally repugnant directives without question or conscience.

    Don’t know how that’s going to help deliver us the “better Fiji” that you and the Charter keep alleging is only an electoral reform away.

  33. Keep The Faith Says:

    @ Budhs: If Narube got the flick because his role as RBF Chief is a constitutional appointment, why is Teleni still Police Commissioner as this role is also constitutionally appointed? Obviously Shyster Shameem missed out on this memo as well.

    The military’s attempts to do things ‘by the book’ are so pathetic and hysterical. They have no bloody idea.

  34. OjO Says:

    Here’s a quote to contemplate.

    The great blessing of mankind are within us and within our reach; but we shut our eyes, and like people in the dark, we fall foul upon the very thing we search for, without finding it.

    Seneca(7 B.C. – 65 A.A.)

  35. Jean d'Ark Says:


    I think the ones who got into trouble are the ones who declined turn up to take their treasonous oaths on Monday.

    So by that guess – Tele Tubby and the Shyster both turned up (perhaps the only ones)

  36. Budhau Says:

    Jean, as usual, you seem to have got this one wrong to.
    You wrote, “Far from it – it is a great thing. Shows these people have integrity, and the ability to see through the Regime’s lies. No shame in t hat, and good on them for taking a stand.”

    There is nothing wrong with people protesting the abrogation of the constitution. All those Judges who had sworn to uphold the constitution, sure some of them would show there displeasure.

    Jean, they did show up – some to work under present situation accepting the abrogation, and others showed up to protest by claiming that their appointment is still intact, thus the constitution is not abrogated.

    Here is my time warp thingie, after the 2000 constitution was purportedly abrogated, there was this Judge Jayan Prakash who insisted taking is oath to uphold that constitution and in that case – he won. The situation is much different this time – the military would have none of that.

    Since the military has abrogated the constitution, they have to put their foot down and be decisive.

    So anyone who were going to show up to work suggesting that their appointment was under the old constitution and they were upholding that constitution – the military had no choice but to stop them. In case of Narube, I think that the regime was not very happy with him and since he was terminated at the time of the abrogation, he may not get reappointed and knowing that he may rather continue to protest and go out that way, guaranteeing him some decent overseas appointment.

    Tele Tubby and Shyster – they are all for the abrogation and may have already pledged allegiance to the Big Kahuna.

  37. True True Says:

    All the more useless gossip. Thats all u got. Dont even have the guts to stand up….hahaha, dont waste ur time people…just follow the course.

  38. Ben_St0ne Says:

    Sa Moce,
    We sing isa lei with knives behind our backs.
    Our shadows flee from us.
    Sleep we don’t.
    Is the Dawn of Terror.
    Farewell the Daystar.

  39. Relax Man Says:

    True, True, dina sara and well said, cry babies all day day long. Like Dalo Planter said, relax and smoke the harvest brought in by the Police last week!!!

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