The ig coupsters are getting desperate, very very desperate because they’re hauling innocent citizens to Delainabua and you can bet your sweet tarawau it’s not for a cuppa draunimoli tea and saparaki.

Ole Piggys main bully boys Driti and Ului are flexing their muscles and justifying their reasons for living by intimidating the unsuspecting.

Lord only knows how these hoodlums expect to govern an Island Nation that was being governed quite nicely thank you very much, ta,  by a legally elected government when they can’t begin to sort out THEIR  ISSUES without physically harming and abusing anyone who dares to speak up against their illegal stance.

Peceli Kinivuwai of the SDL being taken to Delainabua for questioning  is suspicious and we certainly hope he was not harmed or threatened in any way.

Then there are all the resignations and reshuffles.

Desperate times for the desperados.

Must be making the ole Pig dizzy.



  1. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Yeah, yeah…thot the illegals have said NO ONE will be taken up for questioning anymore…or is it just me being too wishful thinking..hehehehe

    Or is it to do with PK being INCITEFUL, INCITING, INCITED, INCITE…whatever!

    Tamani TOIL N TROUBLE.

    And what’s with Aud. General resigning? What has come of the military audit? Their overspending and thieving of national coffers to bloat their ONCE-EMPTY-BANK-ACCOUNTS? Someone should DIG as to where that info. as gone to.

  2. parasad Says:

    Yes, very suspicious on how the Auditor General just yup and quit the job? Was he threatened by the Military goon? Did Frankinstein threaten to shoot him? Was he told to quit or be fired?

  3. parasad Says:

    Whats the story on the PNG Former Prime Minister Sir Rabbie Namaliu who has withdrawn his name from the list of candidates willing to lead the mediation at the upcoming PPDF and why was Fred Cain delighted about that withdrawal? We need all the helps we can get and heres another AZZOLE with a personal agenda trying to shove his nose in Frankenstein derrie’re!

  4. kalavo o baini Says:

    freddie and franky the 2 F’s…add 2 O’s and what we get is
    Franky and freddie FO!

  5. Anon Says:

    I am just reading Ema Mua’s comment in today’s FSun regarding Kinivuwai’s comment. Man!!! This low life has really latched onto the mentality and language that’s rife in this IIG…telling Kinivuwai to shut his mouth!!! Being a PRO…does she really know the meaning of the word…can’t blame, sa liutaka ga mai na mona lala, era na vakaraitaki ira ga mai na nona tisaipeli…left, right, left, right, quick march….!!!!

  6. abeche Says:

    is John Prassad really going to the new PS Finance? and still hang on to the FDB Chairmanship?

    Vaoreqe has moved Peceli Vocea out because as a trained civil servant Vocea will ensure that proceudres in the civil service are followed. Now that Frank has Fiji’s new finance wonder boy, expect the cash, whatever is left of it to be gone in no time – from the FNPF, Treasury and the FDB.

    What are mess. Fiji they’re robbing your life savings throught inept board directors and management and you sit and wait?

    You deserve what you get, Fiji!

  7. Adi Kaila Says:

    Hey Hey Hey, Good to see GMB is wanting accountability from FHL.

    Really great that a woman of substance is speaking up for the People.

  8. Jean d'Ark Says:

    You’re right Abeche!

    If we don’t “man up” soon, we’ll be almost as culpable as the traitors in the Regime!

    What could be worse than fiddling while Rome burns?

    Well – blubbering like emasculated cowards while it burns!

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