Education is a Must

What other policies and mandates is the illegal regime taking from the elected SDL government and touting as their own, after substantial modifications of course to make it look original.

Apparently a paper written by  Dr Tupeni Baba is one such:

The concept paper was written and presented to the ministry by academic Dr Tupeni Baba more than two years ago.

The paper, titled “The Case for a Tertiary Education Commission in Fiji: A Proposal for the Incoming Elected Government”, explores a collaborative system that will change the face of Fiji’s tertiary education system by merging six State-run institutions into a national university.

It was originally submitted to Adi Teimumu Kepa during her tenure as Education Minister in the Qarase Government in 2006. Adi Teimumu agreed that she received the paper but requested that Dr Baba’s views be sought.

Dr Baba said he knew the paper passed between ministry hierarchies at the time and it now seemed the interim government had claimed it as its own without consulting him.

“Everything that my paper contains is very, very similar to what has come out of this government’s press releases and yes, this idea is mine,” he said.

Former permanent secretary Emi Rabukawaqa and current PS Filipe Jitoko sighted the paper and were often in touch with him. He also said he met Adi Teimumu to market the proposal, giving her a copy to study and make appropriate recommendations.

“As you can see, the paper is for an elected government,” he said.

“That is why I have held it but obviously there is a lot of skullduggery going on. It is amazing.”

The Baba paper states quite similar hypotheses to various Education Ministry press releases and statements in the past 17 months, calling for the establishment of an interim council for a proposed Fiji National University (FNU) to merge all public tertiary colleges in Fiji.

Dr Baba says he feels there has been a lot of re-writes, copying and pasting from his concept paper. He had first suggested the merger of the Fiji Institute of Technology, Fiji School of Agriculture, Fiji School of Nursing, Fiji School of Medicine, Fiji College of Advanced Education and Lautoka Teachers College to form a national university because it would in the long run become an effective and coordinated way forward for the education sector in terms of Fiji’s needs.

The three-part paper explores every aspect of the type of system in which the new institution will operate – from merger, statutory authority and legislation to funding, setting up of a higher authority to oversee its framework, functions, vision, mission, administration, finance, quality assurance and accreditation, research and planning and implementation.

Cabinet endorsed the merger after former Minister Netani Sukanaivalu’s submission in September 2007. Mr Sukanaivalu’s statements at the time are quite similar to the contents of the Baba Paper, with re-writes and new words but similar in meaning.

The ministry is now looking for a Director of Higher Education Commission at a secretariat it would set up; something the Baba paper calls Fiji TEC (Tertiary Education Commission).

The paid advertisement states the HEC would be responsible for developing, regulating and enhancing Fiji’s higher education sector by establishing appropriate legislative and quality assurance framework “to govern the establishment and operation of higher education institutes”.

Interim education minister Filipe Bole’s concept stated that a merger would expect a “full fledged FNU with additional faculties in the future”, something clearly stated in the Baba paper.

“To facilitate this, an interim university council will be appointed to be responsible for the establishment of the new university,” Mr Bole said last Tuesday.

The Baba paper sets the pace for the current Ministry of Education design for the merger and with advertisements for a director for HEC; Mr Bole has successfully taken up the idea in various press releases and statements as the Interim Government’s.

He could not be reached for comment yesterday and questions sent to the ministry remained unanswered.

Mr Bole conveniently made himself unavailable as usual. He is probably digging up archived rules and regulations from the fifties to impose on the school children of today.

A word of advice Mr Bole, even children in rural areas are knowledgable about computers. electronic gadgets  and the modern world of the 21st century, try making the appropriate changes from the beginning of a childs education by providing the useful tools to assist them in their quest for knowledge so they can all one day study at FNU, and work wth Dr Baba to make his idea a reality.

If  Fiji cannot succeed as a Nation in industries it should concentrate on at least being the Hub of Education in the Pacific and Dr Babas excellent idea is the first step. Imagine students from all over the world not only the Pacific converging to Fiji to study in beautiful surroundings. What a boost to the economy as it creates employment not only in education but tourism, building/housing, catering, cleaning, farming and transport to start with.

The ongoing benefits of such a grand idea is unbelievable.




15 Responses to “Education is a Must”

  1. Kingrat Says:

    hey apart from this article i see ni sega tiko ni toso na news mai the IG Blog. sega beka na news… hahahahha

  2. Hector Says:

    Education is a must for any society in order to improve the standard of living.
    First things first get the country back to democracy because with out this. This big plan of a FNU befinitely needs outside assisstance from neighbouring countries in terms of recongition, validity etc. and not forgetting funding.
    So give back the administration process to and elected government and this big plan will come to fruition otherwise forget about the big plan it will never happen.

  3. kaiveicoco Says:

    i don’t think it matters whose original idea is it.So long as it is implemented and followed successfuly thats what matters even though credit must be given to whoever came up with the idea in this case Dr Baba and duly acknwoledged.Dr Baba however cannot claim it as a licence or a patent or TKN of some sort that he can call it as his trademark right

  4. Dugong Says:

    I just found this..
    You should go and read the article about Bainimarama and how much money was paid to him by a prominent business man. You can find it at just look at the ads that covers hotels, keep clicking thru and you will come across heading called your opinion.

  5. Jon Jon Says:

    Filipo Bole is an old man with old vision from the past. He does not bring anything to Fiji or it’s future. Best thing is that he moves to home island retire!!!!!

  6. Budhau Says:

    Yeah Jon Jon, is Bole older than Qarase, maybe we should send him out to pasture also.

    That Baba idea, may he came up with it when he was with the FLP or the New FLP or maybe SDL – so whose idea is that anyway.

    I think he might have been thing of making that Foster guys the VC for the new university.

    Dr. Baba is a prostitute – he just needs a job.

  7. epeli Says:

    Yeah he’s a prostitute alright, last time i saw him, at the pub -Mira-your mom and sista- your former wife ,were each snaging up to the big boy! Seems to me the wise Dr was trying to check out their pluses with his long and durable stethoscope?Like your Mom-Mira- and your former wife Sista they’re all good survivors. As for you Budhau, what’s the coup doing for you?

  8. Budhau Says:

    So the good doctor was trying to screw around with someone other than his wife – is this some prevalent in your culture.

    BTW… you may want to check out your own DNA…these Ratus, the have been sowing the oats all over the place….and the former chair of the GCC making out in the toilet of some Golf Club…and all those soldiers wives, when the boys go abroad…you guys are one fucked up lot.

  9. epeli Says:

    Yeah, what else the good doctor can do when 2 good lookin women like your Mom-Mira- and former wife Sista are putting themselves out?Hey, if they want it and they’re out lookin for it, definately be kind and give it to them? Puffie Budhau, he’d rather sell the house off his mothers’ and wife’s and skipped the country at the sound of trouble? Talking about DNA look puffie, you don’t know anything about your own DNA.When your ancestors were brought to Fiji during the indentured days-there were 10 Indian men to every indian women.All 10 men were screwing one woman and when she was preganant no one knows who the real baby farther was?This is why the (white) sugar foremen, would call the Indians cane gangs -Coolies? So don’t be so quick to point figures cause you should first learn of your social history before trying to denigrate someone else?

  10. Budhau Says:

    You should consider yourself lucky, that those ten Indian men did not decide to f-ck your women, otherwise, your hair would be much more straight now. Those 60K coolies would have f-cked you race out of existence.
    Also be thankful that that it was Indians that came to Fiji, and not the Chinese – Chinese would have definitely f-cked your fricken race out of existence, even with the limited Chinese in Fiji, you see how many of your part Chinese walking around in Fiji.
    Those sugar foreman – you wanna see what they did – go visit Nadrodo in Ba, and Kailomas in general.

    ..and then there are those Tongans – I think your women wanna screw everyone but your own.
    Wasn’t it your Vunivalu of Bau, who had the Tui Nayau ambushed and killed on the island of Ono-i-Law, when he found out that the Tongan boy was screwing his wife…. go read up on your history.

    You see Epeli – you wanna talk sex and race, I will hit you right in nuts.

    Next time we will talk about how many wives do your big Kahuna’s have and how many women on the side and the illegitimate children.
    BTW..after they made Qarase the big chief a few weeks about – has anyone really figured out whether he was a bustad of not?

    Come on Epeli, you started this.

  11. senijiale Says:

    Hey there Bud, m at loss as to why u’d bother esp. when u’ve already certified Epeli Piqi (pinky) as a 1st class idiot … unless u’re here to get a kick out of kicking his n..s

    Anyway, what’s happening to this site? No updates? Moderator on vacation so soon?

    There’s anr thread, much much earlier, u had raised sumthing that i wanted to respond to but din’t hve time, anyway, will try and look for it. It was to do with Attar Singh and his Movement for Democracy.

  12. Dugong Says:


    Bud you minus 1 pt senijiale -3pts +2
    Bud 1pt front
    go fiji go!!!

  13. Dugong Says:

    Bud you tell me stoery long time, during grog, about Tongan fucking chief wife. remember Bud long long time.

  14. Dugong Says:

    Only Epeli got no nuts because born that way

  15. Dugong Says:

    Sory Bud you bulshit to much you chief small Boat me chief big boat,

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