Voreqe Bhainimarama really has the unrivalled ability to make a bloody fool of himself.

WTF is the latest ‘cut friend’ shit threatening the SDL, FLP,  Big Moro Mick Beddoes and a few others from being included in the consesus building political talks on Thursday. 

OK, OK,  we are aware the he is used to conversing with himself and thinks he is the be all and end all for Fiji, but we all wish he’d keep his worsening bipolarism to himself and stop imposing his primitive behaviour on the Nation.

In fact his whole team of ignorant coupsters is a tag team of imbeciles.

Take the unholy Tele ni who thinks he has the third eye working for him somehow, that  allows him to spout whatever he wants and do whatever pleases him regardless of what the ig promotes in their samycharter.

Or Driti, who looks like his hair was styled by cockerroaches eating their way around his empty head and his pathetic attempts at threatening women, UGH!

In two and a bit years the ig has created so much dissent among the people and raised the ugly issue of racism. Any attempt at finding rationality or reason in their arguments is ultimately doomed, as they are.

So much for their ‘clean up campaign’. 

All the military is good for is spreading the doctrine of hatred and violence and imposing it on the innocent citizens of Fiji.

Voreqe Bhainimarama and ALL  of his ignorant coupsters have no direction and forever walk in darkness.



  1. parasad Says:

    Soli, an excellent observation and it really doesn’t look good to the leaders in Indian and China. They don’t really know whether they want to deal with such stupid so called leader who’s acting like a blockhead?

  2. Budhau Says:

    Persaud – you idiot, they Chinese they deal with folks much worse than this Fiji shit, just like the US deals with bad boys – and they all know what they are dealing with.

    Those coupsters – you may not agree with their politics etc – but those guys ain’t idiots.

  3. Nostradamus Says:

    Voreqe is an idiot. Driti is an idiot. Ului is an idiot. Perhaps there are some who are not idiots who we never hear about. Bune is probably not an idiot because he had the good sense to bail out when it became apparent that this coup was going nowhere. Chaudhry is not an idiot, just snake slime.

  4. Budhau Says:

    Nostra – I am sure you would have been perfectly OK with that “idiot” vorege as the head of the military if he had not pulled this coup – right.
    We won’t be having this discussion then.

    This tells you one more thing – how these Fijian ‘idiots” rise to the top. BTW – it ain’t the coupsters who have a monopoly on idiots.

    BTW – I totally agree that Driti is an idiot – but how would you like to see Driti pull a coup on Vorege, then he would be your hero.

    How about those smart guys, Naisoro, Yabaki, Kubuabola and the rest of SDL boys – aren’t they the ones who put those SDL “unemployable imbeciles” in power so that they can control them.

    I don’t think Vorege is an idiot, he might have have made a stupid move in pulling this coup, but he ain’t no idiot. Can’t say the same for Leweni and Driti though.

    The politics in Fiji is about power and money – and a small group of Fijian have got that one figured out.

  5. Keep The Faith Says:

    LMAO @ the “cut friend” quip.

    I guess that’s because Bainimarama’s IQ is pretty much reduced to that of of toddlers (no offence to the toddlers) and therefore is the only way he understands how to get his way.

  6. Budhau Says:

    Talking about bullying – get ready, the military regime is starting to play hardball – BTW if the ruling this afternoon comes out against the regime, then get ready – because they will abrogate the constitution, and Driti will be giving more “advice” to the Interim PM.

    Let’s see how the Military Council rules instead of the Cabinet.

  7. Keep The Faith Says:

    i don’t think anyone cares what the military pulls out of the hat anymore budhau.

    they are just signs of desperation…vindication for the people is coming….maybe not today, but its coming

  8. Budhau Says:

    Keep the Faith – I don’t think this “political problem” can be resolved in the Court. While a Qarase victory may give him the bragging rights, we would end up with a full fledged military dictatorship. While we may not have had an election in 2009, there was some chance of an election in 2010 or 2011. With a military dictatorship in place, we should kiss that election date good bye also.

    That signs of desperation – I think the military is getting desperate because of the economy etc, I don’t think the person in the street is ready to stand up to this regime. When you look at other military dictatorships, we have a loong ways to go before some guy guy get out in the street with a banner saying “Give me liberty or Give me death”

    Yes, this military dictatorship would go away some day – the question is whether it will be in the next few years or would it be 2020 – but it is coming, its coming.

  9. Talei Says:

    Little digression. What has happened to Epeli Nailatikau? Haven’t heard much from him was he axed and we don’t know it?

  10. at least Says:

    hooorayyy …Qarase winning the appeal case..Sa na qai tu evei o Vore kei Gates and the President…

    This is God’s gift to us this Easter..

    May God Bless Fiji more…..

  11. OjO Says:

    Fiji’s Court of Appeal has declared that the removal of Laisenia Qarase and his ministers from government in a military takeover in December 2006 was unlawful, and has ruled it lawful for the President to appoint a caretaker Prime Minister to issue a writs for general elections.

    However, it has ruled against the argument by Qarase’s lawyers that he be reinstated and that he advise the President to dissolve Parliament and call fresh elections, given the length of time since Qarase’s removal.

    Instead, the three judges have ruled that the President appoint an independent person as caretaker Prime Minister, who would then advise President to dissolve parliament and make way for elections.

    The court has made the decision on the basis that if the President’s powers of prerogative did exist after Fiji became independent, they did not exist after the 1997 Constitution came into effect.

    The issue of the President’s powers of prerogative, through which the interim administration was appointed, has been the crux of the appeal brought by Qarase against a High Court ruling last year that validated the President’s actions and his appointment of the interim government.

    The court has granted Solicitor-General Christopher Pryde leave to appeal the judgment.

    After the court handed down the decision, Pryde asked that a stay be granted on the decision, given the seriousness of the case.

    However, the judges ruled it was not an appropriate case to grant a stay.


  12. Budhau Says:

    OK – So Qarase does get the bragging rights now – what next?
    How about the President appoints Bainimarama as the Caretaker PM to take Fiji to election within a reasonable time – follow the letter of the law, exactly – So what next – we changed Bainimarama’s title from Interim to Caretaker.

    Remember how Chaudary also won that court victory – and how Qarase still remained the caretaker PM

  13. Budhau Says:

    Oops, I guess FB can’t be appointed as the caretaker PM – well, in that case I nominate Chaudary, or one of the Epeli boys.

  14. orion Says:

    Bud – court ruled that none of the parties involved in the case be consisderd for the position of caretaker PM. However, Fiji has one specialized PM groomed for short-term , come-in-between insertion – going by the name of Moemoedodonu – Iloilo’s cousin i believe???

  15. Budhau Says:

    “Parties involved in the case” – that would be Qarase and FB – Chaudary, Ganilau, Nailatikau and the rest – they were not parties involved in the case.

    I think, they should pull a Momoe – by appointing Chaudary the PM for a day, he advises the President to dissolve the parliament and than the President appoints Ganilau as the caretaker PM. (or FB could get one of his relatives get appointed PM for a day – that way he will get the PM’s pension for the rest of his life.)

    There is nothing in there that sets up a timetable for the next election – so everyone can take their time, put the new electoral system in place with no deadline – and if anyone does not like that – they can sue.

    Since FB wont be the PM – we no longer have a military dictatorship – so all the sanctions should be lifted – FB goes back to being the military chief (and defacto PM of course)

    Everything moving forward from now one would be all legal – they should follow the letter of the law – as laid down in this court decision.

    Remember I mentioned the Karma thing – Qarase went around the Court’s decision in the Prasad case – that basically asked that Chaudary be reinstated and Qarase would have none of that – I thought it was good of the court to not ask that Qarase be reinstated.

    This decision is not a victory for Qarase – what this does is makes the next interim (caretaker) government more legit – that means less international pressure – now, only if FB plays his cards right.

    CF – there comes your $350 m EU money for Chaudary.

    Actually FB should have put in a “civilian” government in place right after the coup – but I guess he didn’t want to make the same mistake he made with Qarase during the 2000 coup.

    Where is the Party – yaar.

  16. Corruption Fighter Says:

    The sun is shining and the fog that’s covered the land is beginning to lift.

    Let’s hope that the announcement of an election date prompts the EU to start planning for the disbursement of the aid funds needed desperately by our sugar farmers.

    This is a day for rejoicing by everybody except the Illegals, who should get busy packing their carpetbags and finding the quickest way to get out of town.

    Meanwhile in India MPC no doubt hopes that he’ll soon be able to get a visa to allow him to be reunited with his money in Sydney, se vavei Budhau.

    Sa dri yani

  17. Asgrocky Says:


  18. senijiale Says:


  19. senijiale Says:

    Why is it that my posts are constantly held up? Why can’t you simply return this blog to its RIGHTFUL owner – Kutu?

    Bud – tell me if there’s a difference between a usurper and a usurper?!

    On the evening of Fiji’s landmark ruling that we, pro-democracy and law-abiding citizens hve held our breaths for, there isn’t even an update on this anti-coup pro-democracy blog! So sad…

    On 9 October 2008, this SV blog was being updated, simultaneously, as the ILLEGAL Chief Justice Gates pronounced his rubbish, live, from the High Court at Suva. RFN seems more excited by the win than you.

    Bud – I’m fed up of the never-ending tit-for-tat. Where do we draw the line??

    Qarase fan or not, I am absolutely thrilled that the Constitution and thereby, the rule of law was upheld. I haven’t read the 54pg judgment (I’m told) but i think Jon Apted did a wonderful job summarizing it briefly for us, lay people, on TV1’s In-depth report this evening.

    This country and its people had been placed under siege by its own military since 5Dec06 (except that it was formally recognized and declared so by the Court today, well, in so many words).

    The PIG, his piglets, Ai-ass & cohorts, AND the thieving-qauris’ of the notorious military council, have been rightfully reduced to the level of “common criminals” who must and will, in the near future, face the consequences of their TREASONOUS acts! Didn’t they looked so pathetic on TV with their pretentious address to the nation that they’ll await the senile Pressie’s decision on the next step ‘forward’ when we all know who’ll be making those decisions. What an insult. Just get on with it and get the hell out of the nation’s hard-earned kitty, you thieving morons!!

  20. Budhau Says:

    Where is the party – yaar, it time to throw a big party – right. We won!!!

    When are you idiots going to realize that:
    1) this is a political question or issue that cannot be resolved by the court. What are thye gonna do send a bailiff or sheriff out there to enforce the courts ruling.
    2) this court decision was not a victory for Qarase – this has just given the President and FB a way out – that they follow the letter of the law as laid down in this courts ruling and make every thing legit. Appoint a PM, dissolve the parliament, appoint a caretaker PM, and proceed with what they were doing. In the mean time, the international community comes on board, the sanctions are lifted and this this thing just keep on keepin’ on.

    Don’t anyone of you remember the Chandrika Prasad case – and how there are ways to get around a courts decision (I am not suggesting that that is what the regime folks should do – but I know what they are going to do.)

    CF – that celebration – that is a bit premature. BTW, the fog that you talk about – that is covering the nation, no is not really true, it is your thinking that is clouded.

    Senijiale – I am sorry – but I think that this court decision will do us all more harm than good. Qarase should have dropped this case long time ago and should have started looking for a political solution – I know it would be difficult, but the court battle didn’t do anything, did it.

  21. Talei Says:

    If Bainimarama abides by the ruling, then why not? He’s already bankrupted the country. He’s “made” his money, so he now hopes to cop out with immunity for his treasonous crimes.

  22. paulina Says:

    I am so happy at least to know that the ruling had finally jusitified the legality of this IG. This IG had caused a lot of damage to the people of fiji and I hope that the President will now come to his sense in selecting a most suitable carataker prime minister that will move the country forward to the next election..congrats

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