……………by the way

If civil servants are to retire at the age of 55, does that mean Voreqe Bhainimarama will retire in April this year 2009 when he reaches that age?

Oh Joy!


13 Responses to “……………by the way”

  1. EnufDictatorship Says:

    hmmmmmmmmm…would it mean the whole lot of people that are currently meeting in the Pussy Foot Forum?

    How old are they anyways?

    All remains to be seen.

  2. senijiale Says:

    Hey that’s a thought ED. On the other hand, I wonder if it might be important to retain those ‘retirees’ with expertise and experience that is needed still in the civil service… but ensure for the long term that systems are in place for continuity given that the retirement age has now been reduced to 55yrs or we’ll find ourselves with a whole lot of rather expensive ‘consultants’.

    I’m hoping though, to see folks in that political forum displaying true leadership qualities, of being statesmen/women as opposed to being a mere politicians, with statesmen/women being described here as doing what’s best for the country regardless of what the party wants.

  3. sotia luvaiwale Says:

    Since the retirement age has been brought down to 55 the question is what about bringing back the retirement age of the Army to the usual and normal 45yrs as it was before Rabuka changed it in 1987 to please his ‘tovatas’ most of them were reaching 45.

  4. Na Dina Says:

    I was told that his second contract of 5 years was also up this week!So he is also illegally the commander RFMF.Unless taijo pressie’s signature was forged once again giving vore an extension -this time for life. All is so quiet on this subject from the 4th floor and ahhh leweni?Sa malo eh!

  5. Ram Says:

    I guess unless he decide to turn politician,call an election and get voted in as member of the Labour Party for Nabua or Suva? But I can’t really see anyone casting a vote for Bainimarama now or in the future.

  6. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Good point ND!

    In fact, I thought his contract fell due for renewal in Feb.

    Anyway, like the threat to our FNPF money pointed out by WN – this is yet another cock-up to take to the next elections to make sure Frank’s parties (NAPF, Green, … etc.) remain firmly rooted in the political wilderness they already inhabit!

  7. Fair Says:

    Frank is the boss, he will extend his term, defying the court ruling. 55 are for law abiding ctizens but not for the men in green. They are in the world of their own, protecting the country from foreign and domestic threats; and who is that ???

  8. parasad Says:

    Foreqe quite? I don’t think so, he thinks that the country owes him for trying to reform our electrol system any the only person-in his mind- to try and give Fiji TRUE DEMOCRACY-in his own mind. The man is not a very honest or honourable person he is bipolar and has never kept his word on any thing.

  9. Navosavakadua Says:

    The hidden agenda of the retirement at age 55 decision should already be very clear. The Illegal Regime will conduct a clean-out of the senior ranks of the civil service, putting in its own people hand-picked for loyalty to the regime. Look at the small print of the statements that have been made: ”retired employees would be re-engaged on a contractual basis where needed”. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to work out what this means. What the regime needs is civil servants who are ready to do its bidding without thinking of the consequences or questioning doubtful legality.

    From the very start, this has been the MO of this criminal gang. Just think of all the boards that were cleaned out and hand-picked lackies installed. When the coup was launched the dictator already had a hit list ready in his pocket. Judging by the names on the list, Mahendra Chaudhry had a big part in compiling the list.

    Just as the dictator is going through the motions of discussing ”the way forward” with political parties in the ”presidential” forum, he is also positioning his foot more firmly on the throat of the nation.

    With the ranks of senior civil servants composed entirely of unprincipled lackies, he will be able to get on with his agenda of creating a dictatorship where it is safe to hold elections because he can guarantee the results.

  10. Adi Kaila Says:

    God Forbid!

  11. Dan Will Says:

    Considering the kind of food and livestyle of the people in Fiji, some would need to retire at 35 years old if they want to enjoy a little bit their retirement…

  12. parasad Says:

    Well wouldn’t you know, they’ve change the goal post again to suit their purposes.
    Now they’ve decided to retire only the people whom they don’t trust but will keep those that are in supportive of the IG and Frank policy?
    Hey, where is John Sammy?Did Frank kicked his ASS back to NZ? Or was he trying to pull his own coup?

  13. anon Says:

    F air, spoil my church ia sa dua tu mada ga yani a kedratou …….m……ajinanadratou vakaitamera……

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