Money for nothing or kicks for free?

If soldiers from Fiji are no longer to be deployed by the UN Peacekeeping Mission and the British Army stops recruiting, what’s to become of them when they return home.
There are men among them used to taking command of their units and protecting the innocents from being brutalised and killed in the countries where they are stationed.
Truth be told, many of those on tour of duty overseas are unhappy with the situation the military has taken in Fiji depriving it’s own citizens of their democratic rights and freedom of speech to name just a few unsavoury, illegal impositions the ig has forced upon us, and this is why they have been deliberately kept stationed there, out of harms way, no pun intended.
The release of Piggy Bhainimaramas tavale (brother in law) Varanisese Senavanua from prison for killing a man in cold blood in December 2006, shortly after the other fatal date 5.12.06. and his too quick for comfort and totally illegal appointment as Commander of the Fiji Navy to be taken up later this month is a mega blow to those soldiers who have faithfully worked by the edicts of the  Fiji Military Forces pre 5.12.06
There are many honest officers and soldiers who would rather have democracy restored and Fiji left to be governed by a legally elected government. These are men and women who understand the ramifications of an oppressive regime, let’s hope they can overcome Voreqe and his band of illegal cronies, expunge them from the face of the earth, lay down all arms and hand Fiji back.
Maybe these soldiers can fast track the need for the military to be trained to become engineers, builders, electricians, plumbers, medicos, surveyors, pilots, cooks, electronics and IT specialists etc,  after all they are paid by the public purse and there will be an over abundance of them with very little to do. Teach them trades and how to farm so the military can be useful to the community instead of a hinderance to our civil rights and the Nations coffers.
The illegal regime has done absolutely nothing except intimidate anyone who is successful in their own right, heaping false accusations on innocent citizens,  causing continuous dissension and brutalisation, meanwhile living the life of the most extreme corruption up to the hilt.  Spending up the Public purse like it belongs to their fathers and handing out kicks for free. These are menials who hardly had anything worthwhile in the FNPF.

Where are the families of these perpetrators, where are the wives of people like Voreqe Bhainimarama, Chodo, Tele ni, Driti, $50 Epeli, $1 Epeli N, Ro Lui, Vara Senavanua et al, are they complete flakes like their husbands. Are they worse than conniving and enjoying the comfort that illegal monies has bought them, sudden wealth and ill perceived prestige, continuously encouraging their husbands for more contraband. Unconscionable behaviour from mothers and grandmothers who you’d think would know better, but greed has completely clouded any vestige of humanity in their self-serving desire for the pursuit of money, wealth, power,
They are all as evil as their husbands. A strong, successful and wise woman would never allow her husband, children or grandchildren to indulge in anything that even hints at illegallity, that’s the difference between  the ig and US.

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  1. Hector Says:

    Well what can you say when people are blinded by their greed for money and power.
    All hell has broken loose and he is building his own empire with all his cronies.
    He will face reality when his empire will crumble and it will happen in GOD’s time no his no our’s.
    The saying what goes round comes round never fails.

  2. senijiale Says:

    Reminds me of one of Warden Narsey’s musings – what are the ‘ol gals behind the notorious ‘ol boys doing?? Riding around Govt Pajeros with private MV number plates? Era kaya jiko ni ra ta kila na ka caka tu iei! Sa ra qai yawa jina, lol!

  3. Millie Says:

    Budhau thanks! You are the only one making sense here.

    However, I would like to remind you that SWM is non political and they now concentrate on the restoration of a democracy within the guidelines of the constitution. SWM will not accept anything less.

    SWM respect the Qarase Govt because it was an elected by the people for the people. The past policies of Qarase and his party is not of their concern at the moment but will be if they are re-elected in a fair elections. SWM will be around to make sure any elected party by the people for the people be accountable for all their actions while in govt.

    I see Lata Yaqona and Adi Kaila have not fessed up so all three must be the same people as has been said previously.

    “Money For Free Kicks For Nothing” is repetitive posting.

    A lot have been said about the Military – disband etc etc. If Fiji got rid of the Military who is to say that the next elected govt isn’t going to form another one.

    Overseas soldiers returning to Fiji are no different to those in Fiji, they all have to listen to Bainimarama. All they need to do is get enough of them to plot to get rid of Bainimarama. It has been said by a blogger that it has come within.

    Keans is stale news – nothing any of you can do about it! You have exposed him and shamed him but has he resigned? It is OK though for bloggers to bring this up in their comments – sheer laziness on the owner of this blog to use it again and again in what is being posted.

    The Mara girls – Desperate Wives Club and their useless husbands SWM say; “heard it all before.” Had to 2 years of their greed and self serving.

    Your blog need to get on with educating the common people to understand that true democracy staying within the guidelines of the constitution, which is the supreme law of the land is the only best form of government. Why don’t you approach the newly formed Pro Democracy Group in Fiji to do this for you if you do not want to join the SWM?

    Otherwise like Budhau has said this blogsite is good for bickering and not discussion on the cause.

    My advice to Adi Kaila/Lata Yaqona/senijiale is stop being a try hard and think before you post or make any comments. It shows that you are trying to make entrance nothing more! If it came from the heart, you would be passionate about the cause and your entry would be seen as such.

  4. Dugong Says:

    Sakeo o Senijiale ga knows where Bhudhau is at the moment.As for the curse to my beloved Fiji only your friend Bainimarama has brought the major curse.

    You should go and read an article about Bainimarama and how much money was paid to him by a prominent business man. You can find it at just look at the ads that covers hotels, keep clicking thru and you will come across heading called your opinion.

  5. senijiale Says:

    Oilei o Pu Millie, lai valata madaga a omu blog se ko ta kila a kena password? LOL!

    Believe you me Millie, I say what I say because I am passionate about trying to get it right, for the sake of our future generation who should not have to grow up in a coup culture!

  6. senijiale Says:

    Oilei ko Pu Millie, lai valata madaga a omu blog se ko ta kila a kena password? LOL!

    Believe you me Millie, I say what I say because I am passionate about trying to get it right, for the sake of our future generation who should not have to grow up in a coup culture!

  7. Keep The Faith Says:

    Well the world according to Frank is exactly that. Look what hes now telling Radio NZ:

    Fiji military eyes more equipment in bid to get international peacekeeping work
    Posted at 00:24 on 03 February, 2009

    Fiji’s interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, has told Radio Fiji that the country’s political situation won’t affect its engagement in international peacekeeping duties.

    Commodore Bainimarama, who is also the military commander, says it would be easier if the Fiji armed forces had equipment like tanks to be able to provide a mechanised battalion to operations in the Middle East.

    Last year, the interim defence minister, Ratu Epeli Ganilau, confirmed that the UN stopped hiring new Fiji peacekeepers after the 2006 military coup led by Commodore Bainimarama.

    Ratu Epeli said it was possible that in not selecting peacekeeping troops from his country, the UN was taking Fiji’s political situation into account.

    But Commodore Bainimarama says he is now looking into ways of acquiring equipment for the country to qualify in areas of peacekeeping where Fiji is missing out.

  8. Dugong Says:

    Cala vakadua ko iko o Millie esga ni mai Pu..hehe e Tu.

  9. Talei Says:

    Fiji military must go: Samoa PM
    The Samoan Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malilelegaoi, says Fiji must get rid of its armed military forces for there to be peace in the country, Radio New Zealand reports.

    Tuilaepa said he thinks Fiji’s future is uncertain, and even if elections are held there is no guarantee that a civilian government could not be toppled.

    He says if there is a return to civilian government, he feels there will be many other military leaders like Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama in the future.

    Tuilaepa says it is very easy to pick up a gun and wave it at people.

    He says if the military leaders truly want to support the wider public, they should volunteer to leave the military and prepare for elections.

    Tuilaepa says many capable Fijians cannot contribute because positions have been filled by army personnel who have no expertise in the work they are given.

    Tuilaepa also describes Commodore Bainimarama as inexperienced in international relations, unused to governing a country, and only wanting praise.


  10. Javala Says:

    e tu salulu dau cu. maga qase poofter qase. e tautau vata a maopo sivia

    mai lewai cei kaisi

    kua sara ni kawai takina senijiale a meca koa a luveni manumanu, toto jiko a qara ni matanidena salulu ni block takina a ona dau delete vakalialia ko administrator biliga sara vei AK kei Lata sa mai omu a kena yalo ca. a majiruku levu ni ta lau vutu jiko a ona sonalevu, neu

  11. Lisa Says:

    Wrong Wrong Wrong Millie, you’re completely out of your depth with your useless rantings and ravings against this site.

    It’s understandable of course because you no longer control whoever is the administrator but really, to blame someone else except yourself when you’re not sure is sour grapes of the lowest quality, vinegar.

    You change your name continuously and comment here that this site is stale, maybe you should check your deodorant and take a good long look at yourself because all the anti Fiji Coup blogsites are about denigrating the interim regime headed by Frank Bainimarama, revealing and exposing their corruption.

    It’s not about point scoring as you and your vapid friends have a tendency towards.

    How do you explain this inane comment “Your blog need to get on with educating the common people to understand that true democracy staying within the guidelines of the constitution, which is the supreme law of the land is the only best form of government.”

    Who are the common people and who are you to call anyone common your statements denigrate the citizens of Fiji by that wilful inclusive comment.

    Really. To think you lot in SWM are the only ones who understand the constitution and abide by the laws of the land is outrageous.

    You must all live overseas because you’ve lost touch with the reality in Fiji. Your lack of education is on show everyday. The people of Fiji are well educated, the majority may not have the earning power of overseas compatriots but they sure do know right from wrong.

    We wish Good luck to the person who changed the password on this site, for those of us who are PRO DEMOCRACY and Anti Fiji Coup FOREVER and read blogsites it’s ever so obvious that Millie is F.I.R.M. and thankful the copy and pasting from the Fiji Times no longer exists here.

    If we did not know that Rodney Acraman had died we’d all swear he is writing on SWM, maybe it’s someone he’s groomed, sounds like an old nanna. Squeak Squeak.

    Here’s a message for you Millie/F.I.R.M/viti/mozzie/snapper, your bitterness will cause you tremendous harm. If you do believe in Democracy for Fiji let go of this site, go to wherever you post and try to write something worthwhile instead of twisting the truth.

    How dare you insult the intelligence of the citizens of Fiji.

    BTW do call me Adi Kaila, I like to be mistaken for her, it’s a great honour Ladies and Gentleman, and before I conclude I would like to take this opportunity to thank …………….. and last but not least thank you to Sudhaya for the scrumptious junglee kari and puri.

    Now don’t go absconding with the donations you’ve requested on SWM Yo’ll

  12. Millie Says:

    I was checking to see how long it was going to take you lot to answer to what you call my rantings.

    You have put a lot of thought into your comments and amazing how quickly you have been allowed in as Lisa so that it is read by me who is trying to do some detective work here.

    This tells me that you lot, Lisa/Adi Kaila/senijiale/Javala/Lata Yaqona are the same person and because you have easy access to the site must without a doubt have the “password” You fast work didn’t deceive me.

    In case you are so naive to know that some of us have husbands that have different opinions and would like to blog as well. Not unless you lot have gagged your partners like what Bainimarama is doing to the people of Fiji. Snapper and Mozzie are 2 male names widely used in Australia so ponder on that.

    Like the illegal regime you have been cornered and are now bluffing your way through.

    To my understanding you have no way of getting up to your old trick again by presumming that I am Firm/Mozzie/Snapper/Viti. Not unless, like the Illegal Regime you are into computer hacking and have got into the SWM blogsite.

    When I mentioned the common people I meant the grassroots and nothing is wrong with that.

    SWM folks consider themselves the common people with not only common sense but brains and people like you lot and the Illegal regime are the elitist.

    SWM are proud to say will be donating money to Fiji’s flood victims and you will be able to read about it hopefully in the Fiji times at the end of the week.

    One of my other ploys is to get you lot has not worked, well not yet! Leaving it up to you guys. Could it be you may be just a little smarter than the illegal regime.

    For that I will peep in to see now and again!

    I have wasted too much of my good time in here.

    Will not bother you lot again, work is complete and good luck with your fight for the return of our Democracy.

    As an example to you I went through all that without the unneccessary name calling.

  13. DELTA FORCE Says:

    Meanwhile back at the ranch, get ready for the mother of hiding in Wellington this weekend. GO FJI GONE!

  14. Lata Yaqona Says:


    How did you come to the conclusion that Millie is F.I.R.M, mozzie, Viti or Snapper?

    Why couldn’t Millie be Freda, Na Vosa, Adi Kalavata, Lusianna etc all those that now blog at the SWM blogsite. Could even be Kutu?

    See, you don’t know, do you?

    You wouldn’t know unless you were able to get inside the SWM blogsite.

    So the fact is you are presuming yet once again.

    Please don’t come in here trying to spoil it for the rest of us.

    Only those that make these assumptions have the “password” and can access the blogsite in which happened before and the reason the others left and started the SWM blog.

    Adi Kaila knows to well about what happened there. You should ask her.

    I am afraid I am starting to believe Millie.

    All that name calling is totally unneccessary and so what if the SWM bloggers come in here and try and disrupt us – it is all part of blogging.

    It is up to us to ignore them not unless we are guilty about something and trying to justify our wrong doing like Frank and his gang.

  15. Tim Says:

    Get off the grass Millie – Lisa/Adi Kaila/senijiale/Javala/Lata Yaqona are not the same person. IG profiler you’ll not make. But keep it up – the posts are an education for us all.
    More diversions. Last week it was homosexuality. This week what’s it to be? anything that diverts attention from the issue at hand.
    Frank maybe should be courting the African Union. The RFMF can prostitute themselves in a little jaubt in East Congo maybe. The money’s not as good as the U.N. but beggars can’t be choosers and it may be a shoe in to permanent residency in Zimbabwe when it all turns to shit.

  16. Dugong Says:

    Adi Kaila lata yaqona is the one who hijacked this blog from Kutu our Founder she now blogging as Javala,Senijiale,Ad Kaila and Lata Yaqona this are the same peeson,anyone can tell from the style of writing in here.

    Even though I am being prevented entry from the blog I still love their concept of a movement which is something I suggested for this blog, to our moderator Adi Kaila.I ven sent her an email to began the next step up I am willing to finance the project.
    If she is willing to work with the Dugong of Nadro or the horse of the valley.
    I waited for 3 hrs where Lata works for kove on sunday and she had a no show.

  17. Lata Yaqona Says:


    What makes you think that the names you mentioned are not the same person.

    There you go assuming Millie is on the grass.

    I have just finished reading the comments on the SWM blog and it was a pleasure to see that apart from them discussing different topics they were enjoying some good humour as well.

    What is it with you people that you have become obsessed with all this multiple identity.

    Adi Kaila started all this.

    So what is the problem with people blogging under 4 or 5 or even 20000 different names?

    We are here not to deceive each other but those that have taken our democracy away from us.

  18. Tim Says:

    I’m neither defending or challenging Aidi Wotsaname. But in the all the identities you listed, I see one or two differences in style and a number of other things. Doesn’t mean to say he/she doesn’t have sympathisers, but the way I see it, the mission is what is important.
    Having said that I’m also not that fond of the idea that “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”.
    Pride is a very temporary and superficial concept.
    If, as is claimed, offending one’s kith and kin is reason enough to hijack something that strives to represent the will of close to a million people is the driving force, then how fucked up a person can that be?
    But……wouldn’t be the first time aye? Quite a few are at it lately, and there have been a few that have done it in centuries past. In fact the offense has been known to start wars.
    I think it’s bullshit personally. People should get a fucking grip!

  19. Tim Says:

    Actually, the hijacking of an anti-coup site on the basis of personal offense (IF THAT IS WHAT HAS OCCURED) simply shows in my fucked up judegment – how stupid people can be. ESPECIALLY when we’re dealing with opposing irriots like Frank and Bubba and Gates and Shaista.
    On second thoughts, maybe it shows just how pathetic the latter are by comparison.

  20. OjO Says:

    Why should adopt the mantra that the constitution is the supreme law of the land, when such mantras is in fact fallacious and self serving to those of whom who perpetuate their somewhat distorted ideologies.

    The supreme law of land resides God and with the people and not those of whom who often wears a noble face and hide behind their baneful indiscretions coupled with their disloyalties to the great grass roots people of our country.

    These types of people are not only duplicitous but are pernicious in their beings, they wear on their forehead the sign of evil and known unto them as a common malignant hypocrite they are the worst of all beings.

  21. Nostradamus Says:

    Frank wants to buy tanks for his army. They cost over $1 million each.
    Who will he rob to pay for that?

  22. Dugong Says:

    I just come across an article on the website click on one of the google ads on any pages and you will see under your opinion .The name of the business man who paid Bainimarama to rape democracy in our beloved land.

  23. kuku Says:

    Can you imagine the Chodo continueing to manipulate the Indo-Fijian cane farmers by asking the Fiji Time to take his picture today being interviewed by the UE representative in regard to Fiji Sugar and he wants to make sure that the Fiji Times gets it right by mentioning him as the Expert in Fiji Sugar. What a bastard, he supported the Military dictatorship by been its minister of finance for 2 years. He’s been found holding out money that was donated to him as leader of the labour party and banking this funds in an offsore accounts and in million of dollars. Now he’s trying to rebuilt his image to these Indo cane farmers before the election is called? Hey, its could still be called in March and chodo could be Bainimara main weapon?

  24. Budhau Says:

    Hey guys – just do the right thing – give Kutu his blog site back.

    He trusted your SOBs and what did you do, stab him in the back.

    While I think it was wrong for Kutu to make deals with Tui Savu – but still this is his site – just give it back.
    Maybe a better punishment for him making a deal with Savu – I run him over with my car the next time I see him.

    Hey Tim, all them white boys, Manning, Ex Tourist idiot and old fart Colin – they have moved over to the other site – supporting the natives. WTF are you doing here with the losers. Don’t worry, I will switch off the light on my way out of here.

    ..and those tanks that Frank wants to buy – didn’t I see tanks in the streets of Suva right after the 1987 coup – was’t ot TV NZ that was showing those tanks. Yeap, right after the those pictures of those rioting Fijians demolishing the BNZ building.

  25. Lisa Says:

    Interesting, Tim, senijiale, Adi K and I seem to be the only ones who are able to detect a lie immediately on this site.

    Why may I ask do these women Lata Yagona,/Millie,/F.I.R.M/viti/cakau/lusiana/ablaze/snapper/mozzie/crapper/laming ONE person AK for changing the password, it’s easy because the multiple personality is one person that old compulsive liar Rosalini of the salulu bits as Javala has revealed most hilariously who is so insecure she needs to keep blaming everyone except her silly old self.

    You may be used to getting your own way with your immediate family and those gullible friends of yours in Townsville bu but it ain’t about to happen here. BTW is Townsville where Fijians who have something to hide go to live so they can blend in with the TIs?

    Some of us are more attentive to others comments than you think, maybe it’s your lack of eduction and social skills Rosalini. Reinventing yourself into a white woman does not hold with us because your sad old arse is black no matter how much you try to whitewash your past.

    Answer this loser of great proportions old vinegar tits Rosalini to give you your real name, if this site is so stale how come the administrator wrote about the lack of jobs offered to Fijian soldiers by the UN and Brits yesterday yet your doomed site that only multiple personality you and mark manning seem to log onto only posted it today. Stale news eh? No sukulu qanibulu.

    Lata Yagona was quick to note that the administrator on this site was able to detect that it is you multiple personality that continues the sick behaviour on swm, SO DO ADI KAILA, SENIJIALE, JAVALA AND I HAVE THE PASSWORD FOR swm as well to detect that? I am not any of the above and I have a feeling Javala is male. I also feel that we are all around the same age and are qualified professionals because we all read everything carefully, answer factually and are able to bypass the bullshit such as you. It comes from years of studies.

    Give it up old vinegar tits, you and your pathetic family are quick to denigrate the Mara family yet you still haven’t answered AKs very astute questions because WE WOULD ALL LIKE TO KNOW as well……..REWIND

    Adi Kaila Says:
    December 31, 2008 at 8:45 pm
    Before I say Ni Sa Moce 2008 I would like to have some things clarified right here & now so 2009 can be faced in a positive way without anyone fearing that their names will be forwarded to the ig coupsters if they register on the Solivakasama website – ok – this may dismay some of you but we need to get this out in the open now as I personally feel that FIRM and Ablaze alias Cakau alias Wainibu are beginning to sound much like the ig coupsters themelves

    Why drag this up – it’s not sour grapes – far from it.

    Those who were on site on Sunday evening 28.12.08 would’ve read exactly what I wrote – being tactful & inoffensive – As most of you regulars know I am certainly not immune to very colourful adjectives.

    As the night went on and Ablaze alias Cakau alias Wainibu began the narcissistic comments about herself and then started to mock me, I of course answered back – still being tactful and inoffensive that she’d misread my answer to a question posed by For Fiji – then she mocked me again – so I retaliated as 3 other bloggers were astute in realising that Ablaze alias Cakau alias Wainibu was one and the same and in fact told her to cut the bullshit. Ok!

    As a regular blogger says ‘tobo o van damn’

    Tobo dina – Then Monday morning comments left by wini, da mai lasutaki, Bin Laden and I were deleted – but comments by Ablaze alias Cakau alias Wainibu were left as if to indicate that the quad headed monster was squeaky clean and we were all incorrect in revealing the truth.

    So I would like to ask Ablaze alias Cakau alias Wainibu – when you were busy writing the cringey summary of yourself why didn’t you also write that you’d told Bank wives in Australia that your father owned an island in Fiji and that he had his own private plane – what island is that – Tadruku Island? Mai Aso!

    Why were our comments & deleted?

    Why did FIRM quickly write in your defense and why the heading of that thread?

    Is this a yacata site? for yacata people only? Veitovaki tiko vei ira mai Townsville!

    ok – I’ve been suspicious of Ablaze alias Cakau alias Wainibu – I recognised that the person who was writing letters to the editor and blogging here as Ablaze alias Cakau alias Wainibu – was the same persoh & is related to both the Maras and Ratu Tuis sons. Fine – my suspicions are based on the language used to condemn them. If it was anyone else I would not have been interested.

    The question is this – Are you Ablaze alias Cakau alias Wainibu doing this because you’ve been ostracised by those families – after all you did trade grandly on the Mara name, and maybe now that the Turaga has passed on they can get you out of their lives for good?


    Are you in cahoots with them and have ‘infiltrated’ this site to pass on info to the ig coupsters, Because some bloggers have kind of not logged on for a while – like NP for example.

    Why were you and FIRM so picqued when we answered your narcisstic rants then had them unceremoniously deleted so others who comment here could read it all for themselves and make up their own minds about the whole situation that you both took completely out of hand.

    As for questioning the validity of my name – have the guts to write here that you despise me, I’m open to criticism instead of being so duplicitious and bloody minded.

    The reason the rest of us log onto this site that was created by Kuts is so we can exchange views. reveal the inconsistencies, duplicitousness and the abominal behaviour of the selfserving ig coupsters.

    You Ablaze alias Cakau alias Wainibu and FIRM are behaving exactly like the ig coupsters we are all supposed to be aligned AGAINST ON THIS SITE.

    What is your purpose here then? Maybe some old biddies should stop living in the past – kaiviti makawa syndrome, because it’s people like you that have put Fiji where it is today.

    Another question – who is benefitting from the donations to this site and what are the donations really for apart from paying for the Solivakasama merchandise?

    Not for WMD, scuds or rocket launchers surely?

    I want accountability for all the monies donated to the site – every last cent from all over the world as FIRM has boasted that has been received.

    I’m sure other bloggers would want this information as well – so how about some truths ok.

    It’s not Kuts style to be malicious – you Ablaze alias Cakau alias Wainibu and FIRM have really and truly showed your breed here and lack of breeding. FIRM – brush up on your English writing and grammar – I’m not being pedantic – you want to be blameless – set an example.

    BTW Ablaze alias Cakau alias Wainibu, Nau Levu trotted out a video – yeah a video in this day and age of Litia an Harrys wedding – you can imagine the amusement and heights of hilarity reached in our household when we managed to get the old recorder going – beauty – phwoooooooooooar! Qanibuls sticking out every which way – not a pretty sight at all.

    This is going to be posted on other sites if it deleted from here – so let the bloggers read and make up their own minds.


    Aubatinuku-N – where’ve you been honey – I miss you – God Bless You All.

    YOU CAN’T FIGHT THE EDUCATED MASSES SALULU OLD VINEGAR TITS GO AND GET A LIFE OR BETTER STILL SEE A PSYCHIATRIST YOU REALLY NEED HELP. Give up gracefully, I doubt you will because you’re obviously mentally challenged bu

    damn that wine is nice, hmmmn Oh BTW there is a group that monitors these blogsites and I have been monitoring this one for a while, I’ve even commented sporadically from as far back as 2007.

    How about that eh?

  26. OjO Says:

    Whoever has this site don’t return it, these people at SVM are not pro-democratic but pro-communist.

    When they arbitrarily decided to censor my or for those matters people’s opinions and make a feeble or uneducated attempt to try and explain their actions than these people aren’t pro-democratic but rather self serving commies being duplicitous.

    “Hatred is the depravity of narrow souls; they feed it with all their littleness, and make it the pretext of base fallacious ideology”

  27. Keep The Faith Says:

    There’s some real fcuked up shit going down here and it’s downright nasty and uncivilized. I don’t whether you’ve noticed but you’ve pretty much lost all your traffic.

  28. Millie Says:

    Jealousy of Rosalini can cause some nasty behaviour in people, from major outbursts to outright sabotage of her principles, but most common are the put downs which is what I see here.

    Rosalini must be a worthy fighter for the Solivakasama Pro Democracy World Wide Movement for her to be victimized in such an unscrupulous manner.

    What a big win for SWM!

  29. Lisa Says:

    here we go again, multiple personality on the skids. talking to oneself as a second person. Tamani Big Cavuka.

    Noone in their mid thirties would be jealous of salulu old vinegar tits like you millie/rosalini/cakau/lusiana/snapper/mozzie/ablaze/viti/crapper aged what 63?

    Keep those marbles rolling you’re lost them real fast bu it’s a big win for this site hehehehehehehehehehehehe

    BTW you haven’t answered that question about the Maras, come on now don’t be shy, you’re not shy about talking up yourself. loser. All arse no class, oops concubine class hence compulsive liar and the need to be big marama (OH PLEASE BLOGGERS I’M SO IMPORTANT, NOT!)

    Come on now you’re quick to shoot down the messenger or anyone who disagrees with you and used to delete their comments, dont’ be shy now salulu vinegar tits.

    This is a blogsite and if you’re not going to follow blogsite etiquette well be prepared to take on whoever bags you old bag.

    You want nasty, you’ll get nasty bring it on.

  30. Lisa Says:

    @ KTF

    Bullies have to be given a good taste of their own medicine.

    The sick idiot with the multiple personality millie/rosalini/cakau/lusiana/snapper/mozzie/ablaze/viti/crapper is a first class bully like her insignificant relatives infirm/shangri-la & jese wiwilekaleka.

    I fight bullies and will keep on doing it like I fight for democracy, human rights for all of us not only a select few and I fight for the alleviation of poverty, I fight for the downtrodden and I fight for the basic needs of our People in Fiji to be met, so I’m not going to put up with a dried up, brain dead, salulu old vinegar tits who continually bullies bloggers and self talks in the second person to try to fool others in thinking she has supporters.

  31. milamila Says:

    boka sara a batimu millie cagona a kawa ni concubine. sa rauta me dou tovakini Tui Savu dou meca dau daidai taucoko. sa qai vinaka ona ra sa mai kila a gone a omudou drivadriva. kau a kaya oti iei, dua mada ga e ponoka me biu ki valeniveivesu.

  32. Budhau Says:

    Hey, so who is going around deleting my messages in here, and you idiots were complaining when FIRM deleted some of your message.

    Come on guys…give back this site to Kutu, the rightful owner.

  33. Budhau Says:

    Keep the Faith wrote, “There’s some real fcuked up shit going down here and it’s downright nasty and uncivilized. I don’t whether you’ve noticed but you’ve pretty much lost all your traffic.”

    Totally agree, this site is totally screwed up and the inmates have taken over.

    I have never had anything deleted in here before until now, when some idiots decided to delete a message the he/she did not like.

    I may have disagreed with Kutu and may have had a different political philosophy – but Kutu and his folks never deleted any of my posts – not even FIRM.
    ..and now we have some lowlifer basturds who have hijacked this site and they don’t like to be criticized.

  34. vuki Says:

    whoever is deleting Budhau post please keep doing it and keep him out of this blogsite.

  35. Budhau Says:

    yeah vuki, just like the military goons tried to track down those bloggers when they did not like what the bloggers were saying.

    Some of you guys deserve Bainimarama – to put his boots up your arse.

  36. Kilakila mada Says:

    2nd that Lisa…..qori dou boka sara….

  37. siu Says:

    I’ve always opposed,to the inclussion of the Fiji military members, in the UN peace Keeping Forces, in foreign lands? But we cannot cry over spilled milk, cause the reality is, that its done with and where do we go from here?
    Maybe before we commit our troop to any UN mission abroad, the Government should ensure, that after they return home, the UN is responssible for their medical benefit including a pension, for the rest of their lives?

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