Lawyers claim undue influence by Fiji’s military

The International Bar Association has raised concerns about the influence of the military-backed interim government on the Fiji judiciary.

In a new report, Dire Straits: A report on the Rule of Law in Fiji, the association’s Human Rights Institute says since the 2006 coup, the rule of law has steadily deteriorated and there is significant influence being placed on the judiciary and the legal profession.

The Bar Association has recommended Fiji’s leaders allow a return to democratic rule and stop trying to influence decisions made by judges.

The report was compiled during telephone conferences and interviews, after the association was twice barred from travelling to Fiji to complete its investigation.


4 Responses to “Lawyers claim undue influence by Fiji’s military”

  1. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Nothing new eh???

    Except of course, for the illegals, they will be harping left-right-and-centre now crying FOUL!!!!!

    But too late illegals, and it is just becoming too weird to think that these illegals can’t seem to get it. But you know why..bcos of the 3 stooges’ ruling to support the senile’s Pressie’s mandate for these illegals. That is why. If the 3 stooges had been true to their calling and ruled AGAINST the senile Pressie’s mandate, then the illegals would have had a REAL DRAIN BLOCK! So really, can someone just check on those 3 stooges already too.

  2. Anon Says:

    Sorry for being off-topic here, but I am just trying to figure out the sacking (or whatever) of Tabaleka. OK, Aslam Khan is CEO (or something) of Vodafone who happens to be the partner of Nazhat Shameem who happens to be an aunty (as referred to an earlier post I read somewhere) to Aiyaz Saiyad-Khaiyum….what a coincidence!!!! Just my 2 cents worth of reflection.

  3. Ram Says:

    Whenever we return to normality lets not foreget to Prosecute Kaiyum,Gate and Siesta for treasons and let get a sympathetic Judge to keep them behind bars for the rest of their life.

  4. qio Says:

    Why incur unnecessary expenses keeping them ?

    Just hang the whole bloody lot , feed them to the sharks

    and forget they ever existed.

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