It’s taken certain citizens who are known con artists, over 2 years  to emerge in a feeble attempt to resolve the coup and the interim regimes illegal stance because VB and his coupsters have not invited them to be involved in shutting down the Nation..
Starting up ineffectual political parties to bolster the ig is shallow as it is obvious that wherever there is illegal profits to be made from  the misery of others the detritus will emerge to take advantage of the situation.
What they hope to achieve by bloc voting in support of the ig will only stall any efforts to move the Nation forward.
Life in coup coup land has taught us that those with ulterior motives will always stoop to the lowest level.
Yep, politics makes strange bedfellows.
Small parties form block to back PM
Thursday, April 02, 2009
SMALLER parties have formed the People’s Movement for Political Forum to exchange views and ideas on issues to be discussed at the political forum.
General Voters Party national secretary John Sanday said these political parties met with an understanding of each party’s stand on issues to be discussed at the forum.
“The movement allowed us to meet and discuss these issues with an understanding on what our individual parties stood for. This is not like a threat to the so-called big parties because this is not a competition,” he said.
Last week, talks were held among minority political parties to bloc vote in support of interim Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama at the upcoming President’s Political Dialogue Forum.
This was revealed by former parliamentarian and General Voters Party spokesman Fred Caine who said this was to ensure Fiji gets it right this time instead of rushing matters to satisfy foreigners and other parties that wanted a general election this year.
“We will go as a bloc in the next meeting … (and) also request the interim Prime Minister to allow the media to be present during meeting,” he said.


  1. Budhau Says:

    Yeah whatever.

    BI won’t be surprised to see somewhere around 25 or so political parties contesting the next election.
    ..and than there would be the GRAND Fijian Coalition backed by the GREAT Council of Chiefs. for the them freeloaders – hey, we have always had the Kana Loto Gang – coup or no coup – there was always those tax dollars – plenty to go around.

    BTW – I was just trying to explain this to Jane the other day, that with all these political parties and all that – guess who would be in the best position to form alliances and coalitions and ultimately decide who will form the government. The dude may not be the next PM, however, he will decide who the next PM would be – and if the PM does not toe the line, than, guess who will bring down the PM – legally, of course.

  2. parasad Says:

    Cain is a kiss-ass bastard, lets keep him in mind in the event of a democratic election? I say give the Fijian their due and let them run their country the way they want to.
    As an indo-Fijian who has lived in Fiji for 3 generations and have become wealthy because the I Taukei were kind enough to give my ancentors their land -freely, i stand ready to endorse and finance, the SDL or any other newly created Fijian party, that may wish to run in the next General election.

  3. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    The officials of these very small insignificant parties are just a bunch of the biggest crooks around the country-Sanday, Sivo and Caine included!

    Their parties stand out as the ones which failed to win any seats in the 2006 general elections. They are now looking for some crumbs from Bhaini Marama’s table!

  4. Budhau Says:

    Hey Parasite – you idiot, learn to spell your name right – being a 3rd generation Indo-Fijian.

    So you one of those who believe in that “god given right” to rule – well in that case I am sure God will give you your right back – so what is this about “giving the Fijians their due” crap.

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