Sean Dorney the ABC Pacific Correspondent has been given his marching orders & is waiting for the first flight out of Fiji.


22 Responses to “………………….BREAKING NEWS”

  1. angie.heffern Says:

    shows how moronic they are….deporting foreign journos and threatening the local media will not stop the free flow of information……internet and coconut wireless dah… Counter productive of them cos they need the media more then we do as a central part of their disinformation propoganda campaign. Kiddos to the brave Fiji Times, Fiji TV and Fijilive staff and management!!

  2. Relax Man Says:

    Well I guess he spoke on what he was not entitled too!! we dont need foreigners here in particular reporters like him who come here, report on BS, bed our women in particular those on this site!!! bye,bye Sean.

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    Kiwi journo too:


  4. Hope Says:

    Yeah, fijivillage publishes a statement by Aiyaz Khaiyum that all they want is a ‘pro-fiji media’. Give me a break!! Why can’t they be honest and tell us that all they want is a pro-Frank &Co. media. We know that they’ve got marching orders from that invalid, scumbag, dictator, useless being of a man — Iloilo. So let’s keep our faith and hope that one of these days, something good is going to happen. I totally believe in that, even though it may seem impossible right now.

  5. renegade Says:

    Relax man needs to check himself……go comment on the ig’s blog you fuckwit……get a life and you too will be taken out soon if you dont shut your fat mouth. Hows your Mum….

  6. Hope Says:

    @renegade – “get a life”?? That sounds too elementary for me, is there anything better?

  7. digger09 Says:

    keep the faith, your name isnt anne by any chance is it?

  8. renegade Says:

    vinaka guys I am sorry just getting annoyed so sorry will be more tactful in future.
    moce mada

  9. Relax Man Says:

    common foreign journalist out!! local journalist do your stuff, this is your chance now…

  10. BroadcastTek Says:

    sorry Relax Man for bedding your women. We thought they said that they liked it. Maybe you are not doing a good job about it?

    The fact is – it doesnt matter where we are – we still can get what we want about you and publish it to the world! And your women can still reach us, we are just a click away!

  11. Kivei Relax Man Says:

    Edwin Nand is a local journo who was arrested for doing his stuff.

    Dude what chance are you on about mann…………


  12. Grace Says:

    Edwin Nand was arrested for doing his stuff……..

    Do not think that there will be any chance when an illegal government is ruling Fiji

    Really sad when the president is a puppet and Frank Bainimarama is the puppeteer

    May God Bless Fiji

  13. digger09 Says:

    ‘Keep the faith’ run little piggy run!

  14. Relax Man Says:

    So nice to read to read the papers now, nothing political, no boring pictures of IG or Anti-IG elements!!! crime rate so low, news in the evenings more intresting to watch now!!! why couldnt we have these all the time man, so relaxing……snore….snore

  15. Daunimisini Says:

    …it’s getting worse….they now know the mess they have taken the country into!

    even Relax Man misses the truth and is now falling asleep from boredom while his woman keeps in contact with sean dorney!

  16. Tom Says:

    Blogs are a great way of counteracting the lunacy of Bainimarama’s stifling censorship. This military dictator is indeed a clown, and he needs to be exposed every way he can. Please check out my blog, althrough I am relatively new to all this. But I love Fiji and its people, and will not sit here in Oz in a comfort zone and do nothing. Democracy and Freedom of Speech are paramount. I look forward to the day of visiting Fiji again, but not before the clown is in jail for the term of his (un)natural life.
    http://teejayforafreefiji.blogspot.com/ – check me out, it is pretty bland, but I do want to help…

    *** As I speak, we are hearing that the military has taken over the Fiji Reserve Bank…oh my goodness.

  17. solivakasama Says:

    Welcome Tom.

    Vinaka Vakalevu for your stance and good luck with the new site, we shall keep in touch.

    Please, please keep safe.

  18. Asgrocky Says:

    Sean Dorney interviewed on the news last night encouraging Australians to go to Fiji, its a good time to go now he said, there’s no problems in Fiji.

  19. Grace Says:

    Yeah whatever Asgrocky Banimarama tui ni lasulasu

  20. Budhau Says:

    Come on guys, anytime you abrogate the constitution, it will take a day or two for the dust to settle and than it is business as usual.

    As for economic hardship and all that that, we have a global downturn and besides with all these sanctions and tourism numbers down and all that – of course things are gonna be tough.

    The 20% devaluation – we had that coming for a long time. That beachfront property on the coral coast is looking much more attractive now with my Australian dollar going a long way.

    Edwin Nand, Dor Sami Naidu, Attar Singh, Pramod Rae, Shamima, Bala Dass – what happened to the Fijian leadership.

    Maybe out of this we will get some new young blood who is ready to stand up and fight for all the people of Fiji – none of those Kanaloto gang.

  21. sesau Says:

    budhau, me ratou yatuni taki iko mada o edwin nand and co.

  22. Relax Man Says:

    Well said again Budhu, you should be given an oscar for bringing a sense of credibility to this site!!! otherwise it’s made up of sorry people who dont have a job, sad,sad people. They been talking about resistance since 06 it’s become a word that forces me to fart whenever I read it here.

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