It is so refreshing to have the Legally elected Prime Minister of Samoa, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi telling the UNELECTED self appointed illegal prime minister of coupsters and corruption Voreqe Bhainimarama a few home truths.
Prime Minister Malielegaoi has thrown the word ‘unpacific’ back at him with a scathing attack at any legitimacy Voreqe Bhainimarama may have on returning Fiji to democratic rule. He has certainly given Piggy some good advice but knowing how recalcitrant ole Piggy is, he’ll take it out of context and plot some payback because he’s riding high on the lucrative gravy train and really thinks he’s invincible.
 “INTERIM Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama can greatly redeem his reputation if he allows a general election to be held this year and returns to the barracks, says Samoan Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi.
“The army commander must become firmly answerable to the elected government and only then would he recover much of his lost credibility,” he told Talamua Online.

Talamua Online is a Samoan news website collated by the islands Le Samoa newspapers and Talamua Magazine.

According to the report by Talamua Online reporter Lance Polu last Friday, Mr Malielegaoi’s comments would be his last on the matter.

Mr Maleilegaoi reportedly said he hoped in the future, when he and Bainimarama are both retired, Bainimarama would by then be grateful for his “direct and frank advice”.

Tension mounted early last month when Mr Malielegaoi, in a lengthy analysis of the interim administration, accused Bainimarama of lying to the Pacific Island Forum members on his commitment to a general election this year.

Meanwhile the ever revolving door of the revolting ig keeps turning and churning.

While Piggy moves to a more substantial abode in the pretense that his army quarters are being repaired  Recalled Fiji High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea Ratu Isoa Tikoca has had his contract terminated.

 FORMER Commerce Commission chairman Charles Sweeney has been ungraciously dismissed.

Aiyaz Khaiyum has named his buddy, John Prasad as Chairman of the newly formed Fiji Water Authority. This makes two chairmanship role for ex-Fiji citizen John Prasad, the first being chairman of Fiji Development Bank and now this one.

 Fiji Sugar Cane Growers Council (SCGC) chief executive Surendra Sharma has withdrawn his resignation and will now continue in the position.

Epeli Nailatikau maybe next for a change in portfolio or an exit altogether for criticing the lack of progress of any sort by the ig.

$50 Epeli will cling onto Voreqe for dear life because he so wants his boi to somehow forgive his huge debt,  heaven only knows how that will be done as the debt is owed to the banks.

Aaaagh the coup coup world of the ig.



  1. Ram Says:

    I’m not sure why no one that have been Fired by the IG didn’t bother sueing the IG Prime Minister or line minister(s) for wrongful dismissal in the high court?
    Also, people are being maimed and or killed in car and Bus accident due to unacceptable road conditions throughout the nation and like wise no one seems to want to seek restitution from the court.
    For god sake people,if members of your family was involved in an Automotive incident,could it be that the driver(s) was trying to evade a “POTHOLES'” or CRATER on the road,when the accident occurred?
    If that was the case, then you have the right to take the Government to court and seek justice and restitution.

  2. OjO Says:

    Here’s a thought Fiji could invade Samoa and beat the loud mouth to a pulp or the Fijian’s could for once grow some spine and claim back what’s rightly theirs.

    Some may call this bantering others may view it as downright despicable for two grown men to be engaged in a war of words that is not conducive to either nations.

    Although one ceased power for all the wrong reasons and the other is democratically elected let’s not lose sight of the fact while the elected one seem on the surface to be maligning the usurper he is infact by default maligning the nation of Fiji.

    And for these reasons we must oppose most vehemently their reprehensible tirades.

  3. waisou Says:

    I take my hat off for the Samoan PM for not beating around the bush. Well the writing is on the wall for the unelected wannabees. Try saving credibility by going back to where you belong. Stop messing things up that were not meant for your control.

    One day, you will look back and regret the biggest of the silliest mistakes you had committed.

    Go Fiji go

  4. Mesa Says:

    “Although one ceased power for all the wrong reasons and the other is democratically elected let’s not lose sight of the fact while the elected one seem on the surface to be maligning the usurper he is infact by default maligning the nation of Fiji.” – OjO

    I am not sure that you are describing the back and forth between the countries correctly.

    The PM for Samoa’s comments do not malign Fiji per se but rather that it is a direct comment on the Regime’s recalcitrant and disingenuous behavior.

    It is GOOD that other countries make comments of this kind. It is GOOD that Samoa cares about Fiji because it is clear that the Ostriches in Fiji, who dare not look into the face of the government, will not be able to save themselves.

  5. teacher Says:

    ‘Although one ceased power’ ! Excuse me, but ‘ceased’ should be ‘seized’ as one means to let go and the other to grab. Quite a difference! 2 out of 10 for English!
    Okay, it’s the thought that counts so 10 out of 10.

  6. abeche Says:

    Please add the names of the Board members of the newly formed Water Authority headed by this fly by night John Prasad into the Shame List and give their names to the OZ, Kiwi, US and UK embassisses so that they cannot travel to these countries.

    People that support the regime at this level are not helping the country and its people but perpetuating the illegality that has been thrust upon the people and the democratic processess that Fiji needs.

  7. abeche Says:


    The Samoan PM is not maligning the country of FIJI. His remarks are aimed squarely at the stupid FIjian IPM who has brought great embarrasement to the country and people of Fiji.

    Let us leave it at that

  8. Dugong Says:

    No no no … The proper is is for the Solivakasama Worldwide Movement for Democracy and we have the real Solivakasama blog on the website page… and also you can check out the new page called “Press release”
    and dont forget to read the ads that carries the story of Chaudary’s million in one of our ads the clue is to click all the ads to find it, in one of those ads is a heading ..Chaudary’s loot from India by a tribe belongs to the Gujiratis.

  9. gofijigo Says:

    Let us be vocal like the Samoan PM… I believe we have the same type of thoughts on this illegal IG! With foreign reserves dropping in the next few months, with no international aid, we as the people of this country will certainly needs to take heed now and save as much $$$ to prepare for the worst

  10. Cama Says:

    Join the Methodist and pray for Fiji and its Leaders for the whole of this month. (march)

  11. Glatombloli Says:


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