The compulsive liar Shyster Shameem is in denial AGAIN about the International Bar Association.

The peroxide has truly leaked into the Shysters grey matter as she’s conveniently left out the fact the ig denied members of the IBA the opportunity to monitor proceedings in Fiji namely in February and November 2008.

That’s right the ig or ILLEGAL SELF IMPOSED so called government prevented members of the IBA visas to visit Fiji’

Many questioned the interim regime’s reluctance to entertain the IBA. Ironically, their very actions created more doubt about the independence of the judiciary.

Doubts on the status of the rule of law intensified when the interim gormunt refused to entertain scrutiny by the International Bar Association. The IBA’s representative Felicia Johnston was deported immediately after her arrival in February 2008.

It was Aiyaz khaiyum and his untee Shyster who were  the most vocal in defending Voreqe Bhainimaramas dismissal of the IBAs planned visits to Fiji because of course they were in fact complicit in the whole scheme. Khaiyum sent the IBA a threatening letter in November otherwise they would’ve been present at the UNFAIR Qarase versus State proceedings that left Fiji reeling in utter despair  from the verdict that even the sweets cart sellers knew was SO WRONG!




  1. Nostradamus Says:

    I find it amazing how some people can just stand there and tell bold faced lies. It is particularly disturbing coming from the legal profession, but after all, they can be professional prostitutes defending the indefensible, as in Voreqe’s blatant treason. Still it is disturbing to see People raised in Fiji so completly devoid of any intrinsic integrity, just going on as if they had been hired to defend some hopeless case and are doing their best for the client. But here you have a whole nation at stake, people of all races and religions, almost all of whom are suffering the disasterous negative impact of the dictatorship on the economy, with no end in sight, and the People crying out for the justice they have been denied.

    What kind of People sell themselves like this? Is it the race? Probably not, since you have Mahen, Voreqe, Aiyarse, Shameem. None of them would seem to represent their race. It seems that this disparate greedy, lying, and zealous group has found it in their interest to band together against the good People of the World.

  2. OjO Says:

    Well it appears from her assessment of the IBA’s report this person is deluding herself, she reminds me of the one handed man clapping.

    Poor thing as such the chemical agent she uses has not only leached into whatever little substantia grisea she has left but also has chemically altered her perception.

    They were vociferous in their condemnation of the IBA’s report one wonders why, if they claim the judiciary isn’t compromised then why not let outside observers to witness at first hand our judiciary is in compliance.

    As it stands all we have is their words, although from various cases that I have read it appears in most cases justice was served.

  3. JB Says:

    dua ga lidiraka mada i daligai aiyaz dua na ka katakata, can anyone let me know of his whereabouts, tamata qoi ma sa moku no

  4. Mesa Says:

    OjO – I agree that the judges are for the most part doing their jobs. However we all have to ask for how long will the judges be high-calibre people of integrity. They are leaving as soon as their tenures are up and NOT coming back. Noone want’s their reputation scarred by this regime.

    Sp the question is how much longer do we have until the judiciary is replaced by military officers? Such judges would have no legal training and no moral compass when it comes to taking orders from Emperor Bai and his cretin cronies?

    Shyster is only another example of this kind of one-eyed stupidity that makes you think that the Emperor is surrounding himself with people that believe in his diseased world-view. I am sure that there would be plenty more candidates to rise up the military ranks to take up the vacant positions in the judiciary…

  5. Anon Says:

    aaarerrhhhh! Peroxide yaaarrr! Has clouded her memory!

  6. george of sydney Says:

    What is this bitch trying to prove or who is she trying to fool? Even Pre-school kids understands that VB and the Interim govt denied the entry of the IBA to scrutinise the situation of the application and status of the rule of law in Fiji. Where is the Transparency they always preach? Where is the accountability and the clean up operation? All Bullshit.
    As for the question of transparency, all Fiji Citizens have the constitutional right to question the application of the law in light of our constitution. They are not only the owner and taxpayers of the govt since fiji is a democratic nation, they are also the ones who are experiencing the suffering and the struggle caused by a lot of the wrong decision you have made so far.
    This Bitch and Director of the new institution THE INHUMANE AND ANTI DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS COMMISSION operation so far is a joke and run by a bunch of legal clowns. Let me state this fact in regard to the fundamental role of this former champion(now clown) commission.
    They suppose to protect the rights and privilidges of the people in light of rule of law. It is difficult to undrstand why this commision take sides with this illegal govt when everythig they are doing so far seems to bring more suffering to the people.
    My dear Shameem, I would be glad to take out on a date so what I will share with you will penetrate your heart and open your heart, soul and mind. Maybe then you will start to feel what real people feels.
    No one can deprive people of their legal and constitutional rights because this journey will continue. After a while when they realise that that your office and you allowed the compromising of their fundamental right for yours and others personal gains, make sure to clip your wings and flyt far far away.

  7. HowstheGaps Says:

    I have had enough of kakase …its time we act and put these wannbees back to where the sun dont shine and Aiyaz, his brothers and his family should be booted out to Iraq or a war zone in Afghanistan along with Shameem and her sisters and what nots..to continue their bullying tactics there

  8. kaiveicoco Says:

    does shaista shameem know the difference? between the IBA being denied the chance or lost the chance.The court was just blatantly favouring her to be present ” as the friend of the court ” reading out all those wikipedia references of cases.

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