As the ever revolving door of the revolting illegal regime keeps turning the same old has beens keep rearing their fugly heads.

Chodo the most brazen thief and liar after his sonny boi Piggy Voreqe Bhainimarama, has come around full circle in his role as the saviour of the defunct sugar industry that he and his underlings used and abused no end and used as a launching pad to lobby for money in India and from the Indian diaspora for the cane farmers. The money is still in Australia as far away as possible from the canefields of the Western District of Fiji and out of reach of the very people it was meant for. $2 million+ being the guesstimate.

Bunz the poseur is back in favour and has a cushy job back in the big apple.

Old  ”white hair  no gut f#*! F#*! No pay” as Vunibobo is known to the kalavos in Thailand seems to be out of favour. Maybe it’s because he couldn’t secure an invitation for Piggy to attend Obamas inauguration as 44th President of the USA.

That’s the ignorance of Piggy  boi who thinks that the BBS Obama would give him carte blanche because he is also black, what a tool!  That’s is certainly not how things are done in the free world Piggy. Black or green, Obama ain’t gonna be seein’ you anytime soon or in the future Piggy ole boi. In fact Voreqe Bhainimarama isn’t even a passing thought in the busy Presidents mind, he’s so insignificant.

Just waiting for Big ole Bernie Ganilau to reappear and try to bedazzle everyone with her pretentiousness. Oi lei dear, stop wearing those undergarments to hold in your lard it just pushes you out of shape and is most unhealthy in our humid climate.

Have you noticed how that catholic priest Mataca has been very quiet of late.  The Vatican have ostracised him for fooling them into issuing an invitation for Piggy and Meri to meet the Pope.  That was a huge no no Mataca, dictators are NEVER EVER  to be allowed anywhere in the Vatican, let alone to meet the pope. So Mataca will be Hail Marying for the rest of his miserable life. PENANCE tiko vei iko.

They’re like a bunch of pathetic Elvis impersonators, leaving the building then reentering wth those crazy illfitting Elvis rugs (more like tawelu ni koli) on their heads

Cawiri tu la, just like their cawiri leaders

Meanwhile the COMMONWEALTH MINISTERIAL  ACTION GROUP  like the PACIFIC ISLAND  FORUM are thinking along the same line, to suspend Fiji.  This would mean beihg banned from ministerial and leader level participation in the forum and be cust off from regional co-operation initiatives and new financial and technical assistance.

Looks like Fiji is effed from all sides.



6 Responses to “BUGGER THAT DAMN PIG”

  1. Lata Yaqona Says:


    Writing reads familiar

  2. Willy Says:

    This whole nightmare would long be over if the international community acted adequatly: No more UN peacekeeping, no aid from EU and others, out of the Forum and Commonwealth and total travel ban for everyone in the regime including Mr Chand.

  3. Laisa Kaukiono Says:

    Isa kosa, give it up, why don’t ya.

    You bloody well tried this same level of denigration on the old school you went to because someone else had the initiative to setup a website and other ex students were able to organise reunions without you.

    Please concede defeat and FO gracefully if that is remotely possible you have been found out again and your undesirable history is being revealed for those who don’t know what a right old bitch you really are.

    Your problem started at school. always using your blood connection to Ratu Mara to promote your kosa self. Kosa is the nickname given to you because you are a waste product.

    What we all knew was that your connection was on the kaisi side not the turaga side and everyone laughed at your delusions of grandeur.

    Most of us have changed for the better as we have matured with age and experience but you have regressed, in fact you have got worse with your viciousness and jealousy.

    Did it occur to you that all the lies you told may have contributed to your husband not progressing in the banking industry he worked in. You think you can fool the Kaivalagis, no dear you only fooled yourself. Many locals work for the same company as your husband and many are married to people who do and your lasulasu stories have been discussed over the last three and half decades in NZ, Australia and Fiji.

    When Ratu Mara passed away we all expected to see you in the photos that were published and could be viewed overseas. No sign of you kosa, where were you if you were so important, in the kitchen peeling the dalo or getting on the Lauan womens nerves. Those women from Lakeba can be very forthright and would’ve told you where you rightfully belong in the pecking order, in the toilet.

    What’s all this shit using the Yagona name, that family is respected in Fiji. Then again yagona is linked to your nickname kosa. We noticed you also used the name of the daughter of the ex scholar who setup the old school on Ovalaus website as a blog name, luveni concubine kaisi, go and get your head examined or are you mentally retarded.

    All your alternative blognames, lata yagona, ablaze, cakau, tash, rosi, lusiana, deni puaka reveal it’sn you and your sickness you old fool.

  4. hari Says:

    Bai-What were you thinking in re-appointing an old man, like Berenado Bunibobo, to the United Nation?
    The man is over 80 years old, his brain power is dead and like the old pressy, he,s lucky to be able to wake up in the morning and get out of his bed and realise that he is still breathing?
    The man’s body looks like an, hurricane damaged, old Fijian Bure and his joints, has been badly weaken by constant arthritic pain attacks.
    The man should have been left alone to retire and die peacefully at home.
    No members of the United Nations, seems to have a high respect for people that hails from countries, that took over power by illegal means and Vunibobo ,is finding out that he’s no longer accepted into the BIG BOYS CLUB anymore!
    In his present Arthritic conditions, he really doesn’t need this job what he need is a space and or spot in a old peoples home where he can be cared for by nurses or care givers?
    The IG plan to have him open up economic relationships with the international communities etc,etc, in my opinion, has failed very badly.If the coup was done to clean up the racial bigotry of the SDL, than why is it that very few FIJI minority, have been appointed to Fiji Embassy abroads or a Kailoma,kaijaina and Kaivalagi in the IG Ministerial position?

  5. Ram Says:

    Good writeup Hari, but come to think about it, you’re quite right about the disparities in appointing mostly Fijians and Muslims in higher public positions by Poreqe Boinimaramu IG dictatorship-Why?
    At least the much accussed SDL legally elected Government of Mr.Laisenia Qarase, had done its utmost, to ensure that every communities in Fiji, are represented in the administration of our nation.
    One thing is for sure,i will not be manipulate by the FLP Chodory or his lackies in any coming national elections?
    I say this to all my Brothers and Sisters- Indo-Fijians especially blockhead like Budhau, lets back the SDL administration as they’ve historically proven, beyond a shawdow of a doubt, that they have the ability to administer our country fairly,rationally,honourably and with incredible merits.
    I voted for the SDL in both elections and i’m doing this again in the upcoming election and i will not be detered by any bullshit from Chodohry or his lackies ever again.
    As an indo-Fijian i think that any changes pertaining to Fijian land, must come from them and them alone.
    We’re very lucky to be in a country, whose indigenous owner, accepted us as one of their very own and the least we could do, is to give them their dues,in order to governed their country as they saw fit?

  6. Suliasi Dauntutu Says:

    Gees, that’s the first time I have heard an Indo-Fijian talk seriously and sensibly about the country’s problems and most importantlly native land.

    It’s a pity those in Government high offices cannot think like you because that could be the very first step the IG take to achieving the almost impossible goals they are trying to achieve.

    I, a land owner myself, would gladly let a person like you live and raise your family on my forefathers’ land when I can hear a person talk with truth and honour openly like that. You don’t really need reforms and political issues-all you need is this form of honourable understanding….it’s a room where love likes to reside

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