Then Piggys boring  mantra continues:
“This would be counter productive as return to democracy without putting the necessary fundamentals in place would not be sustainable and long lasting.”

He said the military “essentially assumed control of the government two years ago with clear objectives to eliminate corruption, racial discrimination policies and practices, and to bring about necessary reforms in the area of public service, governance as well as the electoral system in an effort to build a better and more progressive Fiji”.

“The military did not intervene for the purpose of remaining in control and power beyond a reasonable time than what would be required to achieve the above objectives,”

WOW. Two years later and Fiji has regressed economically certain elements in the Military have acquired enormous wealth and assets.

So just what is going on here?
Are the shadowy figures who are behind the 5.12.06 coup laundering money via Piggy and his nouveau riche coup coup cronies.

That may account for why a certain businessmans wife has been withdrawing milllions of dollars from their bank accounts.

Meanwhile, if these businessmen who are behind the coup are hellbent on supporting Piggys illegal stance continue what happens when people get laid off from jobs like manufacturing, small business etc they have less disposable income and therefore the ARPU (Ave. Revenue per user) takes a hit and the States EBITDA (EARNINGS BEFORE INCOME TAX DEDUCTED ANNUALLY) suffers as a result, how do they generate any income for themselves pray tell or do they go down  shitcreek as well.



  1. Budhau Says:


    Come up with some fricken intelligent argument as to why we should just have another election – and why your piggy boy is wrong. Having elections after the last coups did not solve the coup problem – what makes you think that just having an election this time will be any different.

    ..and all that money laundering crap, where do you get it from.

    and whats with this “That may account for why a certain businessmans wife has been withdrawing milllions of dollars from their bank accounts.”

    What businessman, what account?

    So now you don’t have Chodo to kick around since he is no longer in the cabinet, you have these “businessmen” who are behind the coup.

    That “state’s EBITDA suffers’ – my arse.

    You idiot, there is no such thing as state’s EBITDA –

    EBITDA – Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization. An approximate measure of a company’s operating cash flow based on data from the company’s income statement. NOTHING TO DO WITH STATE.

    This is funny – trying to impress folks, Hey Ojo, this ain’t you, is it.

    ..and that APRU – how do you use that in manufacturing.

  2. lote Says:

    Wow, wonder who would have that kind of money in the bank at this stage of the game?

  3. Tim Says:

    @ Budhau: you’re not completely wrong but the EBITDA thing is mildly relevant as far as the state is concerned where the public service administration has been “corporatised” and told to behave like ‘business’, as is the case since neo-liberalism and the “3rd Way” – both now in decline.
    And – elections – not just for the sake of it. Maybe to guage the will of the people. In such a scenario, various parties might offer a range of policies (one might for example be electoral reform), and candidates selected on the basis of popular support – even IF some band of old United Nations hacks and independants from the world’s diplomatic cocktail circuit deem the outcome to be legitimate. Far more legit than some paranoic and dysfunctional egotist with a few hangers on whose only claim to legitimacy is weaponry and the ability to impose their will by force or threat of it.

  4. Budhau Says:

    Hey Tim, I see that you still visit this site – the rest of the folks seem to have moved on.

    I was just trying to beat up on these hijackers who have hijacked this site. They post one piece every week or so and even in there they try to impress with their knowledge of GAAP – before, at least we had folks who seem to be committed to the cause.

    As for the election, you seem have made your point – now, how come these guys, who want to run a pro-democracy site, could not come up with a better argument against FB’s argument that elections have not solved our problems in the past, and having an early election ain’t the answer to our problems. That is not my argument, that is what the IG claims.

    ..and what do our hijackers do? These guys are nowhere as capable as Kutu who put together a great blog and these guys come around, show their commitment to the cause, get the password and stab Kutu in the back.

    I just have a intense dislike for lowlifers like these.

  5. OjO Says:

    Hi Rose Bud:

    No I did not write the aforesaid piece nor am I privileged to the password of this site.

    However more to the point whilst everyone seems to have moved on as you claimed you appear to be hanging for dear life simpler to that of a dingle berry.

    Just in case you have not noticed the volume of traffic on SVW is low to medium maybe because there are erroneous beliefs as to the cause or maybe they are just an outright duplicity as to the cause whatever the causes are.

    It appears that excruciating ride on your pet tortoise hasn’t done any good in fact you are still an annoying little vermin.

  6. Budhau Says:

    Ojo, you such an idiot.
    So the volume of traffic on SVW is low to medium – hey dude, they just hit the 500K mark.

    If you find me annoying…I am sorry, I wasn’t trying to annoy you. You haven’t figured that out by now?

    Hey dude, what did you do today – after you posted the above message – come one, we need know, you didn’t go fishing, did you?

    That excruciating ride – why – you know how bad the ride is?

  7. Dugong Says:

    Bud and Ojo

    To be exact for the website sofar total hits is 542630
    For the month.. are you ready 157356 for feb alone and counting
    Registered members 57,000 and counting you idiot

    is that lowe to medium

  8. Dugong Says:

    Thats figure starts from Nov 08

  9. Tim Says:

    @ Budhau: yes I occasionally visit this site. The problem is that I am prone to using bad language when it has anything to do with this junta and the RFMF as it stands today, and any site is therefore justified in censoring me. But they’re all abusers or at the very least they find abusive behaviour OK because they’re not prepared to do anything about it. One of my comments on the Kutu Solivakasama went west as I commented on the current issue of forced oral sex, from memory laced with the language appropriate to the cowards that forced themselves on Saunaqali . People are deluding themselves if they think what is currently before the court is just an isolated incident. Let’s face it – the RFMF ain’t what it used to be and it’s decline is directly proportional to the Pig’s rise (and he has plenty of rises when he looks at himself in the mirror).

  10. FijiGirl Says:

    This site is Y A W N

    God bless Fiji

  11. Javala Says:

    e fijigirl, Y A W N ga your humungous maliwas .

    When you post something original on your site then you can ciritcise, levu ga na via via vuku boi riri vakai tukamu busi

  12. Javala Says:

    bai cavuka valailai na simede levu o budhau.

    e bud missed your medication again you mental hero, your mental instability is very obvious.

    cut loose fool

  13. OjO Says:


    Calling Rose Bud come in my little dingle berry Buddy where are you alls not lost those blog stat figures are deceptive and incorrect.

  14. Javala Says:

    have you noticed that when budhau and fijigirl (biggest yawn between the maliwas) do not understand something in a post they are very quick with their negative comments.

    full indication of lack of strength in the head and on fijigirls side pure jealousy, drau kania ruarua nai muai muri nei chodo.

  15. Javala Says:

    fyi budhau the mental giant and that yalewa maga rairaica fijigirl. Whoever posted this thread is very very astute with business and seems to be a couple of days ahead when it comes to revealing truths about the illegal regime and lack of business sense.

    So before either of you showed your ignorance about EBITDA you should have taken the time to think about what the Administrator has posted here on 12.2.09 because todays 14.2.09 papers have printed exactly what he tried to explain to us about it you fucken fools.

    here read the following to prove that fact and how really ignorant the mental patients budhau and fijigirl magaqase are.

    $20.4 million drop in Fiji exports

    Fiji’s total exports decreased by $20.4 million last November to $118.4 million, the Fiji Islands Bureau of Statistics’ overseas merchandise trade report revealed.

    The report stated that domestic exports for November last year was $83.7 million and total exports recorded at $118.4 million.

    Of the total exports, domestic exports decreased by $4.0 million (4.6 per cent) and re-exports decreased by $16.4 million (32.0 per cent).

    The Bureau also recorded the November 2008 trade deficit at $204.8 million.

    Government statistician Timoci Bainimarama said live animals, animal products and prepared foodstuffs, beverages spirits and tobacco comprised 65.6 per cent of domestic exports.

    He said of these, prepared foodstuffs, beverages, spirits and tobacco contributed 54.0 per cent, of which, sugar contributed 30.7 per cent, mineral water 8.1 per cent, and molasses 7.5 per cent.

    He said live animals and animal products contributed 11.6 per cent, of which fresh fish contributed 9.1 per cent.

    In November 2007, exports of wood, cork and related articles downed $5.3 million (80.9 per cent) to $1.3 million due to decreased exports of mahogany and dakua, and also because of exporting non-coniferous wood in chips.

    Bainimarama said exports to Australia increased by $0.1 million to $15.6 million due to gold exports; New Zealand upped $0.2 million to $6.6 million due to increased exports of sugar and molasses; and Tonga upped $0.2 million to $2.2 million due to increased exports of sugar, mineral water and flour.

    Exports to the United Kingdom downed $2.3 million to $24.9 million due to decreased exports of sugar, and also to the US by $5.5 million to $10.4 million due to decreased exports of fresh fish and mineral water.

    “Re-exports totalled $34.7 million. Petroleum products sold to visiting ships, aircrafts and the neighbouring Pacific Island countries earned $27.1 million,” Bainimarama said.

    Imports, on the other hand, totalled $323 million, an increase of $46.7 million over the previous corresponding month.

    The report revealed that mineral products (33.8 per cent); machinery, mechanical and electrical appliances (13.6 per cent); chemicals and allied products (7.7 per cent); vegetable products (7.3 per cent); and vehicles, aircrafts and transport equipment (6.9 per cent) contributed to an increased import figure.

    The Reserve Bank of Fiji (RBF) continues to emphasise the importance of increasing every efforts to boost the local our export, and subsequently strengthening our foreign reserves position.


    maopo sivia ko iko bu

  16. OjO Says:


    Listen here little twerp take a long ride on a porcupine with a bit of luck it just might flush out that entire cob web in your rather minuscule brain.

    Those stat figure SVW was boasting about! Well it’s all bullshit in fact it’s deceptive and misleading.

    You see in less than four months of its inception they already recorded well over half a million hits I wonder why.

    Stay tuned I will explain in due course not just now a bit doped on Kava.

  17. Budhau Says:

    “……less disposable income and therefore the ARPU (Ave. Revenue per user) takes a hit and the States EBITDA (EARNINGS BEFORE INCOME TAX DEDUCTED ANNUALLY) suffers as a result, ….”

    APRU, EBITDA – my arse.
    There is no such thing as “States EBITDA”…and that news paper article about drop in exports – what has that gotta do with your “state EBITDA. We all know that the situation is Fiji is bad – but how does that article explain that a dumbass like you tires to drop these accounting terms – EBITDA, APRU, APPU etc to impress folks in here.

    Boy, you guys are thick.

    ..and the idiot Ojo – so how is that statistic “deceptive and misleading” – you will explain it in due course….. yeah right! BTW you don’t have to look at any statistics to figure out that the bunch in here are intellectually inferior to those folks.

    I have never seen such a bunch of fricken idiots – so did all you buggers get your scholarships from the FAB – and probably have some mid-level management position – because of family connections back home.

    I think you guys have made a case for affirmative action – you need all the help that you can get.

  18. OjO Says:


    Rosy are you suffering some sort of psychological condition or more to the point are you just a narcissistic simpleton trying to justify your lack of intelligence.

    Whilst you were busy addressing people as idiots you fail observe your own short comings which in itself explain the reasons why you need at the earliest possible time to seek medical attention you’re a sick boy.

    May be you and Du/his/GONG swap places after all the tortoise hasn’t done you any favours but the porcupine just might your an egotistic fool.
    Now to your over inflated stats, run along and grab a piece of blank A3 printing paper, lay the paper on a table in front of you have you got it thus far good.

    On the left hand side pen in a table of contents say 30 words be creative and imaginative when done this is known as keywords got that keywords, this suggests to the readers or in this case website users where to go and locate information required.

    On the right hand side draw in pictures of say 5 animals a tortoise porcupine horse skunk and a pig so far you would have drawn in five pictures or graphics got that good.

    Finally we are getting somewhere you have in front of you a complete webpage now what is deceptive is just imagine you enter a site like SVM on the main page it has a certain amount of keywords and graphics among other entities got that good.

    When you are directed to the keyword of your choice you would then click on that keyword which registers a hit not quite you see you have in front of you a mock webpage of that it has 30 keywords and 5 graphics got that for every click the site is now registering 36 hits, the reason is better explained as for every graphic or keyword the page registers it as a hit including your click.

    This also explains the reasons why their blog stats is just under 22,000 hits as compared to their main webpage of some half million plus hits.

    I hope this does it for you if not ponder this “Hazaar lund teri gaand main”

  19. Budhau Says:

    “Over 500,000 hits and counting!!!! Hip, Hip, Hooray!! Kaila!!! Yea!!!”

    hey, Ojo – F#$% you and your fricken explanation. So what if the guys are lying, and it is very likely that they are.

    Just go look at the site, the number of threads they start and the number of people who post stuff in there, and the content itself – by just looking, one can tell that they are more successful than this sorry-arse site.
    Now, you go ride that porcupine, no one on that other site talks crap like you do.

    The bunch in here are intellectually inferior to those folks, and we have you as the regular dickhead in here.

    ..and that “I hope this does it for you if not ponder this “Hazaar lund teri gaand main”

    Hey dude also speak Fallujah: “Teri gaand main kute ka lund”

  20. OjO Says:


    Rosie you got all upset the truth hurts doesn’t it, besides I don’t mind being called a dickhead I have been far worse than that, if I may say am a very educated and successful dickhead now I hope this doesn’t offended you.

    You can’t tell me you did not enjoy that ride on your porcupine besides we on this side are way superior to your lot over there.

    It is too easy to copy and paste articles from say the unfair and biased Fiji Sun and Times besides there was no need to use obscene language to describe what your dog do to you.

    I knew you were a bit strange that way hence that reasons of a thousand members in you’re…… enjoy.

  21. Budhau Says:

    Hey Ojo, so you think I got upset – and you don’t mind being called a dickhead, because you have been called worse before.

    You see Ojo – how you admit that you are an educated and successful dickhead. I already told you that you are over educated for your intelligence. As for being successful – that all relative, may be a clerical job in the district administration is success for you.

    Hey look who is complaining about being obscene – with that ““Hazaar lund teri gaand main”

    Listen, you dickhead – my grandmother or niece does not read this blog – yours probably do – so you think twice before writing that Hindi stuff about shoving some dicks up some ones’s arse – you thought you could get away with that.

    You wanna use foul language – this is your site and it is perfectly fine with me if you buggers want to shove stuff up each others arse or if Bainiamarama want to do it Qarase.

    You see – I told you you were stupid.
    I hope this does it for you if not ponder this “Hazaar lund teri mu main”

  22. OjO Says:


    Rosie there is no need to carry on with your vile language infact I find your outburst repugnant you lack the most important ingredient in life a sense of humour.

    And no never been a clerk in any governmental administration moreover I am not domiciled in Fiji not since the sixties.

  23. senijiale Says:

    SV – cud you pls display link to FijiToday’s blog:
    for ease of reference?

    They hve an interesting write up re organising cells to bring down the military junta and I sure hope that the Kean tyre incident & chorochoro Samy’s airport arrest are such planned activities… aimed at systematically bringing down this illegal regime!

    Could you also update the SHAME LIST and keep it current for easy access since most don’t hve time to search the archive.

    Ojo and Bud – you cud hve & shud hve spent the valentine’s weekend making love not war… u’re both getting senile by the sound of it.

  24. Budhau Says:

    Hey Ojo, you wrote, “Rosie there is no need to carry on with your vile language infact I find your outburst repugnant you lack the most important ingredient in life a sense of humour.”

    look who is talking – why don’t you go back and look at this thread and see how this got started. Let me refresh your memory.

    You had written earlier, “I hope this does it for you if not ponder this “Hazaar lund teri gaand main” – translated into English it means “a thousand dicks up your arse” – and look who is talking about vile language.

    So you see, first – this vile language crap when you say it that is supposed to be good humor ,and when someone else says it it is “vile language.”

    Secondly, as I pointed out before, that it is your relatives, your women and the like that frequent this site. therefore, it is in your interest to keep it clean. There have been idiots like you in here before – who pulled the same shit – foul mouthed SOBs.

    So you domiciled in Fiji and you ain’t no clerk – you still a dumbass, no matter where you live – and an old dumbass at that.

  25. OjO Says:


    Hi Rosie may be a thousand of that whatchamacallit in the nether regions is a bit harsh but then again you types of fellas are funny like that, nevertheless an aardvark would have done a better job under the circumstances at least it would have spifflicated that antisocial personality disorder and the lack of amiability you exude.

    Your lack of deportment is evidenced in your behavioural attitude and the way you use derogatory terms to address your fellow Fijians, maybe there is that possibility you were dragged out of the gutter when you were a child or your papa failed in his duty to instil in you the utmost respect wisdom for your fellow and beings.

    I suggest to you make every effort to conceal your inadequacies failing that come around and I’ll whip you into shape little blighter.

    On that I leave you to ponder this:

    We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far. (Swami Vivekananda)

  26. Budhau Says:

    There you go Ojo, way out in the left field – with that language of yours.
    As for derogatory terms to address my fellow Fijians – why, wasn’t it you who started with you foul language. I don’t have to call you and idiot – with you, I just make you feel like one.

    That psychological analysis – about “antisocial personality disorder” and that me having problem in my childhood – I see that you have taken psychology 101 in some junior college – or was that just googling.

    So you will “whip me into shape”.

    ..that swami stuff really cool – I can also get a few quotes by googling – don’t impress me none. BTW, was that “hazaar lund teri gand me”, that was also a quote from the Swamiji.

    “we are what our thoughts have made us” – yeah right, thinking about those “hazaar……” what does that make you. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS (or thoughts in your case).

    BTW – As for my thoughts – the one thing I think about most – sex.

  27. hari Says:

    Budhau is one blockhead dude, he is not an indian and his name is of Middle Eastern origin.
    He is too dumb to be an Indian, doesn’t talk like one,doesn’t think like one and definately doesn’t write like one.
    Everyone seems to think that he is a poffta, by profession and someone said somewhere in this blog site, that he was married once but left her because of non-performance or rather had (ED)-errection Dyfunctional. Like i said, he’s not an Indian and seems to have a personal agenda to try and destroy good and healthy relationships, between the two major races in the country?
    This is the type of people that should be ban from coming back home and the Government should do their best to keep people like him, out of our beautiful country fo ever.
    If we the Indian dispora ever get hold of him you can all be assured that we will shoved 10 big red peppers up his -you know where!!!

  28. Budhau Says:

    Hari, Lote and whatever else you are – you are such a no school dumbass.

    Since you can post under different, new names so fast – I assume that you are someone in with the SV – sort of like that idiot FIRM that we had in SV’s earlier life.

    You wrote, “He is too dumb to be an Indian” – while most Indians would take that as a complement – I still think that is a racist remark, you see, it ain’t only Fijians who have a monopoly on being dumb, there are some dumbass Indians too – race has nothing to do with it.

    “doesn’t talk like one (Indian), doesn’t think like one…” that is called stereotyping …….very bad – whether Indian or Fijian – either way, never a good idea.

    That “poffta” remark – social changes that we have seen over the last fifteen years or so – most inteligent, tolerant people who tend to
    accept the same sex relationships etc… they no longer go around making homophobic remarks. for that non-performance…. why? you want test that. Let me know if you are available.

    Go to school, you idiot – as a general rule – the more educated you are, the less prejudiced you are.

    Shoving up red peppers up my “you know what” – that says a lot about you and your upbringing. Whats with this shoving things up other people’s arse – there seems to be a pattern in here, which would lead me to believe it is cultural.

    Hey Lote, you were complaining about my writing skills and all that – here is your lesson for today.
    You wrote, “This is the type of people that should be ban..” instead of “that” you should have used “who”, and “ban” should have been “banned”.

    BTW – why do you want me banned – are you trying to restrict my ability to say what I want to say – I thought that had to do with my constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom of speech. You sound no different from FB – trying to take away other people’s fundamental rights.

    You see, Lote, or Adi Kaila, or hari, or whoever you are – go to school – or are you such a dumbass that you could not even get a FAB scholarship.

    BTW, honey – that “(ED)-errection Dyfunctional” – it is called “Erectile dysfunction” – first, erection is spelled with one “r” and the second word is dysfunction not “dyfunnctional”.

    Boy you are thick!

  29. OjO Says:


    Shirtlifter Bud is confused, poor little Rosie doesn’t know whether it’s a boy or girl maybe a hermaphrodite.

    It only stands to reason why this insecure poor sod is not only confused but also suffers from delusions of persecution or he just downright suffers from a very bad case of inferiority complex.

    I turned in this morning whilst having breakfast to witness the barrage of insecurities apportioned by none other than this little fairy what a vacuous life the thing must lead.

    No you don’t want to shove funny objects in the things nether regions it gets quite insecure and offended hence the reasons why the thing resorts to name calling he is such a pathetic excuse of a human being.

    You have noticed I have not used in any of my comments vulgar or disparaging remarks against anyone in this forum (I will be accused of being contradictory) with the exception of indicating to the thing to ponder a thousand whatchamacallit in the nether regions.

    This was said in a metaphorical and not a literal sense to which the thing accepted it literally what a mindless fool.

    Little Rosie the word excogitate or ponder means = to reflect deeply and not to engage in such abhorrent behaviour.

    This is your free lesson for the day and make sure you have a good one I know I will. Hahahaha

    BTW dont get upset to err is human but to persist in your abhorrent behaviour is foolish.

  30. Budhau Says:

    Hey Ojo, how is the “academic year” going – or maybe I should not discuss that “being contradictory” thingie. So you check out this site while having breakfast on a school day – why, you have nothing better to do – maybe you should check out how things are doing on the NY stock exchange – you see, there is an idea – that rugby and fishing and all that, makes you look like a white guy trying to sound like a Fijian.

    That “hazaar lund teri gand mein” (A thousand dicks up your arse) comment – that was supposed to be in a metaphorical sense – stupid me, and I thought you were using vulgar language. And that was followed by the elephants dick up my arse – the painful stuff – was that a metaphorical one too – you seem to have a real fascination with shoving things up someones arse.

    BTW – when you told me that you will keep you balls away from me, so that I don’t kick it, I thought that meant that you would keep away from me, sort of like “get your arse out of here”. But no, you had to come back for more.

    You now came back, saying that it was only your balls that you were going to keep away from me. How did you manage to do that – shove your balls up your arse (metaphorically speaking). I guess for the old fart that you are, and that amount for free play that your balls have, it is possible for you to be able to roll up your balls up you arse (boy that is gross – bit then again, it is only metaphorically speaking), and still come back.

    You see, we can do both, the spatial and transcendental.
    You can go one further – with your creative writing and all that – why don’t you make a poem out of this one – Ojo sliding down some grass and his balls rolled up his arse.

    See you soon, Ojo – or will you be focusing on your next lecture that you will be giving tomorrow – you know, academic year and all that.
    BTW – here is another one, of course in the metaphorical sense – “Hazaar lund teri muh mein”.

  31. hari Says:

    Budhau, you are such a blockhead and please stop pretending to be one of us.We don’t need help from idiots such as you or your hero Bainimarama and Chodory?
    All we want is peace, justice and security for all people who lives here in Fiji. Please stay at where you are and don’t come back, cause we don’t need you or want you to return, under any circumstances?
    We’re doing our best to make peace with our Fijian Brothers and Sisters and we certainly don’t need idiots such as yourself to continue to exploit our efforts.
    Hey Ojo, best thing to do with idiots like Budass is just to ignore him totally all he’s doing is just causing an ASS of himself!!!!!!!!!!!!

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