Deep Breath!

I’m sure the feelings of euphoria that we all felt on Thursday afternoon were quickly turned to unmitigated anger and sorrow yesterday, all over our beautiful Island Nation and beyond.

The utter frustration was so enormous we couldn’t find words to explain it all, that an incontinent president (duh!) who was selected to protect and respect the constitution, after abrogating it and sacking the judiciary, that had ruled against ole piggy and his ig coupsters  illegal stance turned around and put the damned manumanu and his cronies right back in.

Well our feelings were right after all, there was worse to come.

The IP is not being controlled by VB, he is in fact being controlled by the Epeli tavales and their greedy wives. IP couldn’t give a bucketful of shit about VB. He, the IP is a high chief who doesn’t listen to anyone not of his ilk, he wouldn’t give VB the time of day unless the Epeli tavales or their wives gave the nod.

If we think back about the history of coups in Fiji, Epeli tavale the qase was always lurking in the background yet conveniently ‘absent’ whenever a coup was instigated. The appointment of VB to Commander of the Armed Forces on 1.3.99 was because $50 Epeli tavale had resigned to pursue a career in politics as new elections were about to begin where the NLP won and Mahendra Chaudry was the new Prime Minister on 19.5.99.

The lead up to the 1999 elections was one where years before, the graduates after the 1987 coup were determined to rid the Nation of Rabuka and in 1999 the NLP was the choice of most voters, most of them first time voters but very cluey. The disappointment that Chaudry was no better than Rabuka was heartfelt, but noone wanted another coup and the resolve was to wait for the next elections and vote him OUT. FACT.

Talk is cheap but when there’s a mass of highly educated people out there who want the best for their country and are capable of changing the face of politics it was clear to all that NLP would win hands down. FACT.

This talk was heard by $50 Epeli, and as a chief from the beautiful Isle of Taveuni and married to a princess who thought he had the best credentials to win the 1999 election hands down. But, did HE think this or was he manipulated into thinking it so Bainimarama could be conveniently put in charge of the military. I really don’t think $50 Epeli is capable of duplicity, I think he is rather naive and is in a situation he cannot possibly control, yet if he was still Commander of the Armed Forces we would not be in the shitpit we’re in today. Maybe I’m wrong but did his tavale Epeli N ‘Ratu uma mada lewa’ (yeah he’s still at it, the old goat) convince him knowing the mood of the people and knowing full well  the vote may go to the NLP, but sacrificing his tavale (just incase he won)  for a person of  low iq and can be easily moulded to realise  his objectives.

Before he could expedite another coup – against the NLP, word must’ve got out and George Speight who beat him to it was the scapegoat used to pull the coup in 2000 that went awry. Ratu Mara the President of the day was accused of not performing his duties and shuffled off to the outer islands and we were presented with an incontinent president who does not repect the constitution or upholds it.

Since then the SDL have LEGALLY won the elections twice. FACT.

Since the 200 coup and IP has been the president VB who is really a great ‘lamu sona’  has been very vocal in criticing the SDL government and everything it represents yet cannot abide an iota of criticism against his illegal stance.

The incontinent president is not a scratch on the Late President Ratu Sir KKT Mara who would not abrogate the  constitution in 2000 and defended it forever.

The miscreants with dodgy cvs like tavale Ep the qase and VB who would not be given a job in the normal manner still get paid by the public purse and deprive everyone else of their livelihood and  human rights, so as long as they have their man, incontinent or not in the prime postition, and he is feeble enough to follow their orders without any thought they ALL  still live high off the hog.

It is  heartbreaking to think that the graduates who celebrated this week with their families and friends really have to reconsider their options like the rest of the population has had to do. There are so many well educated, hard working  people out there whose prospects of work have been put on hold because of the inconsistencies continually imposed on the Nation by the ig coupsters.


  1. jim Says:

    Heard from a friend that Aussie special forces were called to march in to camp last Thursday for preparation for a Fiji invasion.However, I heard today that the Fiji military intelligence have received the news and all military bases were alerted to prepare for a possible strike. Only time will tell & whether Fiji can stand against the invasion will be another story to tell.

  2. Relax Man Says:

    jim speight??? special forces on special discount flights to fiji??? de vaqara kaba waqa, keep dreaming jim boy!!!!

  3. Grace Says:

    Jim that’s a load of nonsense matey

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