Piggy’s attempt at some form of intellect is so predictable, his new word for the coup coup lexicon – unpacific – ulukau Piggy HOW ABOUT THE WORD UNCOUTH THAT APTLY DESCRIBES YOU VOREQE BHAINIMARAMA AND YOUR INSIGINIFICANT COUPSTERS AND SYMPATHISERS. Piggy is already dumb and is dumbing down further.

Unpacific – ya – une pathetico Voreqe Bhainimarama we know you’re one helluva dumb arse so please don’t start mangling the English language if you cannot speak it correctly. Your bocified language is best used only with those on the same level of lowdown intellect as yourself.

If anyone was un pacific it would be you old oink and you know damn well why because you’re taking from the ‘hand that feeds you’. Taking is doing you too much justice when you’ve actually Hijacked the very legally elected SDL Government and the Nation of Fiji,  illegally paid yourself monies not due to you or any of the ig coupsters. IT IS FULL SCALE THEFT and everyone including the legally elected Prime Ministers of Fiji and Samoa have every right to criticise Voreqe and his self appointment that noone except his tinpot military recognise.

Mr Sailele was absolutely correct in his statement about the need for a military in Fiji. Why are they continually recruiting when there is no war in Fiji and especially when the UN will not be deploying Fijians as peace keepers in war zones overseas.

Why should the UN deploy soldiers from Fiji when they have erred so drastically by turning Fiji into a basket case Nation in two years and committed the worst atrocity by depriving the Nation of their legally elected Government and basic human rights.

So much for the un pacific ‘clean up campaign’ touted so brashly by the old oink, it’s so unpacific that some suburbs in Fiji now  pay vigilantes to police their neighbourhood to keep them safe from Voreqes marauding pack of thugs who go around terrorising everyone.

I suppose it’s no use asking why the police who are  paid out of the public purse are not doing what they are supposed to do, keeping the citizens of Fiji safe from theives and murderers terrorising them in their own homes or where ever they dare to venture. They are too busy feathering their own nests as is happening from their chief of command  and continues on down the line, useless mokusigas.

It’s a sad sad time in Fiji when Fijians who have raped and pillaged the Nation are imprisoning their own people for no reason except arrogant personal gain. Noone ever thought in their wildest dreams that the mindset in the middle eastern Nations would be all pervasive in our beautiful Islands by soldiers who are public servants paid out of the public purse like the unpacific police.

That’s what happens when a two bit, no account piece of shit like Voreqe Bhainimarama thinks he has the ability to govern and his co conspirators allow him to.

Everyone is well and truly over it and are now just waiting for the coupsters to self destruct.




  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    True That SV1 – Uncouth, unintelligent, unsavoury, untransparent and HELLO UNELECTED.

    The Un’s have it!

  2. Kingrat Says:


  3. Cama Says:

    Methodist are gonna pray and fast for the whole of March for the nation to be delivered from evil.

    Lets support it and ask our God Jehovah to intervene and give the govt back to the people to decide and give the current regime some sense.

  4. Javala Says:


    Amen to that Cama.

  5. hari Says:

    Too true SV Bainimara will definately self-destruct and hopefully when that happen, the world community will not allow these idiots to take our money and run?
    I know for sure, that he has recently purchased a property, in New Delhi and he has a numbered Saving account, with the Bank of Baroda in that City.
    Bai you can run but you cannot hide,cause after we regain our parliament,we will of course come after you and your coup conspirators and demands, that you all be tried for treasons?

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