Just how the hell does the feeble minded Piggy think his incongruous charter will change the individual person at the very fundamental level and how does he think  Fiji as a nation cannot change for the better unless people at the personal level change their views, attitude, motives and actions and how they work and act in various situations.


Semantics is all very well if you have the protection of the military and their evil fire power behind you Piggy Wiggy.

Arrogant pronouncements and illogical rhetoric from an uneducated Pig who is busy building up his personal empire with money he would never ever have had access to without the illegal hijacking of the Nation is so pitiful, especially when the Nation is suffering so badly.

Piggy can jolly well stick that charter right up where the sun is non existent and we hope it obstructs any more bowel movements as the Nation has put up with enough of his shit.



  1. Tim Says:

    “Just how the hell does the feeble minded Piggy think his incongruous charter will change the individual person at the very fundamental level and how does he think Fiji as a nation cannot change for the better unless people at the personal level change their views, attitude, motives and actions and how they work and act in various situations”.

    Sorry to disillusion you SV, but Piggy hasn’t thought that deep. Nor it seems does he have the capability to do so. He leaves that to he THINKS are his minions. A case of the blind leadin the blind; the semi-intelligent leading the stupid: an elite leading a vctim or vice versa – well those that have the capacity are still working all that kind of shit out.
    Options are limited, (as in stocks re limited – boy do we have a bargain for you – but let me assure you these spheres of luminance really do make you look younger).
    Bullshit Frank, bullshit Bubba, Bullshit Gates, Shaista and all your hangers on – even those well-intentioned. I’m afraid you’ve all reached crunch time and you better realise that before too long you’d better conjur up something spectacular, because right now the Emporer has no clothes. (I shouldn’t take much when you think about it – perhaps one of those table doylees from a colonial age gone by, complete with its see-through lace and embroidered delights. Certainly sufficient to cover the size of the dick of the Diktator).

  2. Javala Says:

    Voreqe Bainimarama is budhaus brother, they are both fucked in the head.

  3. at least Says:

    did you see him dancing on the sports awards night ????


    funny eh??


  4. Budhau Says:

    Javala – the only time a Fijian calls me a brother – “Hey brother, can you spare a dollar”

    ..and that “where the sun is non existent ” – I think you were talking about the luminosity from the sun being non-existent, not the sun itself.
    The term is “where the sun don’t shine “.

    Once again – it looks like the idiot trying to look smart. Come on guy – you have to dumb your language down to the common denominator. The bright guys – they left long time ago.

  5. anon Says:

    Javala I hope all is OK.

  6. Bin Ladin Says:

    Anon, Javala needs to laid then she will be okay.

  7. senijiale Says:


  8. senijiale Says:

    Too right Tim. I guess it’s nothing less than amazing seeing the iIG sucker-ups continue to tell the desperately-wanna-be-PM Pig what he sees in the mirror each morning… we all know the coward simply can’t bear to face up to the reality and enormity of his actions pre & post Dec06 and what its caused this country.

    I’m glad people are increasingly beginning to recognize semantic cop-outs for what they are… and although the majority hve not risked coming out openly, they hve at least maintained a stony wall of silent disapproval and hence, passive resistance. I guess the challenge remains in moving the silent majority beyond that, into first isolating the junta and their immediate supporters… and then removing them entirely and hope to God, peacefully and without casualties. Patience has never been one of my strengths but I’m glad that I deferred to the wisdom of some of our bloggers who’ve said that time was on our side.

    On that note SV moderators, could you pls do a brief write up on Australian Prime Minister Rudd receiving Qarase as Fiji’s legitimate PM when the latter arrived in Brisbane. I know u’re with me on this request Bud, it’s defending principles of democracy after all 🙂

  9. Dugong Says:

    Bud and Senijiali aka Ojo aka javala aka Adi K
    Who is winning the fight When I left Bud you are ahead by 1 pts Adi K behind him…

    If you are new here go to http://www.solivakasama.org and on one of the adson any pages is an article about Petero Mataca you have to click the ads to get to it under the heading” Blind Priest”

  10. Ram Says:

    Its unfortunate that the commander is scared to death of been imprisoned, if he does give up power? Couldn’t New Zealand, Australia,Canada or the USA offer Poreqe Boinimaramu and his co-conspirators, a free haven, if they gave up their hold on our constitutionally elected Government?
    I’m sure something can be done and should be done, in order to give our citizens, the right to choose their representatives in our constitutionally elected parliament.
    I think i will immediately sent a letter to the Prime Ministers of the Above countries, in regard to offering Poreqe and his Cohorts, free haven on certain conditions.At least we know that these countries means what they say and operates within the ambit of their laws!

  11. senijiale Says:

    Forget it. I mean who would want Fiji’s liabilities on their shores, these good-for-nothing expendable amateur sh!theads who needs to be rid of in their own backyard!

  12. senijiale Says:

    Hey, where’s my favourite blog-buddy Bud? Get back in here sweety pie! Ok, when u do check in, go check out dugong aka F.I.R.M’s SVDOT ORG’s new color scheme, so fabulasoo eh!

    Hey Ding Dong, nice work tadpole, mind if i test drive mada yr sleek motoka? 8)

  13. Dugong Says:

    No no no … The proper is http://www.solivakasama.org is for the Solivakasama Worldwide Movement for Democracy and we have the real Solivakasama blog on the website page… and also you can check out the new page called “Press release”
    and dont forget to read the ads that carries the story of Chaudary’s million in one of our ads the clue is to click all the ads to find it, in one of those ads is a heading ..Chaudary’s loot from India by a tribe belongs to the Gujiratis.

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