The Appalling Old Oink is at it Again

Not content with hijacking the legally elected SDL Government, the illegal regime is hellbent on dissolving local governments, another ‘clean up’ of their operations, claiming that some municipalities have been tainted by political affiliations.
Tainted? I ask the illegal regime.
Tainted is when they put their own coup apologists in to replace legally elected Mayors,
What comes to mind is the fact that they are contemplating altering the way land rates and taxes are charged now that Piggy Bhainimara and his children are ‘home owners’  to avoid paying any.
Much like when Piggy and the illegal regime did all in their might to discredit and purge the GCC, then suddenly changed tactics and vowed that the VKB was intact. What was that statement all about? It surely came out of left field. Why shouldn’t the VKB be intact?
Well maybe the VKB is more intact now that Piggy has illegally, exactly like how he staged the 5.12.06 coup, interferred with the VKB by forging his and his forebears status in Fijian society, from mere fishers to Vunivalu no less? 
Are  Piggy and the illegal regime going to change land titles? Playing fast and loose with the taxpayers money and now their property as well?
I wouldn’t put anything past these lowlifes.
Will they proclaim that the whole of the Wainunu area and its surrounds, qoliqoli and all in Vanua Levu and Niusiladilailai belongs to Mrs Piggy Bhainimaramas family.
They are certainly not shy about buying up homes when the whole of Fiji knows they had sweet bugger all before 5.12.06 – not even a lean to.
After depleting the Nations coffers they are intent on raiding the local municipalities coffers.
Where does that leave those in the shadows? The likes of $50 Ganilau and his tavale of the same name Epeli Nailatikau.
Is Tovata to be portioned off to $50 and Burebasaga to EN? No questions asked? Everyone of them wants a piece of something they are not entitled to.
Who knows what level of corruption this illegal regime will go to in their endeavour to achieve their insatiable greed. The level of corruption is unprecedented in this Nation.and there is far worse for us to endure.
So much for the ‘clean up campaign’ good govenance and transparency touted so loudly by Piggy Bhainimarama in the early days of the 5.12.06 coup, it’s time to reverse it, and for him to explain himself. Bah!
There’s something the dysfunctional Mr and Mrs Piggy Bhainimarama should think about – No man or woman is rich enough to buy back his or her past.
That goes for the rest of the illegal regime and their puppeteers.

54 Responses to “The Appalling Old Oink is at it Again”

  1. Sakeo Says:



    wen the tides rises
    wen the moon goes red
    wen the roses grow pale
    wen the tide turns back

    you will see them running
    you will see them swimming
    you will see them crying
    you will see them leaving

    time will come as time time will tell
    its just a matter of time to hear the bell
    the cries of the land and the seas will swell
    wen the batikadi rise..wen they attack

    malua..malua…sa rorogo tu na dakai ni vanua…malua…malua

    ……….vucu ni vanua……..sarava…vakatulewa…sarava…..vucu ni vanua

    repeat till fade

    …….sorry…due to public demand..pls reprint….

    8. Sakeo Says:
    February 2, 2009 at 1:02 am

    admin..dua to public demand..pls. reprint……….posted in last issue..

    lali….laga….meke….vadugu na vucu…….
    to u all homos..pls get real…
    u hav a stik to use n not reared
    tis a shame 2 society coz its a disease
    wil be detrimental to our fiji

    the disease bring curse to our land
    but wat else can we say..
    like in days of sodom and gomorah
    signs of THE END OF OUR DAYS rorogo tu na dakai ni vanua..malua…malua…..

  2. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Will they even be able to find enough people willing to endure what looks to become even wider travel bans and other sanctions after May 1st?

    You’d have to be a real knucklehead to commit to that with no end in sight to the current crisis (Yes that’s right IArse – CRISIS)

  3. Kingrat Says:

    hey does anybody know why Emi rabukawaqa resigned. please find out

  4. Dugong Says:

    SWM website has got something about Emi on one of their pages go to and dont forget to click the ads for admin purposes.

  5. Save the Sheep Says:

    Come on guys. When are we going to stop being distracted by the “Clean Up Campaign” B.S. This was never a Clean Up but rather a Clean out to let all the disgruntled little Pigs have a turn at the trough.

    No More, No Less…

    What astounds me is why Fiji is letting it happen…..

  6. senijiale Says:

    hey Dugong, I thought something was stinking in here… soliciting for paisa again, are we? lol!

    Hve just been to yr SVDOT ORG wash my pot – wow, yr new icons – so descriptive & apt! So tell me dugong, why are you idiots back to yr bad habit of deleting any blogger who doesn’t agree with you lot? Case in point is OjO’s response to JDArk’s last comment which I read earlier but its now gone! Tobo tale tu o van damme. Dou yavu velavela.

  7. Kingrat Says:

    dudong can find that article on Emi

  8. Millie Says:

    senijiale are you going to let me in or not.

    This is my third try.

    It is no different than the other lot deleting comments.

    I can understand them though because they have standards to abide with and that is, they do not want to be diverted from the main issuses of what they are fighting for and homosexuality is not one of them.

  9. senijiale Says:

    Hey there Millie, why are YOU ASS-uming I run this blog?

    Whoever’s stolen Kutu’s password’s probably LHAO! Hey moderator, we’re stalling here, why? Either you allow people you can trust to help you run the show or simply return the blog to Kutu.

  10. Millie Says:

    Guess 3rd time lucky so thanks senijiale/Adi Kaila/ Lata Yaqona or whoever owns this blog.

    I agree with Save the Sheep and you should put more thought in what you post for discussion.

    The latest topic is stale news and the Pig and his Piglets don’t even talk about it as the whole world knows it was an excuse to help themselves to power etc etc.

  11. Sakeo Says:

    pls moderator….due to public demand..pls reprint

    Sakeo Says:
    February 1, 2009 at 7:28 am

    we need air freshener in here…and lots of detol…this poo-poo talk is definately leaving a bad stench in here,….pls call the ambulance…to take the damaged body parts….and ask doctor to stitch well…so they are not slack…..Anon and Dugong…..thats you two’s ambulance……drau vodo sara yani..drau vakasamataki kemudrau kei na i mate ca sa tauva tu na nomudrau bula…..repent…and do the right thing…use the stick and not get sticked…..u two “dingbats”….nanuma na vucu ni vanua..listen to the messages of the elders…..

  12. senijiale Says:

    millie, willie or whoever you are – i agree with the ‘putting more thought’ bit before we jump to premature conclusions about what it is really, that bloggers were making a point on.

  13. Dugong Says:

    Wailei Senijiali
    I was waiting by myself at the Fijian all day yesterday ,I saw the Emi article on I found it on one of the ads on their website the under Fiji for you,there is an ad on the website. You have to click the ad to open because you cant see it from outside I hope that helps.
    I like their website they have the right concept of fighting Bainimarama, I sent an email to moderator of this one Adi Kaila and Budhau to begin a next step or up the tempo because this talking aint do a thing for Bainimarama.
    Wailei Senijiale ko sa daidai ga ko ikoI had kove by myself all day.

  14. Millie Says:


    Assuming you were part of the stolen password is because you seem to be one of those people that keep on about the money thing with

    Why does it bother you so much if they are soliciting for money?

    And again in one of your latest comments you are at it again about them deleting OjO’s comments.

    People give money at their own free will and if want to delete comments for reasons known only to them so be it.

    You do your own thing and let them do theirs and allow the rest of us to choose for ourselves what we want to do.

    I have checked out the other blog and there is nothing mentioned in there of you or this blog.

    What is that famous saying of yours “Live and let Live”

  15. Dugong Says:

    Boka a batimu Senijiali ca ga ko ta lako mai gunu Kove vata kei au niavi.

  16. Millie Says:


    I gather people come in here to get their kicks in getting people like you all worked up.

    I’ve had my kicks for the day!

    One word of advice, sometimes to achieve high standards it pays to listen.

  17. Dugong Says:

    Senijiali a qou friend ko F.I.R.M ko sa blok takina talega i ke.ko iko ko sa blok wavoki.Sa kona voleka sara mo kana kuita vei D.

  18. senijiale Says:

    @ Millie Willie – you love making an ASS of yourself, don’t you? Well, so be it. What’s the popular word again…NEXT!

    Wailei o Dugong, the bored ping-pong. Good for you, so remind me why are you here if SVDOT ORG wash my pot has got it going right alright..? lol!

  19. senijiale Says:

    Sillie millie willie, glad you got yr kicks ASS-uming I’m worked up, tis the reason I rove here now & again to get mine from little asses like ya.. lol!

  20. senijiale Says:

    Oiyawe..Dugogo! kaya mada mai se kai vei mada ko omu fereni, ko JeseW…?

    Well bloggers, appears that Dugong is a self-confessed wife-basher, a total pr!@ck like the PIG who becomes so ill at ease when opinionated women cross his path. A riva ga a riva! lol………. 8)

  21. Millie Says:


    You seem to wallow in name calling and the act of personalization.

    Reality check it seems it is your forte!

    I am trying really hard to curb this pastime of yours which does none of us any good – it only makes us the laughing stock of the Pig and his Piglets.

    You see Millie is not a silly willie after all.

  22. senijiale Says:



  23. Millie Says:


    Pheeeeew! That’s a good little girl, finally got through to you!

    Work on the act of ignoring what others have to say instead of reacting by calling them all sorts of names.

    It only shows you up as a very vindictive harpy who has very little knowledge of how to respond to such circumstances.

    Do you now understand why have to delete some of the comments?

    I’ll be happy for you to delete all the comments to do with this teaching lesson with you because it is not what this blog is about.

  24. senijiale Says:

    Millie – u so funny… good little girl then vindictive harpy one… No, do enlighten me please ‘coz I don’t understand why you vindictive lot at ‘SV DOT ORG wash my pot’, deleted comments like OjO’s that was in response to JDArk’s!

  25. Millie Says:


    Like the Pig himself you are a lost cause and doesn’t matter how hard we try you won’t listen to any reasoning. Thus the problem we are facing today in our beloved.

    It would have been OK and there would have been some hope in rehabilitating you if you weren’t so vindictive to say “SV DOT ORG wash my pot.

    This must hurt Kutu, the original owner of this blogsite – did you stop to think?

    Look at me did I call you any names?

  26. senijiale Says:

    Of course, my heart goes out to poor ‘ol Kutu for losing this blog. I’ll ask Jose to pray for him.

    So… if I lose the ‘wash my pot’ bit, will you let me in on the password?

  27. Millie Says:

    I wasn’t here for passwords or to pick a fight with anyone! I was here for the sole purpose of trying to get especially you to stop these innuendoes about those that have decided to move over to to fight the fight.

    Because we are suppose to be fighting the same fight and if you were on the same wave length as those of us trying to restore democracy to our beloved island nation you would do your best to prop up rather than criticize them like you have been doing.

    I expect Lata Yaqona/Adi Kaila if you lot are not the same person to respond in saying I was correct and reprimand you for being so foolish.

    I was sent here by high profile people to try and stop your foolish behaviour and together blog to get rid of the Pig’s Govt.

    Every little bit of pressure put on these pigs will make their agendas harder to achieve.

  28. Millie Says:


    The above comments were for you!

  29. Dugong Says:

    mimica mu tarausese Senijiale

  30. Sakeo Says:

    Dugong…go look for Bhudhau and read my earlier posts…bring curse to our nation…creating fowl stench every where u go with your poo-poo bits here and there….we have to import more air fresheners and detols…..quickly depleting our foreign reserve…just because u never listen to the advise of the elders….you bring the signs of sodom and gomorah….

  31. Dugong Says:

    Sakeo o Senijiale ga knows where Bhudhau is at the moment.As for the curse to my beloved Fiji only your friend Bainimarama has brought the major curse.

    You should go and read an article about Bainimarama and how much money was paid to him by a prominent business man. You can find it at just look at the ads that covers hotels, keep clicking thru and you will come across heading called your opinion.

  32. OjO Says:

    SVWM may have an agenda that runs contrary to the principles of Democracy.

    I may lack at times the etiquette to conduct myself in a decorous manner, but I will not expurgate my fellow citizen’s opinions nor will I curtail their freedom of speech.

    For if we do we are no better than an autocrat.

    It is best left to Francois Voltaire to explicate freedom of speech.

    “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”

    Let this be not the death of Democracy or freedom of speech or expressing ones opinions freely.

  33. Millie Says:


    Going back on the comments on SWM blog you were warned but kept repeating yourself.

    I read through your comments and your repetition did not make any sense to those that were trying to explain to you. You were given so many chances and were told that SWM is also non-political but support the Qarase Govt because it was Fiji’s elected Govt.

    SWM is a Pro Democracy Movement and from what I picked up from your comments, you were all for Democracy for the grassroots but outside the guidelines of the Constitution. This is exactly the ideologies of Bainimarma’s Regime.

    From what I gather the bloggers have been blogging for 2 years and have not achieved anything and a lot of time wasted trying to explain to people like you what blogsites like SWM stand for. Also a lot of time wasted bickering and calling each other names like what I experienced with senijiale.

    The IG blogsite would love people like you and senijiale.

    Could it be you were blogging on the wrong blogsite?

    I agree with you with what Voltaire had to say;

    “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

    However, this is a different situation and part of SWM’s smart strategies is not to waste time and delete comments that they feel serve no purpose in the cause of what they are fighting for.

    I hope you will understand what I have said.

  34. Javala Says:

    millie maga qase salulu who you trying to fool. fo vei mofo f.i.r.m drau veivutu vaka kawa ni concubine kaisi

    mai lewai cei

    sa maca nomudrau mojo bu kei cu


  35. Budhau Says:

    Hey, I like the bickering and brawling that is going on in here how – I think they finally succeeded in getting you guys right down to where they wanted you.

    Keep up the brawl – it is entertaining. Good job Adi Kaila and Yagona…and that Sakeo guy, what an intellectual. Hey Millie, have you got the password yet?

    Kutu, if you ever come around here – I am sorry for what they did to YOUR blog. I see that idiot F.I.R.M is going around deleting messages on that other site.

  36. senijiale Says:

    Millie – yr comments are well taken. The great thing about having opinions is that they’re yours.

    Sechi sechi @ Dugong – E vaka vosa jiko ko Pu Peji! Mimica ga i keri!

  37. Dugong Says:

    Sakeo o Senijiale ga knows where Bhudhau is at the moment.As for the curse to my beloved Fiji only your friend Bainimarama has brought the major curse.

    You should go and read an article about Bainimarama and how much money was paid to him by a prominent business man. You can find it at just look at the ads that covers hotels, keep clicking thru and you will come across heading called your opinion.

  38. Hector Says:

    Its goes to show the type of people who are in power wre a bunch of nobodies and now that they are in power, they want to control everything from government to local municipalities and next into the ordinary peoples homes.
    That is dictatorship so you can forget about democracy and human rights.
    What is the people doing about this, I think it is about time the people should stand up and be counted and demonstrate peacefully that their have had enough of this rubbish, because if you don’t do anything now.
    I swear that your children’s children will suffer the consequeces of this ilegal regime which is hell bent on achieving their own personal agendas.

  39. epeli Says:

    These are the name of people whom i think should be included in the Mandatory hanging list: Voreqe Bainimarama, Epeli Nailatikau, Epeli Ganilau, Chodo,Rokoului Mara, JC Gate,Saishta, Aiyse Kaihyum, and all higher ranking in the Miliray,Navy and Police.

  40. Budhau Says:

    Epeli – what about Rabuka and those put him up to the 87 coup and Speight and the folks who were backing him.

    I think it would be only fair that you include them also in your mandatory hanging list.

    Javala – these guys where not the first ones to “rape democracy” on Fiji you guys have been gang raping democracy since 1987.

    Yes, Hector, the generations to come will sufffer – because some idiots decided that it would be OK to take out Dr Bavadra and his democratically elected government – and they cycle will go on for generations, and only get worse.

    Senijiale – the opinions may be yours, but the blogsite ain’t – tell them to give back, NOW.

  41. benhur Says:

    Rabuka had been given immunity by the legally elected Government,the GCC,and the President. George speight was given a life sentence in Jail by a legally elected Government and he should remain there.This time we the people of Fiji must make sure that “NEVER AGAIN” will anyone or any group pull another coup against any legally elected Government in the future. That is why i say we must hang these bastards and we must make sure that everyone related to anyone involved in this coup are penalized for say 5 to10 generations.”NO OTHER WAY!!!!!!!!!!!”

  42. siu Says:

    ben, i think that your suggestions regarding penality for taking parts in the coup is sound and ought to be considered by the next legitimate elected Government of Fiji?

  43. Budhau Says:

    Ben – after Rabuka pulled the coup, and got a immunity from prosecution immediately thereafter how could he have been given immunity by a legally elected government?
    I also see that you have no problem with Rabuka’s immunity from prosecution – how about we hire some legal experts to find a way of stripping Rabuka’s immunity. We than prosecute him of treason and put him away for the rest of his live….and that crap about “no other way..” – there was another way back in 1987, wait until the elected government had served out its term and than vote them out in the next general election.

    George Speight was given immunity as part of an accord that he had signed. He violated some terms of that accord, thus he no longer had the immunity. If he had not violated the terms of the accord, he would have been a free man today.

    How do you plan to “hand these bastards” when capital punishment is unconstitutional in Fiji – should we just disregard the constitution.

    These people will have the immunity that the other guys enjoyed. And in future, when we have the next coup – they will get the same immunity also.

  44. benhur Says:

    My brother Budhau, i know where you’re going but lets not take that route.If we can correct some of the major injustice that happen in days gone by, lots of people,i’m sure, would be rich,famous and be very happy today?
    The realities is, most injustice that occured in the old days, is best to just forget about it and its useless and served no purposes, to continously shove it under the noses of another generation, that has nothing to do with it? We have to move on!
    The past is best left with history and memories,its best to learn from it ,before planning to built for the future.
    We agreed, that the Rabuka and the Speight coups, were not handled satisfactory, but they were dealt with by the legitimate constitutional Government of our nation.
    Voreqe’s coup, on the other hand, is a wee bit different and no need to go into details, since the man is exterminating citizens of Fiji, those he doesn’t like or against his regime?
    When things do get back to normal, the Government of Fiji after setting up a viable economic programme,must speedly setup a commission to look and find solution to this coup problem.
    If they feel that we must try these “bastards”, so be it?Lets be serious about what we do or promise to do; and lets stick to the letter of the law of our nation!
    Capital punishment can be constitutionally reversed with 3/4 of the member of parliament agreeing.That is a no brainer! as it can be done?

  45. Budhau Says:

    Benhur, about that no-brainer – you want that death penalty for Bainimarama – which is unconstitutional. When I pointed that out – you came up with your silly ass “no brianer” comment that we can change the constitution.
    Well – there is a slight problem with that no-brainer– something called ex post facto –
    What you are suggesting is not merely bringing back the death penalty but to apply it retroactively, to cases that occurred before the law became the law. It is not that simple dude – no can do!

    Secondly, you see, Benhur, the problem will not be solved by bringing back the death penalty. What exactly do you thing you will get by executing Bainimarama?

    The problem is people like you – coming up with that “no other way..” – that Rabuka was justified in pulling the coup. The Fijian people, overwhelmingly, supported the Rabuka coup. Many were also behind Speight. Therein lies the problem – the mindset has to change. There are no coups that are justified. Once you get that, our coup problem will be resolve.
    That mindset, that some coups are justified – that hasn’t changed yet. The problem with the Bainimarama coup it that you are against Bainimarama, not against the coups.

  46. benhur Says:

    Relax my brother, read my article again slowly, think about it for 10 hours and than write your response. I did not say any of the things, you think i said, in my notes.
    I do not support any coup. Although,the first 2 coups were executed without bloodshed, but their economic impact, were similarly devastating to our nation.
    However, the recent coup has no doubt, caused many bloodsheds in our country and still has the potential, to shed more blood before its over? Voreqe has killed many innocent Fiji Citizens and for this and this alone he must stand trial? For those that help him pull his coup, they too must stand trial as his treasonous associates.

  47. Budhau Says:

    Benhur let us see what did you say.

    On Rabuka, you said “Rabuka had been given immunity by the legally elected Government, the GCC, and the President.”
    WRONG – Rabuka had just pulled a coup on a democratically elected government. How could he have got immunity from that legally elected government that he had just overthrown? As for the GCC, as the mouthpiece of the Fijian people, the GCC was all for the coup. As for you – Was this some kind of an attempt to distinguish Rabuka’s immunity as being somewhat more legitimate than Speights – and that FB does not have a similar immunity coming.

    You then went on to say “That is why i say we must hang these bastards and we must make sure that everyone related to anyone involved in this coup are penalized for say 5 to10 generations.”NO OTHER WAY!!!!!!!!!!!”

    So you want to hang everybody associated with this coup hanged – however, you have no problem with the immunity that Rabuka got. And you end that with “NO OTHER WAY!!!!!” – did that have something to do with your hero “Rabuka: No Other Way”

    On your “hang the bastards” comment, I pointed out that capital punishment was unconstitutional in Fiji – were you not aware of that. You responded to that with the ¾ votes required to change the constitution. (a simplistic solution)
    I pointed out that even if you could change the constitution and bring back capital punishment you still could not apply it retroactively, to cases that occurred before the law became the law.

    How slow do I have to read your piece – did I miss something or was it you that has limited knowledge of our laws and how those laws are made? May be it is you who should do your homework before you start calling for this “death to Bainiamarama” or that we should just change the constitution. Where exactly to do you think any democratically elected government get that ¾ votes to bring back the death penalty – just because some idiots like you are pissed off with this coup or this coupster.

    You, like many others in here, claim that you did not support any of the coups before. Well, if you say so – however, after the overwhelming support that Fijian community gave to Rabuka, the GCC supported the coup, made Rabuka an honorary Ratu in the GCC and all that – and now, we can’t find a single Fijian who will admit that he supported the Rabuka coup. Speight also had widespread support in the Fijian community for his coup.

    You said “Voreqe has killed many innocent Fiji Citizens” – how many? Those who were responsible for the few deaths in custody – they should stand trial for murder, not treason. BTW – how about that unarmed policeman killed by the Speight thugs (your no bloodshed in the previous coup remark)

    You see Benhur – you still have not got my point. How do you plan to get Bainimarama to stand trial for anything? They have to negotiate with FB before he goes back to the barracks, he will have his airtight immunity agreement. It is silly to suggest that Bainimarama should just give up and march himself and his boys to Naboro.

    Look at the bigger picture – the Fijians in general supported all the coups in Fiji except this one. The problem with this coup is that the “wrong” person pulled the coup, not the coup itself. The only way you buggers have figured out to oppose Bainimarama is to deny any involvement in the previous coups and jump on the democracy bandwagon. I am sure that if a coalition of Chodo & Company wins the next general election – many of these same guys would be backing a military coup if they had a sympathetic commander in the military.

    So get it straight in your head – All coups are bad. You can’t make one coup guy the head of the GCC and send the other to gallows. The mindset of the Fijian people has to change. They have to learn to accept the results of a free and fair election – if they had put their foot down back then when Rabuka decided to be a hero, we would not be in this doo-doo today.

  48. OjO Says:

    I just couldnt resist.

    Yes yes benhur hang all these mongrels failing that give them taste of a thousand dickies in the nether regions, little Rosie(Bud) is still getting over that painful experience.

    Better yet give them a bit of “Teri Gand Mein Haathi Ka Lund”

  49. Budhau Says:

    Hey, how would you like a thousand dickies up a certain part of your anatomy – so you do know it is a painful experience.
    Having things shoved up your arse – that is more you kinda game.
    I see that you are really getting into your “academic year”.

  50. senijiale Says:

    This thread is getting very dark…. come away Bud!

  51. Budhau Says:

    Senijiale – I think Ojo likes it – keeps coming back for more. And I have nothing better to do – like the “academic year” starting or going to a rugby match or fishing and all that. Actually I spent all my drug money on prostitutes, so I am broke and nothing better to do.

  52. Dugong Says:

    Are you guys fighting Rabuka or Bainimarama…..I know we at SWM are fighting Vore and $2.00 ,guys what f… century are living in ?,dou vei cai ga

  53. senijiale Says:

    Don’t kid yourself Ding-dong, we’re all merely blogging and nothing more… that fight’s in yr head, keep knocking yourself out.

    Btw, i did check out yr brizzy fundraiser dinner on the fijitv1 website and was good 2 finally put a face to the name of Tui Savu. I was expecting someone older. So which one was you at that dinner, pr!@k? You tadpoles don’t deserve TS, that was a pathetic turnout, u cudn’t even help him generate enough support amongst the liumuri/lamulamu’s residing there who wouldn’t show even show up lest the PIG spots them on tv albeit thousands of km away!

  54. Budhau Says:

    Dudong – you guys aren’t doing shit – besides raising money and selling those merchandise. Don’t try to fool yourself and others – into thinking that you are fighting Bainimarama.

    I still cannot understand why Kutu sold out – so how much of a cut is Kutu getting from the money the money you guys collect.

    BTW – that trip to Fiji to distribute the flood aid – who paid for the fare and the hotel.

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