Kudos to our neighbouring Island leaders for calling a spade a spade, and not before time.

The Samoan Prime Minister Mr Tuilaepa Sailele (legally elected PM like Mr Laisenia Qarase) did
Not hold back with his attack on Voreqe Bhainimarama the self appointed illegal pm in Fiji.

Like his counterpart from Niue Mr Toke Talagi  they are fed up with the posturing and bullshit that is the usual emittance from Voreqe Bhainimarama.

Helen Clarke was so correct when she said the Voreqe had cast a shadow over the region.

 Well nothing has changed as he issues statements condemning everyone that disagrees with him whether it is within our beloved Nation Fiji or overseas.

As we can see from these statements by Pacific leaders, they have not been coerced by the Australian or New Zealand governments. These democratically elected Pacific leaders can think for themselves and Voreqe has himself insulted their intelligence by that very statement.

These leaders apart from short arse from PNG are well aware of his recalcitrance and illegal stance and want Fiji to be restored to it’s legal status as a democratic Nation with a democratically elected Government not with a tinpot self declared wannabee from a tinpot army running rough shod over us all and lying and committing the gravest atrocities that he blatantly shouted out that he would ‘clean up’.


3 Responses to “NO WAN TOK FOR OLD OINK”

  1. hari Says:

    We know why Bainimarama is acting like a mad man, he has no choice, either he pull the coup or go to jail? I’m sure that all the bullshit about the charter, i.e “No charter no Election” comments was only a ruse meant to fool the citizens of Fiji.We really need to put pressure on this particular man if we want our freedom and a better Government for our nation?

  2. Koya na Man Says:

    It should be : no charter frank is a JAIL BIRD, that’s what he is not revealing, and he wants to pull another 5-10yrs to wipe out their criminal case.

    He is a worried man,he will sit out the tide to save himself and his cronnies.

    One thing is for sure the Fiji situation if not handled with care, it will be another Zimbabwe(with Mugabe) in the making.
    THe economy is the main worry as Fiji doesn’t have any other major exports,apart from the collapsing sugar industry.

    THe economy badly needs financial injection from investors but the political situation is not friendly to any right minded person.

    THe world financial crisis will slowly have its grip on our economy and the tourist industry obviously will slow down due to households play a lock down mode in their finance to weather this financial storm.

    Our country needs our neighbours Australia and NZ badly,as these two especially our Aussie mates are always our wing during times of financial difficulties.

    They say no man is an island, lets see how far frank wants to prove this slogan otherwise..

  3. hari Says:

    I’m not so sure why the Indo-Fijians with exception of the NFP, are not actively protesting against the Military dictatorship of Voreqe Bainimarama?
    We know that few Indo acedemics and lawyers have voiced their opinions in the Medias, but why hasn’t anyone of these people made contact with Fijian leaders and take this protest to another level?
    I’m sure that we’re all afraid of been shot by the NO BRAIN military thugs but hey, wouldn’t that be much preferable, than to continue to pay Taxes to an organization, similar to the Mafia, to do as they please with your money, in exchange for your right to live?
    I think that the time for a physical confrontation, with these military idiots is ripe and its time for those people, who continously comes forth with their political opinion on Agenda in the medias ought to put up or shut-up?
    Also, if our Fijian brothers are so pissed at Bainimarama coup why hasn’t any Big Chief(s) Physically brings out their people to protest against the Military?

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