Chodo is still feverishly lobbying the gormunt about South Pacific Fertilizers needing  assistance to bail it out of it’s less than dismal state .

Chodo need not look too far, he can go to Delainabua where there’s free fertilizer that does not need machinery to refine or package it .The donors can bag all the fertilizer they actually produce themselves and help Fiji’s economy move forward.

Then he can move on to the homes of Voreqe Bhainimarama and his cohorts of coup sympathisers, there’s a huge Cottage Industry  in itself.

He mustn’t forget his own substantial contribution, and contact his mate Budhau who’s a walking fertiliser factory himself, HUMUNGOUS.  No need to call in Sereana Qoro as she’s got it all loaded up at FHL and is just waiting for the correct marketing strategy so she can add her two cents worth as she’ll need the money from all that fertilizer to resurrect FHL and whatever else she’s singlehandedly destroyed

Imagine the revenue that can be gained if it is marketed correctly and exported. It could make millions & millions and refill the Nations depleted coffers.

“PURE COUP d’da” would be an appropriate product name don’t you agree and Chodo would not have to fight his losing battle for SPF that he and his cronies have been milking until it’s now no longer viable.

Because the coupsters are all in the shit they can deal with it this way, EXPORT IT MAN.

They can all make it themselves (I can see Budhau has already started as the aroma is overwhelming), Package it themselves and leave at a Collection Point to be loaded and shipped off. How cheap and selfless is that. No overheads at all and oh so cost effective.

Lo and Behold, Problem solved.


6 Responses to “PURE COUP d’da”

  1. Nostradamus Says:

    Nauru made it for years exporting bird shit.
    With Voreqe Fiji has an environmentally green and military green resource based industry in the flinging and exportation of pig shit. After all, it is all beginning to “hit the fan” both locally and in international circles. Otherwise use it to grow tulips like they do in Holland.

  2. Puf-Military Says:

    Vinaka SV, down with this guano gormunt. Exile Piggy and Aiyarse 2 Nauru and they can bring it back to its pristine state as they emit methane from both ends.

  3. hari Says:

    Oh my GOD! What are we going to do about the stench? At least Budhau is in good companies-they’re all full of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Keep The Faith Says:

    LMAO! Very witty SV1.

  5. Ram Says:

    SV this is definately a very whitty stuff, but my concern is that the manures, although plentiful, it would needs to first, go through its quality tests, in order to ensure that, there is no side effect to these shit????I have no doubt, that the Foreigner blockhead Budhau their side-kick is possibly the HUMUNGOUS carrier of unsavoury manures.

  6. Laisa Kaukiono Says:

    budhau could be the mentally deranged Jim Anthony, residing in Hawaii and always writing negatively about Fiji, another son of a concubine.

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