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The illegal coupsters are happy grandstanding in the sub continent, but ole piggy looks decidely incontinent and is wondering how he will roso in a dignified position as the kari he just ate wants a quick exit.

Parmesh has mistaken his discomfort as bashfulness in meeting their long lost cousins as he urges Piggy to be brave.

Looks like a real coup d’da is about to take place.


11 Responses to “BACK TO THEIR ROOTS”

  1. Budhau Says:

    ……and the point is?

    OK, I get it, doing this kinda things make you buggers feel good.

  2. Kingrat Says:

    fuck you Budhau

  3. OjO Says:

    His face says it all either he is suffering for a bad case of constipation or his worst nightmare has been realised that is to say he has just witnessed the biggest and ugliest golliwog he has ever seen.

  4. Javala Says:

    Look at Parmeshs right hand at the bottom left of the picture, he’s saying ‘eh vereng bhai jus stick your finger up your ring until we reach the car yarh’

  5. Keep The Faith Says:

    I’ll be damned!! Parmesh looks to me like he’s wearing the “he loves me, he loves me not” confused expression.

    Give up the ass-kissing man! He doesn’t love you.

  6. hillybilly Says:

    Pramesh says – “Bai, see this thing i got in my hand, I’ll just shove it up your corrupt anus to stop the tarakari from falling out, but the problem is I’m afraid the stink will make my face look like yours and maybe worse.”

    Bai says – “Ahh fuckit, if that doesnt work than, my back up ass faces Mahen and Assizwill be here shortly to help out wipe the shit.”

  7. Budhau Says:

    Kingrat writes – “fuck you Budhau” – I am really offended.

    BTW – the other day my Guruji was giving this lecture on the over use of the word “fucK” (since God is dead) – I thought it was funny – check it out on youtube

    If making comments on these pictures make you guys feel any better – than good for you – at least this way, you guys would hanging around here rather than in the streets of Fiji trying to mess with the regime.

  8. Corruption Fighter Says:

    Frank went to India to discuss the acquisition of land for a new Chancery in New Delhi. Meanwhile back at the ranch a circular requiring 50 percent cuts in operating budgets is sent around to ail the departments.

    Does this make sense? Where does he find the money to build the new chancery? It’s 8 million just for the land! They could patch up the water pipes in the Suva Nausori corridor for half that amount.

  9. Budhau Says:

    Yeap… that $8 million could go a long way – just imagine where we would be with the hundreds of millions that was sunk by the NBF and FDB.

    BTW -that Suva-Nausori corrider water pipes that you mention – you may have conveniently forgotten this but it was in March 2000, the FLP Coalition government was working on the Suva-Nausori Water Supply and Sewerage Project through ADB – our boy Bune was on to that and a loan for almost $US50 million approved. The loan deal was signed in 2003. The SDL did nothing to get this project going from 2001 to 2006. SDL was unable to satisfy the preconditions for the loan so they project never got of the ground – otherwise that $50 million would gone the way of all that other money – scamming.

    You see who those “unemployable imbeciles” were – too much Naqona, din maro and thieving. If they hadn’t pulled the coup in 2000, this water project would have been completed by ’04/’05. When this regime took over, within months they were on this project.

    BTW – that $8 million land, which is worth $23 million guess what, with that kinda relationship with India how much do you think FB would be getting in aid, loans etc.

  10. Corruption Fighter Says:

    When I read about the $8 million purchase of land in New Delhi for a new Fiji High Commission chancery I couldn’t help laughing. “They were asking $23 million but I beat them down to $8 million.”

    It reminds of the first time tourist to Bangkok who bargained a ‘$5000 Rolex’ down to $150. According to official statistics, customers like this are born at the rate of one a minute.

    But the real issue is not whether our dumb dictator is good at buying real estate. It’s why he was interested in buying real estate in New Delhi right now, when our currency is under threat and budgets for all departments are being slashed.

    Budhau might think otherwise but the Indian real estate market is in freefall, just like the rest of the world. Rents are falling so we could actually save money by renting.

    There’s really only one possible answer to this puzzle – baksheesh.

  11. Budhau Says:

    CF – your rolex watch example is rather silly – I guess your sword seller cousins came up with that one.
    Here we have prime real estate – that should not be hard to get an appraisal and determine what the fair market value is…and no, it wasn’t FB bargaining – the Indian government offered to sell that piece of land at a lower price. I am sure those folks advising FB they would have looked at the renting versus buying idea and what the real estate market is like.

    Fiji has been attempting to establish closer ties with India – even Qarase was there a few years ago and back than they moved the embassy out of a Hotel into some rented property.

    With India and China the way they are going I guess building our own building out there may not be a bad idea – with all that trade, investment, business, training, technology transfer and medical collaboration and all that.

    BTW – when Qarase was in India few years back he got that F$86 million for the upgrading of Fiji’s sugar mills and they had also discussed health service partnership agreement – just like FB is doing now.

    So you think that India is trying to dump some cheap piece of real estate on FB for a quick buck and those who are advising FB have no idea what the value of this property is what the world real estate market id doing.

    You see – you may disagree wit the politics of some of these guys – but they ain’t idiots

    …as for that Baksheesh – that cargo cult mentality, that probably is the underlying problem in Fiji. When are you going to learn that you have to make money the old fashion way – you work for it, none of this Baksheesh, sevusevu, kerekere, scamming, thieving and whatever.

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