It’s all happening around the Pigs household, busy, busy, busy, moving down the road to the Chief Justices Official Residence, hmmn wonder if the Ciris will pay them a visit for a cuppa and homemade bikkies with Aunty Meri the First Lady of All That is Corrupt and Unclean in Fiji. Hallelujah sing the Tele ni Bros, as Voreqe Bhai pays homage to the evil he worships
Not only that but Bunz has come out of retirement, must have finally got over his big yalo levu (sulk) and decided he’d like to party with Michelle & Barack. Oh man, is he kidding, as if the US government, LEGALLY elected I might add does not know that Bunz is a coup sympathiser, one of the illegal old boys. Maybe Bunz has pledged allegiance to the chuttar, Yo, money talks Integrity walks.
New York, New York as ole Blue Eyes used to sing.
Then Piggy and his ignorant cronies call for another Presidents Dialogue. The question is whether the President will be there in his human form to dialogue or is it another ruse to use the word ‘President’ to lure the hopeful in to listen to piggyspeak (read – illogical, illiterate rantings that can only spew forth from the mouth of an uncouth, ignorant peasant).
Invitations have been sent to registered political parties, I wonder if the Prime Minister Mr Laisenia Qarase and his SDL party received one, to attend on March 13, 2009 (Friday the 13th, bad omen for those who indulge in evil practises) to discuss Fiji’s return to democratic rule.
Hang on a minute, the invitation includes a verbal DISCLAIMER.
Yes indeed, Bhainimarama has said that parties who are not willing to accept change as outlined in the People’s Charter for Peace and Progress, should not bother turning up to the meeting. Hey Up Yours to Piggy! We’ve all heard that crap before, so you better get used to the fact that noone gives a damn about your ignorant charter.
Meanwhile Fiji suffers as Bhainimarama fiddles the books. Khaiyum is a prisoner in his own home, $50 Epeli still cannot pay his bills, Epeli N has lost his marbles and the shadowy figures continue their money laundering and bullying of innocent citizens,
They’re a deceitful lot, every single coup making one of them and their punishment will be deliciously harsh.

12 Responses to “PIGGY’S ON THE MOVE”

  1. Nostradamus Says:

    Well I hope that SDL attends, because otherwise Piggy will claim 90% approval based on those who turn up, as he did with the Charter “consultations” (brow beating sessions).

    By the way the uncouth peasant is actuallly a fishmonger flogging rotten fish. You can tell by the smell. Or was it Samy’s flatulence?

  2. Budhau Says:

    Hey, SV dude, you seem to be a day or two behind with your new – the SDL did get a invite, and that was announced before you posted this crap in here.

    2) As for the US and coup sympathisers – why don’t you go read up on your history.

    There is no substance in the above post – Epeli losing his “marbles and not being able to pay his bill” – so what is he doing with that money that these guys are stealing – is he spending that on prostitutes and drugs?

    ..and that line, “They’re a deceitful lot, every single coup making one of them and their punishment will be deliciously harsh.”

    Have you guys seen the light – is it coups that you are against and democracy that you support – or just that you are pissed off at these guys because they are not you guys.

  3. Kingrat Says:

    budhau sonalevu

  4. Jean d'Ark Says:


    Why don’t you read up on Barrack Obama’s history to see how the new administration is going to treat this regime as long as it continues to rely on propaganda, equivocation, double-standards, non-accountability and manipulation!

    You can start with the administration’s maiden statement on Fiji supporting the Forum communique out of PNG!

    So much for Voreqe’s thinly-disguised attempts to latch on to Obama’s “change” mantra coat-tails!

    This shows that most people aren’t stupid, and can easily see through the regime’s charades. The only difference is when they are outside the stomping range of the regime’s jackboots, they can say so without fear as the Samoan PM demonstrated.

    And just because you can’t (or won’t) see through the regime’s pantomime, doesn’t mean anything! It only shows that your education has no practical use.

    As for your obsessive dislike of the SDL, you might ask yourself why you are so pissed off at them that you readily abide rights abuses against them. Is it because they are not you guys?

  5. gofijigo Says:


    Yes, they are just fooling themselves!

  6. hari Says:

    kingrat, I support your statements. How about Budahau-Baku Lada?

  7. anon Says:

    BUD, Vacuruma ga vei iko o E veli nona marbles…… you deserve it…..ouch…..

  8. gofijigo Says:

    forum just waste of taxpayers money… nothing will evenuate

  9. kiuva no leqa - lasulasu Says:

    Soldiers at QEB are not happy with today’s news (FBC) that they wont be recieving their JER pay plus the Police maybe thats why Vore needs a stronger pigsty.Also all the Directors of thge Mataivalu Savings Credit mUnion (all ordinary soldiers) have been terminated wef 27 Feb 09 and a replaced by all the Commanding Officers(Colonels).I wonder what will happen to the $3,062,537.00 the MSCU has managed to gain last year.

  10. vela2 Says:

    Gosh is Badhau still trying to sell his stink wares around here – lol – try harder Badhau you stink of Baini”s pigstye smell. Baini should put u in one of his new guard houses!

  11. hari Says:

    Actually this was a security move by the Military in order to counter any possible raid by Aussie or NewZealand armies.
    I can’t believe how stupid this peoples’ are,first they allow Mr Qarase the right to visit these countries and only after he’s in OZ then they realise that they’ve made a boo-boo?
    Now Bai is totally petrified, that Mr.Qarase-The Legal Prime Minister of FIJI- will make a deal with the Australian and NewZealand Government, to help restore his legally elected SDL Government back into power?
    Bai has already told his raceist, preaching comish of police to grabs the legal Prime Minister as soon as he got off the Airport in Nadi and transported to a hidden location,to be kept as a hostage, in case of a possible attacks from the above two nations?

  12. Bin Ladin Says:

    There wont be any raids or military intervention from Aust, NZ or any country for that matter. what’s happening here is like a storm in a tea cup for them. They do not wish to waste any of their tax payers monies and any possibility of lost of lives for no gain at all. There will be smart sactions and more sanctions to come if Bai continue to stood his ground and not calling an election. By the look of things i can say that Bai is not about to give in just yet. First he will try to secure (him and his cronies) their immunity to prosecution before setting the timetable for a return to democracy. But he got a problem on his hands now, the very institutions that might be able to offer him that (Bose levu vakaturaga) he decided to disband and send its members under the mango tree for a homebrew party. He realised now that what he did was wrong but he wont go back to them because of his pride. The monster is connered, the only concern i have is that he might let everything (our economy, foreing investors and tourism) to go down with him. It is up to us now to rescue our Fiji from him. Peoples power is more powerful then any weapons they have. Serious demonstration and national strike against this regime is the way to go!. If we want freedom and democracy really bad then we will have to act now and sacrifice!.

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