Ole Bipolar Piggy Heading in the Right Direction



19 Responses to “Ole Bipolar Piggy Heading in the Right Direction”

  1. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Look at his eyes my goodness!!! Mary must be keeping the guy late at night doing some kind of “wrong-side of the business” business…heheheheheheheh

    Or is it just Frankenstein in the flesh!!!??? Poor sod!!!

    He is a HORROR movie himself!!!

  2. Budhau Says:

    “Look at his eyes…” come Enuf, you can do better…or does this make you feel good making fun of this guy.
    I am sure this dude is having a laugh too.

  3. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    The look of ‘horror’ on its face suggest that the idiot just spotted a movie called, “Bananas in fatigues’.

  4. Coruption Fighter Says:

    The Fiji Times has reported that the reshuffle of permanent secretaries has fizzled.

    What’s happening here? Is this another Eye Arse plot gone wrong? We know that he pushed the Chodopu$$ out of the job of being Frank’s string puller. And we know he’d like to get rid of Parmesh Chand because Frank listens to him even if he ignores his advice.

    So why has Piggy baulked at rubber stamping the evil machinations of Eye Arse?

    He may be dumb, but it looks like Piggy has again shown us that he’s not short of low cunning. He knows he cannot afford to become too dependant on Eye Arse because Eye Arse will want to manipulate him all the time.

    Once again Eye Arse is too big for his boots.

    Reshuffle reversal
    Fiji Times: Tuesday, March 17, 2009

    ACTING Public Service Commission chairman Dr Mohammed Yunus has backpedalled on comments he made to this newspaper on the reshuffle of permanent secretaries.

    On Friday he told this newspaper that he would be in Suva on Monday for an emergency meeting with the commissioners and later with the interim Prime Minister.

    On Sunday, he said permanent secretaries would be reshuffled and an announcement would be made.

    “Yes the reshuffle will be announced tomorrow (Monday) and there are lots of surprises,” Dr Yunus told the Fiji Times.

    When we called him at loam yesterday, he said the reshuffle was still on and that we should call him back at 1.30pm for the changes.

    But when we called at 2pm, Dr Yunus did an about-turn and said that no decision had been made, that there might not be a reshuffle, that the permanent secretaries would remain where they were and that it was pure speculation by the media.

    When we spoke to him again at 3.45pm, he said the Fiji Times would be the first to know of any reshuffle.

    In Monday’s edition, we speculated that:

    * Parmesh Chand would move from the PMTs Office to PSC;
    * Viliame Naupoto would move from Immigration to the PM’s Office;
    * John Prasad would be the new PS Finance; and
    * Peceli Vocea would move from Finance to Foreign Affairs.

  5. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    Yunus has gone to Australia to seek diplomatic immunity.

    He knows that Fiji is stuffed and he is regretting his rise to fame 3 weeks ago.

  6. Koya na Man Says:

    ‘ora is jiko vei iko………….

  7. joji Says:

    Ni sa bula,
    Anybody has a list of people in the Military Council.

  8. parasad Says:

    My question is how come Mohammed Yunus was allowed a visa to visit Australia? Has the Australian Government relaxed its boycott of the IG and those supporting the IG of Fiji etc,?
    What’s going on? How come the Muslim clan are been slowly manuever to take over important posts in the IG and the Fijians and others are been slowly weaned out?
    Are the two Shistas sisters paid AUSSIE spy, working in partnership with ASIO Agents Gates and Scutt to ruin our economy?

  9. intruders.... Says:

    it seems life is going hard with Frank because of his sacked then going back to Pm’s office -TUITECI…is not part of the IG. and hey this has been sited taking secret meeting…..kila ga COrrupt levu tu vei S.TUI..

    this two a to be the first to replace Speight in prison…

    mate yani KOISI BOKALA!!

  10. Willy Says:

    The true horror is still to come for Fiji. Wait another nine weeks and the wheels will come off very very fast.

  11. anon Says:

    Rai tu ga mai va qori dua yani nai baci i daligana…..

  12. OjO Says:

    While it is true all men dream some by night others by day it’s those day dreamers that are the most dangerous for these people with near strabismus eyes act on their dreams.

    What’s befuddling of all it his ability to locate first off the section that resembles him the most the horror section.

  13. Budhau Says:

    Ojo, what a silly ass response – about men dreaming and all that.
    The guys doesn’t look any different that many other Fijian men.

    BTW – what kinda dreamer was that dude who gave that “I have a dream” speech.

  14. OjO Says:

    Hi Bud:

    A few words in the right place and voila the rat makes his appearance.

    Are you still on your transcendental journey and for some unknown reason you have come to your senses.

  15. Budhau Says:

    Don’t change the subject Ojo, FB does not look any different in that picture than any other Fijian man….those strabismus eyes thingie, is that some kinda genetic trait common among Fijians – because the dude just looked like any other Fijian to me,, I didn’t see any problem with how his eyes looked.

    Him being dangerous or his dreams etc has nothing to do with how he looks in that photograph, you dumbass.

    I wish there were more dreamers in Fiji, you sure don’t sound like one.

    BTW – I thought you left this site when the academic year began.

  16. senijiale Says:

    Oh hello there Bud, my buddy. Welcome back to the abyss of wishful thinking… and dreaming, lol. Talk about the ‘i’ thingi – tis an OCD found only in males i believe!

  17. Budhau Says:

    Senijiale – I had just got tired of this site, after they had pulled a coup in here. It seems like things have improved some. Besides, there were some other things what needed attention and the grades were getting bad too – you know – that academic year thingie, you want to slip that in every now and then.

    BTW – I think the ladies would have found FB to be a OK looking guy and the dude did make it to be the top in the military – if he hadn’t pulled this coup, these same people would have looked up to this guy.

    I think they should get away from this line of reasoning – how ugly the guys is of how fat his mother is – and then there is that diagnosis for some mental disorder. Even if the guy had a mental problem, it don’t look like no Bipolar to me.

    I think it is the “victims” of this military dictatorship who, under this stress, have started to have psychological problems….and we see some of them in here.

  18. senijiale Says:

    Same here Bud, I only drop by occasionally to feel the pulse of the underground resistance. Still on code yellow, some resistance aye! Yes, it is a vicious cycle of paranoia, y’know how it is, the persecuted becomes the persecutor and so on. I prefer to learn from other’s blatantly obvious mistakes… and I hope you do too.

  19. Glatombloli Says:


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