What strange times we live in here in Fiji when full scale  lawlessness begins from the head of the illegal coupsters and trickles down to the thug soldiers who steal,  maim and kill, yet all deny any wrongdoing and expect immunity because they are the regime.

Same can be said of the gross misnomer that is the  Fiji Human Rights Commission and the illegally appointed Solicitor General  who are a contradiction of what they are supposed to stand for and do nothing but condemn anyone who fights for their liberty and the liberty of the Nation from the illegal grip of the pathetic military and their backers.

Their ludicrous attemps at thwarting the Rule of Law is mindboggling and we’re all about to be inundated with their mischievousness again. Oh Joy.


CCF allowed into coup case appeal

The Citizens Constitutional Forum has been granted permission to act as an intervener in the appeal by former Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase against the High Court ruling that validated the 2006 military takeover.Court of Appeal judges, Justices Randell Powell and Ian Lloyd ruled the CCF’s submission be restricted to one hour when the appeal hearing begins next Monday.

The matter was called before them this morning.

Solicitor-General Christopher Pryde opposed the application, saying the last minute submission was “mischievous and an attempt to disrupt the proceedings”.

The two judges questioned CCF lawyer Tupou Draunidalo on why the CCF did not seek to intervene in the lower courts. Draunidalo said they were not able to do so due to financial constraints and had opted to intervene now since they were financially secure this year.

The Fiji Human Rights Commission, which is also involved in the case, also objected to the involvement of another party.

Lawyer Qoroniasi Bale, acting for Qarase’s Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua Party did not oppose the application.

At least we can all look forward to more outstanding games this weekend from Adelaide as our 7s team basks in the glow from Hong Kong.

The ig coupsters can all go jump.



8 Responses to “WE SHALL OVERCOME”

  1. nadrokid Says:

    To Neori_Nadro who posted on March 24, 2009 at 5:03 am under the heading “Shame on you IG Coupsters”!

    Cola vina! Nuitakinia ni toso vina koto na cola. You ask where some of us were post 1987 and 2000 coups. Some of us have been anti-coup from 1987 up to this latest 2006 one. Ask the men of Namatakula who got arrested early in the morning at gunpoint by truckloads of military goons in 1987 for putting up roadblocks and protest signs against Rabuka.
    For the hundredth time, not all of us who vehemently protest this latest coup by these idiots in power are SDL supporters. I for example, have never voted on party lines but on individual merit. Last election (2005) I voted for the SDL candidate for the communal seat and for the Labour candidate for the open seat.
    I also fail to see what Qarase’s and Chaudry’s actions after a coup have got to do with protesting against coups in general and this current coup in particular.
    Finally, whether these IG idiots are behind the firebombing or not they just need to go fullstop.

  2. Jean d'Ark Says:


    I also remember during the 2000 coup that villagers in Namatakula and some others in Navosa put up banners on the Queens highway demanding the return of Mahen as PM!

    It didn’t make much difference to Speight and Co at the time, but kudos to them and you anyway, as you guys are some of the VERY FEW people left in Fiji today who can look yourselves in the mirror and hold your heads high because you knew right from wrong all the way through, DESPITE the prevailing mood and your apparent “minority” status at those times.

    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has read the latest RFN posting about Driti and the Military Council?

    I wonder what it means?? Are we finally going to start heading back towards being a REAL nation once again???

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    If Tupou Draunidalo is now with CCF I can only presume that Rev Yabaki has had a change of heart re: the IIG and their illegalities…or perhaps now that the Rev has ridden himself of that primary coupster Jone Dakuvula, he is now free to really defend the citizen’s constitutional rights to an election.

  4. Budhau Says:

    “What strange times we live in here in Fiji when full scale lawlessness begins from the head of the illegal coupsters and trickles down to the thug soldiers who steal, maim and kill, yet all deny any wrongdoing and expect immunity because they are the regime.”

    Were you talking about 2006 or 1987 – these strange times, I wonder why.

    The more important thing is that are we going to learn anything from this.

    Nadrodude – if what you say is true, then you are an exception to the rule. There is a very small group of people who have consistently anti-coup, majority seem to be anti-coup only when it suits their cause – sort of like “support the cause, not the means” crowd.

    That’s Fiji, I remember these military thus came down to USP, there was this Dr. Prakash supervising some exam, they hauled his ass away and beat him up because he had written some nasty stuff about Rabuka’s book – the one about “god will” – that he had to do it. BTW – I heard that that this Prakash guy later used to edit Rabukas pieces that he wrote for the newspaper.

    ..and this Bale guy, he is still there as Qarase’s counsel – wasn’t he the one that lost the case for Qarase.

    Oh…and I like the “Kumbaya, We Shall Overcome” kinda tone of the above piece.

  5. soro Says:

    @KTF – maybe Tupou is “only their lawyer”?

    Not knowing the lady but liking what I see of her, I can’t imagine she would go with the CCF if the fundamental arguments they want to put 4ward goes against her beliefs?

  6. joji Says:

    What are some signs that IG’s showing that Fiji will slip into totaliarism
    – what about FB’s move to the new residence
    -what about Driti’s rantings
    -what about the PPDF or PPM or what not, what will they achieve?
    -what about murkness and inconsistencies of the IG
    -what about other things? molotov cocktails – is is the military or people against the military

    With all these questions, i just hope that we gather people, use smart tactics to let the IG’s know that we have enough of everything, now that we have the charter, what’s keeping us from going forward to election, is it the review of election process-one man one vote system etc….or these supposedly (good) people are just playing with the system smokecreening us and play with our goodwill and goodheart.

    If anyone could enlightened me on some questions above.


  7. kaiveicoco Says:

    all confusing still.Anyway thanks to you my tauvu nadro kid.Can you now go and help the police and military in harvesting the marijuana plants up in the Navosa highlands !!!

  8. nadrokid Says:

    Thanks Jean d’Ark yes I think that is true about the protests in 2000 although I did hear that one disagreed and went to the other side and joined up with George and Co. in Parliament.

    Budhau I think its about time we started forgetting who did what to whom during 1987 or 2000 etc. and just start afresh together and stand for what is right.

    Ratu Tau Kaiveicoco, the seeds of these marijuana plants in Navosa might have actually been supplied by Taukei Nakasa Lomanikoro (the reserve Tui Nakasa whom you sent to QEB). Au sa kerei kemudou na nona bati mo dou qai mai harvest taka saraga mo dou kauta lesu tale vei koya.

    Anyway, looking forward to and praying for the judgement on the appeal by Qarase tomorrow. You all have a happy and meaningful Easter!

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