BLAH BLAH BLAH…………………………………………

It’s difficult to keep a straight face when one reads the illogical statements by Pita Driti and $50 Epeli.

Dritis cheap shot at Shameema Ali makes one wonder if this moron was born by a woman, has sisters, a wife or daughters. He obviously has  minimal or no understanding of social issues, although he likes to imply and promote that he does.

He sounds like he’s indulging in some of the weeds that the igs keystone cops and military uprooted in the Highlands of Navosa after they’d frightened villagers by firing guns. Another show of imbecility, the gunfire that is.

$50 Epeli na Turaga tagalala was rather quick to defend Driti for his moronic tirades, and the fact that the cannabis raiders were armed with guns.

 Hmmmmn, let’s hope that load was really transported to Koronivia Research Station for analysis and not elsewhere because there’s a lot of paisa to be made from the confiscated plants.

As PJ O’Rourke said, “Anyway, no drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we’re looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn’t test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power.”

Such an apt statement tailormade for Driti, Voreqe Bhainimarama, Mahendra Chodori and the other insignificant ig coupsters.


19 Responses to “BLAH BLAH BLAH…………………………………………”

  1. parasad Says:

    I wonder what Ratu Penaia or Ratu Mara would have reacted if they were to come back to life and found their children in partnership with the devil? Definately, a very sad situation.

  2. Bin Ladin Says:

    Prasad, I’m not suprise that those two colourful gentlement (Ratu Penaina & Ratu Mara) were involved indirectly in the 1987 coup by Siti Rabaku!….(father of all coup in Fiji). We are lliving in a world with a shape of a circle. What you start at point A (good or bad) will come back to haunt you at point A!.

  3. Budhau Says:

    Karma – what goes around, comes around.

    BTW – these buggers have not realized it yet that those coups were bad (all coups are bad) – bad for the country and bad for the Fijians – yeah right, those cause were for the indigenous cause – Speight was all for them indigenous folks.

    If Chaudary wins the next elections, and he very likely will, I am sure that these same fricken idiots who are complaining about coups would be supporting some military strongman type to pull a coup on Chaudary – again, and the merry-go-round continues.

    Looking for the devil – look for the devil within.

  4. anon Says:

    bud, taki, taki……

  5. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Bud – there will always be some idiot or other who will still try that old failed route, even though anyone with any sense can see that almost nothing worthwhile has come out of any of the coups.

    But the question is not whether someone would try a coup, but whether anyone significant would support it? And apart from your incorrigible opportunists like Caine and Sivo, not many would.

    So give Mahen his full term, I say – so ha can finish the job he started as iFM and really bugger things up beyond all reasonable doubt. Then everyone will know for sure just how over-rated, unsuited and inadequate he is for the job of leading a nation.

  6. senijiale Says:

    Yehdo! the Pig’s away and we did it! Well done boys! You finally went nuts!

    Great game Boks!

    Uro ga vei coach, what a feat! Congratulations!

    Io, sa rauta na talo, da lai moce mimoce’s – mataka na vuli, cakacaka, vasasaqa… 🙂

  7. Budhau Says:

    Jean so you believe that the mainstream Fijians have realized that coups are generally a bad idea and they will not support another coup in future – besides some idiots who may still try it – regardless.

    I do not agree with you – and here is why.

    There are many Fijians who believe that God had given Fiji to their forefathers, and therefore, only their descendants should run the country. Those Indians, they can run their businesses and make as much money as they want but they should keep their hands off of the leadership. They should know their limits and if they overstep that limit and venture into this forbidden territory, well, things can get pretty messy.

    I think that type thinking is still prevalent in out community – and that would guarantee another coup if a Indian gets elected as the PM. They will support democracy as long as their candidate wins.

    I don’t think they have realized that we should have just let the FLP govern, when they won that election. Chaudary had won 37 seats out of the 71 member parliament and he had the support of a total of 58 MPs – the first time in Fiji’s history that a political party had secured an absolute majority – and that is only counting the FLP MPs.

    As for Chaudary being “over-rated unsuited and inadequate” – well, in that case, I am sure we would have voted him out of office after his firsts term – we would have come to the same conclusion as you seem to have come to. I am sure that, even with that majority, he would not have been able to sell Fiji to India – we still had our constitution, our GCC, the overwhelming majority in the Senate, the predominantly Fijian Fiji Military, The Chief Justice and the Judicary, the Fijian members of FLP and others in his coalition, the police and the people to stop Chaudary from selling Fiji to India.

    If we had just let the democratically elected serve out its term in 1987 and 2000, and if they did not live up to our expectations, just vote them out – we wont be in this doo-doo today.

    Next time when a high ranking chief gets a phone call from a third ranking officer in the military that he will pull a coup in an hour – who is he gonna call – no one. Because we have a god given right – and we need to protect that, regardless of what the the cost is.

    You see, “the Fijians have been living in peace and harmony since they adopted Christianity but…..” that is what our boy Veitata was saying in Parliament when Rabuka, who had been sitting in the public gallery, made his move in 1987.

    The rest is history – however, I don’t think anything has changed.

  8. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Maybe Bud – but already majority of Fijians don’t support this coup. So there you are!

    People can say what they want in their political lobbying. Lying is not acceptable to me personally, but I realize that it is part and parcel of politics, propaganda and spin-doctoring.

    The question is how many people will still believe that military takeover is the solution to their political grievances. People can see empirically in Chandrika Prasad case, and the current Regime’s gradual political self- implosion, that there is more than one way to skin a cat.

    You also need to remember that people don’t have to love Mahen to give him a fair go – they just have to respect the law and only use legal ways of frustrating or removing him if they really can’t stand him. The Yellow Thai PAD coalition is a perfect example of how to remove someone from office if you can’t wait until the next elections. And if so many people in Fiji really dislike Mahen that much, who can he blame?

    You need to remember that Karma is not only something that comes back to bite Fijian nationalists!

    Mahen has also stored up a bunch of bad Karma and Badwill for himself out of his own harsh realpolitik past. He cannot escape those consequences!

    But more importantly than that, this process of Karma (or Sowing and Reaping) is STILL ONGOING!

    So the longer the instigators and supporters of the 2006 coup/Regime continue to make bad and harmful choices, the more they will be storing up bad Karma for themselves and the nation, that will inevitably revisit itself upon us all at some future juncture.

  9. Budhau Says:

    Jean, when I present a argument I try to justify with an analysis – trying to put the facts together with what I think is right or fair.

    The discussion here wasn’t whether “majority of Fijians don’t support this coup.” That is already a given – we may disagree with the percentages, however, I am in total agreement with you the most of the Fijians (indigenous Fijians) do not support THIS coup. Indians on the other hand, are probably against all coups – if we can have a more democratic society with free and fair election. Since we have already had this coup – maybe we can emerge from this as a better society.

    One of the reasons Fijians don’t support this coup is because this time the coup was against a government that had the support of the majority of the Fijians and due to the perception that the Indians are behind this coup. Combine that with their “god given right” to have political control.

    I also agree with you that people can say whatever they want – however, in discussions like this, one would at least like to see some facts, evidence or a good analysis to back one’s statement.

    First – let look at your statement, “People can see empirically in Chandrika Prasad case..” that people have learnt from this.

    In the Chandrika Prasad case – the regime had assured the International community that it would abide by the Court of Appeals decision – however when the decision came down – the regime decided to find ways to circumvent the court ruling – rather than doing the right thing, the regime, with the advice of some indigenous lawyer groups got Iloilo to appoint Momoedonu PM for one day to dismiss the lawful Chaudary government. What they learned was, next time, get better lawyers.

    You are trying to tell me that the Fijians have learned from this court ruling – I think, next time they will learn from their mistakes and figure out how to pull a more effective coup that is not vulnerable to these legal challenges.

    I agree with you that “the question is is how many people will still believe that military takeover is the solution to their political grievances.”

    I disagree with your assumption – I have reason to believe that a lot more Fijians believe in the “coup solution”, specially when an Indian could get elected – you, on the other hand, would like us to believe that Fijians have learned their lessons and they no longer believe in coups.

    You made the argument that if Chaudary does get elected, “they just have to respect the law and only use legal ways of frustrating or removing him if they really can’t stand him.”

    Oh I get it, we could just refuse to renew the leases, etc – sort of like hold our breath until we turn blue attitude. What if the other side has the same attitude – where would the county be. BTW – didn’t we try that before

    In 1977, when NFP won, Buta was there the next day, out in the street threatening the same thing. In 1987, the tried for moths to destabilize to unseat that government and failed – both the Alliance and the nationalists were involved in that destabilization. I am sure some of you still remember those huge (legal) protest marches – led by Apisai Tora, Filipe Bole and Taniela Veitata. It was surprising that you suggested that we pull the same shit again if Chaudary wins – all perfectly legal.
    BTW – by the time Rabuka pulled his coup, things had quietened down, they had not succeed in in bringing down the Bavadra government – if it wasn’t for the military coup the Bavadra government would have served out its term despite those sore losers protesting and all that – and I am sure that we will see some of that same Shenanigans this time also – but absent a military coup, you won’t be able to bring down a democratically elected government.

    I think differently than you – I think that it is in the best interest of the country to let democratically elected government serve out its term – give them a fair chance at running the country, and the party in the opposition should do what they are supposed to do, and if they can, they are welcome to bring down that government – this crap about making land leases into a political football etc should stop – it is not in the best interest of the Fijian people or the country.

    Learn to accept the results of a free and fair election.

    You statement, “many people in Fiji dislike Chaudary” – if that is really the case and the numbers are significant enough – I am sure that Chaudary would have no political future and you don’t have to worry about him being elected. IF he has bad Karma, I am sure it will catch up to him.

    I think many people in your part of the world dislike Obama, and many, just like you, are wishing that he would fail also. This kinda of thinking is bad for a democracy.

    Jean – Targeting Chaudary because you have a intense dislike for the dude will not solve your problem. Chaudary jumped on the coup bandwagon because he saw “no other way” – after the two coups perpetrated against him when he won and being defeated twice in elections by a small margin where there was some evidence that those two elections were rigged – what else did you want the man to do.

    The solution is simple, put a good fair fight in the upcoming election, whoever wins, as long as the elections were free and fair, the otherside should step aside and let the new government do what they promised the people in their campaign. The party in opposition should do what they are supposed to do – and cut out this race based agitation if an Indian wins the election.

  10. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Bud – here is the progression of Fijian coup support. A large majority of Fijians supported the 1987 coup (after which Fiji took 10 years to go nowhere under Rabuka’s “can do” indigenous optimism).

    Then in 2000, a significant minority (CAMV) supported the Speight coup (which went nowhere within months, and after which, most perpetrators faced the consequences of their choices in the Courts).

    Finally, in 2006, most Fijians did not support the coup at the time, because they just didn’t understand the reasons behind it (remember, it was originally “corruption”, but once the Regime realized that most Fijians had not bought into that, they changed it to Fiji’s “multi-racial future”, since they knew they were only “marketing” to Indians and the diplomatic community after that)

    And the majority of Fijians still don’t “get it” today because they can see that this coup has also gone absolutely nowhere, and is slowly unravelling before their eyes.

    That is therefore the basis of my “assumption” that most Fijians don’t support coups as a way of changing Governments. If you need any more proof than that, just ask them. Apart from Ligairi, every one I have spoken to has admitted what they did was wrong, and would not be fooled into that again. And many of the soldiers who obeyed illegal orders to remove the Government in 2006, realize they were taken advantage of, and would not do so again now.

    So where are you getting your perspective from? CF is right, you seem to be caught in some kind of time-warp with Butadroka and other names that don’t mean much to today’s young voters. If you actually lived in Fiji, and talked to people on the street here, you would not be making some of the claims you are making.

    Moreover, you still don’t seem to comprehend the difference between executing a coup, and disliking a particular politician. In fact, you seem to think that in order to oppose coups, people must prove it by accepting the premise that the sun shines out of Mahen’s derierre.

    I dislike MC because I can tell the difference between the man himself, and his media persona in the Indian electorate. And I know for a fact that the Emperor has no clothes…

    But that does not mean I would support a coup against him because I know the difference, and in any case I already have a demonstrable track record of opposing the 2000 coup (’87 was before my time, but I already knew it was wrong anyway). Let me tell you one thing, many who have taken up appointments in this IG were nowhere to be seen when it was time to stand up and be counted against nationalism in those days.

    I know that many people would oppose Mahen nihilistically because I am in touch with people here, and I know what kind of bed Mahen has made for himself with some of them. You cannot claim this is an anti-Indian thing, because none of those same people would oppose Kris Datt, or Jai Ram Reddy, or any other Indian leader as vehemently, if at all.

    And I don’t have to worry about trying to sabotage Mahen’s leadership, as I know he is perfectly capable of doing that himself. All you have to to is give him enough rope/time, and he will get himself pretty quick-smart to the same place he was already making a beeline for as iFM.

    For all the reasons I have already outlined in other posts, Mahen is an economic and governance train-wreck just waiting to happen!

    You said in a previous post that Indians bloc-vote for Mahen because he is the only one they can trust in the face of the bogie of Fijian nationalism. So in other words, what you’re saying is that Mahen is the primary political BENEFICIARY of the politics of fear and victimhood that he himself has so expertly exploited, leveraged and cultivated over the past decades.

    But at the next elections that is all he will be able to trade on (an interesting position for a Charter supporter). Because he certainly will not be able to claim any economic kudos (tanked badly as iFM); or much unionist kudos (betrayed civil service unions as iFM); or much farmer kudos (Sugar Industry in deep trouble with him as iSM); or any leadership kudos (we all saw his petty, conniving and narrow-minded battles against bus-operators, water bottlers, FIRCA staff, Fiji Times, etc.)

    I KNOW for a fact from my source that Mahen has already admitted to the FLP management board that running the economy was a LOT more difficult than it looked from opposition. So maybe that is another reason for his unusual silence – the fact that all that effort he will have to expend again just to get into the PM’s chair which is nothing more than a poisoned chalice in which he cannot succeed UNLESS he abandons the majority of Charter/FLP positions upon which he build his savior persona in the first place.

  11. Adi Kaila Says:

    chodos karma could be to linger forever in one of those pit toilets in Haryana – a la Slumdog Millionaire, covered in curry in a hurry.

  12. Budhau Says:

    Jean – the coups in 1987 and 2000 were coups for the indigenous cause – remember?. The coup in 2006 is perceived to be a coup against the Fijians. So why would we expect the Fijians to support the 2006 coup – and why would you take that lack of support to reinforce your argument that the trend has been for the Fijians to not support the coup. The Fijians don’t support this coup because their guy is not there leading the coup.
    That was some real lame reasoning on your part.

    As for the reasoning behind the coup – all coups are about power and money – the next will be the same. However we have suckers who will go along with the Indigenous cause and then there are folks like you – “support the cause but not the means” when they will bring down Chaudary again.
    Majority Fijians supported the 1987 coup, and we had crap like “support the cause, but not the means.” The 2000 coup, was led by the Kubuna folks – remember how they marched in the Parliament and partied out there – because of the internal conflict with the Fijian leadership the military did not throw its weight behind Speight. Regardless – the Fijian people were more than happy to see Chaudhary out. Remember how the Fijian leadership gave the excuse that they cannot reinstall the FLP back because the Fijian people would not allow that to happen, and the Fijian leadership was perfectly fine with that. If Fijians had learned from 1987 – why did they not put Chaudary back in there after the 2000 “law and order situation was under control?
    So in 2000 while Kubuna and other Fijians led the coup efforts – all Fijians were OK with the removal of Chaudary.

    Therefore, if Chaudary were to win again, regardless off what the consequences, the Fijians in general will support the removal of Chaudary by extra-constitutional means – even if it is done by some fringe, nationalist idiots – and if that means even going back to the hunter gatherer days or the slash-and-burn-days of living of the land – so be it – we have to protect our god given right – regardless.

    Fijians still believe that Fiji should be run by the Fijian leadership – they will not accept an Indian as the PM – Chaudary or whoever – and Chaudary knows that, so this time around he will put Epeli as the PM.
    I agree with you that the Fijians don’t “get it” – they don’t “get it” that the constitution has sufficient safeguards for the Fijians people even if a Indian wins the election. They don “get it” that the 1987 was bad for them. They don’t “get it”, why they can’t get one of their own to pull a coup against FB.
    Those coup guys who are in jail – they are not sorry for what they did, they are sorry that they ended up in jail, Speight is probably hoping that he should have followed through on the terms of the accord. Rabuka – he still believes that there “was no other way” .
    As I have said above about the “God given right” of Fijians to rule – if you believe in that God given right – regardless of who you are – Fijian Chinese, Indian, Taliban or whoever – you will fight for that right. Unless that mindset changes – coups are here to stay – people like Chaudary will be able to win elections – every generation or so – and Fijians will remove him.
    As for that time warp – my point was that historically – every time an Indian came close to the PM chair – we had the same issue, that this can not happen – and nothing has changed.
    Buta’s name may not mean much to you – but those Buta’s still live on – we still have Nationalists who think exactly the same way – If Buta does not mean much, than you better learn your history. Buta got 25% of the Fijian votes – that tells you that the Nationalist theme appeals to a significant number of Fijians. As soon as the Fijians realized that and Indian almost became the PM – that scared the crap out of them – and guess what – they turned around and voted Mara back – just in case, them Indians did it again.
    As for talking to the people in the street – they, for the time being have given up on Qarase – so come election time Qarase has to start his politics of race that whip up this fear of the bogey man.
    As for MC – if you dislike MC, you have the right to have that feeling and that opinion. But those other people who support him they ain’t idiots – they can also see who the man is – those Indians, they know him as well as you do – its kinda insulting to suggest that the Indians have been suckered in by this man for the last 25 years, and you can see through it all.

    You may oppose the coup – but that does not change anything. It is the people in general – if Chaudary were to be removed after he wins again – I think there would be more like you – “support the cause but not the means”.
    Jean, your line about “I know” and “I have been in touch with people” and “I have sources” and all that – anyone can say that to try to win an argument in here – The next guy knows as much as you do.
    As for Krishna Dutt and Jai Reddy – Any Indian who stands up against Chaudary – you will love him – until that Indian also starts asking for his rights.
    Let me get back to that time warp – The Fijian leadership hated Reddy – they finally hounded him out of parliament, Reddy did not stand in that election in Bavadra days. You know why? – because back in the old days, in an election campaign, Mara had gone to the North to do the official opening of a Muslim League building – Reddy in one of his political speeches had said that Mara was so desperate that he would go do a grand opening of a new public toilet – or something like that. And guess what – How could Reddy have insulted this big chief – and for that they hated him.
    It was until Chaudary came in the picture – and the hate of Chaudary was so intense that anyone opposing Chaudary was loved by the Fijian leadership – that is why you love Reddy and BTW Reddy did learn and became more diplomatic later.
    They hated AD Patel, Koya, Chaudary and they will hate any other Indian who will stand up to the Fijian leadership that is the Chiefs and the Fijian elite .
    As for Mahen’s “failure” in Ministry of Finance – after the coup, any country’s economy would suck, combine that with the economic down turn, and Qarase had run us to the edge of bankruptcy – under those circumstances – you try and put one of your SDL “unemployable Imbeciles” as Minister of Finance and see what happens.
    No – I did not say that Indian bloc-vote in the past – what I said was that the Indians now are more scared of Qarase and the nationalists because of the perception that the Indians were behind the coup – if these guys win, it will be pay back time. I said that because you were reasoning that Indians will drift away from Chaudary, I said that on the contrary, the Indians, who don’t even like MC, would vote for him. Just like the Fijians would go along with Qarase’s politics of race – the fear of the Indian bogey man.
    Fijians leadership has always played on this politics of fear – that watch out for the Indian bogey-man, when in reality there was no bogey man. This time around, there will be a legitimate fear of pay-back if certain elements within the nationalist group wins the next election or form a coalition with Qararse. The racial polarization that we see in Fiji today is because of the Fijian leadership that needs the Fijians to fall in behind them – and to do that, they bring up the bogey man. On the other hand, people like Chaudary had started of with the concept of forming a non-race based political movement when they came up with the FLP. Look at SDL – up until the last election, they did not even allow for Indian membership.
    Next election, the FLP will work loosely with some Fijian parties and will have a friendlier relations with folks in the New Alliance. Chaudary will keep the door open with any independents. Qarase will play the politics of race, with the fear of the bogey man and the need to form the Grand Fijian Coalition – to bring down Chaudary.
    Chaudary is doing a fine job under the circumstances – whether as the Finance guy or the sugar guy. I think he will do a fine job as our next Minister of Finance with Prime Minister Epeli Ganilau.
    ..and why would Mahen admit to the board that “running the economy was a LOT more difficult than it looked from the opposition”. You know, the former Finance Ministers in the days of Alliance, SDL or SVT – they were no rocket scientists. That suggest that he could never form a government because the job is so difficult. You are back to “I know”, or “my inside source” etc – cut out that crap, Chaudary, why would he ever admit to that – sometimes you sound really stupid. Even if Chaudary was a bad Finance Minister or did not know what he was doing – he would never admit it – would he? you know him so well.
    Chaudary would make as good or better Finance Minister compared to what we have had – and I think he would just fine as the PM – only if you buggers had allowed him to remain PM when he secured an absolute majority for his party in the 2000 elections – we won’t be arguing about it.

  13. soro Says:

    How much is The smelly one being paid by Choro-ry to talk him up on this forum ?

    Isa Jean ‘d – your wonderful logic is being wasted on this chap.


  14. Budhau Says:

    Soro, I need the money, your wife charges too much for me to afford my weekly visits.

    ..and thats what she said – NEXT.

  15. Asgrocky Says:

    Bhudau, you’ve just come from an intelligent discussion with JD to a base comment. There was no need to say something dumb like that. Learn from JD. You don’t have to respond to every insignificant comment.

  16. Jean d'Ark Says:


    I can’t convince Bud, and I ain’t trying to.

    He is putting his arguments, and I am putting mine. Then just like democratic elections, it is up to the readers of this forum to decide which arguments they find more believable or sequiteur (or even whether they want to bother trying to wade through these reams of dry political “analysis” in the first place).

    I am not always right, and Bud does seem to have a “leg-up” over me when it comes to Fiji’s pre-1990 ancient history.

    But then again, I am not being paid to bend over backwards and make any and every mental and logical contortion possible to get MPC off the hook of peoples’ anger and disgust here.

    I just call ’em as I see ’em.

    So you won’t find me, for example, railing against “unemployable imbeciles” on the one hand, and then straightaway calling for the biggest unemployable imbecile of the lot to be Fiji’s next PM

  17. soro Says:

    LOL … luv ya Jean ‘D.

  18. Budhau Says:

    Those who have an intense dislike of Chaudary, they will call him anything, for them to call him “the biggest unemployable imbecile of the lot” – that is to be expected.

    But when the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua party’s chief strategist, businessman Navitalai Naisoro, the guy who was in-charge of the candidate selection for the SDL states that Qarase and his group are “finished”, saying they were deliberately put in Government because they were easily controlled – this guy should know what he talking about.

    Naisoro also labeled Qarase and his Cabinet ministers as “losers” and “unemployable imbeciles”, claiming that he put them in power so that they could be controlled.

    BTW – I also think that the majority SDL crowd were bunch of losers, and yes, I also think that Chaudary would make a good PM, however, I think this time he must settle for the Minister for Finance job.

    that Pre-1990 history – that is there to show that nothing has changed – its the same old same old. Remember Qarase during the last election campaign suggesting that if Chaudary wins this election, history might repeat itself.

  19. Bin Ladin Says:

    Thanks guys… far, Bud – 100 points, JD – 75 points!.

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