Mr. Buddauor whatever your name is, yes Mr. Qarase was here and he came to see his grandchildren, I personally guided them towards the Barton highway on his way to Griffith.

And the night before had a bowl of grog with him and the church elders in Canberra. He never asked us for a cent or suggested fundraising for whatever reason you have in your head.

This is what I know from this visit, the country is in poor health economically, it needs an elected government in power for countries to pour in aids of all types. Everything we are doing back home is not helping Fiji heal,,,politically, economically, morally, democratically and from the way you disrespect other peoples’ religion “personally” for you.

And Mr. Qarase never said a word in critisism for the IG or the military, he was too concerned for the country’s economy to waste his breath on non-issues like those….and yes they paid for their own way. I would elect an honourable person like that to lead the country in an instant.



  1. church mouse Says:

    Yes, the trip to Australia went very well. In our city, the people gave a warm welcome to the visitors. Mr Qarase was gracious in his manner of speaking whilst highlighting the anxxieties about the process of getting back to elections. A gentleman and a graceful lady. And a delicious lovo dinner of course!

  2. Tuks Says:

    Thank you very much Lai for your continous effort to fight for our people. You continue to maintain that personal and professional intergrity during your visit here. You have won more hearts and support from us here with your factual and to the point issues raised regarding the current problems facing Fiji and our people. It is now obvious who the true liars are and especially where the real corruption lies. Despite all the negative things they say against you, we urge you to keep up the good fight and never give up. We pray that God will continue to bless you and Leba and your children in the future…Vosota tiko vakaliali nodra veivakacacani…sa voleka ni da yaco ki na koro….

  3. Nostradamus Says:

    Seems to me Lai is the embodiment of a true Fijian, not the worthless bully boy cheeky bastard wannabee who is Voreqe.

  4. Kingrat Says:

    voreqe ceke magaitinamu


    The entourage could have gained political asylum status in Oz if they wanted. Qarase believes his desire to fight for the peoples democratic right is best served amongst the people and not from someone elses backyard. PATRIOTIC to the cause and FEARLESS. I guess the TRUTH does allow him to be FREE

  6. kalavo o baini Says:

    Voreqe and Mary having ckackackfalls at home now cos of his alledged affections with Judge lady Shameem——yes people its happening..
    text tiko yani ko shameem vei voreqe -“affectionately yours”
    Ouch, hit me babe!!!!
    Go Mary Go!!…

  7. Talei Says:


  8. Bin Ladin Says:

    Na koro sa yawa tale!, sa voleka ga o Kiuva!. Bai and his pupets wont stop at anything!. We all know what they all about, bunch of failed politicians and business man with a crazy lunatic and pathetic commander at the helm!. Mark my words they wont call an election. If we dont do something they will be running the show till kingdom come. We can highlight all their corrupt activities and call them every abusive words under the sun, but they won’t move an inch!. Someone somehow will have to organise a nationa strike, we have to take our griviences to the streets by way of demonstration against this pathetic no hopers (regime). Any military intervention from Aus or NZ is out of the question. They wont waste their tax payers monies and any possibility of lost of lives for no gain whatsoever. The responsibility for rescuing our Fiji fall back on us the people of this beloved land!. We should act now before Bai brings everything down with him!.

  9. Jean d'Ark Says:

    I agree BL!

    Now is the time to start agitating for open protests.

    So either the IG blows their rapidly dwindling fiscal revenues on more economically useless military patrols to keep things bottled up.

    Or else they let us ratchet up the protest pressure even more on them.

    Either way, the economy ain’t going anywhere until they start giving ground on what are after all, perfectly reasonable and worthwhile requests for a return to democratic rule within a sensible timeframe.

    The only hold-up is that we’ll need a couple of weeks off first to enjoy the only good thing that has happened to Fiji since December 2006 – our forthcoming sure victory in the Dubal World Cup Sevens!

  10. Ram Says:

    Jean,you’re very right lets get on the tube tonight and watch our rugby gods, try to do it again and bring home the GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. EnufDictatorship Says:

    all for NONVIOLENT protest to start moving.

    But sad to read how oblivious our villagefolk are when it comes to matters we in the rural areas have been educating each other about, as in per news today about the Women’s Day march.


    For some, it’s really no big deal at all

    Saturday, March 07, 2009

    And this is the OBLIVOUS/IGNoRAnT citizens (By chance that is not by choice I must admit) that Vore professes to be all he is doing for their behalf!

    SO, if our villagefolk are not even aware of these issues how can they appreciate DEMOCRACY?

    It’s probably also time to start educating them about THEIR DEMOCRACTIC RIGHTS and then get the ruralfolk to MARCH!!!!

  12. OjO Says:

    Qara-se you the cause of this coup and for that reason you along with these perpetrators ought to swing by the neck till dead.

  13. Tuks Says:

    Its unbelievable how people like you and others alike can still not see the truth. We can only pray and ask God to help you all in your misconstrued and ill informed minds.
    Qarase very much remains a man of integrity and still strongly admired by the majority of our Fijian communities despite what you thinlk or say.
    I think you missed the point too Ojo by likening Hon Qarase with the current coup perpertrators. Its a total misfit and jumping to false conclusions,,,,,

  14. Ram Says:

    It is too bad that our boys were not able to recreate another miracle in Dubai but hey, considering the state of the country, under siege from the military dictatorship, plus our contracting economy, i’m suprise that they still made it to the quater final.
    I’m sure if Mr Qarase was in power i’m sure he would have made sure the players would have been taken care of and would spent money in order to sell our small nation to the outside world?

  15. anon Says:

    hahahaha…… Ram..that’s impossible, but thanks I had my laugh………

  16. Mesa Says:

    Fiji does, despite all appearances to the contrary, have some good leaders. I would count Qarase (despite his faults) as one of them and I wish all the best for him and his gracious wife. Now to do something about that cretin with the guns…

  17. george of sydney Says:

    Hey Guys dont forget that it was this arrogant pig who had appointed Qarase as interim PM after he restored the govt in 2000. This was a person who had everything (money, university degrees, high level of leadership qualities, very good christian) and had nothing to gain from accepting bainimaramas request. He did it for he puts Fiji first before himself.
    Few things to remember:-
    1) He is still the legal and the constitutionally elected PM
    2) He was one of the Top Financial Administrator before being asked by Bainimarama to be Interim PM
    3) He is a very intelligent and humble gentleman
    4) He could have opted to remain in Australia permanently but chosed to return for the sake of democracy and the people who elected him.
    5) During his courtcase, he was not scared to face the judges and being scrutinised. The Commander went hiding and yet the ruling of those clown judges favoured him.
    6) I was present at his function in Sydney and the thing that amazes me about this great leader is the fact that he never made any personal attack against Bainimarama or mention his name in a cruel manner. I always thought that the Bau people of which bainimarama’ village is a subject are the master of the i tovo vakaturaga. Then I heard him screaming on the radio “OARASE QO SA DUA NA TAMATA LASULASU” and I said to myself, “GEE IS THIS THE INTERIM PM GROWLING?”. I COVINCED MYSELF THAT THE VOICE AND THE MANNER OF WHICH THAT ARROGANT STATEMENT WAS MADE WAS NOT FROM A KAI BAU, KAI TAILEVU OR KAIVITI.
    I am not suprise for as a Fijian if you dont respect the chiefs and its august body the GCC then you are a pure KAISI.
    Sorry people the above is a good example of ARSE VS CLASS
    To legally elected PM Qarase may god be with you always as you continue to fight for the truth and the people of Fiji.
    To Bai, all I can say is that ONE DAY YOU WILL REAP WHAT YOU SOW.

  18. tagata Whehua Says:

    To george of Sydney,never two Kai Bau will be the same.When mentioning Kai Bau tried to dig deeper into which Kai Bau you referring to.The Nailatikaus,the Bainimaramas and so on. These Kai Bau’s are truly son of bastards or POW and low down Kaisi.Most of us the truly Kai Bau’s do not support these Bastards and its a shame for these two bastards claiming to be Kai Bau.

  19. anoni Says:

    @ tagata whehua-that class of kai bau’s includes the cokabau’s as well. hahahaha … Nodratou via vere-vaka-bau tiko sa sauti iratou tale qo medratou sici. Return bau to its rightful owner the roko-tui-bau and the class together with the i-tovo comes naturally. History would state that had it not been for the Nailatikau blood (which is higher/bluer in rank compared any in fiji today) the cakobaus would have been the tongans garden boys. Their very existance serves as a reminder to us all of what could have been had it not been for them.
    Frank-being a warrior clansman will never have class. Don’y waste our energy on him eliminate is all thats needed of him.

  20. Simonn Says:

    This is something really good in this package,

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