What a week of Denial from the Ignoramus

It’s been an interesting week observing the behaviours of illegal self-appointed wannabe leaders of this Nation and their capriciousness.
This act of hostility to humilate has blown Tele ni and Voreqe Bhais hubris re the pissoir charter they are still trying to formulate right out of the water and exposed exactly what everyone has always suspected.
The purpose of the charter is a means to an end to legitimise their position and the militarys constant interferrence with due process.
To abscond with ones intellectual property to advance and promote their cause as Tele nis crusader bro is doing (those who’ve had the misfortune to have to listen from our homes as the fool atu blasts his vitriolic attacks against the SDL and uses copyright music for his ‘hymns’ will know what I mean) is a blow to the ethos of our Nation and the appalling behaviour of  Tele ni, Voreqe and $50 Epeli proves again that these uncouth beings are not fit to lead.
The tirade by Tele ni that caused much consternation and quickly defended by Voreqe and $50 Epeli cannot be left unchecked, it was clearly racist and biased against anyone who does not believe in Tele nis brand of Christianity.
To blame the media and other commentators is pure denial. The tirade and recordings have been heard by many and has not been misconstrued as they would like us to believe.
In less than a week Tele ni, Voreqe Bhai and $50 Epeli have effectively reduced the ideals they promote in their charter to nothing more than used toilet paper.

11 Responses to “What a week of Denial from the Ignoramus”

  1. sakeo Says:

    phone ringing….clicn ..cling……Mahen picks up the phone

    Caller screaming over the phone…

    Caller: Mahen, u smal dingbat,,whata f*&^ck is wrong with u?
    Mahen;u beta not cal me dingbat or i take sugar out of you n who is this?
    Caller: who is this your sona…u you know bery wel my voice..
    Mahen:ur voice sounds beta behind ma back..thats where it belongs
    Caller: now u know..u nice tite s..wat u doing with john samy
    Mahen: oh…dont be silly..he just needed a bjob just like u always did
    Caller: come here quick for a quickie you or i send my troops over dea

    News: Mahen visits 4th Floor…mistres of da house Parmesh said he can not coment on da meetin cos even he was not allowed to da meeting….Accoridng to istres parmesh…”It was a close door meeting and even i was not allowed to take part…only da 2 of dem met..da boss and da other boss….but i can confirm it was a lively discussion because i can could hear screaming in da meeting room”

  2. Willy Says:

    The Teleni story shows the fragile nature of the regime. Racism does not disappear just because the coup leader declares it. Stupidity does not turn into wise leadership just because a nutcase is made into a Polcom. And the bullshit that we are fed on a daily basis does not turn into the truth because it comes out of the mouth of a selfappointed minister for practically everything. This is seen by more and more people and the pressure is mounting. This in turn leads to outbursts of more bullship aka Teleni crusade. With the economy further deteriorating and tourist numbers falling quickly, we can expect interesting times in the next couple of months.

  3. waisou Says:

    Just imagine the time taken by Teleni to justify and defend all that he had said to our Indian brothers! The more he talks the more the man reveals himself! What would Jesus do in situations like that! He has become more of a liability to the nation.

    I cannot believe Ganilau, Shaista and even Khaiyum joining in with Vore to say that is was not racist! Who are they trying to fool! We also go to school and can understand. Sa rauta mada na viavia Kalou tiko!

    this is the living in fear LQ mentioned while in Australia! Man, they are down right dumd and stupid! Birds of a feather flock together!

    BTW, Sakeo! Vinaka vakalevu na humor! More of it! At least we can wake up to humor and not horror!


  4. Tim Says:

    Believe it Waisou – this is Frank’s, Teleni’s, G-G-G-Ganilau’s, K-K-Khaiyum and da faghag’s Utopia. It’s not about you – it’s about T-H-E-M.
    Champions of their idea of paradise and Utopia and if you don’t like it – learn to just suck-it-up!
    It’s never an easy thing to admit that you’ve been conned!
    Conned by Frank and each and everyone of his apologists and members of his junta, conned by the ultimate con-artist Chodo, conned by certain religious “leaders” if you can call them that – I’m afraid you’ve been conned!.
    The PIF knew from the start they were bullshit artists out for self aggrandisement and the ablity to keep their snouts in the trough, but were too diplomatic to say so from the word go (as usually happens in diplomatic circles) – “Frank you’re a fucking egg-roll with a personality disorder and very limited intelligence”, AND “Shaista, Bubba, Nazi, the Trumpet Master, et al – your frikken pathetic”.
    Lately, as the noose tightens, some, even though they’re diplomatic in the words they use, are prepared to call a pathetic little tin-pot despot and his ideologues for what they are.

  5. siu Says:

    Yes, you are right-the noose is been slowly tightening up on Bainimaramas fat neck, soon he will be dangling in mid-air, like a Manipusi or Mana?
    The Governor of the FNB Mr Narube has clearly made an urgent statements, to the nation, that the Government economy is in major trouble and Bainimarama & company needs to quickly call a snappy election?
    Fiji needs quick funds from abroads and we have to look off-shores for quick loans, even then our credit ratings is currently on a scale of NIL.THE MAN IS GRASPING FOR STRAWS?
    Can you believe it, he,s even going back to Chodo and offering him back the Ministry of Finance? Come on you idiot, this was the man who screw-up the economy of the country in the first place? This is like bringing back the fox to guard the chiken coup! Listen to chodo attacking the position taken by Mr Narube. Bainimarama in my opinion is in major trouble?

  6. Kingrat Says:

    hey did you guys read what the samoan PM has to say about Vore and his intellect etc.

  7. Kingrat Says:

    sa sega mai na news ena IG Blog..LOL

  8. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    Well Frank has now met his match with the Samoan PM’s scathing attack on Bhaini Marama.

    Sagasaga ya boka ya!

  9. senijiale Says:

    This is getting boring. The Forum leaders have long spoken. Samoan PM simply putting it in plain terms, what the Pig still doesn’t seem to get… or pretends not to get (of course we all know its the latter)

    More significant though, is the trillion $$ question : WHEN are we, the people, going to do something about it? When are we going to RECLAIM OUR GOVT back (an apt phrase borrowed frm fijilive)… and we need to ACT COLLECTIVELY, as citizens, there’s no need to be anything more. But as long as we stay divided by our greed, insecurities, superiority/inferiority complex and the like, the current status quo will remain.

    Or for as long as we hve people includng bloggers (who shud know better) say, ‘Oh we’ll let the indians do it for us’ or, ‘let the natives fight/eliminate each other for us’, then the current status quo and thereby, Fiji’s coup culture, remains entrenched.

    Hey Kingrat – check out TV1 news, pro-IG bloggers all attending Electoral Chairman’s funeral in Ba. Let’s just blame the untimely death on that Felicity-wanna-be-star, busy vying for an oscar on youtube!! Isa, that must’ve been the last straw for the poor man… R.I.P.

    SV moderators – cud we hve an update pls. Bud and I are happy to help, of course he’ll be a lot more useful than me, since he’s here 24/7. What do you say, I can post u my real email…

  10. Puf Military Says:

    These past few weeks have been hell for those living in the Nasese/Domain area due to Teleni’s sister Atu grunting and squealing over the megaphone for his New Methodist Church from right inside the Nasova compound. I myself thought it was amusing listening to his nonsensical yelling and hoarse breathing, like it was from a comedy or something. In person he’s the image of stupidity, the loser.
    This guy’s so pathetic he rips off tunes from Kenny Rogers and Celine Dion to overlay his childish lyrics over and make his hymn book thicker. What an idiot.

  11. Ram Says:

    We must ask foreign Government to offer these idiots free haven for these people so we the people can take back our nation and elect our Government back to parliament. Couldn’t the ousted Legal Prime Minister of Fiji makes such a deal(s) with foreign Governments to take in these idiots and allow our democratic constitutionally elected Government to assumed control of our Government and steer our ship into the right direction?

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