Is there anything worse than governments interferring with sports in their countries?
You bet there is when it is obvious the illegal regime has taken it upon itself to interfere with our Nations beloved rugby.
Rugby is a game of immense skill and dedication. Anyone who has ever played this game knows that basic rule.
Apart from being extremely fit physically and mentally the players must have an excellent coach. The best coach would be a person who has played the game at it’s highest level representing the Nation both in Fiji and overseas, an impeccable record of good behaviour on and off the field and the ability to lead and mentor no matter how far down the food chain he is.
Dr Serevi is the very man who fits the description of an excellent coach and he has shown his leadership qualities and great sportsmanship from an early age hence the reasons he has risen to such great heights in the sport of rugby and has earned the respect and idolisation he so rightly deserves.
Why then was he unceremoniously dumped.

Fiji Rugby Union and National 7s selectors has selected eight new players for its bid to defend the Melrose World Cup 7s in Dubai next Month

 FRU has totally neglected Serevi’s wish list of Delasau, Bobo and Satala to name a few and selected these players according to criteria of FRU and HPU. All are local based players and play local 7s.

 FRU Chairman, Keni Dakuidreketi confirm last night that Iliesa Tanivula fully support the decision of FRU in trying to defend the title. The team has been camping and training secretly for (2) weeks before Serevi’s dismissal.

 According to Mr. Dakuidreketi, the team will spend (3) weeks at the dunes to to get toned before a (2) weeks session at the gym.

Have Keni, Taga and and Tabua  been intimidated by that tragic cloven hooved self appointed illegal regime leader Vorege Bhainimarama and his cockeyed boy Tele ni?

Curioser and curiouser as there is no other valid reason to sack a man of such calibre from coaching a National  Rugby team. The coach should have the last say when it comes to selecting the team to represent the Nation as he sees and knows how the men behave and play both mentally and physically  on or off the field, not the ‘selectors’ who are only  onlookers like the rest of us.

If there is one thing that gets us all excited and gives us something to look forward to it’s a good game of rugby, especially when Fiji has its team competing overseas. In these trying times of the illegal regime continually undermining all aspects of our lives in Fiji they are also intent on wrecking our beloved sport of rugby and depriving the best coach, his players and spectators of a positive to look forward to.

Nothing the illegal regime involves itself in ever  reaches fruition or succeeds, in fact everything it involves itself in is doomed like its members.

I have no doubt the FRU have their hands tied as I don’t think for one minute any of them are involved with the illegal regime nor agree with the illegal regimes  manifestos.



  1. Billy Taki Says:

    Heck they interfere with sports, what next, that’s the reason Fiji has not won a game since the coup in 2006. It’s the kudru ni vanua I guess.

    Teleni is vowing that his musical ministry crusade has saved the country and the police force. He is promoting his brothers ministry that condems the SDL and free speech, not saving any souls.

    And the charter is going to be integrated into the corporate plans of all goveernment ministries.

    The regime is committed to the cancerous charter come hell or high water. What about cleaning up the devastation caused by the floods, that should be top of the agenda. People In Charter Out.

  2. Dugong Says:

    I just found this..
    You should go and read the article about Bainimarama and how much money was paid to him by a prominent business man. You can find it at http://www.solivakasama.org just look at the ads that covers hotels, keep clicking thru and you will come across heading called your opinion.

  3. Nostradamus Says:

    If the Charter has in fact been released, where is it?
    Why isn’t it a downloadable pdf somewhere?

  4. vuki Says:

    Du what the faka are you trying to do with you bullshit? Cut the bull and do something useful.
    As for the Rugby 7 lets just wait and see what the boys can do?I don’t think that we can expect them to bring back the gold this time around?The illegal regime has cut their funds right down to almost nil, you cannot run a national team with the current funding.Fiji rugby 7 is Fiji tourism advertisement to the outside world and worths billion of dollars to the country.

  5. OjO Says:

    Go Fiji Go.

    Win Loose or Draw our herats and minds are with your guys make us proud.

  6. epeli Says:

    Well,finally the American rugby team has now beat the Fiji team possibly for the first time?

  7. epeli Says:

    Unfortunately, Voreqe has single handedly destroy everything that our democratic Governments, have build since independent day?
    Obviously, we need to first get rid, of Voreqe and his military dictatorship off our backs, before everythings else will falls into its rightful places.
    It might be best anyway, while we’re waiting for Voreqe’s demise, for all of use to rebuild our national teams, in order to ensure that when things comes together, after this bastard is removed,that everythings else will immediately falls, into their rightful spots?

  8. Koya na Man Says:

    Serevi always have the last laugh.

    Remember the Tomasi Cama Saga, where Cama denied serevi a place in his team,and in many other situation Serevi went through he seemed to always have the majority support but never opened his mouth.But never once did he despair in his support and willingness to help Fijis 7s rugby.

    Take time to look at NZ 7s Rugby, in good/bad they stuck with Tiejens,and never waiver in their support for him.

    I for one would love to see Serevi coach the New Zealand / Australian Rugby 7s team, if England invites him over then thats it Bye Bye Fiji…

    Sa dri yani…

  9. siu Says:

    Wow our boys in the 7s really did us proud in Carlifornia SD last week.They could have beaten any team but the coaching ability was not there.
    I’m not advocating a go back to Serevi but we need a coach that can make changes when he sees a problem in the field.
    The Fiji Rugby commission and the Government of Fiji, needs to make sure that once you’ve acquire the Rugby star status, your financial worry is and will be taken care off, as long as you remain within that class?
    Watching these boys, i’m very sure that we will get back to our former world class stature real soon?

  10. AlexSorent Says:

    Well, these are interesting thoughts. I think they are true. However, everything is
    relative and ambiguous to my mind.

  11. weks koyanaboy Says:

    This is the latest news from FRU; The people of Fiji should asked Keni(CEO) about the test between Fiji and England which is to be held this year (2009) in England.
    Who will be the manager for this tour November 2009?
    Hows the test 7million pounds sold to Australia?
    Did the people of Fiji no this Keni?

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