Shaista Shameem the buffoon fakest blonde  ig Fiji Human Rights Commission Chairperson is up on her irrelevant Pedestal in full denial AGAIN.

When the issue of Human Rights in Fiji is discussed and is classed as negative by The 2008 Human Rights report released by the United States Department of State she puts on her ‘ME IS MS PERFECTION’ hat and condemns it outright.

MS IMPERFECTION seems to think that  the Obama Administration  will veto the report regarding Fiji – in yo dreams talibani the report is absolutely correct.

Khaiyum the illegal AG has added his irrelevant 2 cents worth that the judiciary is independent. Sorry to burst your bubble Khaiyum but the judiciary is independent only if it has been appointed by a LEGALLY elected Government and anyone who has been admitted to the legal bar should know this, especially smart arses like you and your fickle fake blonde untee.

FIJI’s Prisons Commissioner is not aware of a Human Rights report released by the US Department of State, which is highly critical of the Prison system in Fiji either and has stated he should’ve been consulted., yeah, whatever for Ioane, you and your ig cohorts ‘Yellow Ribbon’ project was only to benefit the murderer Varanisese Senavanua ole Piggy Bhainimaramas idiot tavale.

The 2008 report covered many issues in Fiji such as the Judiciary, media, prison system and discrimination.
The report said the Government generally enforced these provisions under the constitution for discrimination based on race, sex, place of origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, colour, primary language, economic status, age, or disability.

Although the report said rape, domestic abuse, incest, and indecent assault were significant problems.
The report stated that the interim Government in Fiji did not fully respect the rights of the freedom of press.
The ig JUST DOES NOT GET IT that everything under their illegal watch is corrosive, corrupt and downright undemocratic.

When a local voices an opinion the person is quickly sacked or their home burglarised. So it is good  for Fiji that these reports are issued overseas and our compatriots can speak up for us.

The igs version of democracy and the legal version practiced and upheld by most countries is completely different and no matter how much they try to impose their illegal ethics on the Nation it is still unacceptable and will not be accepted in Fiji.

It’s all very well for the talibanis Shameem and Khaiyum to insist that their brand of governance is legal when it isn’t to justify their coercion in the illegal hijacking of the Democratically elected SDL Government and depriving the Nation of Fiji of their basic civil rights, Fiji and the rest of the world condemns them and their ig coup conspirators because they are completely wrong.

For Khaiyum to issue an open challenge for people to show evidence that the judiciary is compromised, is very cowardly as he knows the direct result of a complaint by the public will be severe and is not worth the trouble at this stage while he has the protection of the bullyboys to inflict some kind of pain or loss upon a person


5 Responses to “IG REPORT CARD F-”

  1. senijiale Says:

    The shyster’s drowning & she knows it.. her words ring hollow. I guess one can understand where she’s coming from but that was never her call to make in the first place, hence, the dire consequences to follow. I sppose she should now zip up, save what little dignity (if any) she has left and walk away… but can she really?

    Hmmm, the prisons comish taking cover behind a lame denial, well naturally, being the lame duck that he is. Idiot.

    So where to now Fiji? We’ve got EU, UN sanctions albeit not tough as we’d like them to be; Samoa PM & Pacific Forum countries rallying behind our cause, US HR reports, 3rd in a row condemning the despicable Pig and his administration’s rule over Fiji and her people… the Pig and his regime is an international pariah! So where are the leaders who need to make use of the momentum to rally/organise/drive peaceful protests all over the country… c’mon!

  2. OjO Says:

    Peroxide granny is at her best again, what’s with this woman is she living in denial or maybe she needs to take a ride on Bud’s spiked back tortoise.

  3. waisou Says:

    How appropriate for the sun-dried hairdo missy to comment on the US Court ruling of ethnic wars here in Fiji when those seeking political asylum in the US used these grounds to convince the Court that they will suffer when coming back home. How quick of her to support such ruling when one big pooh in front of her and she cant smell it at all. She should pooh-dye her hair…ooops she will still not smell it..

    Bloody useful full of air and full of talk…better be silent then open one’s mouth and considered a fool!

    Oilei Viti. Go Tani and boys!!!

  4. OjO Says:


    My buddy all is forgiven, your presence in this forum although at times is polemic we nevertheless value your somewhat skewed view.

    Come out come out wherever you are.

  5. Glatombloli Says:


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