The illegal regime of Voreqe Bhainimarama and his coup coup cronies are too keen to purchase BP Southwest Pacific Limited.
Fine, FHL did win it’s bid to purchase BP Southwest Pacific Limited last year, but all the banks have declined to lend FHL the funds for the purchase.
One reason is because BP Southwest Pacific Limited in no longer a viable business.  Also FHL has lost it’s footing in the investment business since 5.12.06 and because it  has been sabotaged dreadfully by the ig appointed flunkies  FHL now, does not have the clout to borrow so it is turning it’s ugly head to FNFP as an option.
Before turning to FNPF, why hasn’t it approached the Merchant Bank which has given Voreqe Bhainimarama a heavily discounted price to buy one of their homes in Muanikau?
FNPF cannot afford to allow FHL to play chicken with it, like it has done to itself.
FNPF should ask Tuituku, former head of BP Southwest Pacific Limited for advise. This very clever man left BP Southwest Pacific Limited a while back and is now entrenched in the Banking Industry. He can dissuade FNPF from funding FHL as he could see the writing on the wall and left post haste as one does instead of flogging a dead horse.
He is one person who can see both sides of the coin and give FNPF the correct advise.

37 Responses to “LEAVE FNPF ALONE IG”

  1. abeche Says:

    How FNPF fund this deal? Board members and P Chand better read this mail ans ask FHL to prove it wrong andf then tell the genral public of what is ht truth about this deal!!

    FHL is said to buy BPSWP for F$190M. The total assets base for BP South West Pacific is around F$100M (to be generous). So FHL is paying around $F90M for GOODWILL. Goodwill as most Form 4 Accounting students will know is often a balancing figure to make the balance sheet balance.

    Given the above scenario, FNPF as a prudential lender, must DEMAND that FHL contribute 35% of the total cost or F$66.5M, before it can lend any money.

    However given that F$90M is for goodwill, and given that the price of fuel has dropped dramatically from the time negotiations were held, as a prudential lender, looking after the retirement funds of workers in Fiji, FNPF must desist from providing any funding or at the most lend only F$65.5M which is 65% of the balance sheet value of the assets of BPSWP.

    What we need now is transparency from FNPF and FHL becasue both are publicly held entities!

  2. Megapipes Says:

    The FNPF shud never be allowed to entertain this request by FHL as BPSWP is not a viable business. I know becos I used to work there. The very reason why it is sold by BP is the fact the cost base versus the ROI did not meet the expectations of the holding interests hence it was sold. More to the point, the culture within the organisation itself did not promote an environment conducive to growth, both on a human resource level and at an operational level. It was more cover your backside ethics on going about your daily chores rather than colluding as a team to attack the market aggressively. Unless by some miracles there is a change of attitude and management practise within the company, FNPF should use the longest pole it can find to keep this proposition well clear from the memebrs fund.

  3. Willy Says:

    BPSWP is a liability rather than an aset. All facilities have reached their technical live and need to be replaced to meet international standards. This is the reason why BP wanted to sell. Good bless Fiji’s workers who rely on FNPF for their retirement.

  4. Budhau Says:

    I totally agree.

    Why is this administration trying to get this FHL to expand – if they get this BP deal – this would make FHL one of the largest corporate entities in the region with total staff exceeding 1500 and consolidated revenue exceeding $600 million from 2010 onwards.

    So you guys, go for it, go all out with the campaign to block this move. We want FHL to fail, don’t we – so that we can blame Bainimarama and his boys for its failure.

    Better still, once the FHL fails to get the required financing – we should get India’s Hindustan Petroleum to move in a buy BP – that way we can tie in Chodo with his Indian conspiracy theory.

    Maybe we can get FHL to buy the FCS – they already own 10% of it.

  5. kaiveicoco Says:

    what is FCS? Is it FSC?May be they should also invest in FSC

  6. kaiveicoco Says:

    what is FCS? Is it FSC?May be they should also invest in FSC

  7. Budhau Says:

    Kaicolo – you idiot, you want me to do a spell check or something before a post it on this site.

    So you you are one of those smart asses – who thinks he can get a job with FSC as field officer or something – when those boys who grew up in that region and are better qualified can’t get the job – that is also part of the problem.

    You know those white boys that worked for the CSR, they may not have been raised in the area, but they were still sharp guys.

  8. crack the code Says:

    The coup of the lower cast

    I just found out that Slippery Sami the Authour of the farter charter is from the lowest cast in India called the untouchables,he found an opportunity to promote himself or the lower cast in Fiji(Indians) thru the Pig(Vore the coup leader) who is also a lower cast himself and after so many bickering he sacked the Great Council Of Chiefs and promote the lower cast to be members of the GCC.
    Bud are you untouchables.
    Sadri yani.

  9. Dugong Says:

    The coup of the lower cast

    I just found out that Slippery Sami the Authour of the farter charter is from the lowest cast in India called the untouchables,he found an opportunity to promote himself or the lower cast in Fiji(Indians) thru the Pig(Vore the coup leader) who is also a lower cast himself and after so many bickering he sacked the Great Council Of Chiefs and promote the lower cast to be members of the GCC.
    Bud are you untouchables.
    Sadri yani.

  10. Budhau Says:

    Dugong, if this low caste SOB can kick arse in Fiji including the GCC and the rest, just imagine what them warrior caste Indians would have done if they had decided to kick ass.

    Aren’t you embarrassed that these low caste bastuds are kicking your ass in Fiji – what does that make you. If I was a believer in the caste system, I would put your buggers at least two notches below these low caste guys.

    You see Dong, I believe in the equality of all human beings – sort of like the belief in lotu and Matanitu – like most of my countrymen – whereas it seems you have chosen not to adopt these foreign gods – So if you want to believe in the Twins – the Kauvadra Gods, good for you. As one of those high Caste types (not Cast), maybe you will also one day become a snake or a dog or pig or something.

    You see, you can’t have it both ways – as far as your beliefs are concerned – sorry to hear that you bought into this Caste crap (maybe it is some kinda assimilation into the Hindu culture) and not into the idea of basic human equality – a basic Christian belief.

  11. OjO Says:


    Hi Rosie what do you know about the CSR.

  12. jon jon Says:

    Support me or get out, Fiji police told by Puaka Teleni
    Fiji’s police chief has issued an ultimatum to his Indo-Fijian officers to support him or get out of the force, according to a Fiji Television report.

    Commodore Esala Teleni had called a meeting with his senior Indo-Fijian officers at Nasova Police Academy, Suva this morning where he issued his stern warning.

    It is understood that negative media reports about the police Christian crusade against crime had prompted Commodore Teleni’s lecture.

    While Fiji TV was not allowed into the premises, their camera and high powered microphone managed to record Teleni’s speech from a distance.

    “If you are with me, you stay, if not you get out,” television footage showed Commodore Teleni saying.

    “If you get through that door, get out of the organisation. Kemudou tamata liu muri (you people are not loyal). I don’t know what’s wrong with you people.”

    According to the FijiTV footage he also said that he never forced the Indo-Fijain officers to come to the Police crusade – he only encouraged them.

    Commodore Teleni warned his officers against taking their grievances to the media.

    He also suggested that he had names and threatened that heads could roll.

    “Either you come with me and take this organisation forward or you get out,” he said.

    “Only lamulamu people (cowards) will go to the press. That will not solve the problem. I have a list of people. I’m going to start terminating their services. I am not hesitant to do that.

    “I can sack everyone here sitting here today and I can recruit another 200 Indian officers today. I have no problems to do that. Fiji TV, Fiji Sun, Fiji Times will not help you. Let me remind you that any other Indian officers will not help you. Commissioner will help you.”

    Commodore Teleni then went on to say that happenings of the “last few days” have hardened his resolve and faith.

    He urged his officers to respect his religion just as he respected theirs.

  13. Willy Says:

    Very well, this is clear language and his officers know now what this ugly fat piece of porc has in mind.

  14. waisou Says:

    Hullo! Where are the writers or contributors! RFN is right ahead in its discussions and steaming ahead with new issues. This blog is very slow in keeping up with the latest issues. RFN is into the Teleni saga and we are still dwelling on the FNPF issue. I enjoy the exchange of ideasand comments on this blogsite so can the moderator be quick in getting such topics for discussions and disseminating!

    God bless Teleni

  15. Nostradamus Says:

    Did you mean “God damn Teleni”?

  16. waisou Says:


    Io that whatever-damned man you are referring to! He is now showing the real man after being sifted and a little bit of rocking! What comes out is what is full to the brim inside! More shakes will reveal more of him!

    Where is the Teleni that appeared on TV telling the nation of this annointed calling. He forgot one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which is self-control and love!!

    What about the charter and the need to de-race Fiji with no discrimination!! Oilei o Teleni! Sa peka na meca i!

  17. siu Says:

    Mr Teleni is saying and doing exactly what comes naturally to him as a native Fijian-ie his free expression of Fijian Nationalism.
    If it was done in India the native Indian would have probably said far more worse and nastier words then Mr Talenis’ expression above?
    I don’t blame Mr Taleni for lashing out as such cause lets face it, Indians do act stupid as Mr Teleni has correctly described-liumuri.
    Chodo was doing it to Bainimarama,John Samy did it and so is Kaiyum they can’t help themselves.
    Its a cultural drawback which all hindu are born with.

  18. Budhau Says:

    You guys are never gonna learn – keep this religious shit out of politics. Keep this between you and your god.

    Whether it is the Teleni dude, or that Sunday ban crap or making Fiji a Christian nations or that Caucau idiot – minister in Qarase regime.

    It is the same shit – wait till them Dalits start making this a Hindoo Kingdom.

  19. waisou Says:


    Politics and religion cannot mix! One dwells on lies and the other’s foundation is built on truth!

    BTW, Christianity is not a religion, it is your personal faith in the Lord of Lords…JESUS CHRIST! One day you will meet HIM…better know Him now and be his friend lest He disowns you on Judgement Day!

    Moce and keep talking!

  20. Koya na Man Says:

    I don’t think this will be a good idea because the south pacific where this takeover idea will be floating around is not as big a market that will bring confidence to the shareholders of FNPF.

    The risk is great as there will be fierce competition by the big guns(shell,Mobil,e.t.c.), since they are well established too in the market.

    Quite frightening scenario when one reads in between the line in what is happening in the oil industry, the price line,scarcity,related costs(carting e.t.c.) and the big issue with consumers…

    Food for thought.

    Hey what about Telenis outburst on the media recently.It shows his depth in working with other races.He has crossed the line by doing the last thing a Police Commish can do, and that is to discriminate.He did not realise that his actions has silently passed the message that we have been humping all along that the police is not practising fairness, as it should not lean towards a group,religious org…,individual,race or creed.

    THey say actions speaks louder than words, but it seems his religious crusade is just a show bcoz his recent outburst depicts a totally different story altogather.

    Food for thought…

  21. Willy Says:

    Teleni shows the true colors of what is a military dictatorship and a police state. Your are on top and close to Frank, you get away with anything and everything. All others get screwed. He will neither resign nor apologise. He and the others in the regime will only go when Mugabe goes, in the coffin.

  22. Budhau Says:

    Waisoi – let me get this straight, Politics and region don’t mix and that Christianity is not a religion but it is “your personal faith in the Lord of Lords…JESUS CHRIST!”

    What a load of crap. And some day I will meet him where – you see, I am one of those idol worshipper and I have that special place already reserved for me – you know the one full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and all that where “He” will send me to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry for ever and ever ’til the end of time…but he loves you.

    You think I will be meeting him there.

    You see – Religion is bullshit, and you are F$%@ING STUPID? so say say my Swamiji George Carlin and Bill Maher.

    ..and that religious crap and Teleni – are you guys just pissed of at Teleni or do you really believe that such religious crap has no place in Fiji politics.

  23. Dugong Says:

    I saw the President Solivakasama Worldwide Movement Mr Tui Savu on current affairs Yesterday SWM rocks

    Folks the real Solivakasama can be access on http://www.solivakasama.org and you can go to the blog page to meet all the members.
    They even have a segement on the Qarase trip that was played all around the world….more …to come…. the fight must go on with or without you.

  24. Budhau Says:

    Hey Dong, your Mr. President was on that SBS Fijian radio program Current Affairs – big fricken deal. So what does it take for the President dude to get on that program.
    That Qarase trip – did the man get a chance to visit his grandkids – wasn’t that the reason he went to Australia – of was he concentrating on fund raising.
    I am sure you guys have opened up a new account in some bank in Sydney – right?

  25. Dugong Says:


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    Tuesday, February 17, 2009
    No doubt many readers have viewed the media today and heard via tv and radio about Commissioner Esala Teleni’s recent meeting with his Indo-Fijian staff.

    We stand by every word said by Teleni. In fact we are rather amazed at the comments made on the RFN site where the toothless tigers growl about racism and harmony. We ask where their sense of reality has gone to? To crow about racism and harmony from a site which has from its very inception been the snake of racism is laughable. By publishing such articles and calling for the sacking of a reputable man, a man who has stated what was blindingly obvious is ridiculous. Teleni will not go and just like the PM, we, the bloggers who have Indians in our group agree whole heatedly that we would have done the same thing had we been in Teleni’s shoes. Why are the RFN bloggers so outraged at the statements made by Teleni? Can a man not openly profess his love for Jesus? Or is Jesus such a useless term now that perhaps he is no longer worthy of being loved. Obviously the heathen bloggers at RFN have no care about faith nor do they know about allegiance. They harp on about issues and show their truly hypocritical natures by their articles today.

    Jesus was the reason Teleni said what he said. If a man feels that he has been blessed by Jesus, then so be it – it brings him peace of mind and inner comfort. Or perhaps the bloggers have no value for Jesus and consider his works a curse? It would certainly seem to be the case as the bloggers have taken the words of Teleni to a new and twisted level. We standby Teleni’s words and we agree that the Indian police officers are a dangerous lot. They are backstabbers and have done this to other Commissioners. They have an inner circle whereby they discuss how to topple their superiors and usurp power. The Indian police should certainly be sacked. These are the same grog-doped cigarette smoking lazy men who stroll around the street trying to get bribes from everyone. We believe the Commissioner should sack all these men and find others to replace him – others who are loyal and do not question the authority in a disciplined force.

    In addition to this, the media continue to show their true colors by running to all the anti-govt. idiots and asking them for their comments. In the end, all the people in this country got to hear was how bad a person the Commissioner was. Why not talk to other members of the govt.? Why not go out in public and ask them what their views are? The answer is obvious – it would have spoiled their slanted hypocritical stories. To worsen the situation the media ended up talking to the most racist man in Fiji – Ted Young of the SDL. This was the crowning moment of the media’s inefficiency and stupidity.

    In the end, whatever the drug-doped lunatics at RFN may say, the bottom line is this: we believe what Teleni said is right. Any police officer who thinks otherwise should get out of the force and we will continue to support the work done by Teleni and his dedicated team. Teleni will remain but all the backstabber will be purged

  26. siu Says:

    Finally, the RBF chief has admitted to the Fiji Times that Fiji is in major financial trouble and if Bainimarama doesn’t hold a constitutional democratic election soon, the country economy may finally bite the dust?
    In New York we get letters from the IG UN representative-Berenado Vunibobo- seeking donations from all Former Fiji Citizen to help the IG Prime Ministers’ funds. I couldn’t believe the stupidity and arrogant of this person to ask us-the former citizens of Fiji who were forced to migrate abroads as the result of past military coups?The swine, want us to give our money to support another Military coup?I flushed his letter down the toilet.

  27. anon Says:

    Bud, tonoka ga a nomu i cici. Make up your mind…..

  28. Koya na Man Says:

    Dugong / ding dong

    You sound like Telenis boy.

    You mistook the concept of the lords love to each and everyone of us.If u are a liu muri / muri liu we equally receive Gods love everyday.Just let God be the judge Dude.

    THe regimes con bull is coming out in the open now, we are seeing all the jokes being performed they are not acting according to what they preach(to bring about fairness to society).Where’s bhais want to be fair policy to discipline Teleni, everything swept under the floor dude, can’t u see.

    Do not mix up God with these robbers, for the leopard cannot change its skin colour.

  29. Kingrat Says:

    dugong drau fire kei teleni. hey SV update the page please. i miss reading the latest

  30. waisou Says:

    SV please, do as Kingrat asks! It is just boring to log into the same item for the past few days!

    Budhau, Isa I feel sorry for you and your destiny…but it is us that determine our own destinies and you have made up your mind…you do not know what hell is like unless you read through the Bible.

    We do not impose our faith but it is something that is lived. The way we talk and react to issues and circumstances is something that sheds light on our relationship…

    All the best and thank you very much.


  31. sakeo Says:

    Sssqqquad will advance….’eft, ‘ight, ‘eft, ‘ight, ‘eft, ‘ight, ‘eft……….ssqquuad ‘hun.”

    ET: Kemudou sa tiko kece.
    Officers: Io, ET.
    ET: Why is there 20 of you? O cei extra?
    Officers: There’s only 12 of us, ET.
    ET; Oi lei. Baci ceba na mataqu. Kua ni dua e dredre. Yavu tamata lamu sona.
    Officers: Vosota ET.
    ET: I’m your Comissioner. I kill you.
    Officers: Sorry Boss.
    ET: Sorry na sona. Kemudou kitaka na liumuri ko au. O au na tamata ni rere. If you think I can’t see you, think again. Dua na noqu eye sa side taka kemudou. Sa rogoca kemudou.
    Officers: Yes Boss.
    ET: Boss na sona. Kua kitaka style marimari. O au ko Komado Teleni. Ni sa ceba na mataqu, qori signal au sa cudru. OK, kuata mai murqi curry, sa via chow saraga. Levu tale na vosa lala na kete. Mai chod.

  32. waisou Says:


    Sa yawa! Good sense of humor right through! More nd include Budhau as the latest recruit and John Samy as his side kick!!!!!



  33. waisou Says:


    Vosota! You mentioned too much talk empties the belly…vacava na na vaka lala ni ulu se sa lala rawa tu ga ka sega ni tawani rawa beka…sa dri yani!



  34. siu Says:

    Finally the constitutional Prime Minister of Fiji-Mr Laisenia Qarase-has been given the chance to meet the Australian Prime Minister in person and is in private meeting with the New Zealand Prime Minister as well. Lets hope something good will come out, of these meetings and funds have been forthcomings, from former Fiji Citizens leaving in Australia,New Zealand and other countries as well.
    We hear that Mr Qarase will also be meeting with, the contitutional Fiji commissioner of Police, whom Bainimarama and his thugs, forced to flee his post or be exterminated in 2006?

  35. anon Says:

    Dau kaya ‘o fatherxmas……OOOOOOOHHHHHHH…….

  36. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Well, now the FNPF CEO has told FHL to forget it.

    Deal is toast I’d say because it needs to be closed by March and nobody is interested in it – including the RBF.

    Bye, bye $20 million!

    Bye, bye Pig-appointed Board!

  37. Suliasi Daunitutu Says:

    Mr. Buddauor whatever your name is, yes Mr. Qarase was here and he came to see his grandchildren, I personally guided them towards the Barton highway on his way to Griffith.

    And the night before had a bowl of grog with him and the church elders in Canberra. He never asked us for a cent or suggested fundraising for whatever reason you have in your head.

    This is what I know from this visit, the country is in poor health economically, it needs an elected government in power for countries to pour in aids of all types. Everything we are doing back home is not helping Fiji heal,,,politically, economically, morally, democratically and from the way you disrespect other peoples’ religion “personally” for you.

    And Mr. Qarase never said a word in critisism for the IG or the military, he was too concerned for the country’s economy to waste his breath on non-issues like those….and yes they paid for their own way. I would elect an honourable person like that to lead the country in an instant.

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