Let’s all have a good laugh at the expense of the ignorant regime.

The self appointed leader makes up excuses not to attend the PIF instead sending his right hand man khaiyum who is known by the ig as A-G but to the rest of us as  …… never mind, anyway he delivers his message from his cowardly leader then to divert attention away from their illegal stance in this Nation he rants on about another lawyer in an illegal position who will never ever practise anywhere else in the world. Here is his gem:

“In a bizarre end to the Pacific leaders forum, an angry Fiji attorney-general, Aiaz Sayed-Khaiyum, accused a Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade employee of tampering with the Wikipedia entry relating to Fiji’s acting chief justice Anthony Gates by placing him in the category of “famous homosexuals”. Justice Gates was appointed to the court following the military coup. The alleged DFAT tamperer was named in documents but not available for comment when contacted.

You’re not a politician nor a diplomat khaiyum and you’ve displayed your complete ignorance in front of the PIF leaders and the rest of the world.

Well, well, just what did khaiyum and vore expect when they hijacked the Nation and it’s democratically elected government then proceeded to stifle and brutalise citizens who dared to speak up against them, deported three journalists who told the truth in the print media and deprived qualified citizens from doing their job?

Vore has reinvented himself on Wikipedia. So have a few other coup apologists. The story about Anthony Gates is not a lie because he is a ‘famous homosexual’ in Fiji. Everyone here knows Gates is as bent as his scrawny back.

Cyberspace is  free for all and we will air our views anyway and anywhere we can if we are deprived of our human rights.

Good on you whoever you are!


73 Responses to “A LMAO MOMENT”

  1. Anon Says:

    Whats wrong with being a homosexual. Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi, Graham Leong, John Fatiaki are also homosexuals. Well known fact by court clerks who got molested by them.

  2. Anon Says:

    Not John Fatiaki, its Daniel Fatiaki and John Apted.

  3. Mesa Says:

    To Anon: thank you for the derogatory insight – but I suspect that your own sexual urges are being attributed to others.

    I hope the Fiji Times keeps on fighting!

  4. Tom Says:

    Choices Anon!! They are so smart they couldn’t even figure out whether they have a penis or virgina, immoral.

  5. au kaya Says:

    and Anon as well

  6. OjO Says:


    Your comment are at best slanderous, though there may be an element of truth in what you say nevertheless there are times when such comments is best reserved.

    One question that needs to be answered are you one of those court
    clerks that were allegedly subjected to unwanted or improper sexual activities.

  7. Talei Says:

    LMAO!!! And Kaiyum was also put on the spot by NZ PM and told him he should stand trial. YAY! The heat is on!!! Liberation soon Fiji, unfortunately, this next one will be bloody. Lord help us!

  8. Budhau Says:

    Hey guy, who gives a rats arse what you call the iA-G…and whats with your homo-phobia.
    There was no fricken substance in the above piece – and when you don’t have substance, you start the personal attacks.

  9. Iraqis Says:

    Budha caiti Voreqe mada se AG,,magaitinamu Frank,,caiti nomu Tua sa tu mai nai bulubulu,,,ni vicai na fiji army

  10. Tagata Whenua Says:

    Hire and fire will be the name of the game when the pig is cornered in a very tight situation.As a dictator he will resort in killing people very soon like Mukabe.The very people who supports him are now slowly jumping out of the band wagon.

  11. Jose Says:

    Cud u post the site here where you read about the NZ PM telling the ia-g he shud stand trial. That would be fantastic.

  12. Talei Says:

    Jose, vosota – yes, it was a FT article, here it is.

    http://www.fijitimes.com/story.aspx?id=113045‘You should be on trial’
    Thursday, January 29, 2009

    NEW Zealand Prime Minister John Key told interim Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum that he should stand trial.

    He made the statement during the presentation by the interim Government’s representative at the Pacific Islands Forum special leaders meeting in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, on Tuesday.

    PacNews reports that the interim A-G found statements made by Mr Key “unbelievable”.

    “The New Zealand Prime Minister put me the proposition which is quiet speculative,” Mr Sayed-Khaiym said.

    “He said to me ‘what if you have these electoral reforms, then have elections under the new electoral reforms and then you have a government that is in place then the military doesn’t like the government and overthrows the government’.

    “I said the military won’t do that because the military is also for electoral reform and should you have a government that is elected under a system that allows equal suffrage and is truly democratic then nobody in Fiji will have problem with that.”

    Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said Mr Key pressed on and asked “no I want to know whether you will be part of that government?”

    “I said to him ‘I didn’t know that I was under trial’,” Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said.

    “He then said ‘you should be’.”

    Mr Sayed-Khaiyum was critical and described the line of questioning as personal.

    “That’s when I said to the Forum chair, ‘this is obviously very personal or are we going to discuss matters pertaining to Fiji’,” he said.

    “Now this is indicative of the type of personalisation that has taken place in Fiji by the New Zealand and Australian authorities.

    “We have repeatedly said this and repeatedly it continues to happen. And he is the Prime Minister of New Zealand making those sorts of comments at a Forum leaders’ meeting. It actually is quiet unbelievable when you think about it.”

  13. Jose Says:

    Thank you, Talei. I went on to google it and found this one too


  14. Jose Says:

    Khaiyum is a ridiculous joke in his position as iA-G. Is he the best the i-regime can offer Fiji? I think Bhudau can do a better job. What say you, man? Go tell that to the boss so the joker can be sacked disgracefully and you take over. Then we can all have a go at you.

    The NZ PM response to this joker

    Fijian Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed- Kaiyum also claimed Mr Key had said he should stand trial. Mr Key said there had been an exchange but he did not think he had been “overly aggressive”.

    “[Sayed-Kaiyum] came to the forum and the purpose of him presenting was for us to ask him questions. If he thinks I’m not going to ask him, he needs to think again.”

  15. Kingrat Says:

    anon magaitinamu with your comments

  16. Jose Says:

    The rope is tightening around the neck of the ipm. This article tells it like it is.


  17. Anon Says:

    @ Kingrat, whats wrong with being a homosexual. The constitution approves of it. If the truth hurts you then Im sorry mate.

  18. Sakeo Says:

    wen the tides rises
    wen the moon goes red
    wen the roses grow pale
    wen the tide turns back

    you will see them running
    you will see them swimming
    you will see them crying
    you will see them leaving

    time will come as time time will tell
    its just a matter of time to hear the bell
    the cries of the land and the seas will swell
    wen the batikadi rise..wen they attack

    malua..malua…sa rorogo tu na dakai ni vanua…malua…malua

  19. Jose Says:

    Anon, shove your constitution up your dirty arse. You know what is wrong with homosexuality regardless of what the law says. There’s a difference between what is RIGHT and what is legal. Even the radical Talibans can tell you that.

  20. Hector Says:

    What did the IAG think he was going for a picnic to Papau sorry mate.
    Stand up and give your piece thats what you are paid for and that is why Frank sent you.
    Stop crying like a bady, can’t take the pressure do the honorable thing go home baiya.

  21. Tim Says:

    There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with being homosexual or anything else along the line between heterosexuality and transexuality. What is wrong is when people purport to be something they’re not and lie through their teeth in order to protect the facade. As I understand it, same sex is illegal in Fiji. I understand smoking dak is also illegal. What then of Dorothy Gates when having to pass judgement on someone charged with such a crime, or the wonder boy suggesting policy on the same, or the Shaista commenting selectively?
    What is wrong is when the likes of Dorothy Gates, Yippie-I-Aye and his fag-hag the pistol shooting human rights expert are so dishonest as to be absolute hypocrites.

  22. Tim Says:

    By the way, before Shaista gets on her high horse and talks about disgusting posts (which she has done in reference to anti-junta bloggers in the past), she gave up her right to do so when her junta decided on the double standard – i.e. one set of rules and laws for them, and another for everyone else. Same goes for Gates, Bubba, and every last one of them that prop up Frank first and foremost for selfish reasons.
    Everything that silly bitch does is antithetical to the position she practices.
    The junta, and others (like that Scutt) seem to apply their holier-than-thou comments VERY selectively. If I were any one of them I’d be bloody ashamed of myself, but then all they really want to do is preserve their positions on the cocktail circuit at the expense of everyone else.

  23. Tim Says:

    You know what? I always though Fiji was supposed to be “the way the world should be”!. Under this junta, that means being saddled with the world’s rejects in their respective disciplines and positions in an administration loosely referred to as an “interim government”. How fricken sad!. Thankfully the rest of the world ain’t fooled

  24. Talei Says:

    Great articles Jose. Anal face FB says he’s not going to abide by the PIF’s demands. He has the nerve to accuse them of not having the mandate as if he had one, that was on Fijilive.com He is so pathetic! OMG, why is the military allowing this shit head to rule like this? I guess when you’re paid off, you compromise your morals and principles.

  25. Keep The Faith Says:

    Man he and Aiyarse are just stooping really low which isn’t surprising as they are/were gutter in the first place.

  26. dugong Says:

    http://www.solivakasama .org go to the blog page and you will read how much Bainimarama was paid by a prominent business to rape democracy. Also on the home page you will see step by step the investigation of the PIG and dont forget to click some google ads.

  27. Nostradamus Says:


    Can you be a bit more specific about where on the site to find the information you are referring to?

  28. Tim Says:

    Have another laugh too:

    How long I wonder did it take Yippie to rehearse those lines with Frank?

    Same old same old!. Claims to being “legitimate” because there is an independent judiciary (supposedly) that’s made everything else legal; moving on from Helun Kluk now to John Key; and apparently Tuvalu and Kiribati aren’t able to make up their own minds – a little bit insulting to them and neo-colonialist of iiG-Fiji wouldn’t ya say? Hasn’t it occured to Frank that the rest of the world can actually see a pattern in his behaviour.

  29. Anon Says:

    @Jose. This whole blog is about the constitution and the rule of law. Im a homosexual too and that is legal under the constitution you and I are fighting for here.

  30. Iraqis Says:

    Era sa sona levu tu qori o Bainimarama kei ira nona gone

  31. LUVfiji Says:

    @Hector. The summit was held in Port Moresby capital of Papua New Guinea. There is a province of Indonesia called Papua. So not to confuse one with the other the Papua you refer to as host of the recent Pacific Forum Leaders’ summit is known as Papua New Guinea or often referrred to as PNG.

    This is just a matter of clarification for what its worth!

  32. tualeita Says:

    Are homosexual acts really legal in Fiji, Anon? I thought that they were illegal. I have read of people being charged and brought to court for engaging unnatural acts, meaning homosexual acts.

    Can someone in the legal profession clarify this?

  33. Jose Says:

    @ Anon
    There is a law that is most supreme then the written law of man. Human beings have the privilege, our God given right to make right choices. As I had said before, there is a difference between what is right and what is legal. Any law of nature that is violated, there is always consequences. Bro, you need to take care of yourself. We are all accountable to our maker now and a day that is appointed.

  34. Anon Says:

    You are right Jose but the constitution that we have in Fiji allows for homo-act within the confines of our homes as ruled in previous court cases. It is called freedom. That is what the Methodists were protesting against at the first introduction of this constitution and a couple of years ago in Nausori. The same Methodist are now all for the constitution. We have had known homosexuals in key positions in our country which is encouragement to young homosexuals like me. We are humans too and our rights are protected under our constitution. I love you Jose.

  35. LUVfiji Says:

    @tualeita. Everything in Fiji.. is legal today! Even a coup, sweetie!

  36. Colin Bishop Says:

    Quote from Daily Mail

    “British Ministry of Defence officials say they are no longer recruiting in Fiji because of uncertainty over its membership of the Commonwealth after a military coup in 2006.”

  37. senijiale Says:

    Good on you Anon for defending your Constitutional right. Like heterosexuals, homosexuals are ALSO prohibited by law from engaging in sexual acts in a public place.

    @ Jose – your homophobic rants are beginning to sound hilarious. What’s the big deal man? I think we can all agree that ultimately, “God” will tell us what is ‘right when we hop over to the ‘other side’…. but in the meantime, can we just all co-exist peacefully in this world instead of trying to run everyone else’s life? Live and let live kinda thingi?

    U see, we, the PEOPLE will decide FOR YOU Jose what is RIGHT for us here on planet earth. As Ralph Washington Sockman, a genuine man of cloth famously said – “ The test of courage comes when we are in the minority, the test of tolerance comes when we are in the majority”.

  38. Lata Yaqona Says:

    I thought this site was for the fight against our country’s return to democracy and not to discuss homosexuality.

    I am very disappointed, checked out the other SV blog and they are focusing on the main issues so may go there. In actual fact they are doing extremely well. The hackers will be out in full force to shut them down again.

    I am not sure whether they would let me in though.

  39. senijiale Says:

    My sentiments as well LY on SV’s original purpose. There is so much going on out there yet we seem to be stalling here… I did ask for the moderator’s email address so we could him/her/them stuff… but nothing.

  40. Jose Says:

    Senijiale, I don’t agree with what you agree with. Every bit of what you have said. Anon understands where I stand and he accepts that. Read his last response. That’s what blogging is about. There was nothing even hilarious about it. But then simple things amuses simple minds. For what its worth, my heart goes out to Anon for the path he has chosen to follow.

  41. Talei Says:

    Pres. Iloilo said 7’s “should work together.” Is he freakin’ nuts? The country is in a major crisis and state of pariah and he finally has the gonads to comment, and he comments on bloody rugby? WTH?

    A clear indication he is Bainimarama’s puppet.

    Fiji needs another coup!

  42. Sakeo Says:

    to u all homos..pls get real…
    u hav a stik to use n not reared
    tis a shame 2 society coz its a disease
    wil be detrimental to our fiji

    the disease bring curse to our land
    but wat else can we say..
    like in days of sodom and gomorah
    signs of THE END OF OUR DAYS

    malua..malua..sa rorog tu na dakai ni vanua..malua…malua…..

  43. Colin Bishop Says:

    There appears to be a subtle change in international opinion since the Forum meeting. Indonesia and in paticular the Jakata Globe newspaper has been pro IG.
    The latest articles show a major shift.


  44. Tim Says:

    Ideed Colin. I think its more widespread than that too. Those further afield that may have offered support of the junta, believing it to be a way forward now realise that working through its members (who quite obviously set themselves apart from everyone else) is toxic. They cannot be trusted – their egos, greed and lust for power quite simply get the better of them everytime. 2 YEARS on and where are we? Just a series of broken promises, self aggrandisement, nepotism, corruption, double standards, loss of aid, NOT FORGETTING deaths and beatings. Not a very good record even to those that may once have sympathised with them.

  45. Budhau Says:

    Great discussion on Homosexuality. Good job guys, keep it up.

    So when are we going to hand over this site to its rightful owners? Whats fair is fair – right?

  46. OjO Says:

    All this poo-poo talk leaves a bad stench in here, they need to rid these mongrels of their flith.

    Sick Bastards.

  47. Dugong Says:

    Sakeo luveni magaitinamu!!!

  48. Tim Says:

    I’m wondering whether Jose, Ojo and others are what the American Negro population describe as being on “the down low”. They seem to come out when its lunch time at the barracks, or perhaps more aptly Midnight at the Oasis. All this preoccupation with homosexuality should concern the likes of the Shaista, Yippie and Dorothy if they were true to their conviction (fine chance that’d be!). I’m reminded of the death of John Scott. Turns out the murderer had issues himself but the kind of prejudice, paranoia and lack of humility amongst those running the chirade of an investigation, then the trial meant that basic personal honesty took a back seat behind those that forgot the value of human life. (and get me! – I’m pro-choice too!).
    Seems to me that those ranting about the side-show of homosexuality that’s come up in the discussion merely want something to preserve a reason to discriminate. It’s a bit like the junta. A few wannabes with a high opinion of themselves using whatever they can dredge up some sort of justification to dictate to the masses.
    If Shaista and Yippie (I excuse Frank because he’s basically just a fricken fool in what he thinks is a smart uniform) only knew just how fucking silly they looked!
    I’d love to see them throwing their little tanties. I’m wondering how long it is before I’m profiled (as if I actually care), but really, they should all just get a bit honest with themselves

  49. OjO Says:

    No Tim, you just as bent as those who practice the art of pooh pushing, you sick fuck.

  50. Tim Says:

    So we know each other do we Ojo?

  51. Tim Says:

    I’m just wondering how you can make that judgement

  52. Tim Says:

    Because before you do, you might consider I’ve encountered a couple whove’ lived on Suva’s streets who prefer a straight lifestyle but have not been above sucking off your wonderful RFMF holier-than-thou soldiers dicks in order to survive. And belive me when I tell you – they loved it!

  53. Sakeo Says:

    Dugong…vaevei..e toto..truth hurts…but dont take the lyrics personally…that is a message..not an opinion..i was just passing the message from elders…..lewe ni komiti

    here it is again..

    ………………Message from the elders…………..

    to u all homos..pls get real…
    u hav a stik to use n not reared
    tis a shame 2 society coz its a disease
    wil be detrimental to our fiji

    the disease bring curse to our land
    but wat else can we say..
    like in days of sodom and gomorah
    signs of THE END OF OUR DAYS

    malua..malua..sa rorog tu na dakai ni vanua..malua…malua…..

    Dugong actually swore irationaly at me for passing over this message from the elders….qase ni soqosoqo….lewe ni komiti

  54. Dugong Says:

    Dude have you forgotten .You swore at me and others a couple weeks ago I am patient You sona levu. drau veicai kei Bainimarama.

  55. senijiale Says:

    LOL @ Tim!

    Oso @ OjO hehehe….

    @ Jose – Hmmm…. have just read yr previous comment so I’m wondering wot the hell r u blogging for, fighting for, since u’ve just told Anon to shove the Constitution where you normally do!

    Who gives a rats ass what you believe in/agree with… and for alleluia’s sake, please don’t drag the radical Talibans down to your level for they probably don’t know better, unlike you I suspect… How bout those old radical talibans snitching on their own kind in exchange for their viagra supply from the yankees – illegal and immoral…?

  56. senijiale Says:

    Kerekere moderator, pls post something new.

  57. Millie Says:

    Commented before but looks like you would not let me.

    I thought this site was free to all or is it just for homosexuals?

  58. dugong Says:

    Senijiale vacava tiko o iko kei kaila tou lai gunu kove mada i na Fijian ni mataka.

  59. Anon Says:

    Sob sob sob, please spare us homosexuals. We are not that bad. Most of people who stand for democracy as stated at the start of this article are like me too.

  60. Lata Yaqona Says:


    Don’t forget me!

    Sa stale na posting, no discussions on the reason why this blog site was set up.

    Must do something about it.

    Can’t allow SWM to get ahead of our blog? It will be a big task because they are doing very well.

    Like Budhau said we should just give it back to dear Kutu because like Voreqe who raped our democracy with his guns we raped Kutu of his blog site with the password.

  61. Tim Says:

    I think maybe it’s time to forget the discussion on homosexuality. It appears to be a favourite tactic of the coup apologists – that is to do their best to divert discussion onto something completely irrelevant.

  62. OjO Says:

    While I may have been severe in my chastisement of my fellowmen it goes with saying somewhere along the line such conversations became skewed and for this I apologise.

    Just as long as there are no hard feelings we may at the end achieve our intended aim.

    Live and let Live.

  63. batikadi Says:

    Sa dina !

    wen the tides rises
    wen the moon goes red
    wen the roses grow pale
    wen the tide turns back

    you will see them running
    you will see them swimming
    you will see them crying
    you will see them leaving

    time will come as time time will tell
    its just a matter of time to hear the bell
    the cries of the land and the seas will swell
    wen the batikadi rise..wen they attack

    malua..malua…sa rorogo tu na dakai ni vanua…malua…malua

  64. Jose Says:

    Senijiale, I’m not here fighting for anything. Blogging is not what i call fighting. it’s just what it is, blogging. To tell you the truth, I couldn’t care less for Fiji’s constitution or its democracy That have been kicked around for the past 20 years so who give a rat’s arse about it except those who have personal agendas like “protection of our rights to practice our lawlessness” perhaps? So I take it by the sound of your ravings, you are a qala qase drag queen? That would explain a lot. So it seems this blog site is being used by your “sisters” to “fight the good fight” (not)? This is not my cup of tea. I’m outta here.

    Ojo, forget it. You are not going to achieve your intended aim with this bunch. They are here for their own agenda. A constitution that allows homosexuality.

    Tim, I agree with Ojo. You are a sick fuck blogging in here after a six pack I have a long time suspected there’s more to you and Shaista then you are letting on. You are very very personal about her. What’s the matter she loved you and dumped you.

  65. Sakeo Says:

    we need air freshener in here…and lots of detol…this poo-poo talk is definately leaving a bad stench in here,….pls call the ambulance…to take the damaged body parts….and ask doctor to stitch well…so they are not slack…..Anon and Dugong…..thats you two’s ambulance……drau vodo sara yani..drau vakasamataki kemudrau kei na i mate ca sa tauva tu na nomudrau bula…..repent…and do the right thing…use the stick and not get sticked…..

  66. Anon Says:

    Sakeo please love thy neighbour.

  67. Dugong Says:

    I like this Adi Kaila’s blog better than SWM we should continue andfight for Bainimarama and our boys thanks again Adi Kaila for the site.

    Sakeo lako mada lai vutuka tu mada a bumu

  68. Dugong Says:

    Lata I sent you an email about the next step.

  69. Tim Says:

    @ Jose: Your comment only makes a little sense (I don’t understand the six-pack thing for a start) but if you’ve been monitoring my comments then you’ve quite obviously missed a lot and some might even suggest your stalking behaviour says a lot more about you than it does me.
    I don’t only like piling shit on Shaista, but also Yippe-I-Aye, Gates, Pryde and a few others as well. No one asked them to selectively represent their interests and after two years they all rate an F for Fail anyway.
    You appear to have a problem with homosexuals – that is the ones that are honest about it – yet you want to protect those that engage in homosexual acts hoping no one knows. Well quite a few do. I think probably its more to do with the fact that you just want to discriminate against something, anything! in the hope it makes you somehow better than you are.
    As far as I’m concerned, until they actually start to respect the positions they supposedly represent, and until we signs that they actually give a shit about the likes of Verebasaga and others, then they’re all open to ridicule. And why not? – the rest of the world knows they’re a joke.
    Whos’ the sick fuck? Is it the closet RFMF apologist that get his dick dealt to on the “down low” by some poor bastard just trying to eat; or is it the Human Rights chamion that selectively chooses her causes just so long as they’re pro-junta; or is it the illegal-“Interim”-AG that tries his best to foster the ladies-man image but is just as bent as what is supposedly 10% of the world; or perhaps the gay Chief Justice trying to represent justice and morality in Fiji.
    Jose – God Help you. You sure as hell need him/her. And let’s hope none of your offspring turn out to be something you don’t approve of. I think maybe it’s time you got of the computer and went home to bash the wife

  70. senijiale Says:

    My my @ ‘Jose’ – interesting to see how u’ve finally showed yr hand. Mo yali sara yani kemuni for you do not belong here (or even among the radical Talibans in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan)… this country is better off without bigots like you who can’t see past their crooked nose.

    Does it make you feel better trying to pigeon-hole me with yr disgusting name-calling? Your unnatural preoccupation with homosexuals/gays is beginning to sound VERY PERSONAL.. or am I wrong? What happened to you and yours? Get some help Jose for YOU need saving and this ain’t the place to find it.

  71. Budhau Says:

    Hey, you trying to talk sense into idiots like this Sakeo dude and that Jose.
    Good luck. BTW… i see that the other white boys ..Manning and that idiot Ex Tourist have jumped ship, has Colin given up on it too.

    Yes, Adi Kaila, not that you own this site, where are you going with this…..may be we should just make this into “hate gays” site. BTW…are there more gays in the Fijian community as compared to others…. you can tell by the way they walk…..maybe we can turn this one into something racist also.

    Senijiale… I still like the stuff you post.

  72. senijiale Says:

    Likewise Bud, great minds think alike?! 🙂

    Hey, I was thinking that u & I stand a real good chance at the next US elections, but so long as I be the ‘Obama’ and you can be the first gentleman, what say you?!

  73. Deep Space Probe Says:

    For the most detailed take on this issue, please go to http://probling-fiji.blogspot.com/2009/02/how-to-alienate-friends-and-embarrass.html .

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