Congratulations to that feisty Helen Clarke who has been appointed  Chief of UN Development Program, the highest position at the UN after Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Deputy Secretary-General Asha-Rose Migiro.
With Andrew Hughes and Tarakinikini also working for the UN, Fiji has people there who have dealt with and observed first hand the detritus behaviour of ole Piggy Bhainimarama and the militarys challenge of a constitutional government.
One can imagine them all rolling their eyes when ole piggy and any ig coupsters names are mentioned.
Bet you the ole piggy had to be heavily medicated when he heard the news. Boo Hoo.
It’s no wonder Driti the igs decoy has been so vocal of late, trying his best to keep our minds otherwise occupied while they try to find a way to cancel the Presidents Political Dialogue Forum.


  1. parasad Says:

    Hallelujah and praise the lord for favouring the right choose democracy and human rights?

  2. Jean d'Ark Says:

    The way that the Fiji coup has split our region has, I think, really taken away from the incredible significance of this appointment. It is really an amazing achievement for our region of “minnows” – and fairly well-merited too, methinks.

    But unfortunately, a good chunk of that significance will be lost in the murk of the pro-coup/anti-coup divide. Pity really!

    That being the case, I feel compelled to add here that this should be an object lesson to all that it does pay to stand up against bullies for what is right!

    If you are in the habit of making a stand on principle, and of sifting through rubbish to discern truth, then you will gain a reputation for that. And that reputation will precede you into all the top job interviews you’ll ever need to attend …

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