The deplorable act of firebombing the homes of honest citizens of Fiji who are minding their own business is one of the lowest points ever since the 2006 rape of the Nation of Fiji by Voreqe Bhainimarama and his illegal coupsters.

Noone would dare involve themself  in a despicable act of firebombing the homes of Rika and Raivoce without the explicit consent of the military, Voreqe Bhainimarama and his bully boys are all guilty and Fiji knows it too well.

The firebombing was a directive straight from Bhainimarama and his military council.

It’s all very well for $50 Epeli to mention security should be provided for civilians who are being targeted by ‘mystery attackers’, but why target them in the first place?

Why target anyone at all?

If  the ig cannot accept criticism they should do the honourable thing and hand the government back to the SDL  because as long as they hold the Nation of Fiji to ransom they better get used to the idea that all their actions will be scrutinised minutely and dissected bit by bit on blogsites. Hurt our People and we will reveal your dirty laundry here for the whole world to read.

If there are any citizens left who may have had a modicum of support for the illegal government of Voreqe Bhainimarama and his coupsters the ig have lost it for good with the level of intimidation being heaped onto the innocent people of the Nation.


14 Responses to “SHAME ON YOU IG COUPSTERS!”

  1. Privatesnooper Says:

    Hi readers!
    Here is another sickening disclosure – from that empty barrel of a twat – Jone Dakuvula, now organising the Political Forum to that drunkard Reverend Yabaki….To kill or imprison newspaper editors – From Jone to Yabaki regaridng recently resigned editor Samisoni Kaikaivalu:

    Dear Rev
    Sometimes I think it might do some good if the Fiji Sun editor spends 6 months in Korovou or better still in Congo

  2. Neori_Nadro Says:

    It’s hilarious how some are making such a big deal about the 2006 coup, but, where were you post-87/2000 coups? I didn’t hear you protest when Qarase became interim-PM, how is the 2006 IG any different? They overthrew a democratic elected goverment and LQ stepped in as PM, lets be honest, even though LQ is innocent and only stepped in to “assist the nation”, the 2000 coup did launch his political career.

    As for LQ babbling on about his democatic elected government being overthrown illegally, may I remind him he had no qualms about stepping into Chaudry’s shoes and leading an interim goverment that was spawned from an illegal coup in 2000…It’s like pot calling a kettle black

    I totally agree with many who believe tactics being used by this current IG has been heavy handed, however, I must point out there is no proof to pin the IG to the petrol bomb crimes, it’s all hearsay & gossip at the moment. If there is proof, let someone provide it, then we can have a staging post to launch a sensible debate/shit fight. If not, what on earth is the point of this? We are just as bad as those who are leading the country?

    I do not condone methods used by this IG with regards to citizens & media exercising the right to freedom of speech. I also do not have sympathy for anyone in the LQ camp, and anyone who champions SDL.

  3. iceman Says:

    These men are not “REAL MAN”.. If they were man enough they should have confronted the victim in a more civilized manner rather than resorting to damaging properties. What crime have those properties committed to warrant those actions…Ra yavu tamata lamulamu…..Sotia vuni vakalevu…vana vakalailai……….mentality…..
    E da sega ni dau kilai na i taukei e na i tovo lolovira vaka oqo….

  4. Nostradamus Says:

    Frank and Ului’s hand-picked boys identified as terrorist bombers
    March 24, 2009
    We can confirm right here that the stone and bomb terrorists, attacking civilians in Fiji are Frank and Ului’s hand-picked boys.

    Ului’s boys, led by Ledua are military soldiers while Frank’s hit squad are his hand-picked naval boys.

    This explosive expose has been told by members of the hit-squad itself who have said that they have come forward to “tell all” to give them a “peace of mind”.

    They admit they are doing wrong but they’ve been forced to follow orders from Frank and Ului.

    They say they have been unsuccessful in their last two missions at Raivoce and Rika’s homes because of their fear that they will be caught.

    These informants, whom we will not name here, know that their days are numbered.

    They know that certain members of the public have seen them in action and that their cover is already known by a good deal of people.

    The naval hit-squad say they are usually based in Togalevu while the military hit-squad operate out of Ului’s QEB office.

    Members of the hit-squad admitted they were responsible for trashing the democracy shrine, burning Imraz’s office, kidnapping, blind-folding and torturing Richard Naidu right up to Togalevu, throw stones at Kenneth Zinck, the lawyer, Netani Rika and Attar Singh’s properties and now terrorise Raivoce and Rika’s family homes with molotov bombs.

    They have requested that their story be posted on this blog which they hope will find its way to the main media.

    They added that through this admission of theirs, they will obviously be interrogated by Frank and Ului and will all be put under severe punishment which they are willing to take.

    They’ve said however that should things go out of control, it will most likely erupt from the naval base first instead of QEB.

    Posted by rawfijinews

  5. senijiale Says:

    Shame on USURPERS indeed! There is NOT a thing they could say that could ever cover up their deplorable deed. Power is addictive isn’t it? And we all know what eventually happens to addicts – they self-destruct!

  6. intruders.... Says:

    ….new anthemm….

    for frannky ever franky….your name hails far and wide ..dear franky….
    forever more.!!…

  7. Cama Says:

    Fiji is little Zimbabwe.

    we must save FIJI from hooliganism. This shows how cowards are our Military leaders and Interim Government leaders.

    The truth do hurt as the bible says, so everything this democracy advopcates has been saying hurts the IG thus their reaction.

  8. Ravuravu Says:

    Nostradamus if you right, shame on them.

    They were the best Peace Keepers from 1978 to 2002 for 24 years in Lebanon.

    Now they are Terrorists in the own Country.

    What a Shame.

  9. Cama Says:

    Ka vakaloloma!!

    Once our proud army has been our local terrorist.

    when can our soldiers wake up and see the doom path that our beloved country is heading to?

  10. NadroKid Says:

    Cola vina to Neori_Nadro above (March 24, 2009 at 5:03 am)!

    Nuitakinia ni toso vina koto na cola. You ask where some of us were post 1987 and 2000 coups. Some of us have been anti-coup from 1987 up to this latest 2006 one. Ask the men of Namatakula who got arrested early in the morning at gunpoint by truckloads of military goons in 1987 for putting up roadblocks and protest signs against Rabuka.
    For the hundredth time, not all of us who vehemently protest this latest coup by these idiots in power are SDL supporters. I for example have never voted on party lines but on individual merit. Last election (2005) I voted for the SDL candidate for the communal seat and for the Labour candidate for the open seat.
    I also fail to see what Qarase’s and Chaudry’s actions after a coup have got to do with protesting against coups in general and this current coup in particular.
    Finally, whether these IG idiots are behind the firebombing or not they just need to go fullstop.

  11. Privatesnooper Says:

    The coup happened because Chaudhry could not accept not being at the centre of power – the coup was planned in a Suva businessman’s house where Chaudhry, the two Ratu Epelis and Frank and others were drinking the night away! We are talking so much about changing the electoral system to make Fiji a non-racial society – look at African countries – it does not matter what system you vote under – the power sharing after the election was the key – if FLP was not consulted on budget etc – Chaudhry could have pulled his party out of the multi-party Cabinet but NO, he wanted a coup because some of his own FLP Cabinet Ministers were no longer wanting to be WRECKERS in Govt but were willing to keep the power sharing concept a chance – Chaudhry and the FLP are the real culprits – in 2000 Chaudhry was not returned to power because he did not want either Baba or Adi Kuini to lead a Govt of National Unity but instead went the same President and told him to dissolve Parliament – so STOP blaming Qarase

  12. Budhau Says:

    Privatesnooper – you dumbass, why don’t you go study some history.

    Let me give you some facts behind why Chaudary went to Iloilo and called for fresh elections in 2000.

    It was the SVT that put up Baba and group of rebel FLP folks to that government of national unity crap – the authorities had no intention of setting up a GNU – this move by the SVT was to split the FLP and that idiot Baba took the bait – the SVT, nationalists and others just used Baba – they succeeded and then they dumped Baba – that when Baba and his gang went their own way with financing from con man Peter Foster – REMEMBER.

    When Chaudary saw the crap that was going on – that Qarase and company would try to get around court decisions – remember how Iloilo appointed Momoedonu as PM for a few hours to dismiss Chaudary as the PM.

    When Chaudary saw the circus that was going on and the international community was willing to accept this crap, because they saw that fresh elections would be called soon – that is when Chaudary went to Iloilo and suggested there he would go along with fresh elections – as a way out of this political impasse.

    What Chaudary wanted, just like what Qarase is saying now, is to recall parliament and the elected government reinstalled as the caretaker government while fresh elections were called. Thus Chaudary woudl continue to be the caretaker PM in the interim.

    Iloilo had no plans for installing Chaudary – even temporarily. He called for election in late August/early September 2001 and put in Qarase and company as the caretaker administration.

    Now history is repeating itself – Qarase wants the parliament recalled, his government reinstalled as caretaker government and fresh elections so that there is a fresh mandate – exactly like what Chaudary had asked for.

    BTW – back than – there was a one month campaign – I am sure, that FB ain’t gonna give Qarase any more time to regroup when fresh elections are called this time around.

    Here is some more history – in that election, there were 26 political parties – Fijians hopelessly split. It ain’t gonna be any different this time around – they did talk about the Grand Fijian Coalition – remember how Kubuabola was dumped for more moderate Bole. BTW, Bole did work with FLP sharing preferences – he will do the same this time around also.

    PANU – stayed with Chaudary – they will again. VLB – totally split with the Taukei crowd and the moderates – and it went down in flames.

    Because the shit had hit the fan with Fijian politics and the established Fijian parties where hopelessly divided – that is when SDL and Manatinu crowd – the new boys on the block came around and were able to succeed.

    You guys talk about fraud – Chaudary called for Commonwealth and UN observers. BTW – they haven’t explained why, after the election which ended on Saturday and counting started immediately in the North and the West – how come they did not start counting in Central and Eastern division till Tuesday – when the results in the West and North were known – Maybe you should go ask Naisoro what the plan was – maybe he can explain the unverified postal ballots wrapped in brown paper bag, or do you think Walter Rigamoto had a good explanation for it. Maybe you don’t remember – the FLP was bitching about three open seats in Suva, Nausori and Nasinu – just like Naisoro explained on that video take made by Peter Foster.

    Learn from history – you idiot. This time FB and company will give Qarase a taste of his own medicine.

    Get in line for the free refrigerators, ourtboard motors, boats, generators – watch out for ballots in brown paperbags, check out who is printing the ballot papers, see who is the supervisor of elections and the election commissioners – BTW – we will have those international observers, just like we had back then.

    Even after all this – Chaudary got 28 seats and Qarase got 31 – What if those three questionable seats had gone to FLP – the Matanitu crowd would kissing Chaudary ass to get cabinet posts – as Naisoro said – most of these guys were “unemployable imbeciles”.

    So don go around blaming Chaudary – given a level playing field, da man can kick ass.

    The only way to same Fiji is to learn to accept the results of a free and fair election, even if Chaudary wins – otherwise cut out the democracy crap and say it as it is – that we don’t want “them Injuns”, so we will pull a coup, rig an election, buy votes or whatever it takes to keep them out. If you want to play that game, those other guys, sooner or later, they will also catch on to that, and they will also play hardball.

    “Chaudary and the FLP are the real culprits” – my arse!!

  13. senijiale Says:

    Hey Bud, give us women a level playing field and I’ll be the 1st to kick all the troublesome apes back to their planet 🙂 Tired of all this perpetual blame game.

  14. senijiale Says:

    Hey Bud, give us women a level playing field and I’ll be the 1st to kick all the troublesome apes back to their planet 🙂 Tired of all this perpetual blame game!

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