Sugar Industry has gone sour

Hah now the truth is out about the Sugar Industry that has so many branches all funded by the poor farmers for so called experts who are ripping them off left right and centre.
Duplicitious, you bet your sweet ole sugary ass.
Karma has come around full turn and there ain’t no funds coming forth from the EU to bail them out.
Hang on, what about the sugar farmers themselves who have been lead by those heading the bodies of the Fiji Sugar Marketing, Fiji Sugar Commission, Fiji Sugar Corporation, Sugar Cane Growers Council to believe their money is being invested correctly to assist them in their time of need.
Looks much like a case of too many Chiefs and not enough Indians or should that be too many Indians and not enough Chiefs. 
Where is their hero the Chodomanipusi when the sugar farmers need help?
Like his buddy the self proclaimed prime minister Vore he’s gaily carousing the world capitals high fiving and big noting himself using these poor buggers hard earned cash to fund his travels yet bring nothing back but misery for them.
That’s right both of them using uninformed people who are keeping them in office to continue to rip off and scoff at.
If  the Sugar Industry keeps going downhill faster than Voreqe Bhainimarama can hold a thought what happens to the industries that exist from it like manufacturing of  molasses or alcohol for example. Looks like the fall out affects more people than first thought.

18 Responses to “Sugar Industry has gone sour”

  1. siu Says:

    Vinaka Soli, but what has happen to last year-Jim Akoy- much heralded Methanol plant, from China or was that Chodory’s idea as well? Has the Methanol ideas been put on hold or is it dead as well?

  2. Budhau Says:

    Yes the fallout will affect more people than you think – it ain’t only “THEM”.

    Half of the native land revenue comes from agricultural land almost all from the sugarcane growing areas.
    More than 25% of the countries population depends on the Sugar Industry for employment.
    The Fiji government owns about 70% of the FSC, the FNPF 17% and the Fijian Holding 9% (my statistics are a few years old).

    So how is this “them” who would be needing the bail out. Once you stop thinking in terms of “us” and “them” – more than hlf the problem will be solved right there.

    As for the “too many Indians and not enough chiefs” remark – some of these Ratu’s with family connections and who got jobs in the sugar industry – we would have been better off without them. BTW, there were some, like Ratu Jonetani Galuinadi, who did know what they were doing.

    The sugar industry was screwed because Chodo won the election and the Fijian leadership decided to make land a political football, and when Qarase came into power, he screwed it up even further.
    These other guys, they have been trying to do damage control since.

  3. OjO Says:


    Rosie why bother with outdated statistics, the cane industry in Fiji is dead.

  4. Nostradamus Says:

    India and China are doing well.
    Fiji has been screwed by Voreqe and his local Indian support.
    I wonder if there should be a massive repatriation programme for those wishing to be globally mobile and move where the money is. I am sure the dalits like John Samy who have learned how to screw the Brahmins in any society would be more than welcome back in their Fatherland.

  5. siu Says:

    Nostra, i think you speak the truth, the Cane is dead, Chodo and john Samy should be hunted down and be shot and someone should do the same to Voreqe as well? All indians who want to move back to India should take up a repatriation program from Hindu India?

  6. Budhau Says:

    Ojo – about them outdated statistics – you have anything better, and even if those numbers changed by a few points – what does it matter.

    You see Ojo – you just old fart idiots, you want to pick up a fight how about the last time when I kicked you in the nuts.

    Nostra – Fiji has been screwed by Rabuka, Speight,, Qarase and the folks who have supported them…and before that, every fricken Fijian government since has screwed the country – and specially the poor Fijians.

    Talking about globally mobile – how about you push off on some boat out of Vuda.

  7. OjO Says:


    Little Rosie do not post outdated information for it makes you look the right dickhead that you are besides I’ll keep my knackers well and truly away from the likes of you I knew there was something funny about you.

    Your idiocy precedes you infact you have not contributed anything of any worth for public consummation maybe that ride on the back of your pet porcupine is now warranted time is not on your side.

    You don’t seem to get it with my eyes closed I’m bashing you left right and centre you’ve been down so many times I’ve lost count.

  8. Budhau Says:

    Ojo – Keeping away from me – that you had said several days ago. Remember, when you started shoving things up people’s arse. Since saying that you want to keep away from, you have made three separate attempt to engage me – with those silly ass remarks.

    So why is this – that you wanted to have the last word – sort of like you “win” – that you are bashing me left, right and center. So that is your goal, I see that in children play areas.

    You see, all I had to do is make you feel like an idiot – and I did. I see that you have toned down you language/vocabulary crap – you learn fast.

    You see Ojo – forums such as these are not about creative writing, they are about creative thinking.

    When it comes to who has contributed what – this is not about bashing someone “left, right and center”, this is about questioning another person’s position on certain subjects to stimulate rational thinking. It ain’t about colourful writing to impress others.
    By questioning some ones ideas and making him defend his position he may contradict himself thus giving more credibility to the other person’s position. Even something as simple as question someone’s claim that they support democracy – is that really what they are fighting for, or is it just that the wrong person did this coup and the best way to remove him is to jump on this democracy bandwagon.

    You don’t seem to be in that league to even understand that concept. As for contradicting yourself – just go read your last three posts – about keeping away from me and you keep coming back for more.

    You see Ojo – it just might be that “little Rosie” may be intellectually superior to you. Oh, and that “little Rosie” – that kinda stuff, name calling and all that – usually, people grow out of that at about the sixth grade level.

  9. Lata Yaqona Says:

    Well said Budhau!

    Yes it is not about name calling or creative writing it is all about creative thinking and expressing yourself clearly and simply in what you write.

    OjO is a lost soul searching for attention!

  10. siu Says:

    The RBF Governor-Mr Narube- has now indicated that Fiji economy is in major trouble? Tourism, Sugar,have continously been contracting since the coup in 2006.The money has been abused by the military dictatorship in mostly paying for all their people loyalty and possibly been banked off-shores in case of bad or rainy days?

  11. OjO Says:


    Little Rosie just when you thought I went away guess what I’m back naught is more demeaning to your person than to witness your lack of intellectual capacities that you so frequently blurt out hence the reasons why you misconstrue almost always what is said.

    Did you not say “you want to pick up a fight how about the last time when I kicked you in the nuts” to which I replied “I’ll keep my knackers well and truly away from the likes of you I knew there was something funny about you “so where is the contradiction unless you do not understand the word “knackers”

    I’m content in my intellectual abilities whereas you inveigh against a person who reduces you to nothing more than someone with low cognitive processes you failed on all levels my dear boy.

    Words placement is very important more so when you are inciting a response unfortunately for you I’m a rather very good fisherman, I snared you hook line and sinker your inflated inferiority complex is almost always egocentric and has no conscious of your being.

    You bit as if there were no tomorrow poor sod, that creative thinking you speak of is no defence for you see “When the words and the mind agree, there is no place for interpretation” creative mind or imaginative thinking as opposed to creative thinking is far superior for the cognitive process.

    On that note have a good day for it will be a long time till you hear from me again academic year is upon me once again.

  12. Budhau Says:

    Yes, Ojo, you did say that you would keep your knackers away from the likes of me, not the rest of you – I remember that – isn’t that when I moved from your knackers to your mouth.

    Let me get this straight “When the words and the mind agree, there is no place for interpretation” – and how does that fit into that “hazaar lund teri gand mein”. I am sure your heart and mind were really agreeing to get into someone else’s arse – or was there some room for interpretation there.

    Listen Ojo you idiot – with your words and all that crap – you are coming across like some schoolboy who has come up with some words that no one else in his class knows.

    ..and that academic year is upon you – so besides fishing, rugby and all that, you also have something to do with “academic year” – yes, yes, I am very impressed.

  13. lote Says:

    Ojo you da man, you win hands down and no need to engage this Budhau idiot anymore.He’s a coward who sit in front of his computer all days and half the nights, challenging and calling people names whom he knew can not reach out physically through his borrowed computer, to hurt his poffie AZZ?
    He possibly has no life,no education and no money, using public computers in public funded organizations, such as public Library,human resources Dept, jail, halfway house,etc,etc,.
    Best thing to do is to ignore his misspelled,non edited,misschecked,rude and unintelligent scribling. To engage someone like Budhau the idiot, is like lowering your level of intellegence to his class 3 level? You watch,he,ll no doubt jump up and down on this article and call me name but i will do the right thing and just ignore his stupid ravings?

  14. Budhau Says:

    Lote – that reaching out “physically” – and kicking my ass – that is the problem with some of you idiots. You try to solve problems “physically’ – just like you Rabuka took the laws in his own hands. I was taught in kindergarten how to deal with disagreements and hitting was never an option….when are you going to grow up (and you were talking about that grade 3 level). Hurting someone’s “poffie azz” does not always solve the problem. BTW the dude with the “poffie Azz” may have a bigger gun – didn’t this coup teach you anything.

    Lote…your lack of ability to think – I am sitting in some library all day and half the night….y ou idiot, go see how many messages are posted on this site over a 24-hour period.

    Lote – you were complaining about my incorrect spelling, unedited pieces and all that.

    Here this is what you wrote: “You watch,he,ll no doubt jump up and down on this article and call me name but i will do the right thing and just ignore his stupid ravings?

    Lote, you should go back and edit – with a space after every comma, “he,ll” should have been “he’ll”, it should be “call me names” with an “s”, that “i” should have been an “I”, and the question mark at the end of that sentence should have been a period and not a question mark.

    You see the idiot that you are – complaining about my “misspelled,non edited,misschecked,rude and unintelligent scribling.” BTW, I think there should be two “b”s in scribbling – and is “misschecked” a real word?

    Sorry for making you feel like an idiots, Lote, but you brought this up about how people write… and yes,, I never bother to do spell check when I post – just could not be bothered.

  15. hari Says:

    People,this budhau is an idiot and definately an uneducated son of a whore?

  16. Budhau Says:

    Yes Hari, I am uneducated and all that – however, you are a bright, well educated, intelligent guy, how come you go around calling people idiot, and uneducated son of a whore.
    What exactly was your goal in posting this message. If that was to make me feel bad, well, guess what? It did not work.

    Now….look who is looking like an idiot.

  17. Budhau Says:

    BTW – Lote (hari) that comma without the space and that question mark at the end of the sentence – that kinda gave it away. Remember, I pointed that out earlier.

    You see Lote – the dumbass that you are.

  18. Ram Says:

    Budhau definately not a Indo name-possibly Afaganistan or midle Eastern and i think that hari’s right about his birth status? A Son of a Whore he sound like throughout his writtings!!!!!!!!!! So sorry.

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